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Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport Accident Claims Guide

Having an accident abroad whilst at the airport can be a distressing thing to happen and it is not the way in which most of us will have envisioned our holidays starting or ending when spending time and money planning them. In this guide we are focusing on claiming compensation for an accident in Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport, however, the general advice contained herein is relevant for accidents or injuries at any other airport in Spain.

Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas airport

Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas airport

Whilst you should expect the same high level of service at Barcelona-El Prat Airport as you do from airports in the UK, accidents can happen to anyone on their premises, especially if staff have not observed the correct health and safety processes.

An airport can be a very busy space. At peak times there will be a very large number of people moving about the public spaces, such as shops and lounges both landside and airside. Whether you were landing or taking off from Barcelona or were visiting the airport as a transfer, you could have suffered an airport injury. If so, our experienced team of personal injury solicitors and specialist airport accident solicitors are here to help you. Whilst your mind might not have been on such circumstances happening before you took your holiday, rest assured that if your accident was caused by someone else, you could be able to make a personal injury claim against that party.

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A Guide On How To Claim For An Accident In Barcelona-El Prat Airport

When you are planning your holiday you are probably excited about where you are going, where you will be staying and what you will be doing. Your journey will often start and end with a visit to an airport. However, you do not expect these visits to put an untimely stop to your holiday. As an airport can be a very busy place there is always a reasonable chance that something could go wrong and you could suffer an airport injury.

You could have an accident in Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport whilst you are walking through the terminal, when you are going through security, when shopping or dining at the airport, when you are boarding or getting off your aircraft or during airport transfers – such as being involved in an airport shuttle crash on a Barcelona Airport bus.

In this guide, you can find out how to make a successful personal injury claim for any of these circumstances.

What Is A Barcelona-El Prat Airport Accident?

One of the first things we need to do when looking at any type of accident is to better define what circumstances may be involved in it, ie. what a Barcelona airport accident actually is. To put it simply, an accident in Barcelona-El Prat Airport describes any circumstances or situation in which you were injured, suffered food poisoning (or experienced an allergic reaction to an item of food purchased at the airport) where someone else was responsible for what happened to you. There are many numerous circumstances in which this could happen to you and in this guide we will explore just some of them. If you find that the circumstances of your incident at Barcelona Airport are not described below, don’t worry. Our team can still help you to claim compensation.

Examples of these accidents could include;

  • Slips, trips or falls on airport property.
  • Vehicle accidents.
  • Crush injuries.
  • Accidents when boarding an aircraft.
  • Food poisoning and allergic reactions to foods.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport Aviation Safety

Aviation, aircraft, airlines and airports across the EU are some of the safest in the world and operate to very stringent safety standards. We can see that in common with other Spanish and European airports, Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport has an excellent safety record. You can find more details about the specific safety record of this airport in the global aviation safety database here. You can also find statistics about safety in Spanish airports produced by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) here.

Looking specifically at Barcelona’s Airport safety record we can see that over its operating period from 1940 up to 2011 there were a total of 13 safety incidents or occurrences at this airport. The last time there was a fatal accident at Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport was an accident where two people were killed in an accident in 1998.

What Accidents Can Happen At Barcelona Airport?

There are lots of different accidents which can happen to passengers and visitors at Barcelona-El Prat Airport. With a lot of people moving about the walkways, lounges, shops, corridors, restaurants and external areas (airside or landside). To prevent accidents from happening, the airport needs to ensure that regular maintenance and health and safety checks are carried out. Examples of common accidents and incidents which can happen at any airport include;

  • Food poisoning or an allergic reaction to foodstuffs.
  • Injuries caused by a heavy object falling off a shelf in a Barcelona Airport shop, or a heavy item of luggage falling onto you.
  • Slips and falls caused either by hazards placed on the floor, broken flooring, damage to stairs, escalators and travelators, or spillages.
  • Injuries caused by an airport shuttle bus crash or accident.

Risks Of Falls/ Slips & Trips At The Airport

Slips, trips, and falls can be caused by a variety of different hazards which appear across the airport. They could be caused by damage to staircases or escalators, a mismatch in the height of the entranceway to an aircraft, broken or damaged paving outside the airport, or broken flooring inside the airport terminal. They can also be caused by spillages which are not cleaned up or which are not clearly signposted to warn people. If you have been injured in any of these or other circumstances, contact us today.

Airport Shuttle Bus And Airport Vehicle Crashes

Airports such as Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport are very often spread across multiple terminals, buildings and external areas. To get around the airport, or from a Barcelona Airport hotel to the airport terminal itself, you may need to use transport such as an airport shuttle bus. If the members of staff operating or maintaining these vehicles are not given the correct training accidents can happen leading to passenger injuries. If you were injured on a Barcelona Airport shuttle bus accident, you could also make a compensation claim. Please note you need to do so within the personal injury claims time limit applicable to Spain.

Accidents At The Baggage Belt Or Carousel

When you are checking into your flight at the check-in desk or collecting your luggage at baggage claim the last thing you are thinking about is a potential hazard or ways in which you could be injured. However, people can and are injured at these locations. Holiday suitcases can often be heavy and if they have not been properly loaded onto a baggage belt they could easily fall off and cause a member of the public a crush injury. Similarly, you could get caught (through no fault of your own) in the baggage belt and suffer an injury.

Accidents Caused By Luggage Or Baggage

There are of course other ways in which items of luggage and baggage which could cause accidents around an airport. Suitcase trips can be caused by wheeled suitcases being dragged around the airport by a member of staff. They can also fall from luggage trolleys and baggage carts being driven around the airport.

Accidents On Staircases, Lifts, Escalators & Travelators

Whilst moving around the airport you can be injured when using a lift or escalators, when walking up or down stairs, or using a travelator to move along long corridors. Examples of the causes of these accidents include;

  • You could be trapped in a moving part of the machinery of a lift, travelator, or escalator.
  • A failure of the emergency stop system.
  • Being trapped and crushed in the doors of a lift.
  • Your shoes, clothes or your limbs could be trapped or in some way caught in the gaps at the top/ bottom of an escalator.
  • A bannister breaking causing you to fall down the stairs

Barcelona-El Prat Airport Shops, Restaurants & Passenger Services

Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport is the second largest and second busiest airport in Spain behind Madrid-Barajas Airport. As an airport handling in excess of 50 million passengers in 2017, there is a wide range of facilities for passengers and visitors at the airport. Below we have included information on some of the Barcelona Airport hotels and Barcelona Airport shops in which you could have an accident or be injured.

Restaurants and fast food

  • Apetece
  • Asador del Mar
  • Dehesa Santa María
  • La Pausa
  • Lizarrán
  • McDonald’s
  • Medas Beer
  • Mussol
  • Pans & Company
  • Pasta Fiore
  • Porta Gaig
  • Quasi Queviures
  • Semon

Bars and cafes

  • Caffé di Fiore
  • Caffé di Roma
  • Espressamente Illy
  • Costa Coffee
  • Fresh and Ready
  • Gambrinus
  • Häagen Dazs
  • Jamaica

Duty-Free & Other Shops

  • Express Duty-Free
  • The Shop
  • Chocolate Factory
  • La Farga
  • Onza
  • Secrets Sucrés
  • Sibarium
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Accessorize
  • Adidas
  • Adolfo Dominguez
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Cottet
  • Custo
  • Desigual
  • Etam
  • Ferrari
  • Gifts
  • Gonzalo Comella
  • Item d’Ho
  • La Perla
  • Massimo Dutti
  • Tascón
  • Travel Mate
  • Tuc Tuc
  • Zara

This is not an exhaustive list of shops, restaurants, hotels and other passenger facilities which serve people visiting Barcelona airport. You can find a full list at the official airport website here.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport Illness, Food Poisoning Or Food Allergy Claims

If you have suffered food poisoning symptoms or the effects of a food allergy whilst travelling through Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport, you could be able to make an airport or in-flight food poisoning compensation claim.

There are many different ways in which you could face the risk of food poisoning or contamination from foods bought at the airport. Food poisoning could happen when you are eating or drinking foods and drinks bought from a bar, cafe, or restaurants at the airport, or you could experience food poisoning symptoms after eating food bought in shops at the restaurant. To learn more about making a compensation claim for food poisoning talk to our specialist team today. You can also find out how to avoid food poisoning in Spain, or elsewhere in this guide from the NHS.

How To Start An Airport Accident Personal Injury Claim

Our team have helped many people across the country to claim compensation for accidents abroad, such as an accident in Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport. We can very often do so under a no win no fee agreement.

The best and easiest way for you to start any personal injury claim is to get in contact with the specialists at Legal Expert.

What Damages Can I Claim Compensation For?

When looking at what damages you can claim compensation for and how much you can claim for different types of injury, it is not possible for an online calculator to tell you what you could be awarded. Neither the injury itself will carry a specific amount which you can claim, nor can we say immediately what else you can claim for. In general, people will be able to claim damages for both the injury suffered and the larger financial impact that the injury or illness (such as food poisoning) has had on you. You can often expect to be compensated for financial losses. These might include things such as the cost of having to stay longer in Spain if you can not fly, the cost of a lost holiday if your accident happened at the beginning of the holiday, the cost of medical treatment, lost income if you have had to take time off work, and any other financial losses that you have experienced. In some instances, you could also claim compensation for damage to your personal property.

To find out more about what your Barcelona-El Prat Airport personal injury claim can include, contact our team today.

Airport Accident Personal Injury Claims Calculator

Many people who have been injured in accidents search online to find a personal injury claims calculator to work out how much they could be entitled to claim. Whilst you can find many such personal injury claims calculators without having the specific information related to your case and your injuries, they can not provide you with an accurate estimate of how much you are owed. To provide you with more information on what your injury could be worth, we have included a table with the upper and lower limits for injuries to various body parts. These figures are a guide as to how much you could be owed.

Severity Injury or other reason for compensation Award band Details
Moderate to severe Toe injury Up to £49,180 Injuries, including lacerations, cuts or bruise up to and including nervous system injury, fractures, & amputations.
Minor to severe Ankle injury Up to £61,110 Injuries including paralysis and loss of function through to minor soft tissue injuries.
Minor to very severe Foot injury Up to £96,150 Injuries to soft tissues through to bone injuries.
Minor to severe Leg injury Up to £119,210 Severest forms of injury affecting your nervous system, will also include fractures and breaks.
Minor to serious Hand injury Up to £54,280 Injuries might include such things as cuts and scrapes. Could also include nerve injuries and breaks.
Minor to severe Wrist injury Up to £52,490 Wrist injuries can include fractures and compound fractures, nerve injuries and soft tissue injuries.
Moderate to severe Arm injury Up to £114,810 Could include a fracture or a break, dislocations or cuts and scrapes.
Minor to severe Back injury Up to £141,150 Varying degrees of injury, such as scrapes and cuts, to nerve damage, fractures or more severe injuries.
Minor to severe Neck injury Up to £130,060 Including injuries from whiplash to more severe injuries.
Earnings Loss of income £10,000 – £400,000 This is calculated from your current and/or future earnings.
Benefits Loss of income £5,000 – £500,000 This is calculated from your current and/or future benefits earned.
N/A Mental anguish Up to £3,550 This is paid if the victim feared for the end of their life.
N/A Funeral costs £3,000 – £10,000 Awards may be set higher than this maximum

To find out how much your Barcelona-El Prat Airport personal injury claim could be worth, please contact the team at Legal Expert today.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims For Accidents At Barcelona-El Prat Airport

We believe that anyone who has been the victim of an accident which was not their fault should have the ability to make a personal injury claim and that money or costs should never be a barrier to working with a personal injury solicitor. This is why we can offer you a no win no fee service. But, what are the biggest benefits of a no win no fee Barcelona-El Prat Airport compensation claim?

Making a claim with a personal injury lawyer through this type of contract means that if you are not successful, you do not need to worry about having a big bill to pay the solicitor or lawyer. It also means that there are no upfront costs which you have to pay either. No matter the circumstances of the incident at Barcelona Airport which caused you an accident or injury if someone else was responsible you could make a compensation claim.

Why Make A Claim With Our Airport Accident Solicitors?

If you were injured in an accident in Barcelona-El Prat Airport which was caused by someone else you can make a compensation claim, but, why do so with our specialist personal injury lawyers?

Our team are experienced with making airport accident claims as well as helping people to claim compensation for accidents which have happened either in the UK or abroad. We have helped thousands of people to claim compensation through no win no fee agreements. We can take the strain from you, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Get In Touch To Start Your Claim

Whether you are ready to start your personal injury claim for an accident in Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport or simply need to find out a bit more about how the whole process works in a relaxed and friendly way, our team are here to help you.

You can contact us by phone, email, the live support feature on this page or by clicking ‘claim online’ at the top of this page. We are here seven days a week and you can phone us on 0800 073 8804

We look forward to hearing from you.

Additional Resources And Guides

If you have had an accident in Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport you might have found the experience of being injured or becoming sick whilst on holiday abroad more distressing than if it had happened in the UK. to help you better navigate these types of situations we have included links to several other guides which we feel are relevant for people who have been injured in an accident in Spain.

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This is our more general guide on how to claim compensation, such as for an accident or food poisoning whilst on holiday in Spain.

Time Limits To Make A Personal Injury Claims In Spain
When you make a personal injury claim outside the UK you need to be aware of any applicable time limits. Find out more in this guide.

Claims For Injuries On A Package Spain
If you booked your trip to Spain as a package holiday you will be afforded greater protections than those who book an independent holiday. Find out more about these here.

Do I Have To Use A Solicitor In Spain?
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