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How to prove a injury from car accident?

car accident claims

car accident claims

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a road traffic accident which was not your fault then assuming you claim within the personal injury claims time limit, you should be entitled to compensation. However it is not always easy to establish blame or prove your injuries. This helpful guide will give you further information on how to prove an injury from a car accident and find ways of showing that another individual is liable. We strongly recommend that you seek legal representation to help you do this as it can be very tricky to prove and a personal injury solicitor will help you to achieve the maximum possible compensation.

If this sounds familiar to you and you think you may be eligible to make a claim then please read on to find out more and then speak to a member of our highly experienced team at Legal Expert. They will be able to advise you further and put you in touch with a solicitor who can help you begin your claim. Call us today on 0800 073 8804.

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A Guide To How To Prove An Injury From A Car Accident

Following a car accident, you may feel very upset and shaken as well as suffering from injuries ranging from mild right through to life-altering. Although compensation may not be at the forefront of your mind you may find as you begin to recover that you do in fact deserve to be compensated for the injuries and suffering you have experienced as a result of the accident.

You may have been subject to not only pain and suffering but also out of pocket expenses. If you are seriously hurt you may have been unable to work and may be unable to go back to work in the future. If this is the case then you may require a compensation payment in order to cover the costs that you are struggling to meet otherwise.

If the road accident was not your fault and somebody else can be proved to be liable then you are entitled to claim compensation. The difficulty you may face is how to prove an injury from a car accident and showing that the person who caused the accident is in fact liable. It is a tricky legal process which is why we strongly recommend that you seek legal representation from a personal injury lawyer. Legal Expert have many years of experience in this field and would be happy to help connect you with such a lawyer. Read on to find out how to prove injuries in a road traffic accident. If you decide to make a claim then please call Legal Expert today to find out how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Is Liability In A Road Traffic Accident?

All users of the road have a duty of care to look after the safety of others. In order to prove liability you need to find a way of establishing that another road user has breached their duty of care and displayed road traffic accident negligence. An example of this includes failing to follow the rules of the Highway Code. This can involve driving over the speed limit or failing to observe another vehicle’s priority at a road junction. It can also be helpful to show that another road user has previously been convicted of careless driving in the criminal courts.

What Evidence Do You Need To prove an injury after a car accident

Proving an injury after a car accident is not always straightforward. We therefore recommend that you contact a personal injury lawyer at your earliest convenience.

The most useful piece of evidence is usually the accident report filed by the police. Following a road traffic accident the police will usually be in attendance if somebody has been injured. The police report will describe the scene of the accident including important details such as the measurements of skid marks and will detail any vehicle damage. The police will also take statements from any individuals involved in the accident, including witness statements from anybody who saw it happen. Your personal injury solicitor will be able to access this police report for a small fee. You will find that having access to this information could be crucial to your case and so the fee is definitely worth paying.

Can You Use The Highway Code To Prove Liability In An Accident?

The Highway Code may be very useful to you if you are trying to work out how to prove an injury from a car accident. Whichever party can be shown to have broken the Highway Code will usually be identified as the party at fault. In the eyes of the law, they will be responsible for the road traffic accident. There is now a revised version of the Highway Code and so the rules are even more detailed. A simple example of this involves stopping distances. The highway code details safe stopping distances which drivers should adhere to. If the person driving behind a vehicle was not adhering to the safe stopping distance which resulted in a collision, then that driver has failed to follow the rules of the Highway Code, and has therefore acted negligently.

What Is The Process Of Making A Compensation Claim?

When you decide to make a compensation claim your personal injury lawyer will seek to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. However, if the lawyers fail to reach an agreement on your settlement then you may face court proceedings. This means that a judge will assess the information in front of them and decide how much compensation you are eligible to receive and will decide who was at fault.

It is possible to continue negotiating right up until the date of the court proceedings so your case will not necessarily and up in court if the first round of negotiations fail. It may take a long time to get a court date and may even take up to one year. You will be required to gather together as much evidence as you possibly can including photographic evidence, insurance documents and witness reports.

Lawyers use an assessment called the Quantum of Damages to work out how much compensation you may be entitled to. If you have suffered losses or an injury then you must be able to prove pain and suffering after a car accident was directly caused by the accident.

If the accident has aggravated a medical condition which was pre-existing then the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive may be reduced. An example of this is an individual who suffers pain following a whiplash neck injury, but already had a medical condition involving back pain.

If a court decides that the injured party had some responsibility for causing the accident then again, the amount of compensation payable maybe less. If for example and individual was injured following a road traffic accident that was caused by another party, but whose injuries were more severe because they were not wearing a seat belt then the court may consider that the severity of the injury was made worse by the claimant themselves.

Further Evidence Which Can Your Prove Injuries Were Caused By A Car Accident

Unfortunately there are people who will seek to find out how to make a false car accident claim, what to do to try and prove an injury and will go to any lengths to find out how to prove a personal injury claim. In order to set yourself apart from the people who wish to make a fake injury claim for a car accident, you need to come up with some solid evidence to show that your claim is legitimate.

To have the best chance of succeeding in your compensation claim you need to be able to provide good quality evidence. In order to enable the court to recognise a legitimate claim as opposed to fake injury claims it is beneficial to provide police reports which state exactly what happened as the police officer viewed it at the scene of the accident.

If you are able to it is also helpful to gather information about the other driver involved, including their name, address and vehicle details. If there were any witnesses to the accident then gather their names and contact details to. If you have access to a camera, perhaps on your phone, then take photographs of the scene and ask any witnesses who may also have taken photographs to share them with you. Whilst you are at the scene of the accident you will obviously be feeling very shaken up and possibly be injured but if at all possible it will strengthen your case if you can pay attention to any damage that has occurred to any vehicles involved, any skid marks and any obvious traffic signals at the scene. Try to write down the details you remember while they’re still fresh in your mind.

If you need to get your car mended following the accident then keep records of the repairs as the way in which your car was damaged may provide evidence to support your statements.

Likewise, if you yourself have suffered an injury we strongly recommend that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Ensure that all the details of your injuries have been recorded as this too will help to provide evidence of the way in which the accident occurred. For example, whiplash usually occurs when there has been a collision and the impact has damaged your neck. Having a medical examination and being able to evidence your injuries from a professional perspective helps you to prove that you are not lying about injuries in a car accident.

What Information Do You Need To Prove Injuries Such As Whiplash?

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident and are wondering how to prove whiplash then the more information you can gather together, the better your case will be. The number one most essential thing you can do to prove whiplash is to get a medical examination as soon as possible after the accident has happened. The professional opinion of a doctor will be taken seriously as evidence of your claim. It is also helpful to have a clear record of the date and time that the accident happened, the location of the accident and a detailed account of how the accident occurred. Ensure that you have details of any witnesses as well. The medical report from your doctor should detail any injuries, any treatment given and any diagnosis, such as whiplash, that you can use to make your compensation claim. Be sure to tell the doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms such as neck or back pain, stiffness in your neck or spine, swelling, headaches, numbness, dizziness or blurred vision. These can all indicate spinal injuries of some sort.

What Do Personal Injury Claims Include?

Within the remit of your personal injury claim you can request damages for all or some of the following:

  • General damages. This includes compensation for any pain and suffering you have experienced. If you have been injured as the result of a car accident you may experience problems such as whiplash or other neck or back issues, leg injuries or head injuries. You may also have suffered emotional trauma and can therefore claim psychological injury.
  • Medical expenses. If you had to seek medical treatment following the accident which left you out of pocket then you can claim this back within your personal injury claims. This can include physiotherapy or rehabilitation following the accident in order to get yourself back to full health. Ensure that you keep all receipts and documentation to enable you to claim back the maximum amount.
  • Travel costs. You may have paid travel costs, for example, travel by taxi to hospital appointments, which have left you out of pocket. As long as you keep the receipts for this travel which was directly related to your accident then you should be able to make a claim to get it back.
  • Care costs. If you were so unwell that you were unable to carry out basic household tasks and have required somebody to come and help you out at home then you can claim care costs to compensate for your carer’s time and expenses.
  • Loss of earnings. Whilst you recover from your injuries you may have been unable to work. If this is the case then you can claim for the loss of earnings you would otherwise have been paid if you were able to attend your place of employment. If your injuries are so severe that you are unlikely to be able to return to work or progress in your chosen field of work then you may also be within your rights to claim for future loss of earnings based on what you made otherwise have expected to earn.
  • Childcare costs. If the injuries which are directly related to your road traffic accident mean that you are unable to take care of your children, and as such have been required to pay childcare costs then you may be able to put forth to claim this back within your damages.

Examples Of Compensation For Injuries Caused By A Car Crash

You may be curious about how much compensation you may be able to launch an accident claim following an injury caused by a car accident that was not down to your fault. Using a personal injury claims calculator can give you a rough idea of what you may be able to expect. This compensation table will also give you an idea about the kind of compensation claims that could be made following a road traffic accident and how much you may expect to receive. However, these are all estimates and based on cases which may be slightly different to yours. Each case will be decided on its individual details. The best way to find out exactly how much you can expect to receive is to talk to a personal injury solicitor who can tell you more.

Type of InjuryDetailsCompensation
Minor neck injuriesIncluding minor sprainsUp to £2150
Moderate neck injuriesPainful injuries which will not heal quickly£6920 to £33,750
Severe neck injuriesLong-term injuries with a permanent impact£39870 to £1300,60
Minor back injuriesIncluding sprains and bruisingUp to £10,970
Moderate back injuryDamage to the muscles and ligaments in the back£10,970 to £34,000
Severe back injuriesPermanent damage including a broken back£34000 to 141 £150
Minor brain or head injury£1940 to £11,200
Moderate shoulder injuryCausing limitation of movement and pain£6920 to £11,200
Serious shoulder injuryIncluding dislocation and damage to the brachial plexus£11,200 to £16,830
Severe shoulder injuryCausing severe disability£16,830 to £42,110

No Win No Fee Car Accident And Injury Claims

No win no fee claims mean that you do not need to provide any payment upfront. All of Legal Expert’s personal injury claims are made on this kind of agreement which is likely to be of great assistance to you at this time. This means that at a time when you are experiencing extreme stress and trauma you do not need to worry about how you are going to finance your claim. In this type of transaction, you are not required to pay anything if your compensation claim is not successful. If however, you do receive a compensation payout, a solicitor fee will be taken from that final payout. This means that at no point will you suffer any out of pocket financial burden. Because Legal Expert’s panel of solicitors only receive our fee if your case is successful, you can feel confident that they will only take on cases that they believe they can win.

Why Make Your Claim With Us?

Legal Expert are highly successful and experienced personal injury specialists. We have successfully helped clients who have won hundreds of compensation claims over the years. However, this is not where our expertise ends. We are also a kind and understanding organisation that cares about the emotional state of our clients as well. Our team are available to answer queries and offer a sympathetic ear at a time when you are experiencing stress and are potentially still in a lot of pain. Our aim is to make the claims process as simple and straightforward for you as we can. We take the burden as much as possible. Speak to one of our specialists today, tomorrow or whenever you’re ready to find out more about the claims process and ways in which we can assist you.

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