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Blackheath Car Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Blackheath car accident claims

Blackheath car accident claims

On this page, you will find a guide providing advice on how to find the right Blackheath car accident claims solicitors for your compensation claim. We offer tips and information on how to choose the best solicitor, and also information on the legal process of making a compensation claim for a road traffic accident. This guide includes information such as:

  • Information on how to have your medical condition examined by a local medical professional.
  • Information on why it is critical that you find the best solicitor to make a compensation claim for a road traffic accident on your behalf.
  • An overview of why using online review sites to build a shortlist of potential solicitors to process your claim is a good idea. As well as how the location of your solicitor is not important when it comes to processing a claim.
  • A list of the most common types of road traffic accidents that the claims team at Legal Expert deals with.
  • A list of the most common types of injuries caused by a road traffic accident that our claims team at Legal Expert deals with.
  • A range of key statistics related to road safety and road traffic accidents in Blackheath.
  • Information on how to start your claim for a road traffic accident, and an introduction to the claim service that Legal Expert operates under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

If you have additional questions or more information about something that was covered in this guide, please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 today, and we will do our best to assist you.

Get Medically Assessed locally to Blackheath by our Panel Of Medical Experts

Most road traffic car accident claims solicitors would agree that getting an independent expert medical evaluation of the injuries that you received in a road traffic accident will strengthen your case significantly. Legal Expert has access to a network of medical professionals across the UK that we can refer you too for this purpose. The closest of these doctors to Blackheath are:

Dr Abhinav Gulihar

Chiropractic Health Centre

145 Lee Road



Why You Need The Right No Win No Fee Car Accident Solicitor In Blackheath For Your Claim

Instead of using an online personal injury claims calculator to get an idea of how much compensation you might receive in a road traffic accident, it is far better to find a good solicitor to deal with your claim, who will give you an estimate. The better your legal firm, the better your chance of winning your claim and receiving the most compensation possible. When you choose a solicitor, make sure they can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Have you won a claim like mine in the last year?
  • Can you take on my claim under a No Win No Fee deal?
  • Can you arrange for me to receive a free local medical examination?

Should You Read Reviews Of Car Accident Solicitors In Blackheath?

Checking online review sites is a great way to make a shortlist of solicitors that might be the right one to represent you in a personal injury claim for a road traffic accident. Use the reviews to build a shortlist, and then follow up by asking friends, family and work colleagues if they have first-hand knowledge of any of the solicitors on the list. Be aware that not all reviews are honest, and this is why you should double check your selection with your peers.

Does It Matter If My Car Accident Solicitor Is Based In Blackheath?

There is no reason at all to use a team of injury solicitors in Blackheath apart from the fact they would be handily close to you. It does not matter where your solicitor is located. It is far more important that you choose a solicitor that has a proven track record of successfully winning personal injury claims for road traffic accident victims, than one that is close by.

What Types Of Road Traffic Accident Claims Can You Handle?

As long as you are making a claim within the personal injury claims time limit of three years, Legal Expert can help you to claim for a full range of possible types of road traffic injuries, and their causes. However, typically, certain types of accidents are more common than others, and these include:

Claim For A General Road Traffic Accident

Under this heading, we cover all of the typical types of road traffic accidents that are not covered in a separate section below. These can be single or multiple vehicle accidents involving both vehicles and pedestrians, accidents involving farm vehicles, HGV, or a police car or ambulance.

Claim For A Passenger Car Accident

When a passenger in a car, taxi or bus, or a pillion passenger on a motorcycle is injured in a road traffic accident that was the fault of a third party, then a reason to make personal injury claims will exist, and Legal Expert can help you with this using our claims service, which we cover in more detail at the end of this guide.

Claim For A Taxi Accident

A Blackheath personal injury lawyer would be able to help you to claim compensation if you were injured whilst riding as a passenger in a taxi or minicab. Drivers of these vehicles are required by law to hold a current insurance policy that provides a way for a passenger injured in their car to make a compensation claim.

Blackheath Bus and Coach Accident Claims

A Blackheath personal injury solicitor would be able to help you to claim compensation if you were injured in a road traffic accident whilst riding on some form of public transport such as a bus, coach or minibus. In this case, the compensation claim will be bought against the company that operates the vehicle as part of its fleet.

Rear End Road Traffic Accidents

Rear end shunts are one of the most common reasons we see people make a claim for road accident compensation. A rear end shunt is a very common cause of whiplash, the single most common injury sustained in a road traffic accident in the UK each year (more on this below).

Accidents At Roundabouts

Many car crash claims that we process on behalf of our clients have their basis in some form of accident that took place at a roundabout. New drivers especially are often confused by large roundabouts, especially when there is excessive traffic, such as during rush hour in Blackheath.

Pedestrian Accidents In Blackheath And Lewisham

All car crash solicitors can also help to make a claim for a pedestrian that has suffered an injury due to being hit by a car, motorcycle, bus, lorry, etc. Quite often, pedestrians suffer very serious injuries, and by using an experienced solicitor, they have a greater chance of winning the most compensation possible.

Injuries Which Can Be Caused By A Car Accident In Blackheath

Here at Legal Expert, we see many injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents and then become the basis of a compensation claim. These can range from trivial to life-changing, and in some cases are fatal. However, some injuries are far more common than others, such as:

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is the single most common injury that victims of a road traffic accident suffer in the UK. However, it can also be one of the most difficult to prove, simply due to the fact that whiplash claims have been abused in the past. Legal Expert can help you to prove the validity of your whiplash claim and successfully win your claims case by arranging for a free local medical examination.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are caused in a similar way to whiplash injuries, with injuries to the upper vertebrae and the neck being the most common of all spinal injuries sustained in a road traffic accident. A bad back injury can have a serious effect upon the quality of life of the victim for a long time, potentially permanently.

Other Serious Injuries From A Road Traffic Accident

Other types of serious injuries that we often see claimed for due to a road traffic accident are head injuries (ranging from concussion through to permanent severe brain damage), limb amputation, massive scarring (typically to the face) and also psychological injuries such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.). All of which we have usefully helped our clients claim for in the past.

Blackheath Road Traffic Accident Statistics & Facts

Before you begin claiming car accident compensation, you need to discern whether you have a viable route to making a claim. Some locations have a much higher number of road traffic accidents each year, and it is much easier to pursue a claim in these high-risk areas.

StreetNumber of RTA's
Belmont Hill6
Lee Park3

The table above shows three of the most dangerous roads for traffic accidents in Blackheath between 2014 and 2016.

Blackheath road accident map

The real-time map shows that in the Blackheath area between 2014 and 2016, there were a total of 248 road traffic accidents of all types.

Car Accident And Road Accidents in Lewisham Local Authority

Goods vehicles14913
Young driver172122

The table above is based on information that shows the number of road traffic accidents recorded in the Blackheath area for different types of vehicles for the period 2014-2016. If you were involved in one of these accidents, No Win No Fee car accident solicitors could be able to help you claim compensation.

How Many Fatal Car Accident And Road Accidents in Lewisham?


The table above shows that there was one fatal road traffic accident in Blackheath between 2014 and 2016.

Why Choose Legal Expert?

Legal Expert has a proven track record in successfully winning compensation for our clients in a range of road traffic accident claims. We always aim to win you the highest level of compensation that we can, whilst doing nothing that could put your claim at risk.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and we would love to have a chance to add you to their ranks. We are always on hand to keep up updated about your claim and answer any questions you might have.

No Win, No Fee Road Traffic And Car Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Blackheath

Legal Expert has developed a comprehensive No Win No Fee claims service, that we make available to all residents of the UK. We believe this is the best way to process a compensation claim in an entirely risk-free way from a financial point of view.

Under this scheme, there is no fee to start a claim, and no fee to pursue your claim even if it takes many months to resolve it. If we fail in making a successful claim for you, then you don’t pay anything. If we do receive a compensation payment for you, this is the time we collect our fee.

How To Get Started

Beginning a new compensation claim for an injury caused by a road traffic accident is very easy. The first thing you need to do is call us here at Legal Expert on the phone number below. When you do, we will ask you a range of questions which could include:

  • Where did the road traffic accident happen?
  • How did it happen?
  • Who was to blame?
  • Do you have photographic evidence?
  • What injuries did you sustain?
  • What is the prognosis for your recovery?
  • Have you suffered any financial loss due to the accident?

These questions and others will help us understand your specific claim so that we can offer you a personalised claims service to give you the best chance of winning a claim successfully.

Starting Your Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident in Blackheath, and you believe you have a reason to make a compensation claim, then call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 today, and we will offer you some entirely free legal advice on what we believe your next move should be.

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