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Terrorist Attack Victim Compensation Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation If You Are A Victim Of A Terrorist Attack?

Terrorist attackIn recent years there have been several high profile and devastating terror attacks in the UK carried out by individuals and organisations. Some of the most devastating of these in terms of loss of life, injury, and the effect on the country include the the Westminster Attack, the Manchester Arena bombing, and the London Bridge attack, all of which occurred in 2017. These attacks caused the deaths of many people, and injured even more, either physically, mentally, or both. The effects of these attacks extend far beyond the people who were the initial victims. Their family and friends may be affected and suffer psychologically. Emergency responders, members of the police, ambulance, and fire services, can also be traumatised by the scene of the attack and the circumstances which they need to deal with. This can lead to conditions such as PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder being experienced by people affected by these attacks.

As well as being affected by terrorist incidents in the UK, British Citizens or Residents could also caught up in or affected by terror attacks or hijackings whilst outside the UK, whether travelling abroad for holidays, family visits, or business.

If you have been affected by a terrorist attack or a hijacking, you may be eligible to claim compensation as well as additional benefits from the British Government, and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Our team can help you to make a terrorist attack compensation claim. Our team of personal injury solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to help you through what can be a very traumatic time.

For more information on how we can help you make a personal injury claim, please read this guide.

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A Guide To Terrorist Attack Victim Compensation Claims

When discussing recent incidents of terrorism and terrorist attacks in the UK, or abroad, it can first be helpful to look at how likely terrorist attacks are, and what your chances of being caught up in or injured by such an incident, whether at home in the UK, or abroad.

Whilst recent years have seen a wave of terrorism, the number of people injured or killed or injured in terrorist attacks on the UK mainland has fallen significantly since it’s height in the 1980’s. The year with the highest number of victims of terrorism in the UK was 1988, with the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. You can see more information about terrorist attack statistics in this parliamentary report.

If you have been harmed by or in a terrorist attack, or otherwise directed affected by an attack such as the London Bridge attack, the Manchester Arena bombing, or the Westminster attack, you could be able to claim damages from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, also known as the CICA. They can consider terrorism compensation claims under the 2012 Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme. They are also able to assist with gathering evidence to support your claim.

Dealing with hijackings and terrorist attacks can be very complicated and can be very tragic. In many cases, there can be multiple parties involved in, or affected by the attack. To be able to make a terrorism compensation claim and to get the settlement that you are eligible to, you need to have a highly experienced personal injury solicitor on your side to help you at each step of the journey.

What Is Considered An Act Of Terror?

There are many different definitions of what terrorism is, and what does or does not count as an act of terrorism. For the purposes of a personal injury claim for any injuries sustained, all we really need to focus on is the legal definition of this in the UK.

The Crown Prosecution Service has a detailed guide on terrorism and terrorist attacks. They define terrorism as the threat or use of action which is designed to intimidate the public, influence governments, or international organisations. Terrorism is also defined as being carried out to advance either a religious, political, ideological, or racial cause or motive.

Any of the following can qualify as terrorism and can be part of terrorism compensation claims.

  • Serious forms of violence carried out against people, or damage to people’s property.
  • The endangerment of life’s other than that of the perpetrator.
  • Endangering the public’s health and safety and creating risks.
  • Actions which are designed to disrupt or interfere with electronic systems.

You can find out more information on what does and does not count as a form of terrorism for which you can make terror attacks compensation by reading the CPS terrorism guide.

How Are Incidents Of Terrorism Dealt With By The CPS?

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) acts independently from the Police and the Government. Its role is to prosecute cases of criminal activity which the police have investigated. They make sure that perpetrators are prosecuted for offences. They choose whether a case should be prosecuted, what charges might be applicable, and prepare court cases. They may also provide help and support to both victims and witnesses.

The CPS will deal with a case of terrorism in a similar way to other cases. Such cases might be distinct in that the perpetrator will have different motivations in carrying out the act of terrorism. Such cases will be handled by expert and specialist branches of the CPS, such as the Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division.

Compensation For Victims Of Terrorist Incidents In The UK

If you have been injured in any of the recent terrorist attacks in the UK, such as the Westminster attack, you could make a terror attack compensation claim. One of the main ways for people to do this in the UK, is to claim via the CICA as discussed above. Depending upon the terrorist attack which you were injured in or affected by, there may also be additional support mechanisms or specific compensation schemes which you can apply to, such as various organisations offering Manchester terror attack support.

If you have been harmed (injured) physically or suffered psychological harm, lost a family member or loved one, or were witness to a terrorist attack which claimed the life of or injured a loved one, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim for the effect this has had on you.

Compensation For Victims Of Terrorist Attacks Abroad

Whilst there have been several recent incidents of terrorism in the UK in recent years, British holidaymakers can and also have been caught up in such incidents when abroad. Our team could also help you to make a hijacking compensation claim, or claim for injuries suffered in an act of terror.

As well as victims of UK based terrorist attacks, such as the London Bridge attack being able to claim via the CICA, so victims of terrorism abroad can also make a terror attack compensation claim via the CICA. You can find specific information on what you can claim for, how to claim, and incidents which qualify for compensation in this government guide to terrorism abroad claims.

At the time of publication, victims of the terrorist incidents at the dates and locations specified below may be able to claim compensation:

  • 19 December, 2016 – Berlin Germany.
  • 14 July, 2016 – Nice, France.
  • 1 May, 2016 – Gaziantep, Turkey.
  • 22 March, 2016 – Brussels, Belgium.
  • 13 November, 2015, Paris France.
  • 26 June, 2015 – Port el Kantaoui (Sousse), Tunisia.
  • 17 May, 2015 – Kabul airport, Afghanistan

There may be other incidents which you can claim compensation for. To find a more complete list, view the government guide listed above. To find out your eligibility to claim under this scheme, please click here.

Terrorism Abroad Compensation Schemes

British Citizens and Residents are not just limited to being able to claim compensation for incidents such as the Westminster Bridge terror attack, or the Manchester terror attack. There are also special compensation and support schemes for victims of terrorism abroad.

In 2012, the British Government created the Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme. You can find details of this scheme at the link above. This scheme is designed to support and compensate the victims of terrorism, as well as their families. You can make a claim through the Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme, as well as make a independently make a claim against those responsible for your injuries. This scheme may not always cover cases of terrorism, but if the terrorist attack you were harmed in took place after 2012, it is likely that you will be able to make a terrorism abroad claim.

Other Places Where Victims Of Terror Can Get Support, Such As Charity, Or Welfare

If you have been injured or otherwise harmed in a terrorist attack you may need help in a variety of different ways, extending beyond immediate financial support and terrorist attack compensation. Whether you were harmed in an incident which happened in the UK or abroad, there may be other support schemes, such as various Manchester attack support schemes. These may be Government schemes, charitable schemes, and forms of welfare.

Following various acts of terror such as the Westminster Bridge terror attack, various charitable funds have been launched to help those who have been impacted. You can find information on different charities and charitable trusts which you may be able to apply to for compensation at this page.

In addition there are sometimes extra forms of welfare which people can apply for in addition to making terrorism compensation claims, and seeking charitable support. In some instances, the DWP, or Department of Work and Pensions have set up individual ways to support the victims of a terrorism. You can find out about any additional forms of benefits or welfare which you may be eligible to claim in this page from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Eligibility To Claim Compensation From the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

In the UK the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and the Ministry of Justice (CICA & MOJ) have responsibility for providing support to terrorism victims in the UK, once any initial response process is complete, i.e after medical care and emergency care has been provided. This support includes providing support through the criminal justice systems and managing terrorist attack compensation.

If you, or your property have suffered maliciously damage, you could be eligible to claim compensation. You can claim compensation if you have suffered physical injuries or property damage.

  • To claim as a victim of terrorism in the UK, click here.
  • To claim as a victim of hijackings or terrorist attacks abroad, click here.

What Can I Claim If Affected By A Terror Attack In The UK Or Abroad

There are many different ways in which terrorism could affect a person, either through physical or psychological harm, post traumatic stress disorder, damage to your property or the wider effect upon your life. However, if you are making a terrorist attack compensation claim, the way your immediate damages will work in the same way as any other type of claim, in that the largest part of your claim will often be for the actual physical harm suffered. This is called general damages, and we will look at some common examples of general damages in the personal injury claims calculator in the following section. However, this is not the only type of terrorist or hijacking compensation damages you can claim.

You will also often be able to claim for the wider effect the incident had on you. This is usually called ‘special damages’.

You could be compensated for any healthcare, prescription, or medical costs that you have had to meet. This could cover private healthcare if needed, and can also extend through to more specialist support, such as physiotherapy, counselling, or other longer-term support. You will also often be able to claim for the cost of any prescription medication.

Your injuries could also leave you needing help and assistance around the home on a day-to-day level. This could include help with household chores, doing shopping, or even help and assistance with personal care. You could claim for the cost of private help, or if a friend helps you, you may claim for the income which they have lost.

As a result of terrorism and the injuries inflicted upon you or a loved one, you may have had to take time off work whilst recovering. You can very often claim for these losses. People injured in such ways may find that they experience reduced pay, such as statutory sick pay. This may represent a significant loss of income. How much you can claim will be calculated based on your prior (and future projected) income.

Either in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist event, or during your recovery, you may have had to travel to medical appointments or other appointments connected to your injuries. Keep the receipts for these costs as they can very often be recovered as a part of your claim.

Finally, there may have been additional costs and expenses which you have incurred directly because of what has happened to you, and which we have not discussed above. If this is the case, make sure that you also keep receipts or invoices for these. Just because we have not highlighted them above, does not mean that you may not be able to claim for them. When you talk to a personal injury lawyer, they can review what expenses can be included as part of your claim.

How Much Compensation Are Victims Of Terrorism Entitled To Claim?

Without knowing the exact circumstances of the terrorist incident you were harmed in, how you were injured, and how these injuries have affected you, it is difficult for us to say how much compensation you could be owed. Whilst there may be many personal injury claims calculators available online, until your injuries have been assessed, these figures may not be accurate. In this calculator, we look at examples of how much people could claim for different injuries.

Injury Or Other Reason For ClaimingSettlement AwardsFurther Notes
Psychological injury - less severe£1,170 - £4,450Less severe forms of psychological injuries take your trauma into account, and factors such as effects of sleep, and the ability to cope with everyday life.
Psychological injury - moderate£4,450 - £14,500The victim may experience what is described as a marked effect. This might prevent a person from being able to carry on with their everyday life. There may be some degree of recovery over time.
Psychological injury - moderately severe£14,500 - £41,675Similar to those above, but the overall reduction in the person’s ability to carry on with their life will be greater.
Psychological injury - severe£41,675 - £88,000Someone with this level of injury will have a very low prognosis.
Mental (psychological injury) anguish£3,550The victim of terrorism may have had a very legitimate fear of dying due to the act of terror that they are caught up in.
Physical or mental pain and suffering£1,000 - £200,000How much compensation will be paid out to the claimant is calculated from the physical or mental effects experienced.
Anticipated loss of (future) earnings£10,000 - £400,000This is based upon how much you are anticipated or projected to earn.
Anticipated loss of benefits£5,000 - £500,000This is based upon how much you are anticipated or projected to be owed in benefits.

For a more accurate assessment, please contact our team today.

No Win No Fee Terrorist Attack Victim Compensation Claims

As a victim of terrorism, and someone who is seeking to make a terrorism or hijacking compensation claim, we believe that you should not have to reach into your pocket to start a personal injury claim. We also believe that anyone who has been the victim of terrorism should be able to take action to get the compensation that they are due, and to be able to do so with the best legal team they can find. This is why Legal Expert can assist victims of terrorism through no win, no fee agreements.

What does no win no fee mean for me? Put simply, it really does do what the description says. It means that in the event of losing your claim, you will have nothing to pay. By using a no win no fee solicitor, rather than one paid by the hour, you will know they are highly motivated to work on your case and secure you compensation. You can also take comfort in knowing that you have a higher chance of getting compensation, as this type of agreement is usually only offered in cases where they is a high chance of getting compensation.

To take advantage of our no win no fee service, please contact our team today on the number below.

Why Make A Terrorism Or Hijacking Victim Compensation Claim With Legal Expert?

No matter how you were affected by a terrorist attack, or terrorism, we could help you to claim compensation. We can help you to find Manchester attack support and can provide Manchester terror attack survivors with the help that they need to make successful compensation claims.

Our team are experienced in a variety of potentially difficult and even complex cases and can be on hand to help you navigate how to make a claim, and what personal injury claims time limits may apply to your case. To start your claim, please contact us today to get started.

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Additional Resources

Below we have again included the different external resources which we think are important sources of information for those making terror attacks compensation.

Terrorism – Crown Prosecution Service
Information about what terrorism is and what it is not, as well as how such incidences are dealt with by the CPS.

Support For Victims Of The Manchester Arena Bombing
This organisation help to provide Manchester terror attack support, including financial support, to those affected by the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims
In this guide, we look at how you can make a compensation claim for injuries or harm caused by someone else’s criminal actions.

Different Types Of Criminal Injury Claims
At this page you can find links to our different criminal injury claims guides, such as for acid attacks, assaults, manslaughter, and different forms of abuse.

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