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Hungary Car Accident Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim For Car Accident In Hungary?

Have you been involved in a car accident in Hungary? If so, in this guide you can find out how to claim the compensation which you are entitled to for any injuries which you may have sustained as a result of this crash or accident.

Car accident claims Hungary

Car accident claims Hungary

In the past the process of making a claim for a traffic accident in another EU country could be complicated and a difficult process. However, in recent years this has been made much easier to do, via the introduction of the 3rd and 4th EU Motor Insurance Directives. These two directives make it easier for people to claim compensation, making the process as easy to do as if you were making your claim in the UK.

Thanks to this, and the establishment of EU information centers across the Union the process of making a claim has been made much faster and easier to complete. In some cases, this type of claim can be settled with the other driver’s insurance company within as little as a three month period.

Find out more about how our team of personal injury law experts can help you claim the compensation you are entitled to in the guide below. You can find out how to get in touch with us at the bottom of this page.

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A Guide To Claims For Car Accidents In Hungary

When travelling abroad for holidays, for work, or to visit your family, you may hire a rental car to get about the country easier. Whilst the prospect of being involved in a road traffic accident is probably far from your mind, car crashes do happen. In 2016 there were a total of 607 accidents on the road in Hungary. The level of road safety is below that of the European Union average and 64 people per million are killed on the road in Hungary each year. Statistics can be found here.

One of the first steps in making a compensation claim, is being able to show that someone else is responsible for your accident, either in whole or partially. When you contact our team, our advisor will discuss this and will also provide you with everything you need to know in order to claim compensation.

Driving In Hungary

If you are driving abroad in any EU country there are several things which you need to bring with you. In many countries having these items is a legal requirement.

  • You should have both your passport and your driving licence.
  • Proof of your vehicles ownership, or of your rental of it.
  • Insurance documentation.

Under Hungarian law, all drivers are required to carry several items in their vehicle. If you bring your own car you will need to bring them. Rental cars should already have them.

  • Warning triangles to place on the road in case of a breakdown or accident.
  • A reflective vest to wear in cases where there is low visibility or if it is dark.

Personal Injury Claims Time limit In Hungary

Nature of claimAplicable time limit(s)
Accidents causing injury or illness which happened on a package holiday booked via a UK based tour company.3 year limit may very
Accidents causing injury or illness which happened on a privately booked holiday.5 year limit (variable)
Accident causing injury or illness on a privately booked flight2 year limit may very
Damage to personal property / economic loss5 year limit may very
Special rules may apply which vary or alter time limits. Contact us to find out more.

How To Contact The Emergency Services In Hungary

If you do require assistance from the emergency services in Hungary, there are several numbers which you can call.

  • 112 – this is the general pan European number.
  • 104 – you can call this number for emergency medical services or an ambulance.
  • 105 – to contact the fire or rescue services.
  • 107 – to call for police assistance.

The general emergency number is the best to call if you need more than one service, such as both the police and ambulance services.

Healthcare And Medical Care For Tourists In Hungary

In the event that your accident results in injury warranting care from a hospital, such as critical care, you can call the emergency services on 112, requesting an ambulance. This number is free to call from either a landline or from a mobile phone. The emergency service operator will need a few simple pieces of information;

  • Who you are and what has happened to you.
  • What injuries you think you have sustained.
  • Where you are (your location).
  • Whether anyone else also needs an ambulance.

If you do require medical care whilst in Hungary, there are several ways in which you can pay for your medical care. If you are registered with the EHIC or European Health Insurance Card scheme, you can access the Hungarian healthcare service at the same rate as Hungarian residents. You may need to pay a small amount of the cost of treatment. You can also pay for healthcare using travel insurance, or from your own funds. Keep receipts for any payments which you make as they can often be claimed as part of your personal injury claim.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident In Hungary

Have you been involved in a car crash in Hungary? If so, there are steps which you should take in the immediate aftermath. These are to ensure the safety of yourself, and those around you. Doing these things will also help you when you need to make a claim with a personal injury lawyer.

  1. You should pull off the road at a secure and safe place. You should secure the car and leave it, moving to a safe location.
  2. You should call the emergency services on 112, asking for the relevant service, such as ambulance, police, or fire brigade. Stay on the call until you have provided the operator with all they need to know.
  3. Place the vehicles display triangles in front and behind the vehicle. This is to alert other drivers to your vehicle. If at night, you should also wear a reflective vest. These allow the emergency services to find you easier.

If another driver or vehicle is involved do not do anything which could be seen as an admission of guilt, such as offering an apology. We also recommend that you do not sign anything offered by the other driver at this point.

What Should You Do After Accidents Abroad?

Being injured in the UK can often be difficult enough to deal with. But, being injured in a road accident abroad can make it even more stressful and much harder to deal with. If you are hurt whilst abroad, there are several things which you could do. These simple steps can make the process of claiming compensation easier to deal with when you return to the UK.

  1. Your first step should be to visit a doctor or the hospital and get any care you need.
  2. You should report the accident to the police and any other relevant authorities or persons, such as to a rental car company if applicable, holiday companies, and to insurance providers.
  3. Take photos of details of the accident scene. These could later be used as evidence.
    Take down the name, driving and vehicle registration details, and contact information for the other driver.

How To Report A Car Accident In Hungary

If you are involved in a road traffic accident in Hungary, or any other country abroad, you must make sure that you follow that country’s law regarding the reporting of road traffic accident. As such, you need to report a car accident in Hungary in accordance with their laws.

If your road traffic accident involves a Hungarian driver and vehicle, you need to report the accident both to the police, and to the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies. When you report the accident to the police they will issue you with a statement. This can be used as part of your compensation claim. You may also need to show this statement when you leave Hungary.

The report to the police should include:

  • The location and time of the accident.
  • Details of both vehicles registration numbers.
  • Details of both drivers, such as their driving licence information.
  • The details of witnesses to the accident.
  • Any injuries suffered by any of the persons in the vehicles.

You can find additional information on reporting car accidents, and car insurance regulations in Hungary in the ‘Your European Union article‘.

Foreign Car Accident Whiplash Injury Claims

If your Hungarian car accident led to your suffering whiplash, you can claim compensation. Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries which you could suffer in an vehicle accident, whether in the UK or elsewhere. If you were not responsible for the accident, you could be able to claim compensation for the injuries suffered.

There are several ways in which the symptoms of whiplash can present. For many sufferers, the most common of these are;

  • Pain in the neck.
  • Upper back pain.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Difficulty being able to sleep.

There are several other symptoms which you could suffer as a result of a whiplash like injury. To find out more, please read our guide to the symptoms of whiplash and how to claim compensation for them.

What Can I Claim For If Injured In A Road Accident Abroad?

Whether you were injured in a road traffic accident in Hungary, or harmed in a different form of accident, there are similar things which you can claim compensation for. There is a common idea that your claim can only include compensation for the actual harm you suffered, such as your injury. There are, in fact, many other things which you can claim compensation for.

We will quickly look at just five of these.

  1. Medical expenses: you can reclaim any medical costs which you have had to pay out for as part of your treatment. This could have been the cost of medical car in Hungary, or it could be for prescription medicine when back in the UK.
  2. Loss of income and earnings: any income, earnings, or workplace benefits which you have lost due to the accident you were involved in could be reclaimed.
  3. Additional expenses: other costs, such as travelling to medical checkups, or having to purchase specialist equipment can be claimed for.
  4. Home adaptations: changes to your home or property can be claimed for.
  5. Specialist equipment: you may need specialist equipment for your home, or car. These costs can be claimed for.

Your final settlement might be made up from all of these and other, different forms, of compensation including that for your specific injury.

Hungarian Car Accident Compensation Calculator

We all want to find a quick and easy answer to questions such as how much compensation you may be owed for your injuries themselves. And online you can easily find a personal injury claims calculator which purports to tell you just what you should get. We don’t make promises as to how much your claim could be settled for at such as early stage.

We need to fully assess your injuries, view medical reports, and talk to you to discuss how the injury has affected your life before we can start to look at how much your final settlement may be. Below we have included a basis personal injury claims calculator. This contains examples of injuries people might sustain in a vehicle accident, and the recommended higher or lower compensation limits. Your settlement may vary from these and they are simply to illustrate what people could claim.

Injury & severityNotesRecommended settlements
Back injury - minorMinor back injury. Including, but not limited, to serious bruises, sprains and muscle strains, connective tissue damage. Full recovery is expected.Compensation up to £10,970
Back injury - moderateMinor back injury. Including, but not limited, connective tissue damage (such as of the ligaments or of the tendons) and muscle injuries. Recovery may be somewhat painful£10,970 to £34,000
Neck injury - minorMinor neck injury. Similar to or including whiplash. Injury may be serious bruises, sprains and muscle strains, connective tissue damage. Full recovery is expected.Compensation up to £2,150
Neck injury - moderateThe longer symptoms are predicted to persist, the higher a compensation settlement may be.£6,920 to £33,750
Neck injury - severeMore serious that the previous categories. There will be effects over the long-term and any recovery may only be partial.from £39,870 to £130,060
Thigh injury - moderateModerate thigh injury. Could include (but is not limited to) less serious or impactful levels of harm. Recovery should be good/ full.£22,130 to £31,25
Thigh injury - seriousMore serious that the previous categories. There will be effects over the long-term.£31,250 to £43,710
Thigh injury - very seriousHighest level of severity. Results could be permanent loss of function and usability in the limb.£43,710 to £67,41
Shoulder injury- moderateA full recovery is expected to be made in the short to the medium term.Compensation up to £1,950
Shoulder injury - seriousMore serious that the previous categories. There will be effects over the long-term. Can include dislocation injuries.£10,180 to £15,300

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For A Car Accident In Hungary

Once you have had your injuries treated and returned to the UK, your thoughts may turn to making a compensation claim for your car accident in Hungary. Naturally, people can worry about how much it will cost the to do so. If you are worried about how much it might cost to make a personal injury claim, we are here to ease your mind.

Almost all of the claims we handle, whether for a car accident abroad or whiplash suffered in the UK are conducted on a no win no fee basis. This is the more common name for a Conditional Fee Agreement. What this means is that the personal injury solicitors fee is conditional upon them winning you a settlement. Their fee will be paid at the end of the claims process and is commonly deducted from the settlement, meaning you never have to worry about paying for their services. We believe that you should be able to make a personal injury claim in full confidence that there is no risk to you in doing so.

If you do use Legal Expert, your personal injury solicitor will make sure you fully understand what you will be charged and when before you make your claim.

How Our Team Can Help You After A Car Accident Abroad

The clients that we help in claiming compensation for a car accident in Budapest, or else where in Hungary are able to benefit from the expertise and experience of our personal injury solicitors. You can also benefit from additional services such as medical assessments which can often be carried out close to you.

Our team have helped people to pursue claims for accidents which have happened both in Great Britain, and when abroad. No matter how unusual or unique the circumstances of your car accident were, we may still be able to handle your holiday accident compensation claim. You can rely on our expert legal advice whilst we handle your claim.

We always strive to secure the best results (and the best settlements we can) for our clients. Contact using the details below to begin your claim.

Ten Largest Cities In Hungary

  1. Budapest
  2. Debrecen
  3. Szeged
  4. Miskolc
  5. Pécs
  6. Győr
  7. Nyíregyháza
  8. Kecskemét
  9. Székesfehérvár
  10. Szombathely

If you have been injured in one of these Hungarian cities, or in any other location, contact our specialist team today.

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Help For British Tourists And Further Guides

If you have been injured or been involved in a road traffic accident in Hungary you can request consular services and assistance from the local British Embassy in Budapest. Contact details for the embassy are;

British Embassy Budapest
Füge utca 5-7
Tel: +36 (1) 266 2888
Opening times: Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm | Friday 10 am to 2 pm

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