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By Stephen Hudson. Last Updated 12th September 2022. Do you need car accident claims solicitors that covers the Wolverhampton area to help you to claim compensation after being injured in a car or other type of vehicle crash? If so, our no win no fee car accident solicitors could help you. Legal Expert are a firm of solicitors who help people to make claims, such as for car accident compensation. We may not have our head office in Wolverhampton or in the same town as you but we can still be on hand to provide you with specialist legal help and advice, and to conduct your claim in an efficient and professional manner.

Wolverhampton Car Accident Claims Solicitors

Wolverhampton Car Accident Claims Solicitors

In order to be able to win your claim, the solicitor who works on your case has to show beyond reasonable doubt that the person (organisation, or company) whom you are making a claim against was liable for the accident in which you sustained an injury. In this guide we will look at some of the different vehicle accidents that could have injured you. we will then look at the injuries which you could have sustained. We will also look at how our team could best help you to get compensated for these injuries.

Once you have read this guide, you can talk to a member of our team. Get in contact with us by calling on 0800 073 8804 today.

Legal Expert’s Research Into Personal Injury Claims Against The City Of Wolverhampton Council

Legal Expert recently conducted research into how many personal injury claims had been made against the City of Wolverhampton Council. From April 2022 to April 2023, a total of 81 claims were submitted to the local authority.

The amount of personal injury compensation paid out during this time amounted to £145,556.33. However, it should be noted that the payments are not likely to relate to claims made within the past year due to the length of time it takes to settle claims.

The main causes of these claims were slips, trips or falls, which made up 71 out of the 81 claims. Other causes included:

A duty of care is bestowed on Wolverhampton Council to ensure their highways, spaces or premises are reasonably safe for employees or visitors. 

If you sustain an injury in an accident because a council were in breach of their duty of care, you could be eligible to make a claim. Get in touch at any time for more information.

The Importance Of Finding the Right Car Crash Solicitor for Your Claim

When you make a compensation claim you need to be sure you are going to be working with the right person. Your solicitor will have a high degree of responsibility for your claim being successful or not. They may also be crucial in determining how much compensation you could be awarded in your settlement. Your solicitor will also have to look through very detailed and personal information, such as reports from your doctor detailing your health.

Each and every solicitor operating in the UK is regulated by a common regulatory body. However, this does not mean that they all work to the same standard, or that they all offer the same level of service. Given that the solicitor you choose can have a very large impact on your future financial settlement, it is best to choose a team which has the experience necessary to negotiate hard on your behalf.

Are reviews of car accident solicitors useful?

If you need legal advice after a serious crash calling potential solicitors on the phone is a very good way to find out if they will be able to provide you with the help and services you need. But before doing so, it can also be helpful to look at reviews of the services provided by different solicitors covering cases in your area.

Different solicitors might have a better or worse record of getting higher settlements, or they might have more satisfied customers. Conversely, you might also see how the differences in fees charged affects the outcomes of claims. Whilst looking at previous reviews of solicitors who have conducted traffic accident claims can be illustrative; it is not a substitute for actually talking directly to a solicitors firm.

My solicitor is based outside Wolverhampton, does it matter?

As we saw earlier, one of the few parts of a making a claim with a personal injury lawyer which needs to be carried out closer to you is your medical examination. Apart from this, your claim can be conducted by a solicitor from any location in the UK. Today as with many different types of services, your solicitor does not need to be located in the same place as you. We would always rather provide you with the best person for the job, not the closest.

Types Of Vehicle Accident Claims We Can Conduct

In the following sections we look at some of the different types of circumstances in which we could help claimants to make car accident claims. Please remember, your injury and its effects on you will be a large determining factor in how much compensation you could claim. You can find out more about settlements in this car accident personal injury claims calculator.

General vehicle crash cases

There are many different ways in which car accidents can happen, and in which you can be injured as a result. No matter whether you suffered minor or life-changing injuries, you could make a car accident compensation claim for any injuries suffered.

Injuries to a vehicle passenger

If you were injured or were made sick in some way due to being a passenger in someone’s vehicle, whether that of a friend, family member, or another parties, you could make a compensation claim. Passengers are generally not at fault and our personal injury solicitors can help you get compensation.

Taxi injury claims

Today there are many different taxi and minicab services, from small local operations to large providers such as Uber or Lyft. Taxis spend a lot of time driving around and clokc up more miles per year than most private vehicles. Because of this, they may be more likely to be involved in a collision or other form accident. Our car crash solicitors could help you claim against the taxi driver or another driver who was liable for the accident.

Bus & coach injuries

Accidents which involve buses and coaches can result in a plethora of injuries. These may be different to those seen in other types of vehicle accident as passengers are often not wearing a seatbelt or could even be standing up. If you were injured on a bus or coach, you could make a claim against the bus driver, operating company, or a third party driver if someone else was liable.

Injuries to pedestrians

Injuries to pedestrians happen on and close to the roads in the UK. They also happen in places where pedestrians and vehicles are using the same space, such as supermarket car parks. If you were injured whilst walking across the street, or elsewhere due to a driver’s negligence, we can help you to bring a car crash claim.

Injuries caused by rear end shunts

If you have been hurt because your vehicle was hit from behind by another driver, and if this accident was not your fault, you could be able to make a personal injury claim for your injuries. We can help by processing your traffic accident claim.

Injuries caused by an accident at a roundabout

When drivers are not paying due care and attention approaching any type of junction, such as a roundabout, accidents can happen. If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident at a roundabout, our personal injury solicitors can help you.

Wolverhampton Hit And Run – Could I Still Claim

If you’ve been injured in Wolverhampton, and a hit and run incident was the cause, you could be eligible to claim. If the faulting driver is uninsured or cannot be located, it can still be possible to make a claim. You can claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) in the event of the driver fleeing the scene before you have chance to exchange insurance details.

Our solicitors for the Wolverhampton area can assist you when making these claims. If you want to find out more or you have any questions, get in touch with our advisors. Once we know more about your circumstances, we may be able to connect you to an experienced Solicitor for Wolverhampton claims.

What Injuries Do We Commonly See In Car Accident Claims?

Our car accident claims solicitors can help you to claim compensation for injuries suffered in your crash. Some of those frequently seen include the following types of injury.

Common neck injuries such as whiplash

Whiplash is the most recognisable of injuries from a car accident or other type of road traffic accident. It happens when you are violently thrown around in the moment an accident happens. This can cause serious stresses on the neck and upper back or shoulders, pushing the head to move beyond its range of motion. Whiplash can last for weeks or even months after your injury and can be a painful injury.

Damage and injuries to the back

Aside from whiplash and neck injuries, damage to the back is one of the most common injuries we see in clients making a personal injury claim. They could be caused by your vehicle being struck in any direction and could involve damage to the spin, spinal discs, or the soft tissues across the back.

Other ways you could be seriously injured

Whilst injuries to the back or neck as looked at above can be serious, they might not be as severe as some other forms of injury that people may suffer in a car crash. Our car crash claims solicitors have helped people claim compensation for injuries such as serious burns, internal bleeding, and traumatic injuries to the brain. Any of these have the potential to lead to disabilities in the future, or in the worst case be fatal.

Where Are Accident Black Spots In Wolverhampton?

Location, street, or roadNumber of accident12
M54 between Wolverhampton & TelfordMultiple accidents.63
A51 Junction of Tolldish Lane3 collisions between 2012 & 201625
Wolverhampton Car Accident Statistics

Wolverhampton Car Accident Statistics

The map in the image above shows the number and locations of accidents which happened in the highlighted area between 2013 and 2017. In the following section we will look in greater detail at the number of people who were injured or killed in accidents on the road here.

Statistics Showing The Number Of People Injured Or Killed In Vehicle Accidents In Wolverhampton

Numbers of people who were injured or killed on the roads in Wolverhampton.

Number of injuries and fatalities combined per year
Vehicle type201420152016
Car occupants232428

Statistics For People Killed In Car Crashes In Wolverhampton

Statistics showing the number of people who were killed in fatal road traffic accidents.

Number of people killed per year
Vehicle type201420152016
Car occupants103

Extra Information Or Statistics

Legal Expert has a panel of personal injury lawyers and solicitors based across the UK. Whilst we might not be located in Wolverhampton, we can still assist claimants in this area. Very often we are able to offer the people we serve no win, no fee agreements.

Sadly crashes and accidents involving cars and other vehicles can happen as often here as they do in towns across the UK. In 2017 there were a total of 200 slight or serious road traffic accidents across the wider area. This represents a significant fall from 2016 when there was a total of 277 accidents in the same area. The crash map shows there are no specific black spots across the area with accidents distributed relatively evenly.

No Win, No Fee Vehicle Accident Claims

No win no fee car accident solicitors will generally work with claimants through what is called a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’. This is a type of contract which car crash solicitors can offer claimants, through which they can provide their services without having to ask for payments before taking on the case. These types of contracts help to take away any financial barriers or blocks which might have otherwise prevented you from being able to make a claim for an injury, such as whiplash.

Claimants pay fees only if they win a claim

At Legal Expert one of the ways in which we differentiate ourselves is by being clear and upfront with our fee and payment structures. We make it clear that you will not have to pay anything if your claim does not result in you getting compensation. You can learn more about how these types of claims work in our no win, no fee guide.

How to proceed

Whether you are ready to start making a compensation claim, or need to find out more information about making a compensation claim, Legal Expert is here to help you at every stage.

Learn more about making a claim

For you to be able to make the right choice about anything, you need to have the right information and advice. Before being able to make a compensation claim you may still have questions about road accident compensation claims. You can find out more about the process of making a compensation claim in our guide here, or by speaking to our team.

Start an injury claim

When you have decided to begin your compensation claim, you can do so by talking to the team at Legal Expert. There are several different ways in which you can get in touch with us. You can call us on the number above, or by using our contact form (also on this page) to request a call back from our team. Finally, you can get in contact by sending our team an email about your case to office@legalexpert.co.uk.

However you choose to get in touch, contact us now to begin your claim.

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Wolverhampton Combined Courts Centre
The majority of compensation claims are settled out of court, however sometimes they do need to go before a judge. If your claim does go to court, you might need to go here.

West Midlands Police
West Midlands Police are the police force who are responsible for this area. If you need to report an accident, you can talk to West Midlands Police force.

New Cross Hospital
Royal Wolverhampton NHS and the wider trust are responsible for providing care to people who are injured in circumstances such as road traffic accidents.

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