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How Much Compensation Can i Claim For A Subway Accident?

Although most individuals do not expect a lunch outing to Subway to result in a trip to A & E, there are many people, both customers and staff of the chain alike, who have pursued or are eligible to pursue accident at Subway claims.

With the number of people dining out in the UK rising, there has been a substantial increase in fast food outlets across the country. In particular, the US chain Subway has taken the UK by storm with 2500 outlets across the UK and Ireland. It plans to open a further 500 stores here by the year 2020. With such a rapid increase in outlets, consumers, and staff, Subway opens itself up for further accident at Subway claims. Accidents and injuries could be the result of business owners not following strict guidelines to protect both customers and staff alike. This could have dire consequences for the chain.

Accident at Subway claims

Accident at Subway claims

You can begin to realise the large number of people who claim to have caught food poisoning from eating at Subway after a quick Google search. One of the most widely known cases was during 2008 when there was an“outbreak” of a salmonella strain known as Agona. This “outbreak” resulted in 120 people contracting the illness after eating from the restaurant. The Daily Mail reported the story, claiming that Subway was serving contaminated meat for a period of five months. Sadly, this is not a stand-alone case, and Subway sandwich food poisoning is not as rare as you may have thought.

Fast food restaurants have been associated with other dangers as well as food poisoning. In a recent case involving a restaurant in Manchester, a cook and another employee suffered extensive burns and required skin grafts after slipping on a damp kitchen floor. Whilst falling, the cook grabbed a fryer in an instinctive attempt to stop himself falling, only to pull the 35 litres of boiling oil on top of himself, resulting in severe burns. The cook had been badly burned and another employee was burned when they attempted to help him. Both Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and UK Safety Store reported on the case. There is a link to the HSE article at the bottom of this page should you want to read it.

HSE and UK Safety Store have not named the restaurant but the owner was found guilty of breaching health and safety regulations and was fined £60 000 by Manchester City Council. The Court required the restaurant to pay a further £16 000 in damages. The staff have since been provided with appropriate footwear to wear in the kitchen to avoid further accident at Subway claims.

Employees of Subway should be aware that it is not just customers who are entitled to claim compensation for injuries, burns and illnesses inflicted upon them. Both customers and employees are entitled to make accident at Subway claims. To find out more about what we can offer you, follow the links below. We have provided you with a great deal of useful information to help you make an informed decision about your accident at Subway claims. You can call one of our expert solicitors and they will discuss your case with you, free of charge.

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A Guide To Subway Restaurant Accident Claims

Subway has become an increasingly popular place to dine over recent years due to its fast food service. For many, it makes a welcome change from the regular burger and fries served by a lot of other fast food outlets. Like other popular and well known fast food chains, Subway operates as a franchise, which means that they are owned and run by smaller companies or individuals. In theory, anyone with sufficient funds and knowledge could purchase and operate a Subway restaurant. Whether or not they operate their Subway business well depends largely on the health and safety standards they apply to their business.

Subway owners are liable for their customers’ and employees’ health and safety. The law requires owners to ensure that their establishment exists and operates in a safe manner. Providing a safe environment will effectively eliminate accident at Subway claims.

What Are The Main Types Of Restaurant Accidents?

Accidents and illnesses in Subway can present themselves in various ways. You can make an accident at Subway claim for:

  • Slips, trips and falls caused by wet or damaged floors and furniture
  • Burns and scalds caused by hot food, unsafe kitchen environments or faulty kitchen facilities
  • Food poisoning caused by badly cooked, stored or sourced food

Both employees and customers can suffer from any of the above incidents and both would be liable to claim compensation.

Restaurant Health And Safety Considerations

When you consider the potential dangers that can be caused in a restaurant, you can begin to realise the importance of high-quality training. Owners or managers should provide sufficient training to all employees, including those who cook and prepare food, the cleaning staff and those who serve the customers. Teamwork is another important aspect. It helps ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities and communicates with each other. When everyone involved in the operation of a restaurant knows what is expected of them, and implements their duties, the restaurant tends to run more smoothly.

Owners of Subway need to comply with the liability act of 1957. This involves effectively removing any potential dangers that could result in Subway restaurant accident claims. Their duty of care extends to employees, visitors and customers. Some health and safety considerations to avoid Subway restaurant accident and injury claims are:

  • Using signage where appropriate. This includes inside the establishment and in the car park and drive-through areas.
  • Staff should have the knowledge and skills to cook food properly.
  • Staff should be knowledgeable as to how to store food safely. This includes storing food at the recommended safe temperature and avoiding cross contamination.
  • The restaurant owner should replace or fix any broken flooring and furniture.
  • Lighting should be sufficient and not restrict anyone’s vision. Poorly lit areas can cause accidents, particularly in kitchens.
  • Kitchen equipment should be in good condition, and an owner should replace faulty appliances straight away.
  • Food should be of sufficient quality.

Subway restaurant owners should have public liability insurance put in place in case of an accident at Subway restaurant claim. The government require restaurants to have regular health and safety checks.

Accident At Subway Claims: Slip And Fall At Subway

Having a slip and fall at Subway can lead to a long list of injuries, both minor and severe. People commonly spill drinks and food throughout kitchen and dining areas. It is a cleaner’s duty to stay alert to the potential dangers of spills, but it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the cleaner carries out his or her duties sufficiently. Cleaners should mop up any spills in a timely manner and place a wet floor sign there to let others know to be careful. If a cleaner doesn’t put a warning sign up and someone suffers a slip and fall at Subway, accident at Subway claims would be imminent.

Slipping and falling in a kitchen where hot food is being prepared will be particularly problematic and dangerous. This could lead to burns as well as broken bones or head injuries, making staff just as likely to be victims as customers.

I Got A Burn Injury In A Restaurant. Can I Make A Claim?

You can most certainly make an accident at Subway claim for compensation after suffering a burn at Subway. Burns can be very severe at times and victims could require skin grafts. A skin graft is a surgical procedure that is performed on very serious burns. It is done by taking skin from one area of the body and surgically attaching it to the burned area. As you can imagine, this can be an unpleasant and painful process and one which is liable to be compensated.

Both customers and employees can suffer from burns and scalds. When a kitchen is cluttered, untidy and disorganised, an employee is more likely to suffer burns. Owners or staff should set a system in place to minimise dangers, which includes cleaning up and putting items away promptly after use. Again, even though it may be the kitchen staff’s job to carry out these tasks, the owner is responsible for implementing them and making sure that the kitchen staff are doing what they should be.

Customers may suffer burns and scalds if their food or drinks are too hot. Many outlets now put warning labels on the packaging of hot beverages, stating that the contents are hot. This is a step in the right direction for businesses but it is not always enough to avoid Subway restaurant accident claims.

Very hot food can burn an employee if they consume it and they will be just as liable to make a Subway sandwiches claim. This is another point that presses the importance of sufficient training of all restaurant staff.

Illness Caused By Subway Sandwich Food Poisoning In A Restaurant

Business owners have a duty to ensure their food is of sufficient quality. They need to source their food products from reputable places to avoid illnesses caused by poor quality food. Subway sandwich food poisoning could be very unpleasant for its victim, whether they are an employee or customer.

When a staff member under-cooks or stores food incorrectly, they can cause Subway sandwich food poisoning. Employees should store chilled foods below 8 degrees Celsius to prevent bacteria multiplying and causing illnesses. Staff need to check fridges and freezers regularly to make certain that the temperatures are consistently safe for storage.

If you are a victim of food poisoning it is unlikely you will be well enough to work. The resulting financial implications would entitle you to make a Subway sandwiches claim.

The government have set strict food safety guidelines for restaurants to follow to avoid any accident at Subway claims. In these guidelines, the government include displaying food hygiene rating signs where customers can see them, and completing incident reports when a food item has been identified as unsafe. The government also have a detailed guide concerning food additive legislation on their website. The guide states permitted food additives and the maximum permitted amount. We have provided a link to the government’s food safety webpage at the bottom of the page. Please read it if you wish to know more.

What Can Accident At Subway Claims Be Made For?

You are able to claim different compensation amounts for different aspects of an injury. A court will add specific financial burdens that a victim has suffered as a result of their accident to their compensation award. Read on to find out what you can make a claim for and see if you are eligible.

Loss Of Earnings

This is likely to be a big factor in most accident at Subway claims. There is no reason that anyone should suffer financial hardship or any kind of financial loss for the negligence of a restaurant. A court will take loss of future earnings into account when you make your accident at Subway claims, as well as earnings already lost because of your injury.

Psychological Damage

You could suffer a number of types of psychological damage as a result of an accident, most notably PTSD and depression. A victim could suffer depression if they are physically unable to do things for themselves, making them feel helpless. PTSD sufferers often experience flashbacks, insomnia, anxiety and other psychological symptoms.

A court will take a victim’s vulnerability into account as well as his or her ability to cope with life in general. The court will also assess any damaged relationships caused by the psychological damage to the victim. A victim can claim for mental anguish when they have a fear for their life and quality of life.

Physical Injury, Illness And Death

Perhaps the most obvious cause for making accident at Subway claims. They include:

  • Amputation
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Food poisoning and other illnesses
  • Damage to organs
  • Paralysis
  • Death

In the case of death, a victim can make a claim for the death and for what they suffer before their death. If a victim has been given several weeks or months to live after an accident, they could potentially claim for care costs, mental anguish and loss of earnings.

Care Costs

Care costs are common after accidents and injuries and the expenses can quickly mount up. Those who require a carer after their restaurant accident are eligible to make an accident at Subway claims for the costs, as well as future care costs they are likely to have.

We have provided this information for you to have a clearer idea about Subway restaurant injury and accident claims. If you are still unsure if you are eligible to make a claim, please give us a call.

No Win, No Fee Subway Accident And Illness Claims

Gone are the days when you had to fork out hundreds of pounds just to speak to a solicitor about accident at Subway restaurant claims. From us, you will receive expert legal advice from a highly qualified and experienced legal professional. Our fantastic no win, no fee policy enables you to have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have a penny to pay until we win your case. If we don’t win your case, you won’t pay anything at all.

Conditioning Fee Agreements (CFA) is another term for no win, no fee claims. Pursuers of accident at Subway claims can benefit a great deal from CFA’s. We will deduct your legal fees from your compensation when we win your case. Your solicitor will discuss these fees with you before commencing with your claim.

To make 100% compensation accident at Subway claims, where you keep all of your compensation, it is necessary to have insurance in place that pays your legal costs for you. If you have the right policy your insurance company will pay all the costs associated with your case.

How Much Can I Claim For A Subway Takeaway Accident Claim?

It can be confusing when trying to work out how much you are eligible to claim for. There are a lot of aspects to consider including the location of the injury, what you have suffered as a result of your injury and the severity of your injury. We have put together this simple table to give you a clearer idea of what to expect from your claim.

Type of injurySeverityPotential claim Description of injury
Foot injuryMildUp to £10 450
Injury will be minor, such as a fracture lacerations. For mild permanent injuries, such as a limp, the higher end of the potential amount may be claimed.
Foot injuryModerate£10 450 - £19 000
The injury is more serious. There could be more complicated fractures and the strong possibility of future surgery or complications.
Foot injurySerious£19 000 - £29 800Victim will either have arthritis or will be likely to develop in it in the future. They will have long-term pain and probably complications in the future.
Foot injurySevere£31 900 - £53 200
The victim will be highly likely to be in considerable pain long-term. There will be damage to both the victim's feet therefore mobility will be a problem. Extensive future surgery is highly likely.
Knee injuryModerate £11 275 - £19 000
There victim will probably be in pain. The injury will likely be dislocation or torn cartilage. There may be possible future complications but they will be mild.
Knee injurySevere£19 900 - £73 125Victim will have considerable damage and long-term pain. There will be future complications and probably loss of function.
Leg injuryModerate £21 100 - £29 800
Victim will have limited function and a high risk of future surgery. Their life will be significantly impaired as a result of their injury.
Leg injurySevere£73 150 - £103 250Complicated procedures such as degloving and bone grafting of the leg are necessary.
Hand injuryMild£700 - £3300
There will be mild short term damage, usually for three months or less. There may be a temporary loss of function.
Hand injuryModerate£4100 - £10 000Function will be significantly reduced for longer.
Hand injurySevere£22 050 - £47 050Includes amputation and clawed hand as a result of damage or surgery. Functionality will be just 50%.
Head injuryMinor£1675 - £9700There will be no brain damage. There may be mild head trauma that will heal quickly.
Head injuryModerate£32 725 - £166 500There will be brain damage and impaired senses and/or speech. Memory may have been effected.

This table is only a guide and your solicitor will be able to tell you more specific potential claim amounts. Your initial consultation will be free of charge and will give you all the information you need to begin.

Why Choose Us For Your Accident At Subway Claims?

We offer a unique, friendly and professional service from start to finish. By speaking with one of our expert solicitors, you will gain a clear understanding of what to expect from your compensation claim. You will receive support throughout and will never feel as though you are fighting the battle alone, which can be a daunting thought.

Part of our unique service involves providing independent medical examinations for our clients. Medical examinations contribute a great deal to an accident at Subway claim. With these medical examinations, we will be able to build your case effectively and give you all the expertise and support you need. A successful compensation claim will benefit you and will also raise awareness of the injustice done by restaurants all over the country. The more victims who challenge business owners for their right to compensation, the more business owners will take note and be more mindful of their business practices.

By choosing us you will have the comfort of knowing that you will be fully supported throughout your accident at Subway claims, and you will have no legal costs until we win your accident at Subway claims. A highly motivated and experienced legal team will be representing you and be working hard to pursue your claim.

Call Us For Free Advice And Start Your Claim

Don’t hesitate to call us for your free compensation consultation. It is better to set accident at Subway claims in motion as soon as possible. We are ready and eager to assist you through your trying time. We will help you get your compensation for your injury or illness.

Call us today on 0800 073 8804 to speak with one of our friendly solicitors and get the ball rolling for your claim.

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