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Criminal Injuries Compensation – Calculate Your CICA Criminal Injury Award

Being a victim of crime can be terrible, but being a victim of crime that has left you with injuries, no matter what those injuries are, can be devastating. If you have been the victim of a crime that has left you with injuries, then you may be able to claim compensation from CICA, the governmental Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Here, our guide tells you all you need to know about making this type of compensation claim, including how much compensation you can get.

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A guide to criminal injury compensation claims

Criminal injury

Criminal injury

Being a victim of crime can be terrifying, but being a victim of crime where you have sustained injuries because of someone else’s criminal acts can leave you with not only mental trauma, but loss of income due to time taken off sick, medical bills and other costs that can have a marked effect on your future. This is in addition to the physical pain you may also be in from your injuries.

In an attempt to redress the balance, it may be possible for you to make a compensation claim from the government’s authority for criminal injury compensation. This guide takes you through the relevant facts you need to know about making a claim for compensation from CICA, potential compensation award amounts, as well as detailing how we work as a claims service, our No Win No Fee service and how to go about starting a claim.

What is criminal injury?

If you have been the victim of a crime that involved any kind of violence, and have suffered from an injury because of this, it may be possible for you to claim compensation for your injuries. This compensation will come from the Government’s CICA, also known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Compensation amounts vary widely depending on how severe your injuries are, but could range from £1,000 to £500,000 in some cases. Under 2012’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, the eligibility for compensation is determined following a set of guidelines with conditions that must be met before compensation claims can be submitted.

Requirements included are as follows:

  • The criminal act that caused your injuries must have taken place in Scotland, Wales or England
  • The crime must have occurred within the last 2 years
  • The injuries that you have sustained must meet the award minimum of £1,000
  • The police must have been informed of the crime as soon as possible after it happened.

If you are wondering whether your specific situation would ensure your eligibility for a CICA claim, then our experienced team can help to assess this. Simply call us and we will offer a free no-obligation assessment of your case, before making our recommendations on what you should do next.

What to do if you are a victim of criminal injury?

If you are a victim of criminal injury, it is essential for you to inform the police as soon as possible. It is also helpful for you to gain as much evidence as possible to help strengthen any submission for compensation too. Evidence in this case can include:

  • Photographs – If you can, it could be a good idea to take pictures of both the injuries you have sustained and also the place that the injury occurred.
  • Witness contact details – It is wise for you to retain witness contact details, including address, phone number and full name.
  • Documentation – Whether it is prescription costs, counselling bills or costs for travel for medical appointments, it is wise to keep all receipts and proof of any costs incurred.
  • Medical Evidence – If you have received any documentation pertaining to your injuries, such as medical reports, appointment details or prescription copies, you should keep these too.

If you have any queries as to what evidence would be useful, then we can advise you. All you have to do is call us to ask.

How to begin a criminal injury claim

In order to begin a criminal injury claim, all you have to do is call our team. We will take some initial details and offer you a no obligation consultation to further assess your case. In most cases, we will arrange a medical local to you in order that we can have medical proof of your condition, your prognosis and the effect this is likely to have on your future. From here, we will be able to determine the likelihood of any claim being successful, and will advise you as to how to proceed.

Once you have signed our No Win No Fee agreement, which we will explain in full before you sign, we will take your case forward and begin the process of claiming for compensation. We will strive to ensure the process is as stress free as possible in order that you are not put under any further pressure during the claims process. We know you have already been through a lot. We will also keep you informed at every stage, allowing you to stay fully up to date with the progress of your claim.

No one has been convicted of the crime that caused my injuries – can I still claim?

Whether someone has faced justice or not for the criminal act that caused your injuries, you should still be able to file a claim, providing the CICA eligibility criteria has been met. A crime has still been committed, and you have still suffered injury because of it. There is no requirement for the person responsible to have been caught or convicted before you attempt to make a claim. For more information on this, or to find out how to start a compensation claim using our service, do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and call us.

What can be claimed for following criminal injury?

In terms of the different types of damages that can be claimed for after a criminal injury, an award is usually broken down into these specific sections:

Firstly, we have general damages. This part of your award is something that is meant to cover the suffering you have gone through as well as the pain you’ve experienced.

Secondly, you may be compensated for medical expenses. This will cover bills such as counselling, physiotherapy and cost of medication if you are required to pay for it.

Also, after an incident that has left you with injuries that leave you in need of help with day to day activities, a care claim may be submitted by the person who is caring for you.

If you have suffered a loss of earnings after having been unable to work after your injuries, you should be able to include a claim for this loss. Often, victims of crime are subject to reduced pay or even statutory sick pay, which can heavily affect their income. Past and future earning loss can be in principal, claimed for as part of a CICA claim.

Finally, if you have had to pay out of your own pocket for travel expenses to attend medical appointments and the like, you may be able to recoup these costs as part of your claim.

If you have incurred any other costs as a direct result of the injuries you’ve suffered as a result of a criminal act, then why not call our team for free advice on whether these could be paid back to you as part of a compensation claim.

The most common types of criminal injury

Criminal injuries come in a wide range of different types and severities. However, the most common violent crime cases include those pertaining to:

  • Assault

This can be anything from a punch to a kick or an assault with a weapon. Injuries caused by this type of crime can include broken bones, disfigurement and psychological trauma

  • Sexual Assault

Whether this includes penetration or not, the trauma associated with sexual assault can be far reaching and complex

  • Historical abuse

Whether the abuse was recent or a long time ago, it may be possible for you to make a claim for CICA for your physical and mental injuries following a period of abuse, whether sexual abuse or child abuse in another form

If you would like to know whether your specific situation would allow you to make a compensation claim to CICA, then why not call us today and we will be able to give you free, no-obligation advice on whether you may have just cause to claim.

How much compensation will I get following criminal injury?

The types of violent crime and the injuries they leave people with are many and varied and no two cases are ever exactly the same. Your compensation award will not only take into account the nature of your injuries, but the effect they have had on your day to day life, your prognosis for recovery and the pain you have experienced due to these injuries. This will be measured against the CICA tariff of injuries 2016. It would be wrong of any solicitor to try and guarantee you a specific amount of compensation because of this, however, we know that people looking to go through the claims process would often prefer to have an idea of how much compensation they could receive before going ahead with a claim.

With this in mind, we have put together a table detailing the typical compensation brackets for specific injuries, along with some guidelines on loss of benefits and mental anguish payouts. We hope you find this criminal injuries compensation tariff useful. If your specific injuries are not included within the criminal injuries compensation average payouts table below, or you would like to speak to us for clarification on any point, we will be happy to explain all. Simply call us and ask about anything that is unclear.

Reason for compensationTypical compensation amountComments
Disabling mental injury, confirmed by diagnosis or prognosis of
psychiatrist or clinical psychologist - lasting 6 weeks or more up to 28 weeks
£1,000This award will take into account the initial psychological trauma, as well as how well you are able to sleep and cope with life.
Moderate psychological damage - lasting 2 years or more up to 5 years£6,200A person categorised as suffering moderate psychological damage will be likely to see a marked effect on their ability to cope with day to day life because of the trauma they have suffered. The prognosis in these cases will be more optimistic than in the more severe categories, and some improvement will have been noted.
Disabling mental injury, confirmed by diagnosis or prognosis of
psychiatrist or clinical psychologist - lasting 5 years or more.
£13,500This award will take into account the initial psychological trauma, as well as how well you are able to sleep and cope with life. It will also take into account the prognosis for the future.
Permanent mental injury, confirmed by diagnosis or prognosis.
£27,000Serious disabling condition possibility of no recovery.
Moderately severe brain damage £110,000Serious disablement of physical or mental faculties
requiring substantial dependence on professional or other
care, with marked impairment of intellect and personality,
abnormal behaviour and poor communication.
Major Paralysis - severe. Hemiplegia (impairment in motor or sensory function
of one half of body)
£110,000The amount of compensation you receive will be awarded based on the suffering and pain you have experienced. In severe cases involving multiple debilitating and painful injuries, you are likely to be awarded the higher end.
Paraplegia (impairment in motor or sensory function
of the lower extremities) - Severe
£175,000The amount is set at this to cover substantially incomplete to upper limb level but complete
to lower limb level
Moderate brain damage - Some dependence on others, intellectual deficit, personality change, ability to
work reduced, some effect on the senses - Moderate.
£55,000Some dependence on others, intellectual deficit, personality change, ability to
work reduced, some effect on the senses - Moderate.
Sexual Assault - - pattern of repetitive frequent severe abuse
(whether by one or more attackers) over a period
£22,000If a child of any age has suffered sexual assault resulting in serious internal bodily injuries.
Sexual Assault - Non-consensual penile penetration of one or more of vagina,
anus or mouth
£27,000+Resulting in serious internal bodily injury with
permanent disabling mental illness confirmed by
psychiatric and future prognosis.
Fractures - Fibula (slender bone from knee to ankle)£3,500
Continuing significant disability.
Multiple fractures to face (e.g. Le Fort fractures types 2 & 3) £11,000
Continuing significant disability.
Nose injury£16,500
Loss of smell and taste.
Fractured jaw bone£6,200
Operation required -continuing significant disability.
Abdomen£13,500Laparotomy with one or more of permanent colostomy, ileostomy or
Burns £33,000Affecting multiple areas of body covering over 25% of total skin, with
significant scarring.
Burns (causing more than minor disfigurement)£27,000Severe Facial Burns.
Scarring - Significant Facial Scarring £11,000Severe scarring to the facial area.

No Win No Fee criminal injury claims

As a victim of crime, we do not believe you should have to save up to pay legal costs out of pocket before claiming the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We also believe you should be able to count on high-quality legal representation, such as the claims service we provide. This is why we offer to take cases on as No Win No Fee. If you case is not successful, you will not pay us a penny of legal fees – it really is that simple. There are several reasons our clients benefit from this service but the main ones are as follows:

You will know we’re taking your claim seriously – We will not take your claim on just to make money. We will take it on if we believe you have a good chance of success, and will strive to get you the maximum victim support compensation amounts possible.

We will be transparent – Our No Win No Fee agreement is clear and to the point. Our staff will be happy to talk you through it so that everything is clear. We will be clear and transparent right throughout the process so there will be no surprises when your claim is settled.

If you’d like to know anything more about our No Win No Fee criminal injury compensation agreement, or are interested in starting a claim that doesn’t require you to pay any money upfront, then why not get in touch and we will talk you through the process.

Why choose us as your claims service for a criminal injury claim?

With years of experience pursuing criminal damage compensation claims, we know the law inside out and have many customer testimonials to back up our claims that we are a company that put our clients first – every step of the way. We hand pick our team based on their experience, as well as their customer focus, and every member of our team is committed to not only securing you the maximum compensation award for your injuries, but also putting your feelings and needs first as we do so.

Our No Win No Fee service has been derived as just part of this customer focussed approach. We strongly believe that your financial situation should not be negatively affected as a victim of crime, so we offer a service that will ensure you’re not left out of pocket, whether your claim is successfully settled or in the unlikely event that it isn’t.

On top of this, we pride ourselves on our specialist team of in house solicitors who have trained for years in criminal injury law. With supreme attention to detail, years of experience and a dedication to securing the largest payout possible for your specific case, we feel we offer the best criminal injury claims service out there – as our previous clients would agree.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

We know only too well how difficult it can be to pick up the pieces and move on after you have suffered injuries due to someone else’s criminal behaviour. We have helped people just like you to claim compensation that, while it doesn’t take away what has happened, makes it easier to deal with, especially when it comes to the financial loss of income in those cases where you have been unable to work because of your injuries.

This is why we strive to provide a claims service that you can count on to take as much stress out of the process as possible and work hard to secure you the maximum amount of compensation it is possible to gain for your injuries. Call us today on 0800 073 8804 to talk us through your injuries, the situation that caused them and we will offer you free, no obligation advice on what your options are as well as clearing up any issues you may be confused about, whether you’re asking questions about criminal injuries compensation, how long does it take to claim, how much compensation will I get for assault, or anything else. Whether you just want advice or you’re looking to start a claim, we’d be happy to take your call.


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