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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Home Bargain Store Accident?

By Daniel Archer. Last Updated 21st June 2022. Home Bargains are a chain of discount stores found throughout the UK. They are one of the highest-ranking retailers, employing thousands of staff and visited by millions of customers. Any one of these people shopping in or working in one of their stores may have the misfortune to suffer a personal injury or accident that was not their fault and yet they are effectively punished through suffering injury and inconvenience that may affect many different areas of their lives. What should I do if I am injured in a shop? is a commonly asked question and the answer is simple. Contact Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 and get free legal advice and consult a personal injury lawyer who can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Home Bargain accident claim

Home Bargain accident claim

When you go out shopping to a store or supermarket, whether it’s to treat yourself or just stock up on household essentials, the last thing you expect is to suffer an accident that was not your fault. Shopping accident claims are on the increase; from personal injury claims for no win no fee Home Bargains accident claims to accident claims from a Supermarket giant such as a Morrison’s accident in store.

You may never have considered making a shop accident claim if you fell over in a Home Bargains store for instance but you could be entitled to trip or fall compensation. Legal Expert are here to tell you how much compensation for slipping on a wet floor you can expect to receive and then provide you with a personal injury solicitor to help you win the compensation you deserve for your injuries and inconvenience you suffered.

Legal Expert can provide a panel of experienced no win no fee lawyers who can advise you not only on slip and fall compensation amounts but then also provide the no win no fee legal representation for anyone who has suffered any type of accident or injury in a Home Bargains store that was not their fault. This not only includes customers but staff members of a store too.

Our panel of professional solicitors want to help you with your personal injury claim. The average payout for slip and fall UK claims can be thousands of pounds so please call now on 0800 073 8804 to speak to one of our friendly team regarding accident claims and find out how much compensation you could claim! Or, for more information on Store claims please read the following sections below:

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A Guide To A Home Bargain Accident Claims

Discount stores are popular because of the vast range of items and cheap prices they offer but increased footfall of both customers and staffs means increased risk of accidents. Anything in a  store has the potential to cause an accident from the fixtures and fittings to the items being sold. Accidents in stores such as Home Bargains can happen for all kinds of reasons but the end result is the same – suffering and inconvenience that you deserve to be compensated for if you was not at fault.

If you search online you will come across other legal firms offering this type of compensation service but level of experience can vary enormously. A store’s insurance firm will vigorously defend any personal injury claim presented to them but we know a Legal Expert provided personal injury lawyer has the professionalism and experience to successfully fight and win you the compensation you deserve.

What is An Accident At A Home Bargain Store?

An accident generally pertains to a situation that could have been avoided. If it can be proved that Home Bargains was negligent either due to a lack of provided training or equipment etc or a slip, trip or fall was caused by something such as a spilled drink left on the floor; then it is likely they will have to accept responsibility and compensate you for your injury and inconvenience suffered.

What Ways Are People Commonly Injured At A Home Bargain or Similar Store?

Slip, trip and fall accidents are among some of the most common personal injury claims in the UK but instead of a slip, trip or fall accident you may have been the unfortunate victim of another type of personal injury received from a manual handling accident for instance. Customers can reach for and lift heavy objects or staff members themselves may suffer manual handling injuries either from trying to help customers with heavy or awkward objects or from stocking shelves etc. Items can also fall off shelves and poorly fitted fixtures may result in shelves collapsing. Displays are sometimes erected in inappropriate places within the store meaning that they can present a hazard to customers and staff alike. Accidents can also take place outside of the store but on Home Bargains property such as in a car park etc. The injuries received from such accidents can range in severity from minor cuts and bruises to fractures, concussion and even death.

Inadequate maintenance, inadequate training and poor layout are all factors that can cause accidents and injuries in Home Bargains stores or on their premises. Examples can include but are not limited to automatic doors that may malfunction and shopping trolleys or baskets that are damaged. Damaged flooring, uneven surfaces and trailing electrical cables etc may pose a tripping hazard, as can product packaging or rubbish that has been discarded by staff or the public. Lighting may also be inadequate both in-store and outside in a Home Bargain car park for instance. Outdoor areas especially when affected by winter weather can make surfaces slippery when ice and snow is left un-cleared. Inside the store shelves and displays may be poorly arranged causing merchandise to fall and injure staff and customers.

Whatever your injuries received you may be eligible to receive compensation. You can look online to find a personal injury claims calculator that may provide you with a general idea of how much compensation you are eligible to claim but you can get a more detailed estimation speaking to a Legal Expert provided personal injury solicitor. This is because a member of our professional, experienced team will be able to discuss the exact circumstances of your Home Bargains personal injury claim and factor in all the relevant information to be able to provide you with an estimate of the compensation figure you could be eligible to claim.

Slip And Trip Shop Accident Claims

These are the most common type of personal injury claims that happen in stores and supermarkets and can be caused by a multitude of reasons with hazards can be presented by uneven flooring, obstructions in aisles, wet flooring from spills etc. Such accidents often take place when the daily systems of inspection and cleaning fail to operate; often due to staff shortages or ineffective management. These type of accidents usually take place at peak shopping times when the store is full of customers using not only the retail premises but also facilities on offer such as toilets, car parking, trolleys etc.

Home Bargain Workplace Accident Claim

If you are staff member working for Home Bargains then the following type of accidents are more likely to happen to you than if you were a visiting customer:

  • Manual handing injuries from unloading, moving and displaying stock
  • Electrical shock injuries from lighting and heating equipment etc
  • Slips, trips and falls in staff areas, store rooms etc
  • Chemical injuries from using cleaning materials or when handing stock items such as bleach etc
  • Any kind of accident/injury as the result of a lack of staff training
  • Repetitive strain injuries from using tills for instance or performing any kind of work that involves repetitive movements

What Ways Can Customers Be Hurt At A Branch Of Home Bargain?

If you are a visiting customer to a Home Bargains Store then the following type of accidents could happen to you:-

  • Slips, trips and falls in the public areas of the store resulting from such hazards as spills that have not been cleared up or those presented by uneven or damaged flooring etc
  • Slips, trips and falls in a Home Bargains store car park from un-cleared snow or ice or due to poor lighting etc
  • Manual handling injuries from reaching up to try and lift down heavy or awkwardly shaped items of stock that you want to look at/buy
  • Injuries received from fixtures and fittings – sharp edges, collapsing shelves etc
  • Injuries received from super market baskets or trolleys
  • Injuries received from obstructions left in the aisles and also inappropriately placed displays etc
  • Any kind of accident/injury received as the result of a lack of appropriate signage etc

Claims For Storage Area Or Racking Accidents

These tend to be split into two distinct types of accidents. The first is where a set of shelving or racking falls onto a customer or staff member in stock or display areas. Manual handling accidents can also happen to employees when stock is loaded incorrectly on or off racking.

What Duty Of Care is Owed To Anyone On Home Bargains Premises?

All UK retailers including stores such as Home Bargains have to follow strict legislation including a wide range of Health and Safety measures to protect visiting customers and employees. This is their duty of care and these measures are designed to eliminate the risk or minimise the risk of accidents and personal injuries occurring. Home Bargains must also ensure that all staff are competently trained in health and safety measures in order to recognise potential hazards and minimise risks within the workplace. If an accident happens in a Home Bargains Store resulting in personal injury and it can be determined that this accident was caused by a breach in their duty of care; then Home Bargains could be liable for compensation to a victim (who on reporting an accident in a shop) made a personal injury claim through Legal Expert.

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Make A Personal Accident Claim?

In addition to contacting Legal Expert regarding your claim; in order to make a successful compensation claim there are a number of additional steps that need to be followed:-

I Was Hurt In A Home Bargain Store. What Should I Do?

  • Report the accident to the Home Bargains store and ensure it is accurately recorded in their accident book. Ask for a copy so this can be presented as evidence to your solicitor.
  • Visit a GP or hospital (depending on the severity of your injuries) for treatment and/or advice. This will also ensure that a medical report of the accident and injuries you have suffered is recorded and this will act as key evidence for your claim. Medical reports usually represent the base on which to calculate the compensation figure of your claim.
  • Record the contact details of any witnesses so that your Legal Expert solicitor can contact them to gain statements. You can also take pictures of the accident site and draw basic sketches etc to help illustrate the details of what happened. Photographs can also be taken of injuries. It is important to record EVERYTHING that you remember about the accident as soon as possible as details fade and even the smallest detail could prove to be significant in your claim.
  • Record any expenses that have occurred as a direct result of your accident including travel to medical appointments, prescriptions etc. In event of life changing injuries you may have also incurred costs for specialist equipment or renovations to your home etc.

What Damages Can My Home Bargain Accident Claim Include?

The types of damages that can be claimed usually consist of all or some of the following:-

General Damages will often form the central part of your compensation figure. This will be a monetary figure awarded on the extent of your injury/sickness and suffering.

Medical Expenses will include you receiving compensation that will reimburse you for the cost of any paid medical treatment and linked expenses.

Travel costs will include you receiving compensation to reimburse you for any travel costs or relevant expenses linked to your accident/injury.

Care claim can include compensation that reimburses a friend/loved one for the financial expenses involved in helping to take care of you after your accident including time off work etc.

Loss of Earnings is compensation for your own loss of earnings can also be awarded as well as calculating any future time off work that may be needed because of your accident/injury.

Store Accident Personal Injury Claims Calculator For 2022

The amount that you’re awarded to specifically address the physical or psychological effects of your injuries is known as a general damages payment. To calculate how much you should receive in relation to these injuries, often resources such as medical evidence will be needed during the valuation process. A publication called the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) – most recently updated in 2022 – will also be used.

The figures below have been taken from the JCG. However, payouts generally vary from case to case, as every claim is different.

Back InjuryModerateUp to £38,780Claims may include more serious damage to the persons back as well as longer ongoing pain.
Elbow InjuryLess severe£15,650 to £32,010impaired function but no major surgery required
Knee InjuryModerateUp to £26,190This includes moderate damaged causing ongoing pain as well as some loss of function in the joint.
Knee InjuryMinorUp to £13,740This includes minor damage to the joint causing some pain and loss of function.
Elbow InjuryMinorUp to £12,590Injuries can include some minor loss of function and/or pain in the elbow.
Shoulder InjuryMinorUp to £7,890Injury or pain restricting arm movements in the short term.
Shoulder InjuryModerate£7,890 to £12,770Injuries which restrict arm movement.
Back InjuryMinorUp to £12,510Temporary damage to the back. There may also be some back pain.
WristUncomplicatedIn the region of £7,430A Colles' fracture with no additional complications
ShoulderDependent on level of damage£5,150 to £12,240Clavicle fracture

If you have suffered injuries in a Home Bargains lorry accident or illness due to Home Bargains bleach, get in touch with our advisors today. They can assess whether you are eligible to make a personal injury claim.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For A Home Bargain Store Accident

Legal Expert offers you a no win no fee service which means just what it says! If the solicitor we provide to you is not successful in winning your personal injury compensation claim then you don’t pay a penny! If they are successful (which they very much intend to be!) then any legal fees will be deducted as a percentage from your compensation award. Nothing comes direct from your own pocket and there are no upfront fees to pay. Contact Legal Expert now to take the first step on your journey to win compensation for your Home Bargains Store personal injury claim.

PLEASE NOTE that time can be of the essence with the law currently supporting in most cases a 3 year window personal injury claims time limit from when your accident took place so please do not waste any more time and call Legal Expert as soon as you can for actionable advice.

How Our Team Can Help You Make A Personal Injury Claim Against A Shop In The UK

Many people who have suffered an accident and injury in Home Bargain store will likely be nervous about launching a claim against a nationwide corporation and unsure about their chances of success in winning compensation. As discussed previously the most important legal point is that retailers owe you a duty of care and if this has been breached then Home Bargains could be liable to pay compensation.

There are many no win no fee personal injury claims solicitors who will fight a personal injury case on your behalf at no financial risk to you but quality standards and experience vary dramatically so it is important that you have solicitors with up to 30 years experience of helping clients win personal injury claims to fight your corner. If you have suffered an accident resulting in personal injury at a Home Bargains store whether you are a customer or employee and you want to win compensation for your injuries then please contact Legal Expert who can advise you on the eligibility of your claim. We can then provide you with the legal representation on your behalf at no upfront cost to you to help fight the claim on your behalf to win you the compensation for the injuries and inconvenience you have suffered.

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