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Swansea Car Accident Claims Solicitors | No Win No Fee

By Danielle Jordan. Last Updated 18th April 2023. Have you been involved in a car crash or other for or road traffic accident in the Swansea area? If so, you could be looking for Swansea car accident claims solicitors. At Legal Expert we are a nationwide claims service. Whilst we might not be based in Swansea, or your local area in general, our specialist team are able to help claimants from across the country to get the compensation they deserve and successfully resolve their personal injury claims.

Swansea Car Accident Claims Solicitors

Car Accident Claims Solicitors For Swansea

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) can occur when one or more vehicle(s) collide, either with other vehicles, pedestrians, or stationary objects. There can be a variety of different factors which lead to them, commonly these might include negligence, driving whilst intoxicated, or other forms or reckless behaviour on the part of the driver (or other person) responsible for the accident. They may also be caused by badly maintained roads, or poor weather.

Those injured in a car crash can suffer a very wide variety of different injury types and severities. Typically, the personal injury claims time limit for making car crash claims is three years from the accident, or the discovery of your injuries. This is applied by law under the Limitation Act 1980.

In the rest of our guide below we look at what steps you should take after an accident to secure the maximum amount of road accident compensation possible.

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  1. Finding The Right Car Accident Solicitor
  2. The Key Steps To Starting A Car Accident Claim
  3. Types Of Road Traffic Accident Claims We Can Help With
  4. Common Road Traffic Accident Injuries
  5. No Win No Fee Solicitors In Swansea

Finding The Right Car Accident Solicitor

Making any type of compensation claim can be a long and involved process. The whether you are using Swansea accident lawyers, or those provided by us from the rest of the country (we are not located in Swansea), you need to be able to trust and rely on them. You need to develop a good relationship with your solicitor as they will have access to what could be very personal details and information.

Equally, the right solicitor will be able to provide you with more than just the bare minimum in legal services. They will go the extra mile to help you through your recovery, and use their knowledge and expertise to maximise the compensation settlement for your car accident claim.

Remember, just because all solicitors are governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority does not mean that they will all work in the same way, offer the same level of service and support to you, or be able to secure the same level of award. Given the impact of their role, it is always important to have the right car crash solicitors working on your claim.

Are Reviews Of Car Crash Solicitors Helpful?

Online and offline reviews of products and services can be a helpful way to learn more about a service or service provider, in this case potential personal injury solicitors or lawyers you may use to make your claim. Looking at different reviews of a solicitor or different solicitors can be a good way to see whether other claimants have been happy with the service they received from them, and the settlement secured for them.

Whilst reviews can be very helpful, they probably won’t be able to give you an accurate answer to questions such as “how much money can you get from a car accident settlement?”. That is because settlements are calculated on your personal circumstances. For some information or questions there is no substitute to talking directly to a person. That is why our team are available all day, every day to take your call.

Do I Have To Use A Solicitor In Swansea?

The simplest answer to this question is no. Whilst you might live in, or have had your accident in Swansea, there is nothing restricting you to using Swansea car accident claims solicitors to handle your case. In fact, only looking at personal injury solicitors in Swansea could severely restrict your ability to find the solicitor with the right package of services, fees, and track record for you. Today the only part of your car accident claim which may need to be conducted closer to you is your medical examination. As we have seen, Legal Expert partner with several experts in the Swansea area who could help you.

The Key Steps To Starting A Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a car crash in Swansea, you may want to know how to start a personal injury claim. To have a valid case, you must be able to demonstrate that you suffered your injuries due to another road user breaching their duty of care.

While on the roads, all road users owe each other a duty of care, as stated in the Road Traffic Act 1988. Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are all considered as road users. Pe their duty of care, they must navigate the roads in a way that prevents injury and damage to themselves and others. Additionally, they must follow the rules and guidance set out for them in the Highway Code. Failure to do so could result in you being injured in a road traffic accident.

Furthermore, you must provide sufficient evidence that proves another driver was liable for the injuries you suffered in a Swansea traffic accident.

Examples of evidence that might prove helpful in car accident claims include:

  • Witness contact details so that a statement can be collected from them at a later date.
  • Dashcam or CCTV footage of the accident.
  • A copy of your medical records stating the type of injury you suffered and the treatment you are receiving for it.
  • Injury photographs. If your injuries are visible, such as swelling or lacerations, you could photograph these and use these pictures as evidence in your claim.

Call our advisors to receive free advice for your potential claim. Additionally, they could put you in touch with one of our No Win No Fee solicitors for Swansea accidents, who could help you gather evidence for your claim.

Types Of Road Traffic Accident Claims We Can Help With

If you contact our advisors about making a potential claim for a car accident in Swansea, and they find that you have a strong case, then they could potentially connect you with our solicitors for support. Our solicitors have experience in supporting a variety of different road traffic accident claims, including different types of car accident claims. Types of claims we can support include the following:

  • Claims for car accidents caused by snow and/or ice
  • Car accident claims for injuries to passengers
  • RTA claims involving injuries caused by a taxi accident
  • Bus or coach accident claims
  • Pedestrian accident claims
  • Rear end car accidents
  • Roundabout accidents

Common Road Traffic Accident Injuries

Have you been injured in a car accident compensation claim? If so, you may have lots of different questions, such as “can I get compensation for a car accident” or “how much is the average settlement for a car accident“. And whilst your injuries might seem to little to make a claim, they may well not be. Talk to us today to find out more information about making a claim.

In the sections below, we briefly look over some of the most common types of injury that you might be looking for a Swansea accident lawyer to help you with. Remember, whilst we are not located in Swansea we can still help you.


Whiplash is a neck injury caused by the sudden movement of the head. It is also a common type of injury to suffer in a road traffic accident. Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, along with difficulty moving your head, headaches and pain and muscle spasms in your shoulders and arms.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, such as Whiplash, how you make your claim in England and Wales has changed. This is due to the introduction of the Whiplash Reform Programme

This applies to claims being made by those over the age of 18 who were a passenger or driver of a vehicle who suffered injuries valued at £5,000 or less. Additionally, your whiplash injuries will be valued in line with the tariff set out in the Whiplash Injury Regulations 2021. Any additional injuries you may have suffered that are not covered by the tariff will be valued traditionally.

It also means that all those who wish to make a personal injury claim following a road traffic accident will need an independent medical assessment.  

Contact our advisors today if you are unsure which avenue to take when making your claim following a road traffic accident.

Back Pain

Alongside whiplash and other neck injuries, pain in the back is one of the most common injury types of injury which people involved in road traffic accidents suffer. It can be caused by the trauma of the impact, and may be more serious if hit from behind. Back pain can be very serious and can have a devastating effect upon you. It may make you less mobile and could place in constant pain during your recovery. Whilst you may not have been suffering back pain when you first saw a doctor, it may present later and could be picked up in the medical exam we organise for you.

Serious Injuries

Car accidents can lead to your suffering a variety of other different and serious types of injuries which you can make a road accident compensation claim for. Serious car crash injuries can be much more severe than than the more minor ones. The consequences could last for months, or even years of recovery and pain.

No Win No Fee Solicitors In Swansea

If you were injured in a Swansea traffic accident, one of our No Win No Fee solicitors could help you make your claim for compensation.

A No Win No Fee solicitor will only work with you if they feel your claim has a high chance of success. They do not charge initial hiring fees and they do not require ongoing legal fees.

If they are successful, you pay an agreed to and legally capped percentage of your compensation as a success fee. If they are not successful, you will not pay this fee. To see whether our solicitors can help you, please ring one of our advisers to discuss making an injury claim after a Swansea car crash.

Taking The Next Step

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident and are looking for Swansea car accident claims solicitors your next step should be to reach out to Legal Expert. Whilst we are not based in Swansea or the local area, we can provide you with a solicitor who has the ability to conduct your claim.

Start your Swansea car accident claim today

To start your claim contact our teams today by calling us on 0800 073 8804. You can also send us an email to or request a call back by using our online contact form. You can also reach us through our 24/7 live chat service.

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