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Palma de Mallorca Airport Accident Claims Guide

Have you been injured in an accident in Palma de Mallorca Airport? If so, this guide will equip you with everything you need to know in order to make a successful personal injury claim. We will show you how to claim compensation if you have been injured at an airport, or if anyone you are travelling with, such as a child was injured at an airport.

Palma de Mallorca airport

Palma de Mallorca airport

Airport accident claims can be made by passengers, visitors to the airport, members of staff and other contractors. With a lot of people moving about, busy and crowded spaces and pressures of ground crews as well as other staff, accidents at airports can be all too common both in the UK and in other countries such as Spain. Therefore it is very important that airports (and both the business therein as well as companies using the airport facilities) follow any relevant health and safety procedures.

Because airports can be stressful environments for passengers and employees, accidents can lead to more serious consequences for those involved, such as missing a flight and the cancellation of a holiday, having to stay abroad much longer whilst recovering, or having to take time off work because of a workplace accident.

Our team can help you to make a Palma de Mallorca Airport personal injury claim whether you were at the airport as a passenger or other type of visitor. At this time, we can not help with accident at work claims in Spain. To find out more, please read the rest of our guide.

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What Is A Palma de Mallorca Airport Accident?

In order to know whether you can make an airport accident claim, we first need to look at under what circumstances an accident at Palma de Mallorca Airport could happen. Some of the most common airport accidents which can lead to people being hurt are those caused by people not following proper health and safety processes, not properly cleaning areas, or the airport not being properly maintained.

Among these common reasons for which people claim compensation for an illness or personal injury at the airport is:

  • Suffering from food poisoning after eating in a restaurant or cafe at the airport, or when having bought food at the airport.
  • Having been hit or struck by a heavy object which fell on you. This could have happened in a shop or in other parts of the airport, such as luggage falling off a baggage trolley or baggage belt.
  • Airport slip and fall accident claims, such as where you have a wet floor and slipped over on it.
  • Airport shuttle bus (or another ground vehicle) accidents.

Aside from these, there are many other circumstances which can be considered to be an airport accident. If you have been injured whilst flying to or from Palma de Mallorca airport, please contact our team to start a claim.

Palma de Mallorca Airport Accident Statistics

As with most airports in Europe and European aviation in general, Mallorca Airport has a very good overall safety record. Between 1957 and early 2019 the airport has only recorded a total of eight major incidents or accidents at the airport. Of these only three resulted in fatal injuries and a total of eight fatalities suffered at the airport. The last fatal accident at the airport took place back in 2002 where two pilots were killed in a cargo flight accident.

Accidents Which Can Happen At An Airport

As we said there are lots of different ways that someone can be injured or otherwise hurt in an airport. With luggage strewn about the airport or being transported by members of staff in baggage carts through terminals and on baggage belts or carousels at baggage collection and check in, there are a lot of opportunities for people to be hurt by luggage falling onto them.

Similarly, there are numerous ways in which the floor or other methods of getting around the airport such as lifts, escalators and travelators can be damaged. If these are not repaired people can trip up and be hurt.

As with most large international airports, Palma de Mallorca Airport has several terminal buildings and is spread over a large area. This means that a passenger may have to use airport shuttle buses or other forms of ground transport to get about the airport between terminals and even from a gate to an aircraft.

Finally, you could suffer from food poisoning after having eaten or drunk food purchased at the airport.

If you were harmed in any of these or other circumstances, please contact us today.

Fall/Trip & Slip Mallorca Airport Accident Claims

As with any location, there are lots of different ways in which you can have an injury at an airport caused by a slip, trip, or a fall. This type of accident can happen because of a wet or damaged floor. If there has been a spillage or the floor has not properly been cleaned you could slip over. Similarly, if there is debris from damage to the floor or the surrounding area, you could could trip up and sustain an injury. These types of accidents are more common in areas where there is very high footfall, such as the main terminal.

To make an airport slip & fall accident claim contact our expert team today.

Ground Vehicle Accidents And Airport Shuttle Crashes

An airport such as Palma de Mallorca Airport is quite large and spread out over a large area as well as multiple buildings, meaning you may need to use various methods of transport to get around. As you are travelling around the wider airport area, such as from an airport hotel to the terminal, between terminals, from a terminal to the aircraft and elsewhere you could be involved in a vehicle accident.

Accidents which involve airport vehicles can happen when members of staff operating or maintaining the vehicle (such as a bus or passenger cart) has not been properly trained. This lack of training could lead to passengers or other members of the public being harmed. If you have been involved in an accident in a ground vehicle, such as shuttle bus, at Mallorca airport, contact our team today.

Palma Airport Baggage Belt Accidents

Perhaps the last place that you think you may be involved in an accident abroad is when you are dropping your luggage off at the check-in desk and baggage drop or when collecting your luggage from the baggage carousel. Accidents and injuries at these locations are often caused by luggage which has carelessly been placed on the carousel falling off on to a passenger, or people becoming caught up in the baggage belt itself. If this type of accident or injury has happened to you and you were not responsible for the accident, we could help you to make a personal injury claim.

Other Suitcase And Luggage Accidents

The luggage drop or baggage collection areas are not the only places where you could have an accident in Palma de Mallorca Airport which was caused by suitcases or other items of luggage. If staff are busy or not paying close attention, suitcases can often be left in areas where they cause a trip hazard, and where you could easily trip over them.

Injuries Caused By Stair & Lift Or Escalator & Travelator Accidents

Accidents don’t just happen whilst you are travelling to or between terminals at a large airport such as Mallorca’s main airport. They can also happen whilst you are navigating your way around the airport using stairs, lifts, escalators, or travelators. If these methods of travel or facilities are not correctly maintained people could quite easily be injured. A broken staircase or handrail could cause someone to slip or fall down the stairs. Escalators and travelators can also cause injuries if they are not maintained, such as peoples clothing being pulled into the mechanisms.

If you are injured whilst moving about the airport through any of these methods you could claim compensation. Contact us today to find out more about using an airport accident personal injury solicitor.

Palma de Mallorca Airport Restaurants, Shops And Passenger Facilities

As with any major airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport has numerous shops, restaurants and cafes for passengers both landside and airside (before and after security checks). We have included a list of current such passenger facilities at the airport.

Shopping at Mallorca Airport

  • Chocolate Bank
  • GourMed
  • La Ensaimada
  • Sibarium
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Clubs To Hire
  • Mallorca Duty-Free
  • Tous
  • Swarovski
  • A Box Of
  • Adolfo Dominguez
  • Camper
  • Collection
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Love Me
  • Mango
  • Natura
  • Parfois
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Superskunk Fashion
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • LOL Kids Children’s World
  • Crystal Media Shop
  • Thinking Mallorca
  • Press and Convenience
  • The Market
  • Relay

Cafe And Takeaway

  • Espression Lavazza
  • Costa Coffee
  • Cafe Cafe
  • Deli&Cia
  • Farggi
  • Forn d’ es Pont
  • Ready to Eat
  • Son sant Joan Cafe
  • Starbucks
  • Restaurants
  • Es Rebost
  • Son Sant Joan restaurante
  • Flavours of the world
  • Ribs

Palma Airport Food Poisoning, Illness And Food Allergy Claims

There are lots of Mallorca airport food and drink retailers as well as cafes, restaurants and bars, as we have seen above. Whether you are visiting such an establishment on either the landside or the airside, if you suffer Palma Airport food poisoning or experience the effects of a food allergy because of an item of food or drink which you have purchased at the airport, our airport injury lawyers could help you to make an airport food poisoning compensation claim. You can find out more about food allergy compensation claims and how we can help you in this guide.

How To Begin A Mallorca Airport Accident Claim

In order for you to make a successful Palma de Mallorca airport compensation claim for an accident, injury, or illness, there are several steps which you need to take. No matter what has happened to you the first thing you do should always be to get medical attention. The airport should have a medical team or doctors who can treat you on site for some injuries. Others may require a visit to a hospital in Spain. Ask the doctor who treats you for a copy of your medical report. This can be used as evidence in your claim. When you get back to the UK it is also worth following up with a doctor here to reassess your injuries or illness.

You also need to report your accident to the airport, and any other relevant party. If you have an accident in an airport shop or cafe, you should report your accident to them too.

Whilst it is not always possible, you should try and take a photo of your airport injury and the cause of it.

Did anyone else see your injury at the airport happen? If so, ask them for their details and if they could provide a witness statement to use in your personal injury claim.

All of these forms of evidence and steps that you can take will help your airport injury lawyer to successfully make a Palma de Mallorca Airport personal injury claim with you, and for as much as much compensation as you could claim for.

Damages Airport Accident Claims Can Include

When you are claiming compensation for an airport injury or illness, there are different components which your claim can be made up of. The bulk of your Palma de Mallorca Airport compensation claim settlement will probably be made for the actual injury or illness (i.e. the harm caused to you) which you suffered. We will look at that in the next section.

The other part of your settlement will compensate you for the wider financial impact of your illness or injury. If you had to pay for medical treatment, a different flight, other travel costs, lost income due to any time of work, or were otherwise financially impacted by what happened to you, you could be able to claim compensation. This is the same for Palma Airport shop accidents, Mallorca airport hotel accidents, Mallorca airport bus accidents, or any other way you could be harmed at the airport.

Palma de Mallorca Airport Accident Personal Injury Claims Calculator

In the personal injury claims calculator below we have included examples of how much you can claim for injuries to different parts of the body.

Severity Injury or other reason for compensation Award band Details
Moderate ~ severe Toe injury Up to £49,180 Effects which range from soft tissue injuries, including a laceration, cut or bruise all the way up to nervous system injury, fractures, & amputations.
Minor ~ severe Ankle injury Up to £61,110 Symptoms of effects might range at the top from loss of function and paralysis down to minor soft tissue injuries.
Minor ~ very severe Foot injury Up to £96,150 The effects may vary from injuries to your soft tissues, up to nervous system injuries or fractures.
Minor ~ severe Leg injury Up to £119,210 Severe forms of injury could affect the nervous system, include bone fractures, though not requiring an amputation.
Minor ~ serious Hand injury Up to £54,280 At the lower end injuries will include cuts and scrapes. At the higher end they might include nerve damage injuries and serious breaks.
Minor ~ severe Wrist injury Up to £52,490 Across the spectrum damage to the wrist would include fractures and compound fractures, nerve injuries and soft tissue injuries.
Moderate ~ severe Arm injury Up to £114,810 Might include injuries such as a broken or fractured arm and soft tissue damage.
Minor ~ severe Back injury Up to £141,150 Vary from cuts and scrapes to a burn injury, damage to the nerves and breaks.
Minor ~ severe Neck injury Up to £130,060 Neck injuries. These might include whiplash with minor to severe symptoms.
Earnings Loss of income £10,000 – £400,000 Based on your current and future earnings.
Benefits Loss of income £5,000 – £500,000 Based on your current and future benefits earned. .
N/A Mental anguish Up to £3,550 Settlement is for the fear of the end of life/ death. .
N/A Funeral costs £3,000 – £10,000 Award can be higher than the maximum.

Whilst the information in this personal injury claims calculator is accurate, how much you will receive depends upon how serious your injury was. Each claim and settlement is very often unique and it is not possible to say how much you can be awarded till we have assesses your case.

No Win No Fee Mallorca Airport Accident Claims

If someone else was responsible for your accident we believe that you should not be prevented from being able to claim compensation because of worries about the cost of doing so. This is why we can offer the majority of the people we help in circumstances such as an accident in Palma de Mallorca Airport a no win no fee agreement. No win no fee means that you do not have anything to pay until your case has been won. In these circumstances, the solicitor or personal injury lawyers fee can be taken from your compensation settlement. If you do not win your claim, there is nothing to pay.

How To Claim Damages With Our Airport Accident Solicitors

Whether you suffered a personal injury at the airport, or your child was injured at the airport, you could claim compensation for the resulting injuries. The best way to make a Palma de Mallorca Airport accident claim is to get in contact with our expert team. To do so, contact using the chanels below.

How To Contact Legal Expert

To find out more about making a Palma de Mallorca Airport accident you can contact our personal injury solicitors specialising in aviation and airport accidents. Our panel of solicitors are experienced in helping people to secure the compensation that they are entitled to when injured in an accident which was not their fault.

To see if we can offer you a no win no fee agreement, contact our team today. You can speak to us by calling 0800 073 8804
, or you can send us information about what happened to you in an email to There is no obligation to make a claim with us if you contact us and your

Helpful Guides And Resources

Having an accident in Palma de Mallorca Airport can be a very worrying thing to happen to you. Whilst any accident can be distressing, an accident abroad can be even more so. In the following guides, we provide you with more information about how to make a compensation claim for an accident which has happened in Spain.

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Spanish Package Holiday Injury Claims
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