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How Much Compensation Can i Claim For A Topshop Accident?

Have you been injured in Topshop in an accident that was not your fault. If the accident was due to negligence on the part of Topshop, you may be entitled to make a Topshop accident claim and receive  compensation. Whether you were a customer, an employee, or a member of agency staff (such as a cleaner, assigned to work in a Topshop premises), we topshop accident claimcan help you.

It doesn’t matter if the accident happened on the shop floor, in a changing room, storage area or a distribution or warehousing facility used by Topshop, all these claims are valid so we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We are Legal Expert and we work with the best personal injury solicitors to seek justice for our clients, some of which have over 30 year’s experience of helping injured parties claim compensation.

Call to speak to one of our friendly advisors and see if you can make a valid Topshop accident claim.

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A Guide to Topshop Accident Claims

Topshop is one of the UK’s most popular high street stores, known for bringing directional fashions to a wider audience, at a more affordable price. The brand has 500 stores worldwide, 300 of which are in the UK, and operates online. It is part of The Arcadia Group. The business was valued at being worth £2 billion in 2012.

All retail businesses in the UK are required by law to provide a safe and hygienic environment for customers and members of staff. This includes taking precautions against hazards that could cause customers, members of staff or the public to have accidents. Precautions they can take include: following correct industry standard health and safety regulations and guidelines, appointing a Health and Safety Officer in each branch or distribution centre to ensure proper health and safety regulations and practises are upheld, conducting regular risk assessments which identify hazards (potential risks towards the public) and implement control measures (actions or set ups) to mitigate these risks, displaying an up to date Health and Safety poster, and ensuring staff are correctly trained to use equipment in store, or operate correct procedures.

If a business fails to see a foreseeable hazard, or sees a foreseeable hazard but fails to implement the appropriate control measures to remove the risk and an injury occurs, then the victim is legally entitled to claim compensation. Have you been injured in an accident at Topshop? Do you believe that the accident was caused by the business neglecting the above duties? Then you may be entitled to make a Topshop Accident Compensation Claim. This guide will give you more information about how to judge whether or not you have a valid case for making a Topshop Accident Claim, learn how Legal Expert can help you claim compensation and get an idea of how much compensation you could claim.

Common Types of Accidents at Topshop

Many of the common types of accidents at Topshop can be avoided, if proper health and safety procedures are followed. Many of the accidents at Topshop that occur are common to retail environments. They can affect customers, members of staff and agency workers in a branch of Topshop, or in a distribution centre environment.

Some common types of accidents at Topshop include:

  • Slips, trips and falls at Topshop
  • Items falling from displays or shelves
  • Manual handling injuries
  • Forklift accidents (only applied to warehouse or distribution centres)
  • Palette and raking injuries in storage areas
  • Manual handling injuries
  • Displays becoming loose and crushing customer or staff (this can include a Topshop till display)
  • Topshop queue barriers falling and injuring customers or staff
  • Staff falling off step ladders or store ladders

One of the most high profile Topshop injuries was an incident where a ten year old boy was killed by a shelf in 2017, in a Reading branch of topshop. The shelf was a uniquely designed item which doubled up as a Topshop queue barrier and as a Topshop till display, which showcased smaller items for sale. The heavy display item fell on the boy as his mother paid for her shopping. The boy suffered severe head injuries and died later in hospital. Topshop immediately removed all such items from the shop floors, and the police investigated the incident. The incident is reminiscent of an incident that happened at a Hugo Boss pop up store, Bicester Village in Oxfordshire in 2013. A 7ft mirror which had been left standing free, rather than attached to a wall, toppled over and killed a 4 year old boy. The designer brand admitted breaching health and safety regulations and was fined £1.2 million. Severe incidents like these not only cost business untold amounts in compensation claims, they also hurt the moral credibility of a company and injure consumer and employee trust in the brand, sometimes beyond redemption.

Injured in Topshop; What is the Retailer’s Duty of Care?

As a retail business which sells to, and employs members of the public, Under the 1974 Health and Safety Act, Topshop has Duty of Care to protect its customers, employees and agency staff on its premises. It must do so by implementing proper health and safety processes and following correct regulations and procedures, as we have already established. Therefore anyone who is injured at Topshop, may be able to make a Topshop accident claim for compensation, if they can prove it happened on account of the store or company’s negligence.

These guidelines, established in 1990 by the House of Lords, defines what is a breach of a business’s duty of care:

  1. The harm must of occured to due to the retailer’s/employers action, or inaction. The harm also must have been foreseeable to the employer.
  2. There must be a relationship between the claimant and defendant, for example store owner and patron, or employer and employee.
  3. There must be a reasonable cause to impose a liability (legal responsibility) of duty of care onto the establishment the claim is being made against.

If it can proven then that negligence on the part of Topshop was the cause of your accident, you could make a Topshop accident claims for injuries.

Topshop Slip, Trip or Fall claims

Whether you were a customer, or an employee, you could make a Topshop slip, trip or fall claim if you it was due to negligence on the company’s part. These sorts of injuries should be taken seriously: in fact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that slips, trips and falls are the most common category of workplace injury. What’s more 40% of these type of accidents cause further medical complications.

Slips, trips and falls can be common accidents in shopls like Topshop and similar retail environments because they can be busy environments with a high level of footfall, so products, or items of food and drink bought into the shop by customers from the outside can easily be dropped onto the floor. However busy your shop floor is though, there is no excuse for a store to neglect the health and safety of their staff and customers by allowing hazardous items to stay on the shop floor. What’s more the injured party can make a Topshop compensation claim. A woman was recently awarded £14,000 after she slipped on a wet floor which was not signposted at a supermarket and fractured her shoulder. If you were involved in a similar accident in a branch of Topshop, or any other retail store, you could potentially make a similar Topshop slip, trip or fall claim.

Storage and Racking Accidents at Topshop

Are you a Topshop employee or customer who received a Topshop injury involving storage or racking? If your injury occured due to negligence on the company’s part, you could be entitled to make a Topshop accident claim for compensation.

One type of storage and racking accident which is common for retail workers are manual handling injuries, caused by the incorrect manual handling of goods on the shop floor, in storage areas or in warehousing and distribution facilities. These accidents can often result in musculoskeletal injuries. One third of reportable injuries lasting over three days are manual handling injuries. What’s more an estimated 12.3 million working days are lost each year due to manual handling related injuries. As an employer, Topshop has a duty of care to their employees to ensure that accidents around manual handling do not take place on their premises. Staff must be trained on how to lift heavy objects correctly, working in teams where necessary. They are also responsible for ensuring that staff only lift objects within their guideline weights, to prevent an accident from taking place.

Another problem which should be taken very seriously is the issue of shelving, racking, display items and furniture, collapsing or falling and injuring customers and staff. As we already have established there was a fatal injury at Topshop, when a boy was killed by a shelf. There have been other incidents of children being killed or injured by falling items, including shelving, storage facilities and furniture. In 2017 a boy was killed in a restaurant in the US, after he was crushed by a table. Another story from the US tells the story of a toddler being seriously injured and hospitalised after a storage pallet fell from a shelf in a DIY store and crushed him. An eyewitness said they believed the shelf was overstacked. It is essential that stores follow recommended health and safety regulations and guidelines on what sort of shelving and racking, or display items are suitable to have on their premises, and ensure that products are stored or displayed on them correctly to insure these types of accidents do not take place.

Topshop Accident Claims for Injuries at Work

We have already established the health and safety processes that Topshop needs to enact to prevent their staff getting injured at Topshop. Another important factor we have not looked into yet is creating a culture where the workers’ safety is held in high regard. Injuries in retail often take place firstly because of a lack of staff training. Younger workers aged between 15-24 are at more risk of injuries, so effective supervision and training is essential. Rushing during busy times can also lead to distractions, or short cuts being taken, which can can cause losses over the long term if employees are injured.

Here are some common workplace injuries suffered by retail workers:

  • Overexertion and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Fractures and bruises
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Cuts

Topshop accident claims for injuries can be made by workers, or members of agency staff who are injured in an accident at Topshop, which was due to negligence on behalf of the store or business.

I had an Accident while Shopping in Topshop, can I Claim Compensation

Like all retailers, Topshop has a duty of care to put appropriate measures in place to protect customers from foreseeable accidents. If you were shopping and were injured in Topshop, in a preventable accident due to the store’s negligence, then you could make a Topshop accident claim. Legal Expert helps victims of Topshop accidents claim compensation.

What to do if you have a Topshop Injury?

If you wish to make a Topshop accident claim for injuries received in store, it helps to gather as much evidence as possible to support your case. It will greatly help if at the time you, or someone around you took photographs of the hazard that caused your injury. Getting the contact details of any eye witnesses to the accident is also helpful. If you were unable to do this at the time then don’t worry, your personal injury solicitor can help you gather evidence.

Topshop, like every retail store is required to record every accident at Topshop in their Incident Log Book. Another step that will help your case is to check that they recorded your accident and injury accurately, as this will count as evidence in your Topshop accident claim.

How much Topshop Accident Compensation can I Claim?

How much could your Topshop accident compensation claim be worth? It depends on the extent of the injuries you sustained, the level of negligence enacted by the business and individual circumstances. Every Topshop Accident Claim is different, so the rate of compensation you could receive will vary on a case-by case basis. Therefore, please only consult this table as a guideline.

Injury Severity Amount Notes
Loss of earnings Potential award banding £10,000 – £400,000 Awards for loss of earnings are based on the claimants current and furture income/ earnings. Awards may also take into account a claimants career path/ progression.
Pain and suffering Mild to Severe £1,000 – £200,000 The more severe the level of pain, the higher a potential compensation award can be.
Knee injury Minor £4,750 – £19,600 Knee injuries including minor damage to the joint, causing some pain and loss of function.
Knee injury Moderate £22,250 – £33,200 Moderate knee damage which causes on going pain and some general loss of use in the knee.
Elbow injury Minor £3,100 – £9,750 More minor injuries and some possible loss of function.
Elbow injury Moderate £11,400 – £23,900 Injuries can include some partial loss of elbow function and some pain.
Shoulder injury Minor £350 – £6,700 Injury or pain which restricts movement in the arm.
Shoulder injury Moderate £6,250 – £9,750 More serious injuries which still restrict arm movement.
Back injury Minor £350 – £9,850 Injuries and back pain which are only temporary/ the claimant will heal from.
Back injury Moderate £8,750 – 30,750 Including more serious or ongoing pain and injuries.
Minor injuries Minor Few hundred pounds – £525 Recovery from within 7 days.
Minor injuries Minor £525 – £1,050 Recovery from within 28 days.
Minor injuries Minor £1,050 – £1,860 Recovery from within 3 months.

Legal Expert can give you a more accurate idea of how much compensation you could claim for your accident at Topshop. Call us today to speak to a friendly advisor about your injury.

Topshop No Win No Fee Claims

If you experienced an accident at Topshop, we understand that you may have lost income due to your injuries and don’t want the extra stress of paying an upfront fee. Therefore, many of our personal injury solicitors offer a “no win no fee” service, known as a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) in formal legal terms. This means that you will only pay a fee to your solicitor if your Topshop Compensation Claim is successful. So you will not experience any financial risk.

How Legal Expert can help you make a Topshop Compensation Claim?

Legal Expert can help you make a Topshop accident claim for injuries you received in store. How does the process work of making a Topshop accident claim with us? Firstly you will receive a free consultation with a personal injury solicitor who will give you legal advice and establish whether or not you have a legitimate case. If your lawyer believes you have a legitimate case then we will help you collect incriminating evidence against Topshop, contacting witnesses and going through medical records if necessary, to determine the extent of the injuries that you sustained. You can also make a no win no fee claim if you wish, to which involves no financial risk to you.

Why choose Legal Expert for your Topshop Accident Claim?

Trusted legal advisory service Legal Expert works with some of the country’s top personal injury solicitors, some of which have over three decades of experience, to help victims like you make a Topshop accident claim. Whether you were a customer, employee or agency worker who was injured in Topshop, due to the company’s negligence, we can help you claim make a Topshop accident claim, potentially for thousands of pounds. If you were injured in another retail store, in an accident that was not your fault, we can also help you.

If you have a legitimate Topshop accident claim, or a personal injury claim against another fashion store, call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 to speak to an understanding advisor. We will review your case and match you with a personal injury lawyer, who can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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