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Halifax Data Breach Solicitors – Expert Claims Support

You might not realise that data breach solicitors for Halifax compensation claims could represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. You could be offered these terms providing your case is valid. Furthermore, you are not obliged to use solicitors who are local to where you live.

Data breach solicitors Halifax

Data breach solicitors for Halifax

This guide offers valuable information and advice relating to data breaches and when you could have grounds to sue. We cover the laws that protect personal data that organisations gather and process. The laws include the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) as well as the updated Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).

The body that enforces data protection law in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). They have the power to issue fines to organisations that breach the law but not to award victims of a breach compensation. Our guide provides advice and details on how your data could be compromised or exposed. We have also included a table showing compensation brackets for specific psychological harm. This could give you a rough idea of how much your claim might be worth.

A member of the Legal Expert team will provide you with essential advice in a free telephone consultation. Moreover, you are not obliged to take your case forward if you decide not to. To speak to one of our advisers today, please call our freephone number and find out if you could make a No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

You can reach an adviser on 0800 073 8804. Alternatively, you could use the Live Chat feature which can be found at the bottom of this page. For further information about data breach claims, please continue reading our guide.

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An Essential Guide To Data Breach Solicitors For Halifax

Were you the victim of a data breach, and did you suffer monetary losses or psychological harm? Could you be entitled to make a claim for compensation? You must be able to show that an organisation or other body, failed to protect the data correctly they held about you. If the organisation did not follow data protection law, you could have grounds to sue. Your claim could be valid if you can show that the breach caused you mental distress, and/or financial losses.

When you get caught up in a data breach, identifiable information may be exposed. Data protection laws do not cover all data. Usually, it is data that can be used in a way to identify you. If your personal information is exposed or compromised, you may become the victim of identity theft. A breach in data security can happen accidentally, deliberately, or because of a cyber-attack. However, most breaches occur due to human error such as emailing a group but failing to use the Bcc field with another example being when information is not redacted in information packs.

If an organisation or other entity followed data protection laws and did everything to keep your data safe, you may not be able to file a claim.

There is a statutory time limit to filing a data breach claim for compensation which can be 1 year or 6 years. A member of the Legal Expert team can review the details relating to your case and let you know which deadline applies to it. As such, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch sooner rather than later.

What Are Data Breaches?

A data breach is defined as a security incident where identifiable personal data is unlawfully or accidentally:

  • Accessed
  • Altered
  • Lost
  • Disclosed
  • Destroyed

An incident may happen by accident, or it could be a deliberate action. A breach could also be the result of a cyber-attack. However, the more common cause is down to human error. To receive a compensation payout for a data breach, you must provide proof. This includes that you suffered mental distress, and/or monetary losses. Also, it has to be because an organisation failed to protect your data appropriately or they broke data protection law. In short, if the actions or inaction of an organisation is responsible for the breach, you could have grounds to sue.

Call today and talk to one of our advisers about making a claim, and to find out whether data breach solicitors for Halifax claims could represent you. When we find you have a strong case, a No Win No Fee lawyer could take on your claim.

How Organisations Could Breach Your Data Privacy

As previously mentioned, a high percentage of data breaches in the UK happen due to human error. That said, cyber-crime also accounts for a percentage of breaches in data security. We have listed examples of breaches that could happen due to human error:

  • Your data is unlawfully disclosed by Social Services
  • Emails containing your information is sent to the wrong addresses
  • A device is lost or stolen that contains your data
  • Staff leave computer screens on disclosing your personal information
  • An employee accesses a database without permission to gain access to your data
  • Your medical records are shared with third parties without a lawful basis

These are just a few examples of how human error can lead to a breach in your data security and which may give you grounds to sue. Call an adviser today and find out more about claiming compensation with the help of data breach solicitors for Halifax claims.

How Many People Are Affected By Data Breaches?

The Government publishes a survey on cyber-security breaches which provides people with an idea of the level of attacks that occur in a specific period. Moreover, the ICO also publishes quarterly reports relating to data security incidents on its official website.

In the second quarter for the financial year 2021/22, the ICO recorded 2,431 incidents of which 714 involved cyber-security incidents.

Essential Steps To Take Before Talking To Data Breach Solicitors For Halifax

When you believe you are the victim of a data breach you should first get in touch with the organisation or entity responsible (data controller) by sending them a formal letter. The data controller should reply to your letter without too much delay. You should keep the letter they send to you because it could be vital evidence when you file a claim. That said, if you receive a reply and you are not happy with things, you can take the matter as high in the organisation as you can. Furthermore, you can get in touch with the ICO and raise your concerns with them. However, you are not obliged to contact the ICO in order to file a claim.

Please note that if you contact the ICO for help and advice, you must do so within 3 months of the last ‘meaningful’ communication you had with a data controller. If you wait too long, the ICO may not want to launch an investigation. However, if they do and you are sent a report, this can be used as evidence in your compensation claim.

Moreover, the ICO will not get involved in a claim. If you want to seek damages, you must start proceedings against the party responsible. Because these claims are complex, you could seek advice from a solicitor first. This is where Legal Expert can help you. Not only can we assess your case for free, but we can also connect you to data breach solicitors for Halifax claims too.

How Much Compensation Do You Get For A Data Breach?

You are awarded two lots of damages when your data breach claim is successful. Firstly, non-material damages are awarded for the mental distress the breach caused you. Secondly, material damages could be paid to reimburse your monetary losses. You could be entitled to both non-material and material damages when you win your case.

Our table below covers non-material damages and the amounts are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines which legal professionals use to value injuries.

Mental distress sufferedSeverity Potential compensation awarded for non-material damages (Judicial College Guidelines)Details
Psychological damageModerately Severe £17,900 - £51,460Moderate to severe mental harm is suffered by the claimant and it negatively impacts their ability to work to some degree. Their quality of life may also be affected
Psychological damageLess severeUp to £5,500Minor mental harm is suffered by a claimant and some symptoms may persist over time
Psychological damageSevere£51,460 - £108,620Extremely severe psychiatric harm is suffered by the claimant which affects every aspect of their future lives including their ability to carry on working
Psychological damageModerate£5,500 - £17,900Moderate psychiatric harm is suffered by the claimant which it impacts their lives to a degree
Post-traumatic stress disorderLess Severe £3,710 to £7,680Minor symptoms of PTSD are experienced by the claimant but
they are expected to recover within 2 years of the incident
Post-traumatic stress disorderModerate£7,680 to £21,730Moderate symptoms of PTSD are experienced by the claimant. Their prognosis is, however, positive
Post-traumatic stress disorderModerately Severe £21,730 to £56,180Moderately severe symptoms of PTSD are experienced by the claimant but with the right treatment the symptoms are expected to lessen as time passes
Post-traumatic stress disorderSevere £56,180 to £94,470Severe symptoms of PTSD are experienced by the claimant which affects their future life and ability to work

The level of compensation you receive for non-material damages is based on the seriousness of the mental distress the breach caused you. For this reason, an independent specialist may be asked to provide a report detailing the extent of the harm you were caused, and the prognosis.

Call an adviser today and find out if your case is valid. We can also arrange for you to see an independent specialist local to you. Moreover, a member of our team will let you know if data breach solicitors for Halifax claims could offer you No Win No Fee terms.

We Could Help On A No Win No Fee Basis?

Our solicitors work with all claimants on a No Win No Fee basis. Providing you have grounds to sue for compensation, you too could benefit from these terms. Once a solicitor takes on your case, they will send you a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). The solicitor can begin work on you claim as soon as you sign and return the agreement to them. This legal contract sets out the Terms and Conditions which includes:

  • You won’t pay an upfront fee or ongoing fees to the No Win No Fee solicitor
  • If your claim fails, you won’t pay any solicitor’s fees
  • An agreed percentage (success fee) is paid when you win your claim
  • A success fee is legally capped

Get in touch with an adviser today for more advice and information regarding No Win No Fee claims for compensation.

Start A Claim With Data Breach Solicitors For Halifax

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Thank you for reading our guide to data breach solicitors for Halifax compensation claims.

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