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Salford Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims

Salford Walk-In Centre Clinical Negligence, How Much Could You Claim?

If you’ve been the victim of Salford walk-in centre medical negligence, there are a number of consequences you could have suffered. Your original condition might have worsened, and it could have become harder to treat. Or, you may have taken medication you didn’t need for a condition you didn’t have.

If a misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, negligent advice or treatment has led to you suffering undue harm, you may be eligible for compensation. But how do you know whether what you have experienced is clinical negligence, and how do you go about making a claim for compensation?

Salford walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

Salford walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

This guide has been created to help you if you have evidence that you have been the victim of negligence at a Salford walk-in medical centre. In the sections that follow, we discuss what constitutes medical negligence, and what kinds of negligence you could suffer at a Salford medical centre.

We also discuss how a lawyer could help you claim the maximum compensation possible for your claim, and how much compensation your claim could be worth. If you’d like to talk to us to begin a claim right away with a Legal Expert solicitor, or for free legal advice over the phone, you can reach us on 0800 073 8804.

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A Guide To Salford Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims

If you have been injured, but your injury is only minor, or if you’re suffering symptoms of a minor illness or infection, you might want to seek treatment right away, but your condition may not be bad enough to go to A&E.

A Salford walk-in centre could provide treatment and advice to you if you are suffering from a minor illness or injury when you cannot get an appointment with your own GP, or when you aren’t registered with a GP in the area.

But what happens if you receive negligent treatment or advice when you visit such a clinic. Could this be classed as malpractice, and could you make a Salford walk-in clinic medical negligence claim if it is?

This guide aims to offer a wealth of information relating to claims for clinical negligence experienced by visitors to a Salford walk-in centre. Below, you’ll find an explanation of how medical negligence could be assessed, as well as examples of the types of Salford walk-in centre negligence you could experience.

We also offer some guidance on calculating compensation payouts and how we could help provide you with a solicitor that could help you with your claim.

Remember, if you have any queries, please get in touch.

What Is Salford Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence?

There are specific standards of care that all NHS medical professionals should work to. Underpinning these standards is the requirement that you are provided with effective, safe care of the standard expected of the professional treating you.

If the care you receive at a walk-in centre in Salford is not safe or effective, and you experience undue harm as a result, this could be classed as Salford walk-in centre medical negligence, and you could be in a position to claim compensation.

Not All Incidents Are Negligence

It is important to understand that in medical terms, things that go wrong are not always considered negligence. Some conditions are complicated and may be difficult to diagnose and treat. To prove an incident of medical negligence, you would need to prove that:

  1. A doctor, nurse or another healthcare worker had a duty of care to you as a patient
  2. There was a duty of care breach by that medical professional
  3. The breach of duty caused you to suffer harm that you would not have suffered otherwise

One way to assess whether a medical professional’s actions were negligent or not is to use what is known as the Bolam Test. This involves assessing whether the actions of the medical professional advising or treating you were considered proper and reasonable by a body of skilled medical practitioners. If the body deems the actions unacceptable, then this could constitute walk-in centre medical negligence.

Examples Of Negligence

There are a great many ways in which you could suffer walk-in centre medical negligence. Examples could include:

  • A failure to diagnose
  • A misdiagnosis
  • A late diagnosis
  • A failure to refer you for further treatment
  • Negligent sexual health advice/treatment
  • Medication or prescription errors

If you have evidence that a Salford University medical centre or a Salford walk-in centre has caused you harm through negligence, we could assess your claim to see if we could help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Where Can I Find A Walk-In Clinic In Salford?

There are several walk-in centres in the Salford area. These include:

  • City Health Walk-In Centre – This is a centre located in Manchester Arndale Centre that treats registered patients in the area for minor illnesses or injury.
  • Goodman Centre – This is a sexual health walk-in centre. Salford medical centre reviews do suggest a long wait time, so you may wish to check how long you may need to wait before visiting.
  • Salford Medical Centre – This Salford University medical centre provides a number of clinics including an unscheduled care service, asthma clinics, vaccinations, emergency contraception and more.

Does Salford Royal Have A Walk-In Centre?

If you are looking for access to healthcare, you may be wondering whether there is a walk-in centre within Salford Royal hospital. Salford Royal does in fact have an out of hours GP service, but you are advised, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic to call 111 to get the right advice on where to present with an illness or injury.

What Does A Walk In Centre Provide?

Walk-in centres provide treatment and advice for a range of medical conditions. They are usually set up to deal with minor injuries and illnesses that require treatment but are not serious enough to need treatment at a hospital. Some of them also have clinics for family planning and sexual health services.

What Does A Walk In Centre Provide Treatment For?

Examples of reasons to visit a walk-in centre could include:

  • Dressing and wound care
  • Insect and animal bites
  • Minor burns
  • Minor cuts
  • Minor infections
  • Rashes
  • Blood pressure checking
  • Family planning advice
  • Hayfever
  • STI testing

Can I Go To A Walk-In Centre?

At the moment, it would be wise to check whether a walk-in centre in Salford could see you. Some clinics are operating differently throughout the COVID pandemic and could require you to book an appointment.

Would I Always See A GP At A Walk-In Centre?

In most instances, you would see a nurse on your visit to a walk-in centre, although some also provide access to doctors and other medical professionals. If the walk-in centre you visit is not equipped to provide the safe, effective care you need, they should refer you to somewhere that has the capability to provide you with the care you require. Failure to do so could constitute Salford walk-in centre medical negligence.

Minor Injury Care Negligence

Minor injury clinics at a Salford university health centre or Salford GP practices could help with a number of different types of minor injury, such as:

  • Suspected broken bones
  • Strains and sprains
  • Stings and bites
  • Scalds and burns
  • Minor head injuries
  • Grazes and cuts

It is important that, even though your injury might be minor, you get the right advice and treatment. For example, if a burn was not dressed carefully, and you were not given the correct advice about dressing care, the burn could become infected, and you may need more invasive treatment as a consequence or you could end up with permanent scarring.

When Should I Go To A&E?

There are some injuries that may be difficult for a Salford walk-in centre to diagnose and treat. If they cannot offer a diagnosis or the treatment you need, they should refer you to an urgent care centre or to A&E, whichever is appropriate, so you can get the right care. A failure to refer you when they should have done could be considered Salford walk-in centre medical negligence.

Minor Infection Care Negligence

You might have visited a Salford medical centre or walk-in clinic with symptoms of a minor infection. There are several types of infection and minor illness that a walk-in centre could deal with, including:

  • Vomiting
  • Throat infection
  • Stomach ache
  • Skin infection/rash
  • Eye infection
  • Ear infection
  • Diarrhoea

It is vital, even when dealing with a minor infection or illness that you get the appropriate treatment and advice about how to manage an illness. If you receive a misdiagnosis or are given negligent medical advice, this could lead to an infection or illness becoming worse, and in some cases, this could mean it becomes harder to treat.

If you can prove that you’ve suffered Salford walk-in centre medical negligence due to a misdiagnosis or negligent advice/treatment, our team could assess your case for free to see if you could claim compensation.

Sexual Health And Family Planning Negligence

If you visit a sexual health clinic at a Salford health centre, you may do so for STI testing, sexual health advice or family planning guidance. You may also attend a Salford walk-in centre if you believe you are pregnant, or if you are pregnant and are having some symptoms you would like some advice on.

It is vital, both for your health and other people’s that the advice and treatment you receive is safe and effective. Negligent sexual health advice or negligent medical advice surrounding a pregnancy could result in:

  • Harm to you/an unborn child – if you receive negligent pregnancy advice, or a sexual health centre fails to refer you for examination or treatment when they should have done, this could lead to you suffering harm, and it could also harm your unborn child. If you visit a sexual health clinic after you’ve given birth, and they fail to refer you or diagnose you when you have a birth injury, this could lead to serious health problems in some cases.
  • Harm to you/sexual partners – if, for example, a sexual health centre fails to test you for STIs when you have symptoms, this could lead to an infection getting worse. If they fail to diagnose you, you might unknowingly pass the infection onto a partner.

If you believe you could be the victim of Salford walk-in negligence, we could help. One call to us could put you in touch with a lawyer who could fight for compensation on your behalf.

Prescription And Medication Negligence

Salford walk-in centre negligence could extend to the issue of medication and prescriptions. While a walk-in centre might issue prescriptions for short-term, non-serious problems, they should still take steps to ensure you get the right prescription at the right dose. Failure to do so could result in a variety of problems.

A prescription error or medication error could include:

  • Under prescriptions – if you do not receive a sufficient dose of a medication, it may fail to be effective. This could result in a condition worsening or even becoming harder to treat. It could leave you suffering for longer than you would have needed to if the correct dosage had been prescribed/issued.
  • Over prescriptions – if you take too much medication, this could lead to you suffering an overdose. Symptoms of an overdose would depend on the type of medication you’d been prescribed, but they could range from minor to severe.
  • Incorrect prescriptions – if you are prescribed or issued with the wrong medication, this could lead to your original condition going untreated, and you could suffer side effects from medication that you shouldn’t have been taking.
  • Allergies – If you are known to be allergic to a certain type of medication, you should not be prescribed medicines containing that ingredient. For example, some people suffer severe reactions to penicillin. If you have informed the Salford walk-in centre that you are allergic to penicillin and they issue a prescription for antibiotics that contain it, you could suffer an allergic reaction.
  • Drug interactions – some drugs react with other medications. If you have informed a nurse, healthcare worker or GP in Salford that you are taking other medications, they should take this into account when prescribing other medication to you. If they do not, and you receive a prescription for something that interacts with your other medication, you could suffer a drug interaction.

If any of these prescription errors or medication errors caused you harm, why not call our team to see if you could make a Salford walk-in centre medical negligence claim for compensation.

Compensation Calculator For Salford Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims

When you make a Salford walk-in centre medical negligence claim, all the facts and circumstances of your case would need to be examined for a value to be calculated.

To help with this and as part of your claim, you’d need to undergo a medical assessment with an independent professional. They would have reviewed your previous medical notes, and at your appointment, they would examine you and ask you questions about your symptoms.

Based on this, they would write a medical report that included their professional opinion on your condition and your prognosis. This report could be used to evidence your claim and to work out an appropriate payout for you.

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an accurate compensation estimate before such time as all the evidence of your Salford walk-in centre medical negligence claim has been assessed. What we could do, however, is provide you with a rough estimate on how much your injuries could be worth according to the Judicial College Guidelines.

We have included some example compensation figures in the table below. If you cannot see the injury you’ve suffered, please call our team. We may be able to give you more insight over the phone.

Injury/ies sustained Judicial College Guidelines Compensation Bracket Remarks
Males – Total impotence & lost sexual function Around £139,210 These awards would usually be seen in cases where younger men were affected. Psychological effects and effect on social domestic life would be assessed.
Males – Total impotence & lost sexual function £40,370 to £73,580 Cases affecting middle aged men with children. Permanent effects.
Male sterility £52,620 to £66,970 Where there is no impotence and no aggravating feature
Injury or disease that causes infertility – female £107,810 to £158,970 Scarring, anxiety, pain and depression could feature.
Failed diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy causing infertility £31,950 to £95,850 Where there are some complications. How severe the complications are denotes the payout.
A delay in diagnosing ectopic pregnancy £3,180 to £19,170 Where fertility hasn’t been affected. Severity would be assessed by looking at the bleeding pain and suffering the victim has experienced, whether they needed a transfusion or removal of a fallopian tube for example.
Non-traumatic injury leading to damage or illness £36,060 to £49,270 Toxicosis that is deemed to be severe
Non-traumatic injury leading to damage or illness £8,950 to £18,020 Serious short-lived symptoms or poisoning.
Non-traumatic injury leading to damage or illness £3,710 to £8,950 Altered bowel functionality, cramping, pain and fatigue due to poisoning. Recovery between 1 and 2 years.
Non-traumatic injury leading to damage or illness Up to £3,710 Days or even weeks of pain, diarrhoea and cramping.

In addition to the compensation you could receive for the injuries caused by walk-in medical negligence, you could also claim compensation for financial expenses caused by your injuries. Known as special damages, these financial expenses could include:

  • Care costs – if you need care at home because of your injuries, for example, to help you with dressing or toileting, the costs of this care could be included within your claim.
  • Medical costs – from prescription costs to counselling and physiotherapy fees, you could claim for medical costs that have arisen directly from your injuries.
  • Travel costs – you could include costs for transport to hospital or other medical appointments and costs incurred while visiting your lawyer within your claim.
  • Loss of earnings – if you’re unable to work and lose out on income as a direct result of your injuries, you could include loss of earnings within your claim.

It is vital to keep hold of any evidence that you’ve incurred costs due to your injuries in order to include them with your claim. It could be a wise idea to set aside documents such as bank statements, payslips and bills so that you could provide these to your solicitor.

No Win No Fee Claims For Salford Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence

Whether you’re claiming for a prescription error, misdiagnosis or another form of walk-in centre medical negligence, we could provide you with a No Win No Fee lawyer to help you with your claim.

What Is No Win No Fee?

Claiming under these terms essentially means that you would not have to pay anything upfront to your solicitor to have them work on your claim. Instead, you’d sign a Conditional Fee Agreement, a document that would agree on a success fee that you’d pay your lawyer out of your compensation payout to cover their costs. The success fee is legally capped and is usually a small percentage of your total compensation payout.

Once you had signed the agreement and returned it to your lawyer, they would begin to put your claim together, gathering evidence and negotiating for a compensation payout on your behalf.

Whether your case was settled outside of the courts or not, you would only have to pay your lawyer the success fee if compensation is paid out.

What Happens If My Solicitor Doesn’t Get Me Any Compensation?

If you’re worried about having to pay your lawyer’s costs or fees in cases where you don’t receive a compensation payout for your claim, you don’t have to be. Under No Win No Fee payment terms, you only have to pay the success fee if your case is successful. You don’t have to settle the success fee or cover your lawyer’s costs if your case was not successful.

If you have any queries about No Win No Fee claims, you can find out more in our handy guide. If you’d prefer to ask us questions over the phone, you can call us at any time. We’d be glad to help.

Speak To A Member Of Our Team

If you’re considering making a claim for Salford walk-in medical centre negligence and you’d like us to help you, by answering your questions, checking your eligibility or providing you with a lawyer to help you fight for compensation, we’d be happy to help. You can:

We look forward to helping you.

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Thanks for reading our guide to Salford walk-in centre medical negligence.

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