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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Debenhams Accident?

The Debenhams department store has been around for many years and today is one of the leading British brands that have over 240 stores globally across 27 countries. Debenhams offers its customers a wide range of products from their own brands as well as international brands. Products can range from clothing, children’s toys, toiletries and fragrancies, to household items and electrical goods. Most Debenhams stores also have a restaurant or café and some selected stores also offer a Clarin’s Skin Spa.

Department store

Department store

A Debenhams department store is a large and busy store and unfortunately accidents can sometimes occur. With a huge number of people being in the store at any one time, including employees, customers and sometimes outside trades such as maintenance companies, the risk of an accident occurring is higher particularly if stores become negligent at following their health and safety policies and procedures.

If you have suffered an injury and want to claim compensation for an accident in Debenhams, then Legal Expert can help you to get the compensation amount you deserve. Legal Expert is a team of experienced solicitors that specialise in the personal injury claims industry and so have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in making successful compensation claims. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation, free consultation to find out how we can be of assistance.

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A guide to Debenhams accident claims

Debenhams is a very popular and well established department store that has been around for many years and has always been viewed and respected as a store with high standards of good customer service and working conditions. All Debenhams stores have a duty of care to their staff and any visitors to their store to ensure their health and safety whilst on Debenhams premises. Debenhams are generally large stores with several floors and numerous areas where the potential for accidents are there if health and safety policies and procedures that are put in place are either not sufficient or not strictly adhered to.

Stock and storage areas pose a risk to staff such as tripping or slipping over causing injury if the areas are not kept clutter free and items stacked in an orderly manner to keep walkways clear. Also stock that is stacked needs to be secure to minimise the risk of it falling onto a member of staff.

Similarly, shop floors should be kept clean and tidy and walkways clear as otherwise both staff and customers are at risk of having an accident resulting in injury.

Due to Debenhams having more than one shop floor, lifts, escalators and stairs are in use daily by both staff and members of the public and so regular maintenance checks need to occur to check for any faults or potential dangers that could cause an accident so that they can be immediately rectified or placed ‘out of use’ until the problem is sorted out.

The restaurant / café areas and the toilet facilities in a Debenhams department store are also hotspots for potential accidents again to both staff and customers, and so policies and procedures for health and safety in these areas should differ slightly to the rest of the store due to the use of hot equipment in the kitchen and serving areas, and the consumption of hot food and drink. Other than general accident risks such as trips and falls, these areas also bring the risk of injuries through burns and scalds, and slipping on any spilt food or drink.

If you are a member of staff or a customer that has been injured whilst at a Debenhams department store, you may be thinking about making a Debenhams accident claim. Please read further on in our guide to gather information and advice about claiming compensation for an accident in Debenhams.

Common types of Debenhams department store injury compensation claims

There are all sorts of potential accidents just waiting to happen in a Debenhams department store if care is not taken to reduce to risks. Unfortunately, even when great care is taken, accidents can still occur. Some of the most common of accidents that may occur are:

Slips, trips and falls in Debenhams

If floor areas and walkways are not kept clean and tidy, and spillages not immediately cleared, then suffering an injury through slipping, tripping or falling over is very likely and probably the most common type of accident. The majority of people that make a Debenhams injury claim, will be due to an injury sustained from these types of accidents.

Shop Items falling

Both staff and customers are at risk of having something fall on them if items have not been stacked or secured sufficiently and safely. Staff are possibly at greater risk due to being in stock and storage areas as well as the shop floor where items may be stacked higher and often in pallets using machinery.

Injuries due to lifting and handling

If staff have not received correct and sufficient training in the moving and handling of shop goods then they could well be at risk of injuring themselves due to poor lifting techniques.

Falling on the stairs or escalators in Debenhams

Debenhams accident claims can be tricky as sometimes it isn’t always clear as to who was to blame for an accident that has occurred causing someone an injury. Legal Expert can help you to determine whether you are eligible to make a Debenhams department store injury compensation claim, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Debenhams slip, trip or fall claims

Slip, trip and fall accidents are probably the number one cause of injuries sustained within a Debenhams department store. These types of accidents can happen due to a variety of reasons such as, items left in the walkways, litter on the floor, poor flooring surfaces, wet floors due to either a spillage of food or drink particularly in the café areas, or a spillage due to cleaning, and many more.

There are numerous injuries that may result from someone slip, trip or falling over in Debenhams. Some of the most common injuries from slips, trips and falls are:

  • Mild to severe bruising.
  • Cuts and / or grazes.
  • Broken or fractured bones.
  • Neck and back injuries.
  • Damage to the spinal cord.
  • Mild to severe concussion.
  • Torn ligaments or muscles.
  • Sprains of the ankles or wrists.

Other injuries that may occur but fortunately are much less common are:

  • Paralysis.
  • Coma.
  • Brain damage.
  • Death.

The extent of any injury sustained will vary from person to person depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, and will also depend on what their state of health was like at the time, for example, did they already have an ailment that could cause the injury to be worse than if they didn’t already have this ailment.

Most slip, trip and fall accidents can be prevented by having good procedures in place and ensuring that they are followed correctly to minimise any potential risks. In many cases proving liability can be tricky but certainly not impossible, but it needs to be proven before being able to confidently begin a Debenhams accident claim. Just give us a call and we can help you with your Debenhams slip, trip or fall claims.

Injured in Debenhams, what is the retailer’s duty of care

Debenhams have a duty of care to their staff and their customers to do everything they possibly can to prevent accidents from occurring whilst they are on Debenhams premises. Health and safety policies and set procedures should be suitable for the purpose and put in place with relevant training given to all members of staff to ensure that they are adhered to.

As an employer and retailer, Debenhams should conduct their business to a high standard of health and safety practises. They should:

  • Care about their employee’s well -being and health with regular communication regarding health and safety with their staff.
  • As well as Debenhams own health and safety procedures, they should abide by the legislation set out in the Health and safety at work etc act 1974 to ensure they are working as best they can to prevent accidents from occurring.
  • Debenhams should have adequate provisions to make sure that it is a safe environment for both shoppers and workers.
  • Health and safety procedures should regularly be checked and kept up to date.
  • Training given to staff regarding health and safety practises needs to be adequate and regularly updated appropriately to ensure that the best procedures possible are being followed.
  • Debenhams ideally should have appropriately trained members of staff that act as fire and health and safety officers within the store to help other members of staff, or someone from the general public visiting the store, if they need help.

By following the health and safety procedures carefully and meticulously, the occurrence of accidents within the Debenhams department store would be greatly reduced. However, if the Debenhams department store becomes negligent regarding health and safety factors and an accident causing injury occurs, then the injured party can make a claim for compensation for an accident at Debenhams.

Debenhams accident claims for injuries at work

Debenhams have a responsibility to protect their staff as best as they can against any potential accidents causing injury. They do this by ensuring their health and safety policies and procedures are up to date, in place and relevant training is provided. Risk assessments should be carried out where appropriate to ensure that a particular job or task can be carried out safely. Although Debenhams have an obligation to their employees to provide a safe working environment, employees also have a responsibility to protect themselves and their colleagues from unnecessary and silly accidents too that could easily have been prevented.

Information gathered from the HSE website in 2016/17 shows that, according to the Labour Force survey, 609,000 injuries happened at work and 137 people were killed whilst at work. Approximately, 31.2 million work days were lost due to work related injuries.

Some of the common accidents that may happen whilst working in a Debenhams store are:

  • Injuries caused by incorrect lifting techniques.
  • Slip, trip or falling over stock, uneven floor surfaces, spillages, clutter etc.
  • Being hit by falling items as a result of poor stacking.
  • Falling on the escalators or stairs.

If Debenhams fail to comply with the legislation set out in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and fail at providing a safe working environment for their employees, then they can be held accountable for their failings if someone suffers an injury whilst at work.

Any accidents that occur whilst at work should be reported and recorded in the works accident book that every work place is legally required to have. Also staff in a managerial role should be informed as well.

If you are an employee of Debenhams and have suffered an injury from having an accident in Debenhams department store whilst at work, then you may be eligible to claim for Debenhams department store injury compensation. Filing for a compensation claim must be initiated within three years of the accident occurring. Give us a call at Legal Expert for help and advice regarding this matter so that we can help you to get the compensation that you deserve.

I had an accident whilst shopping in Debenhams, can I claim compensation?

If you have been injured whilst in a Debenhams department store through no fault of your own, then you will be able to claim for compensation for an accident in Debenhams.

Health and safety is a major concern in any department store such as Debenhams and so all employees should be suitably and efficiently trained in all areas of the store in health and safety procedures so that the well-being of staff and customers alike are protected as best as possible. Unfortunately though, even with the best intentions apparent, accidents can still happen.

If you have been injured whilst shopping in Debenhams and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a Debenhams injury claim if it can be proved that they were in breach of their duty of care.

Please contact us at Legal Expert for a free consultation regarding your Debenhams accident claim and we will do our upmost to help and advise you so that you get the compensation award you are entitled to.

Storage Racking accidents at Debenhams

Staff are probably most at risk from these types of accidents due to having access to the stock storage areas and also being most likely to manoeuvre stock, but customers may also have an accident of this kind on the shop floor if items are not stacked securely.

Debenhams have a duty of care to ensure that their staff have had relevant training in the storage and stacking of stock and using safe lifting techniques so as not to suffer an injury or cause an injury to others.

A common problem that can occur from using poor manuel handling and lifting techniques is injuries being sustained to the back and neck. If staff are trained correctly, these types of injuries could be greatly reduced. If relevant training is not provided, then Debenhams will be in breach of their duty of care and could be sued for compensation.

Stacking of shelves also needs to be done correctly as injuries, potentially severe, could be sustained if an item was to fall on someone, particularly if it is heavy or from a height. Again, the relevant training should be available to all staff and undertaken soon after employment commences.

If Debenhams have not fulfilled their responsibility of training their staff sufficiently and correctly in storing and stacking items and someone suffers an injury as a result, then they could be found liable in a claims court due to their negligence.

Lift and Escalator accident in Debenhams

In large department stores like Debenhams, lifts and escalators are in constant use throughout the day by both staff and customers and so regular maintenance checks are essential in making sure they are in correct working order.

So, how safe are escalators? Providing they are in good working order and used correctly, escalators are safe to use. However, if there is a technical fault, or the person using the escalator behaves in an unsafe manner then accidents are quite likely to occur and escalator accident claims may be launched to gain compensation for any injuries sustained if the accident was down to a problem with the escalator and not the claimant’s fault.

Escalator accident statistics UK show that the majority of accidents that occur on an escalator generally result in minor injuries such as slight bruising but occasionally a serious accidents do occur causing severe injuries and can even cause an escalator accident death. For example, in November 2013, a man fell to his death from an escalator in a Debenhams department store in Oxford Street in London and not long after in 2015, a young woman fell from the fourth floor off of the escalator in the same Debenhams store causing serious injuries, but luckily she survived the fall.

Similarly with lifts, as long as they are regularly checked and maintained and used correctly, they are generally safe to use. However, if they become faulty, then accidents causing injuries are more likely to occur. For example, if a lift opens and the floor level is not the same as the lift floor, then this would result in a trip and fall hazard and possibly cause harm.

Debenhams department store has an obligation and duty of care to its staff and customers to ensure the lifts and escalators are regularly maintained and any faults fixed immediately to prevent the chances of an accident occurring.

If you have been injured after using an escalator or lift in a Debenhams department store, then you may be eligible to make a Debenhams accident claim.

What to do if you have a Debenhams department store injury

If you have been injured after an accident at Debenhams that wasn’t your fault and you’d like to make a Debenhams injury claim, there are a number of steps you can take initially that will support your claim such as:

  • Medical Report – Firstly for the sake of your health, visit a medical professional to get your injuries checked and treated. This will also support your case as a medical report will be produced that documents your injuries and their severity and what treatments are needed, and what your expected recovery time is.
  • Witnesses – If there were any witnesses to your accident, if you are able, gather their contact details so that you can obtain a witness statement if and when necessary. Witness statements are very useful to strengthen your case.
  • Photos – Take photos of any injuries to give visual proof of your pain and suffering. Also, if possible, take photos of the scene of the accident and if can be seen, the reason behind the cause of the accident.
  • Expenses – Keep receipts and documentation of any extra expenses incurred as a direct result of the accident such as prescription fees.
  • Accident report – Make sure that the accident has been logged into the stores accident book and request a copy.
  • Make notes – Jot down anything you can remember leading up to the accident and when the accident occurred and the aftermath. There may be something that is useful in backing up your claim.

How to start your Debenhams compensation claim

All you need to do to begin your accident claim is give us a call at Legal Expert. We are a team of experienced solicitors that specialise in the personal injury claims industry and have helped many clients successfully make compensation claims against large department stores.

When you call us, your call will be answered by a member of our professional team and you will firstly be offered a free, no obligation consultancy session. The aim of this session is to give you a chance to learn a bit more about us and about what happens during the whole claiming process and freely ask as many questions as you need to regarding your compensation claim. We also use this as an opportunity to get to know the details surrounding your claim and gather information from you so that we can establish that you have an eligible case.

We may also offer you a free local medical if required, but of course this can be discussed in more detail during the consultancy session, its nothing to worry about but may be helpful in strengthening your case.

Once you are happy and we know that you absolutely have a right to claim compensation, we will begin to work on your case on a No Win No Fee basis, please read on further about our Debenhams No Win No Fee service.

Debenhams accident compensation claim amounts

Due to the many different circumstances surrounding accidents in Debenhams and the many potential injuries that could occur, we cannot tell you exactly what you will be awarded when you win your compensation claim, there are just too many variants. However, we can show you the average payout amount given for certain injuries that could possibly be sustained in an accident at Debenhams to at least give you an idea of what you could possibly be awarded.

Reason for CompensationAverage Payout AmountComments
Minor injuries£1,050 - £1,860Expected recovery is within 3 months.
Minor injuries£525 - £1,050Expected recovery is within 28 days.
Minor injuriesFew hundred pounds - £525Expected recovery is within 7 days.
Severe back injury£29,750 - £123,300Loss of movement, paralysis.
Moderate back injury£8,750 - 30,750Long term damage to the back with ingoing pain.
Minor back injury£350 - £9,850Short term pain with temporary damage to the back.
Severe knee injury£39,700 - £72,970Permanent loss of movement to either one or both kneesc with ongoing pain.
Moderate knee injury£22,250 - £33,200Long term damage to one or both knees with ongoing pain and loss of function.
Minor knee injury£4,750 - £19,600Damage to the knee that is short term with short term pain and temporary loss of function.
Wrist injury Minor - severe£2,550 - £44,500Small sprains and temporary pain, to permanent disability of one or both wrists with ongoing pain.
Severe Elbow injury£29,200 - £42,250Surgery maybe required due to total loss of function.
Moderate Elbow injury£11,400 - £23,900Ongoing pain and possibly slight loss of function of the elbow.
Minor Elbow injury£3,100 - £9,750Short term pain and possible temporary loss of function.
Severe shoulder injury£9,500 - £37,000Movement of the arm is greatly reduced, tingling in the arm and surgery possibly needed.
Moderate Shoulder injury£6,250 - £9,750Limited arm function and movement.
Minor shoulder injury£350 - £6,700Short term loss of movement in the arm.
Loss of earnings£10,000 - £400,000Payout will be calculated according to the loss of earnings and the loss of future potential earnings and is based on the claimant’s current paygrade.
Loss of benefits£5,000 - £500,000This award is based on the claimant’s current paygrade and the actual amount they have lost due to their injury.

Don’t worry if your particular injury isn’t listed, just give us a call and we’ll help you. If you are an employee of Debenhams, you could investigate some accident at work case studies where you may find a case similarto yours and can see what the compensation award was for that case.

No Win No Fee Debenhams accident claims

The Legal Expert solicitors all work on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not need to pay anything until your case has been successful and you have been awarded your compensation. We take a small percentage of your award as our payment for our legal fees and services. This is better for you as you are not financing the claim which can often take a long time to complete, out of your own funds and so are not gambling any of your money and certainly won’t make any financial losses. However, on the flip side, if we were unsuccessful in securing you any compensation, you will not be required to pay us anything, we swallow the costs ourselves and so as you can see, your finances are not at any risk when you use our No Win No Fee service.

How Legal Expert can help you to make a Debenhams accident claim

The Legal Expert team work hard on your behalf behind the scenes to build you a strong and successful compensation claim case. We gather information not only from yourself but also from outside resources, delving deeper into the legal aspects of your claim. We may also gather evidence from the store itself with the use of CCTV and independent investigations regarding the cause of the accident. It is important for us to establish liability and to prove that Debenhams were at fault when you had your accident in order to successfully win your compensation claim.

We have worked in the personal claims industry for many years and have a wealth of experience in dealing with claims such as yours, so you can rest assure your case is in good hands.

Why choose us for your claim?

We are a friendly, honest and professional team that strive to get the best compensation payouts that we possibly can for our clients. We have an amazing track record for successful claims which shows in our customer’s feedback.

We will keep you informed every step of the way throughout the claiming process without being intrusive so that you are fully aware of how things are going and not just left wondering if anything is actually being achieved.

Our sole aim is to get you the maximum payout amount that we can for you so that you can get the justice you deserve. We get through the claiming process as quickly and as efficiently as we can and fight your corner for you so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

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