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Bradford-on-Avon Car Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

If you have been involved in a road accident in Bradford-on-Avon, then there is significant legal legislation which exists to help you obtain compensation for your accident. Road accident compensation is paid to help cover the financial cost of any damage to property and injury to your person which may have resulted in you having to take time off work.

Bradford-on-Avon car accident claims solicitors

Bradford-on-Avon car accident claims solicitors

Personal injury claims can be made up to three years after an accident so if the long-term effects of an injury sustained in a road traffic accident have only just become evident then you can still claim for compensation as long as the personal injury time limit has not yet been exceeded.

This guide will give you all the information you need to know about how to get in touch with Bradford-on-Avon car accident claims solicitors who can represent you in your case for compensation and what you can expect from the car accident claims process.

The sooner you begin your claim for compensation, the quicker your personal injury lawyer can begin to collect evidence to support your claim so it is worth contacting a solicitor as soon as possible following a car accident in which you have received an injury.

Our Panel of Bradford-on-Avon medical experts could assess you close to the area

One of the strongest pieces of evidence needed to support your claim for road accident compensationis the report from a thorough medical assessment which will outline your injuries in detail. A medical expert can also comment on how, in their medical opinion, your injuries and recovery are likely to progress. Usually, car accident compensation amounts are determined by the severity of any injury sustained and how big of an impact on your daily life those injuries have had. It is most often the case that the more severe the injury, the higher the amount of compensation is likely to be awarded.

Legal Expert can help to organise a full medical assessment to be carried out at a local medical centre. If you are based in Bradford-on-Avon then you will have the choice of two of our partnered medical centres;

Alba Sanchez Mascunano
2 Wood Street

Weston Chiropractic Clinic
Apthorp Centre
Weston Road

If you choose to appoint us to provide you with your car accident claims solicitors, they will organise an appointment with a medical expert at a time and location to suit you so that your injuries can be thoroughly assessed and a report produced to support your claim for road accident compensation.

Car and vehicle accident solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon

Car accident claims and cases for compensation for resulting injuries are often complex. They can take months, sometimes years, to be fully resolved and so having qualified and competent Bradford-on-Avon car accident claims solicitors on your side is vital if you are hoping for a successful outcome.

The Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority (SRA) ensures that all solicitors are adequately qualified but service levels do vary from company to company. As you are going to be heavily dependant on your personal injury lawyer for your case and your recovery, it is essential that you have a personal injury solicitor of the highest quality, upon whom you can rely.

Bradford-on-Avon solicitor and lawyer reviews

With such varying degrees of service from personal injury lawyer firms, often the best way to weigh up your options when searching for Bradford-on-Avon car accident claims solicitors is to read previous customer reviews. By checking reviews you can get a good idea of the level of customer service that you are likely to experience as well as the level of competence of the solicitors themselves.

No win no fee car accident solicitors usually work on conditional fee arrangements and amount that firms charge in success fees and insurance premiums often surprises many clients. For example, a successful claim resulting in compensation being awarded in the sum of £93,000 may see the claimant receiving anywhere between £56,000 and £79,000 depending on the fees charged by their personal injury solicitor.

Can I use a solicitor base outside of Bradford-on-Avon?

Choosing a personal injury solicitor to represent you in your case for car accident compensation shouldn’t be limited to your local area. Often the only part of the process for your road accident compensation which will need to be carried out on a local basis is the medical assessment which will provide evidence of your injury. Legal Expert can arrange a medical to be carried out with one of our partnered medical examiners who is based near Bradford-on-Avon.

Rather than limiting your search for Bradford-on-Avon car accident claims solicitors to the local area, you should let your decision be determined by a firm’s rates, reputation and customer reviews.

Examples of road traffic accident claims we could conduct

Our panel of legal experts can assist you in claims for a range of injuries and accidents where the fault is not your own, including;

Road traffic and vehicle accident claims

If you have been involved in a road traffic collision in a vehicle which has resulted in you sustaining an injury, then you may be entitled to compensation. If the accident was not your fault then you can claim for compensation to cover the cost of any loss and damages you have sustained.

Passenger car accident claims

If you were a passenger in a vehicle which has been involved in a road traffic accident, whether the fault of the driver of the vehicle you were passenger in or not, then you can make a claim for compensation for your injuries.

Taxi accident claims

If the taxi you were riding in was involved in a road traffic collision and you were injured as a result, then you may be entitled to compensation. Legal Expert can represent you in your claim against whoever was at fault for the accident whether it was the taxi driver or the driver of another vehicle.

Bus or coach accident claims

If you were passenger on a bus or coach which was involved in an accident then you may have received a range of potential injuries. We can represent you in your claim for compensation against whomever was at fault for the accident.

Pedestrian or accident claims

If you were involved in an accident with a vehicle whilst you were a pedestrian then you have likely suffered a serious, potentially llife-changinginjury. Legal Expert can connect you with a personal injury lawyer who will represent you in your claim for compensation and justice.

Rear end car accidents

Rear end car accidents are some of the most common types of road traffic collisions and they can vary in their severity, causing a wide range of injuries. Legal Expert can connect you with a professional personal injury solicitor who is specialised in seeking compensation for victims of such accidents.

Round about accidents

Accidents at roundabout are also very frequent and can involve a number of vehicles and establishing fault can be difficult. Legal Expert can connect you to a personal injury lawyer who can help to untangle the mess, establish fault and help you to claim compensation for any injury you have sustained.

Injuries which could be caused by accidents in Bradford-on-Avon

While car accidents can result in a range of injuries depending on the nature and severity of the crash, there are a range of injuries which are commonly suffered following accidents on the road;


Whiplashis caused when the head snaps forward and then immediately backwards at force, often the result of travelling in a vehicle which comes to an abrupt stop, such as in a collision. Whiplashclaims are the most common type of car accident compensation injuries sustained in road traffic collisions and so the personal injury lawyers Legal Expert can connect you with are well versed in obtaining compensation for our clients.

Whiplash injuries can result in minor to severe pain in the neck and upper back, which in severe cases can have a huge impact on daily life as you may have to have time off work and participate in a lengthy recovery programme.

Back pain

Back injuries are also common in road traffic collisions and can often have the biggest impact on a victim’s daily life as so many of the body’s important nerve endings are housed in the spinal column. Back pain can be severe and result in a chronic injury which may never fully recover. Injuries to the back and spine can be compensated to varying amounts as more serious back pain may entitle you to larger amounts of compensation for your increased level of suffering.

Serious injuries

Road traffic accidents are capable of causing a range of serious injuries such as injuries to internal organs, head injuries and amputation of limbs. In severe collisions, death is also a possibility. All road accident compensation claims are individual and the personal injury solicitor who is dealing with your car accident compensation claim will evaluate the extent of your injury and the impact it has had on your ability to lead your normal life and will equate this into a monetary amount that they will seek from the liable party. Often, the more serious the injury, the more compensation you are likely to receive to help cover the cost of treatment and to lessen the impact your injury will have on your life.

Locations of accidents in Bradford-on-Avon

Bradford-on-Avon Road Accident Statistics

Bradford-on-Avon Road Accident Statistics

This Bradford-on-Avon road accident statistics map shows 55 accidents on the roads in the town from 2013- 2017.

Road nameNumber of accidents 2013-2017
Trowbridge Road, BA15 1EN9
St Margaret’s Street, BA15 1DA8
Frome Road, BA157
Silver Street, BA15 1JX5

Road accidents in the Bradford-on-Avon local authority

2011/ 122012/ 132013 / 14

Deaths in road traffic accidents in Bradford-on-Avon

2011/ 122012/ 132013 / 14

Our network of personal injury lawyers each have a wealth of experience in obtaining high compensation amounts for our clients who have been involved in a road collision which resulted in an injury.

Official statistics reported a total of 233 serious accidents on the roads of the local authority around Bradford-on-Avon in 2015, 27 of these resulting in a fatality. By 2016, the number of accidents had risen to 239, with 23 of those accidents unfortunately resulting in the death of an individual. Accidents on the road around Wiltshire are not uncommon appear to be on the rise.

Bradford-on-Avon no win, no fee road traffic accident claims lawyers

Car accident claims can be complex and many people are put off making a road accident compensation claim in case they find themselves left with a large legal bill as a result. No win, no fee arrangements allow claimants to be unconcerned with legal fees as these fees are only applied if the claim is successful and then they are deducted from the final compensation amount as part of an initial pre-agreed rate. Therefore, you can always be assured that your legal team are working their hardest to get you the compensation you deserve and in the unlikely event that this is not possible, you won’t be presented with a bill at all.

What fees do I pay and when?

Legal Expert panel lawyers represent our clients on a no win, no fee basis so will never ask you for any upfront fees, which you may find other firms do charge. Their rates will be fully explained to you and deducted from your final compensation award once your claim has been successful at a pre-agreed rate. However, if your claim is not successful then they won’t ask you to pay a penny.

There aren’t any catches with the no win, no fee policy from Legal Expert, which you can read about here.

How to get started with your claim

The sooner you start your claim for compensation following a road traffic accident, the better as evidence about the car crash claims can begin to be collected, including photos of the accident scene. However, whether you are ready to begin your claim now or are simply looking for more information then Legal Expert can help

Our team can offer you guidance and advice regarding the likelihood of having a successful claim and what the claims process will involve. Call our team for a free consultation today.

Getting more information

Making the right choice of Bradford-on-Avon car accident claims solicitors should depend on receiving the best information. If you have been involved in an accident and wish you make a personal injury claim then you should strive to be fully informed about the claims process, the likely outcome and the service record of the car crash solicitors which you intend to use to represent you.

You can find all the information you require about our services and the claims process on our website, but our team are always just a phone call away should you have any other questions.

Speak to our team to begin your claim today

Once you have decided to file a claim for car accident compensation with Legal Expert then you can call our team on 0800 073 8804 or you can fill out our online claim form here.

Once you have filled out our claim form with the details of your accident then a member of our team will be in contact with you at a convenient time to discuss the next steps in your case.

If you would like to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your options before officially starting the claims process then simply fill out our contact form and a member of our team will call you back on a date and time to suit you.

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