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Murrayfield Stadium Personal Injury Claims Guide | How To Claim Compensation For An Accident At Murrayfield Stadium?

If you have sustained an injury at Murrayfield Stadium during a Rugby or American Football match or during a concert, you could be able to make a personal injury claim for any of the injuries which you have suffered if they were caused due to negligence. If the accident at a stadium you were injured in was not your fault, but due to a breach in the duty of care you was owed the team at Legal Expert could be able to tell you if you are eligible for damages. Whether you were injured as a spectator, or in a Murrayfield Stadium accident at work, our team could help you.

Murrayfield stadium personal injury claims processToo many potential claimants do not bring any form of action against those who were negligent or who were liable for the accident which they were injured in. Not making a claim could leave the responsible party not being held to account. In the case of someone being injured at a rugby stadium, we have provided examples of different ways in which this could happen and people maybe injured. Your injury could also have had a variety of different impacts on you and your life. Your rugby stadium accident could have caused you to take time off from work, lost income or had to face a variety of expenses. You could also find your home, family, or social life is also impacted.

To find out if you could claim compensation for an injury at  Murrayfield Stadium, contact our experts today.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For An Accident At Murrayfield Stadium

In this guide, we will look at examples of the different ways in which spectators at sports events or concerts could be injured. We will also look at;

  • What health and safety obligations a venue, such as a stadium has towards spectators.
  • What steps you could take if you are negligently injured at a stadium in order to best facilitate a personal injury claim.
  • How our No Win No Fee policy works.

No matter how serious or minor your injuries are if they were caused negligently due to a breach in the duty of care that was owed to you, you could be eligible to make a personal injury claim both for the injury itself and the financial impact that it has had upon you.

A key factor when making a personal injury claim is to be able to show that someone else was responsible and liable for the accident taking place which caused your injury. When claiming compensation it could also help your case if you have sought medical treatment. We would recommend that you always seek appropriate medical care after an accident, as well as ensuring your health, this can also begin to build your body of evidence.

What Is An Accident Or Injury At Murrayfield Stadium?

Whilst there are different types of accidents which could happen to spectators or staff at a large venue, such as a stadium or arena, for the purpose of this guide, we are looking at those cases where the operator of the stadium or a business owner within the stadium could be held liable for the accident happening due to a breach in health and safety or in the duty of care that should be owed to all people who have the right to be on the stadiums premises.

Our panel of expert solicitors have helped people to claim compensation for injuries sustained in accidents such as slips or falls, those caused by broken chairs, for food allergies, or injuries and illnesses due to poor health and safety.

Health And Safety For Stadium And Arenas

At any large scale event, there should be health and safety information provided across the venue as well as safety staff at key locations to provide people with assistance if required. At times, accidents could happen in ways which cannot be prevented, such as if spectators are moving up and down stairs in the stands whilst carrying lots of beverages and snacks and they trip and fall. However, if appropriate risk assessments have not been carried out or safety measures have not been correctly implemented accidents that could have other been prevented may occur.

There are various articles of legislation which have been put in place over several decades to confer an obligation to ensure the safety of all those who are at attendance in a stadium (spectators and staff).

The Occupiers Liability Acts of 1957 which was then updated in 1984 imposes on the organiser or operator of a venue (such as a rugby stadium) with a duty to keep anyone on the premises safe. The updates in 1984 also conferred some duty to ensure the safety of trespassers. Those working at such a venue are additionally protected under the Health and Safety Act of 1974.

Sports stadiums (and similar event venues) must also comply with other specific legislation. Among areas, this legislation looks at fire safety and the access of local authorities to provide safety certification. This is covered in legislation which you can find here (Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975) and here (Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987). Further pieces of legislation also confer that spectator accommodation should be kept in a good state of repair.

Accidents Which Could Happen At Sports Venues And Stadiums

Sports stadiums can be very large spaces with a variety of different environments which either spectators, players, and members of staff will move about, use and work in. In the following sections, we will look at examples of accidents in which you could suffer a Murrayfield Stadium injury.

I Slipped While At A Stadium, Can I Claim?

According to information reported to the RoSPA, this type of accident is one of the most perennial and prevalent forms of accident and ways in which people are injured. Around 40% of all accidents which are reported to the RoSPA each year are attributed to slips or falls and are the cause of half of all accidents in the workplace. You can see information on these statistics here. Causes of potential slips and falls in which people could be injured in include;

  • Damaged, broken or otherwise unsuitable flooring.
  • Wet floors.
  • Poor lighting
  • Obstructions on the floor.

There are of course other potential ways a trip, slip and fall could occur, so if your particular accident is not mentioned, don’t worry, call us and we could tell you if you are eligible for compensation.

Lack Of Maintenance And Disrepair

You could potentially have an accident either in the stadium or venue itself or outside in grounds such as a car park operated by the stadium if the said facility has not been correctly maintained and repaired. If stairways or a floor have been allowed to fall into disrepair you could trip over and be hurt. Similarly, damaged seats, cracked floors or even a broken handrail could all lead to you being injured. If you have had a Murrayfield Stadium injury caused by a lack of maintenance, see if you could claim compensation with our team.

Injuries Caused By A Broken Stadium Seat

Broken seats and chairs could lead to a variety of different forms of injuries. If you fell from the chair at an awkward angle you could suffer an injury. Landing or a hard floor or on a sharp surface (such as on terraces) could cause an injury. The chair could slip backward or it could collapse and cause you to fall backward, hitting your head. If the chair suddenly collapsed beneath you, you could suffer an injury to the lower back or the tailbone, such as a fracture to the lower back. There could be a number of reasons why a chair broke underneath you. It may have been old or it could have been word out or damaged and defected.

Spectator injury liability could lay with the operator or owner of the stadium. To find out who may be liable for any damages speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Violent Crime and Criminal Injury

It is a sad fact of life that assaults could happen even when you are enjoying a day out with friends or family. If you have been assaulted or attacked at a stadium during a match and are unsure if you are able to claim for criminal injuries we could help. One of our personal injury lawyers can work with you to establish who the claim should be brought against.

Allergic Reactions To Foods Or Drinks

As someone with an allergy, you need to be clearly informed of any ingredients which could cause an allergic reaction. If the vendor has failed to do so, when asked you could be served a portion of food which you are allergic to without your knowledge. There are specific rules for how allergens should be displayed or how you should be notified that foods or drinks may contain them. You can find information on these in this dedicated guide to allergic reaction claims.

I Suffered An Accident At Work In Murrayfield Stadium, What Am I Entitled To?

Murrayfield Stadium has one of the largest ever recorded attendances. What is the highest attendance at Murrayfield Stadium? This was a total of 104,000 people attending the Scotland Wales match at the 1974 Five Nations tournament. With crowds as potentially large as this, there is a small army of people working to maintain the stadium and attend to spectators. As with any employer or workplace there is a duty of care to ensure that members of staff are provided with all the right equipment and training necessary to carry out their job safely. Employees should also be provided with a safe working environment to carry out their job in. If these standards on health and safety have not been observed or met, or if your employer has been in breach of their duty of care, you could be able to make a Murrayfield accident at work claim if you suffered an injury as a direct consequence.

Spectator Injuries Caused By An On-Field Incident

As a spectator, you could also be injured due to events which happen on the pitch during a rugby match, or other sports event, or even a concert. A ball (or another piece of sports equipment) could be propelled into the audience and cause you an injury.

What Should I Do If Injured At A Rugby Stadium?

If you have been injured in a Murrayfield Stadium accident which was not your fault, there are steps which we recommend taking. First and foremost it is always a good idea to ensure that you have sought any medical treatment which you need. Getting treatment and ensuring your health should be your first concern. This also helps both you and your personal injury solicitor to get a better picture of the nature of your injuries and the extent to which they either could or will affect you. Following this, we recommend talking to a personal injury solicitor. Starting the claims process as early as you can ensures that you do not miss out when it comes to the injury claims time limit. In most cases, this time limit is three years from the date of the incident or the date of knowledge of the diagnosis.

When you contact our team and start to discuss your accident and case, we can start to build a picture of who could if anyone could have been responsible for your accident happening, and thus be the party from whom you claim compensation. We will look at whether your case should be brought against another spectator for criminal injuries, a third party vendor at the stadium, or the stadium itself.

When you contact us, it is helpful to have some information to hand;

  • Where and when did your accident took place?
  • Who you think caused the accident?
  • How you were injured?
  • Any evidence you have, such as photographs of the accident scene and of your injury.

From here our team can start to look at whether or not we could help you to make a claim and how much your personal injury claim award could be.

What Could My Claim For Damages Include?

If you pursue a personal injury claim and it is successful your compensation will be split into two main parts, special damages and general damages. In the section below we have included a personal injury claims calculator which looks at what you may be awarded for different types of injury (general damages).

Your claim might also be able to compensate you for the costs of things such as medical treatment, medication, travel expenses, costs of care in the home, the cost of adapting your home or your vehicle if necessary and the effect of any changes to your income or ability to earn money (special damages). To find out how much you could be eligible to claim, or to get the answers to questions such as ‘how are multiple injury claims calculated?’, contact our experts.

Personal Injury Calculator For Compensation Claims

In this personal injury claims calculator, we look at examples of what people could be able to claim in the case of different injuries. Please note that these figures are correct at the time of publication and are taken from the Judicial College guidelines. They are provided for illustrative purposes and the amount which you could be eligible to claim may be different based upon what injury you sustained and how serious that injury was.

Type Of InjuryCompensation Amounts Notes
Moderate Neck Injuries £2,150 - £3,810Soft tissue injuries that will fully recover in 3 to 12 months.
Fracture of Clavicle £4,520 - £10,730The award will be concentrated on the level of the fracture, disability, symptoms and if there will be any permanent effects.
An Uncomplicated Colles' Fracture.In the region of £6,510Distal forearm fracture in which the radius is bent.
Severe Fractures to Fingers Up to £32,210Fractures to multiple fingers. The amount will be concerned with whether there will be future amputations of the fingers, deformity and impairment of grip.
Moderate Knee Injury £13,010 - £22,960Dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus which results in minor instability, wasting, weakness or other mild future disability.
Moderate Achilles Tendon Injury £11,040 - £18,480Rupture or significant injury to the tendon. The amount awarded will be based on recovery, pain, functionality and any disability.
Moderate Psychological Injuries £5,130 - £16,720A person's ability to be able to function and cope with work, family and other parts of life. Possible future vulnerability. However improvement is expected and future prognosis is good.
Facial Scarring £7,990 - £26,380Significant scarring to the face reduced by plastic surgery leaving cosmetic disability.
Food Poisoning £800 - £3,460 Pain, cramps and diarrhoea continuing for some days or weeks.

No Win No Fee Sports Stadium Accident Claims

Typically, no win no fee agreements are an agreement which is made between claimants and their solicitor or lawyer. This agreement sets out the conditions under which services are provided to the claimant as well as conditions under which the solicitor or lawyer could expect to be paid by the claimant. Typically the agreement is that payment is conditional on the case being won and that the fee is a set percentage of the award. If you choose to make your rugby stadium  accident claim with our team there will not be any hidden costs or fees. We will make sure that you are fully aware of the conditions of the agreement before you sign up with us.

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