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Roll Cage Accident Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 6th August 2021. Welcome to our roll cage accident claims guide. Roll cages are a common way for supermarkets, shops, warehouses and storage companies to quickly and easily move goods around. They are pretty useful. The roll cage is an everyday piece of equipment for many people, and most don’t give it a second thought. However, whether in the supermarket, storage rooms or warehouses, roll cage accidents can cause serious injury and, even in extreme cases, death. A roll cage accident can be caused by the carelessness of those using them or the simple wear and tear they go through daily.

Roll cages and trolleys are extensively used around warehouses, depot’s, factories and retail environments to transport goods. When defective, damaged or improperly maintained, roll cage accidents can occur. A poorly loaded or defective roll cage reduces the operator’s ability to stay in control of the movement of the cage, as well as safely control the goods inside it. This can lead to the operator, other staff members, or public members being involved in an accident or even injured by the roll cage.

Further details

As with any workplace machinery, roll cages and trolleys should be operated with a reasonable degree of care. The Health and Safety Executive has produced a good guide to roll cages’ safe operation and transport. Roll cage accidents can happen to anyone in the vicinity of the cage. They need to be secured and operated safely and securely. If a roll cage has injured you, whether in the supermarket, factory or warehouse, due to accident or negligence, you could be entitled to making a no win no fee compensation claim.

Whilst we have strived to make this a comprehensive guide to common kinds of roll cage accidents. After reading this guide, Legal Expert offers free consultation and advice sessions if you still have any questions. Contact our expert team if you have any questions relating to roll cage injuries, claims or relevant legislation.

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A guide to roll cage accident claims

roll cage accident

roll cage accident

This guide will take you through everything you need to know if you have a roll cage accident injury and need more advice about making a claim. You may have suffered your accident at work, or whilst out as a member of the public. We have put together a comprehensive resource covering how trolly accidents happen and how to prevent them, as well as advice on business and employer liabilities. Additionally, we have tips on putting your claim together and the steps you need to take to make a successful claim. Then, we list all the paperwork you need to collect and the evidence you need for a successful claim.

Whether in a factory or a supermarket, roll cages come in a variety of dimensions. Heights range from 1.55m to 1.83m, so they can often be taller than a fully grown adult. When fully loaded, supermarket roll cages can weigh as much as 500g or more. Those two factors alone mean that a defective roll cage could cause someone a significant injury.

The different types of roll cage accidents

Typical accidents which are caused by factory, warehouse or supermarket roll cages include the following;

  • Injuries caused by collisions. Defective trolleys or operators who are not paying due care and attention could easily collide with other staff or public members. Collision roll cage injuries include being knocked over by the trolley or being crushed against a third object.
  • Strains and sprains. The most common of these are back and arm strains which occur due to moving the roll cage around and trying to control its movement.
  • Hands and feet can become trapped, hurt or even crushed. Broken and fractured bones are common roll age injuries.

If you have sustained an injury due to a defective roll cage, operator negligence or other circumstances, you may be able to make a personal injury claim against the owner or another party. Back injuries and strains are common injuries caused by improper usage, instruction or overloading of roll cages. You can find an example of the types of injuries which roll cages in this excellent resource could cause.

Roll cage accidents caused by faulty wheels

Roll cage accidents caused by faulty wheels can be a big cause of accidents and injuries in both the workplace and retail spaces. The Health and Safety Executive has set out guidelines for how wheels and casters should be maintained and manual handling guidelines for trolleys, roll cages, and wheeled racks. A defective roll cage with either faulty wheels, poorly maintained wheels or those incorrect for the surface they are being used on. Defective or faulty wheel accidents leading to injury can be caused by a wheel becoming jammed or falling off.

Other incidents can be caused by a wheel falling off, resulting in a roll cage tipping or collapsing, either on the operator or others around them. Roll cage injuries in these cases can be caused by the roll cage tipping onto a person or falling stock hitting the operator and those around them. In these incidences, we can use Regulation 5 of The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 as a supporting argument in your case. Please speak to us to ask any questions about roll cage accident claims.

Where do roll cage accidents happen?

There are several main places where roll cage accidents can happen. These include supermarkets, warehouses and storage areas, and factories.

Supermarket roll cages and accidents

Supermarket roll cage injury claims cover two types of clients. The first group is supermarket employees; the second is customers. If you are a supermarket employee who suffers a roll cage accident injury, you could make a personal injury claim. This would come under your employer’s liability insurance.

Employees: If it were a defective roll cage, you would then have a strong compensation claim. If the cage is broken and you are injured, you will have a strong claim. The previously mentioned Regulation 5 of the PUWER legislation can form a strong basis for this kind of compensation claim. The regulation helps to impose strict liabilities on employers in these situations. This means that even if there wasn’t a way to prevent the cage from breaking or a fault from happening, they are still responsible for injuries sustained by employees.

Another common cause of a retail or supermarket roll cage injury is employee negligence. Suppose your injury results from an accident caused by other employees dangerously stocking the cage too high or incorrectly. Though an employee caused it, their negligence falls on the employer under an argument of vicarious liability.

Customers: If you are a customer injured in a supermarket or other retail environment, it would probably be something you do not expect. Common causes of injured customers include stock falling from a cage whilst the customer is walking past or simply hitting a customer with a roll cage. In these cases, you should have a strong compensation claim. The same vicarious liability argument which can be applied to employee-employee situations can be applied here.

Warehouse roll cage accidents

Warehouses can be filled with a variety of different hazards. Roll cages are commonly used in the foods and drinks industries, meaning they will have a heavy load that could cause serious injury to those operating the roll cage or who are around it if the proper safety precautions and handling guidelines are not followed. And this information could prove crucial for your roll cage accident claims.

Factory roll cage accidents

Factory roll cage accidents can occur in similar ways to those in retail and warehouse environments. Typically, we may apply the same legislation and regulations to these cases as to warehouse and retail/ supermarket claims.

Warehouse accidents caused by roll cages

Two of the most common and significant factors in accidents involving roll cages in the UK are first drivers falling from their vehicle whilst loading or unloading a roll cage. Secondly, roll cages falling from delivery vehicles. During a four year period in the UK, there were 59 accidents reported in these two categories alone. Of these, 18 were defined as major accidents.

In many cases, the leading cause of the accident was one or more cages moving in an uncontrolled way during loading or unloading. Other factors which have been identified as potential causes are the roll cages moving about during transit. This can unbalance the cage, upset the load or already partially knock them over. Roll cages moved about during transit may be resting against another cage or even against the door, making them very dangerous. They also may have become unstable during transit.

How to claim for a roll cage accident at work

Starting a roll cage accident at work claim can be easy once you have found the right solicitor to work with. In fact, finding the right person to work on your case can often be the most stressful part of your post-injury experience. You should choose a reputable legal firm that has experience and expertise in the personal injury sector.

To win your claim for compensation or damages after a roll cage accident at work, you will need to prove that your warehouse roll cage accident was caused by negligence or defective equipment. You will also need to show that the accident has resulted in an injury of some kind. The general principle is that you need to show that you have suffered an injury that is not your fault.

Other details

To make a successful claim, you need to gather together the following information and documentation for your solicitor to review and determine whether you have a strong case;

  • Basic personal information, including your name, proof of your address and date of birth.
  • As much information you can provide about the accident itself. Also, include any relevant information on the circumstances which could have caused the accident. Include things like maintenance practices and logs, if possible.
  • As specific as possible, include details about where, when and how the incident occurred.
    Information on your injury. What type of injury did your accident cause? How serious was this, and how has it affected you? Do you already have medical notes from any examinations? If not, make sure to see a doctor and get a full examination as quickly as possible.
  • The name and contact details of the company you work for or your employer.
  • Further medical information such as any notes from any EMT’s, local hospital or your GP surgery.
  • Proof of any loss of earnings if you had to take time off.

What to do if you have suffered a roll cage accident

These are the next steps you should take if you have an injury caused by a roll cage accident.

Firstly you need to get answers. Before you start your claim, make sure you are armed with as much information about the process and culpability of the future defendant as possible. Having the right answers will help you to make a more informed choice later. You can also contact us via our live webchat.

Next, you should compare legal services. Today many solicitors are willing to work on a no win, no fee basis. The most important question to ask early on is their fee if they win your case? What will they charge to take a fee from your compensation? Choosing the right solicitor can also affect how much compensation you may end up receiving.

Other details

Our specialized team of personal injury and accident claims solicitors has many years of experience processing even the most complicated personal injury claims. Our teams can help you gather all the evidence needed, get the correct medical reports, and make sure that you have all the correct paperwork that you need to make a claim. They will also make sure it is all correctly filled out.

Next, we will ensure that our team does everything to ensure that you can spend your time resting, relaxing and recuperating. Roll cage accidents can be extremely serious and, in the most serious cases, even fatal. We will ensure that we provide you with a hassle-free service and care for you at every step of the process. So, we can work with you, providing our services on a no win fee basis.

We will start by offering you confidential and commitment-free legal advice. Then, we can assess your case before discussing whether to proceed. We work with you to make sure that you will know the merits of your case. And we also take you through all the likely outcomes before you proceed. Choosing a solicitor to work with can be hard work. After this, you can sit back and relax.

How much could I claim following a roll cage accident?

Any solicitor or doctor will be able to tell you that no two accidents or injuries are the same. Estimating your compensation claim at an early stage can be difficult. Whilst two incidents or injuries may look similar on paper, they can, in fact, be very different in real life. Two identical injuries can affect different people in different ways.

Your claim could also be affected by your medical notes as well as the long-term prognosis from your doctor. Below is a table of compensation amounts compiled from historical cases.

Roll cage compensation table

Part of Body Mild - SeriousAmount of CompensationComment - estimates are given depending on the type and severity of the injury.
Shoulder InjurySerious - Moderate£6,250 - £9,750Damage to tissue in the neck and shoulders, restricting movement in the arm or elbow for quite a while.
Hand InjuryExtremely Serious£46,300 - £151,250Compensation varies with severity. It can include both hands, a single hand amputation or the loss of use of one or both hands.
Back InjurySerious-Moderate£30,750 - £8,750Compensation amounts may cover damage to either ligaments or soft tissues in the back. It can also cover constant back pain and /or discomfort.
Knee InjurySerious-Moderate£20,250 - £33,200Higher payouts are awarded to disabilities such as muscular and cartilage damage and soft tissue damage. Claims also cover pain and suffering.
Arm InjuryMild Injury£4,500 - £30,250This amount covers injuries such as restricted movement and/ or disability over the arms. It covers injuries which will get better.
Neck InjuryMild Injury£1,800 - £ 6,200This covers injuries akin to whiplash. Payments depend on the severity and long term prognosis.
Finger InjurySevere - Mild£375 - £69,330This covers injuries such as the amputation of one or more fingers through to broken fingers that will make a complete recovery.
Foot InjuryExtremely Serious£64,000 - £152,750Higher payouts cover the amputation of both or one feet. These are severe injuries which affect a person’s life.
Back InjuryMild Injury£350 -£9,850This covers strains, soft tissue damage, muscle pain and slipped discs.
Wrist InjurySevere - Mild£2,550 - £44,500Ranging from wrist damage which will recover through to full loss of wrist functions.

Remember, until all the evidence has been collected, it isn’t easy to provide you with a realistic estimate of the amount of compensation you could be awarded.

How to start roll cage accident claims

After reviewing all the evidence and information on your claim, the next step will start your case. This means getting the right solicitor. Filing your roll cage accident claim can be a very stressful process. We aim to make it as stress-free as possible with everything from guides like this to free consultations. We can chat with you over the phone to start to get a clear picture of your case and whether you are likely to have a good claim. If your supermarket roll cage injury is causing you pain, we will also ensure you receive medical attention and the diagnosis you need. This will also help us diagnose the full extent of your injuries, which can help your case.

Why choose us as your claims service for an injury caused in a roll cage accident

Our clients choose to work with our expert solicitors at Legal Expert for many reasons. We can work with you to offer a complete range of legal services and advice. Also, we can help you benefit from our informed and experienced, highly professional legal experts. So, we can offer you a free consultation to help you establish whether you have a likely claim or not. At Legal Expert, we have always strived to provide our clients with friendly, professional and ethical service. We aim to support people who have suffered an injury as a result of a roll cage accident. Taking advantage of our no win no fee agreement, and our commitment to fighting your case can help you get the compensation you deserve.

No win no fee roll cage accident claims

In recent years there have been many adverts on TV, the radio, in newspapers and online advertising no win no fee legal services which promise to help you claim without having to pay upfront for solicitors fees. This also means that you won’t have to pay any legal or solicitors fees if you are not awarded anything. You only pay if you win.

No win no fee legal agreements are also known as ‘conditional fee agreements. This is a contract between you and your solicitor. They were created to help you make a compensation claim without having to worry about costs and fees or having to take out loans to pay for it all. The agreement will specify what you need to pay if you win and that you are not liable for any payments if you do not.

Other details

For many people, not paying any legal fees upfront means that the risk of making a roll cage accident claim is much reduced. If you lose your supermarket roll cage accident claim, you won’t end up out of pocket. These conditional agreements don’t have any hidden charges or fees. They mean you know exactly what you are signing up to. Some cases might not be appropriate for no win no fee agreements, and being offered this type of agreement is subject to a solicitor taking on your case.

We have developed our no win no fee service to help anyone who needs to get their roll cage accident claim heard and with access to the right kind of legal representation and legal services. Please find more information on why our no win no fee services could be right for you here.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

At Legal Expert, we regularly handle all kinds of roll cage accident claims. Whether you are a retail, warehouse or factory employee or were injured whilst shopping, we have the advice you require. So, we can organize a free consultation session for you to talk over the phone with one of our experts.

Please get in contact with us by filling in a contact form, using the chat feature on our website or by calling us today on 0800 073 8804. We are waiting to talk to you today and start helping you.

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Roll Cage Accident Claims FAQs

How do you move a roll cage correctly?

You should move it at walking speed while pushing it and go slowly on ramps or bumpy surfaces.

Is there a time limit for claims?

You have up to three years to file a claim.

Should you push or pull a roll cage?

You should only push a roll cage where possible.

What should you do before carrying loads through narrow walkways?

You should remove any obstacles, plan a resting point for heavy loads and hold the item by the waist.

Should I tell my insurance company about a minor accident?

Yes, you should inform your insurer about any accident regardless of severity.

How heavy is a roll cage?

It weighs approximately 170 pounds.

What are the five principles of manual handling?

These are plan, position, pick, proceed and place.

When team handling, what is the most important thing?

Communication is the most important element.

Thank you for reading our roll cage accident claims guide.

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