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Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach Compensation Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim? – Amounts For Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach

Do you have concerns about a Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach? Perhaps you saw a news article about a leak of data that affects your personal information?

Council breaches of data can happen if there are staff errors or software protection weaknesses. Once your data is out there, online cybercriminals can use this information to access details about you, your home, and the services you use.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach claims guide

Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach claims guide

This article aims to offer you advice about what to do after a local council data breach of emails or personal documents has impacted you. Greater Manchester Police Force security breaches are incredibly serious and could expose you to all kinds of targetting or recriminations.

Any agency or council with overlapping interests can increase the risk. You could be owed compensation if it can be proven that data protection staff failed to do all they could to prevent this. Discuss your concerns with us. As the victim of a data protection breach, get in touch now by:

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  1. A Guide To Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach Claims
  2. 2021 Cyber Security Statistics
  3. What Are GMCA Data Breach Claims?
  4. Does GDPR Apply To Local Government?
  5. Types Of Local Government Data Breaches
  6. Tenancy Record And Rent Statement Data Breaches
  7. My Complaint To The ICO
  8. How Do I Sue A Local Authority For Data Breach Compensation?
  9. What Damages Could Data Breach Victims Claim?
  10. Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach Compensation Calculator
  11. No Win No Fee Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach Claims
  12. How Do You Find A Specialist Data Protection Lawyer?
  13. Begin Your Case
  14. Additional Resources
  15. Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach – Local Authority Data Protection FAQs

A Guide To Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach Claims

A Manchester council breach of data is a serious issue for the people it impacts. When a local authority collects and retains our personal information it must do so in strict accordance with new laws that were introduced in 2018. The Data Protection Act was amended to reflect the growing threats to our privacy online and to enact into domestic law the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These laws aim to close the numerous loopholes that online and internet activity were creating, as well as to tighten the use of paper documents.

These laws set out very specific guidelines about what companies and organisations can do with the data that they hold about us. It’s important to note that we agree to data sharing every day whenever we visit a website or buy something online. Furthermore, some data we are legally obliged to provide such as tax information to HMRC or details to a council regarding our home, services, and such. Consent is a key part of data use. We trust local authorities to be aware of this and act accordingly with our information.

Mistakes happen for a variety of reasons. Staff error is the prime cause. External data hacks from global threats can be devastating and lead to disastrous lapses in this protection. When this happens and it was the fault of the data controller or processor, you could be able to receive compensation for the aggravation and suffering the breach causes. We explain how you could start a case such as this and offer you guidance on the best way to move forward.

2021 Cyber Security Statistics

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) describes a data breach as a security incident in which the information relating to an individual or ‘living entity’ can be used to sufficiently identify who they are. Breaches can include:

  • Loss of data
  • Destruction of data
  • Alteration of data
  • Unauthorised sharing

These acts could directly lead to that individual having their privacy violated in a way that could cause them damage to their mental health or finances.

In the graph below, you can see the different types of cybersecurity threats and their estimated costs per incident, as well as the overall cost to UK businesses. While phishing and malware attacks have the highest overall cost, IoT hacking has the greatest cost per single incident.


What Are GMCA Data Breach Claims?

Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breaches can involve an array of services that you may have used or needed. Each time we enter into a process with a local authority we leave a data trail of personal information. This can range from basic things such as name, address, and date of birth to very specific details.

If the incident involved Manchester police data breaches, for example, all the specifics of your case could be suddenly made available to anyone with malign intent trawling the internet. Banking information, details about our children, medical histories – all this information is cross-shared in combined authority practices.

Combined Authorities such as Greater Manchester operate all across the country. Any large metropolis understands the crucial importance of sharing information with other local authorities. This is to improve services to customers and enable a more precise response to the needs of citizens.

With this cross-sharing of information, there is a greater emphasis on data protection. When you provide details about any aspect of your personal life to a local authority or police agency, they have a duty to protect that data from being breached and to use it only in ways you consent to. If they failed, for whatever reason, they have endangered your privacy in a serious way.

Contact our team in confidence to discuss your legal rights if you’ve got evidence to prove that you’ve been impacted by a Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach.

Does GDPR Apply To Local Government?

GDPR rules apply to everyone. The laws contained in this legislation are far-reaching and detailed. An independent agency called the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has enormous power to enforce compliance with GDPR law. They can issue fines against any organisation (including government and local authorities) where it can be proven that the agency failed to protect data sufficiently.

The ICO investigates serious breaches in data security. They can monitor and regulate companies to check they have addressed the problem and are doing all they can to prevent breaches or repair them if they have already happened. It’s not their intention to bully companies and they recognise that data protection laws are new.

There has been an adjustment period for companies and organisations to train their staff properly or update software security to get up to the required level. The ICO encourages greater awareness and offers help to local authorities and companies to comply as quickly and fully as possible.

Types Of Local Government Data Breaches

A Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach could be the result of several different scenarios. Once you have filled out a form or sent the email, your personal information is collected and retained by the local authority for use as required.

GDPR sets out seven core principles for good data use which it expects all involved to abide by. Briefly, these are:

  • Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency in all data dealings
  • Purpose limitation for the use of that data
  • Data minimisation – only the absolute required amount of data used
  • Accuracy – how up to date is the information?
  • Storage limitation or keeping data for only a set amount of time
  • Integrity and confidentiality (security) – a constant awareness of the individual’s right to privacy
  • Accountability – each person in the process needs to be aware of their responsibility with data

These core principles apply to the two main groups involved in data use. This includes the data controller who is the original recipient of the data. We usually consent at this point and that consent needs to be clearly stated in a way that is separate and distinct from the content of the form or email.

Controllers pass this information to their staff or an outside agency for use in the agreed purposes. Processors are responsible for the storage and maintenance of the data as well as the sharing with other agreed third parties for pre-agreed purposes.

It’s important to note that you may have unwittingly given your consent for your data to be shared. Therefore it’s essential that we pay closer attention to cookie preferences and other forms of consent online.

Examples of scenarios of data breaches

Breaches in the core principles can happen in many ways. A few examples are:

  • A member of staff posts a letter containing personal information to the wrong address even though a new address has been provided.
  • Failure to redact personal information when sending an information pack to interested parties.
  • Cases where an ex-employee unlawfully accesses databases to obtain personal information for their own use.
  • Cyber attacks on governmental departments and personal information theft that has occurred because of insufficient IT protection systems.
  • Disclosure of social services documentation including details about children
  • Exposure of adoption records
  • When identifiable information has been shared by the Local Authority about people who have objected to planning applications
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Tenancy documents
  • Scans of tenancy audit documents for public housing tenants
  • Passport data
  • Staff data
  • Information on community safety

Clearly, any of these scenarios could lead to very unpleasant consequences for those involved. Talk to our team if you have evidence that Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breaches exposed you to risks like this that cold have been avoided.

Tenancy Record And Rent Statement Data Breaches

Your rent and council tax records are private. This is information that may contain bank details and other highly particular information. Cybercriminals could use this information for profit or fraud if they obtain it.

With this in mind, the information contained in tenancy records and rent statements could offer the fraudster instant access to an address, the amount of rent paid on it, and a way to access the bank details of the tenant involved.

The malign intent behind such acts means that the victim can be living with the consequences for years afterwards. What seems like basic information can be the key to obtaining more and more detail and as the victim, you may be unaware any of this is happening. Rent accounts can offer that way in and as such local authorities must keep this information strictly confidential. Issues such as those below are all risk factors:

  • Laptops left open or lost or stolen
  • Mobile devices lost or stolen
  • Scans and attachments improperly forwarded
  • Passport data left lying around
  • A casual conversation between colleagues

My Complaint To The ICO

It’s important to note that the ICO does not actually pay compensation. Their role is to take the local authority or police agency that failed in data protection to a suitable account. When you discover a breach of some kind, it may already be too late.

It’s important that you act swiftly to prevent as much damage as you can. One of the ways you can do that is to report the situation to the ICO.

The ICO may not take up your individual case but they would certainly look into the matter if the breach was large scale and impacted many tenants, claimants, or victims. However, their involvement could lend your case weight.

It’s recommended, however, that you first complain to the responsible organisation directly. If no meaningful response is given within around 3 months, you should then go to the ICO.

How Do I Sue A Local Authority For Data Breach Compensation?

With this in mind, there is a step-by-step process that can be useful to follow when considering a data breach claim against a local authority:

  • Firstly, as soon as you become aware of a breach in your data through either media reports or strange activity, contact the local authority concerned to raise a complaint. Any company or agency that has suffered a serious breach is legally required to inform the ICO within 72 hours by law and they should tell you as soon as possible.
  • If you fail to receive a meaningful response from the local authority or police authority concerned, you should raise a complaint with the ICO no later than three months. You can use this document to do so.
  • Whilst you are waiting for the outcome of any official investigation into the data breach, you should start to gather evidence of the damage the breach has done to you. We explain this in detail below.
  • Collect proof of financial and emotional damage because of the breach. Receipts, bills, and statements that show missing money could all help. You can then start a claim for compensation against the local authority concerned. You can do this independently or you can use the services of a personal injury lawyer.

What Damages Could Data Breach Victims Claim?

After a landmark decision in the Court of Appeal cases of Vidal-Hall v Google, it was recognised that it is possible to suffer both emotional and financial damage following a data breach. After this case, it is now possible to pursue compensation for either form of damage.

The two types of damage are officially known as:

  • Material damage – this relates to the financial consequences of a data breach, such as identity theft, money taken from your accounts, and damage to your credit rating.
  • Non-material damage – this relates to the mental impact of a breach. It’s quite possible to suffer stress, anxiety or depression because of the implications the breach m

Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach Compensation Calculator

Online fraud and data breach problems can cause much financial havoc in the lives of those it impacts. You may have had money stolen from your account or had fraudulent lines of credit opened in your name and then ‘max-ed out’. With the right evidence, it can be possible to present these losses as part of your damages in a compensation claim.

Your bank will be more than willing to help you prove these issues as it enables them to claim the money back through their insurance structure. All the evidence that you can present which shows how a lapse in data security permitted this state of affairs could help.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breaches can create far-reaching and devastating financial problems for the victims they have ruined.

When it comes to assessing the mental harm, it would, as part of the claims process, be necessary to undergo a medical examination with an independent expert. This is to confirm the causal link between the breach and your condition and also allows your lawyer to hone in on an accurate value.

To give you some insight into potential compensation awards for mental harm, we’ve included a compensation table below, compiled using the Judicial College Guidelines:

Type of Suffering Severity Compensation Bracket Details
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Severe £56,180 to £94,470 Trauma that impacts all abilities to cope and prevents working or functioning as normal
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Less Severe Up to £7,680 Full recovery expected within 1-2 years, with a few on-going effects that are not disabling
Psychiatric Damage Severe £51,460 to £108,620 Significant issues with a rather poor prognosis of recovery
Psychiatric Damage Moderate £5,500 to £17,900 Marked improvement of issues with a good prognosis for recovery and complete recovery

For a more precise estimate, please get in touch to discuss your case with us.

No Win No Fee Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach Claims

After you have decided to start a compensation claim for the local council data breach that affected you, you might be wondering what is the next best course of action? It’s possible that you have never had to consider suing a government agency before. You may be understandably nervous about your chances of success.

Anyone can start a claim for damages for physical, emotional, or financial damage against the party they consider to be liable. It’s important to note that cases can be complex and heavy with legal jargon. It may be more sensible to use the services of a lawyer.

No Win No Fee is an expression you may have heard of before, but how could it help you now? There are many benefits to using a lawyer in this way:

  • No fees to pay upfront to hire the lawyers
  • Nothing to pay as the case progresses
  • If your case fails, there are no fees that need to be paid to your lawyers at all
  • The only point at which you need to pay a penny is when your case wins. In such instances you would pay just a small percentage of your compensation award to cover your lawyer’s costs.

This means that No Win No Fee agreements could offer you excellent legal advice today. This is with absolutely no financial risk to you. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

How Do You Find A Specialist Data Protection Lawyer?

Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to use the services of No Win No Fee solicitors all across the country. Get in touch and have a brief chat with our team to discuss eligibility. With our national service, our specialist team of data breach solicitors can give you the help and support you need.

They’ll fight for the maximum compensation possible in your case, will guide you through the claims process with an expert hand, and debunk any legal jargon that crops up.

Why not check out some of our reviews to learn more?

Begin Your Case

Starting a claim is easy. Allow us to help you sort the various issues of your circumstances. We can guide you in the best direction to make a successful claim for data breach compensation. You can start by:

Other Useful Compensation Guides

Additional Resources – Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach

The highlighted text throughout this article can take you to further reading. You can also learn more about seeking data breach compensation, suffering stress as a result of a data breach, and what to do if your medical records are exposed. There is help about staying safe online and what you can do as a victim of cyberstalking.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority Data Breach – Local Authority Data Protection FAQs

The frequently asked questions below answer some more key queries that are often raised. If there are any subjects or issues raised in this article that you would like greater clarity or guidance on, please get in touch. Our team are available right now and happy to help:

What constitutes a breach of data protection?

Any loss, destruction, alteration, or unauthorised sharing of your personal data could create a data breach. This could then expose you to online exploitation and a whole array of unwanted attention online.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach – What to do if there is a data breach?

Contact Manchester City Council to see if they are aware of the data breach. Ask what they propose to do to remedy the situation. In some instances, the organisation responsible for the data breach may offer to settle with you directly. You are free to accept this compensation or not. Speak to our team for guidance on the best course of action in cases such as this.

Is it possible to sue the Government for data breaches?

Yes. The ICO will uphold consumer rights with any organisation or company. The government, in particular, is expected to practice a rigorous approach to data security and any lapses would be considered serious given their role in initiating the measures in the first place.

Can data breaches impact your health?

Yes. Mental anguish and money worries can massively affect the general well-being of the people it impacts. When you sit for your medical assessment, the specialist can explain how many of the symptoms you have been tolerating could be the results of unwanted money concerns. The awful feelings associated with privacy violations can be acute.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our guide on what to do if you fall victim to a Greater Manchester Combined Authority data breach.

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