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London Metropolitan University Data Breach Compensation Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim? – Amounts For London Metropolitan University Data Breach

My Privacy Was Breached By A London Metropolitan University Data Breach, Can I Claim Compensation?

In this article, we are going to explain when data breach claims against London Metropolitan University might be justified, the harm a breach could cause and how much data breach compensation could be awarded.

Universities need to collect, manage and process large amounts of information to be able to function. Much of it is personal and some of it sensitive. While they are required to gather that information, it’s really important that it is kept as secure as possible.

London Metropolitan University data breach claims guide

London Metropolitan University data breach claims guide

Two new pieces of legislation have changed how data protection works in the UK. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enacted into UK law by The Data Protection Act 2018, gives you a lot of control over when and how your personal information will be used.

As well as needing your permission to process your data, an organisation (or data controller) must implement measures to keep it as safe as possible. If any individual (or data subject) suffers harm following a university data breach, they may be entitled to seek compensation. On top of that, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) might hand out a large financial penalty.

Legal Expert can support you if you would like to explore making a university data breach claim. Our team offer free advice along with an assessment of your case without an obligation on your part to proceed. If there appears to be a reasonable chance of success, your claim could be passed to an experienced solicitor from our team. Any claim they decide to work on will be handled using our No Win No Fee service.

For free advice on making a claim, why not contact Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 right away? If you’d like to find out more first, please read on to learn more about university data breach claims.

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A Guide On Data Breach Claims Against London Metropolitan University

Since the GDPR has been introduced, many daily events have changed. For instance, if you shop online, join a gym, register with a new GP or sign up to a university course, there will probably be at least one GDPR interaction. You might not realise they are happening but they’re the reason you’ll see pop-up boxes on websites and tick boxes and privacy statements on application forms.

All of these new things are there to protect you. The GDPR tells data controllers that they must explain to you when your data is required, why it is needed and how it will be used. Furthermore, none of your personal information can be used without your permission. Importantly, once the data controller has your preferences, they need to adhere to them. Also, they have to do as much as they can to keep your data safe. If they don’t, the ICO could fine them heavily and you may be able to start a compensation claim.

As with all compensation cases, you must begin within a pre-set time limit. For most data breach cases, you will have 6-years, but you should check this as some cases (relating to human rights breaches) only have a 1-year limitation period. In any case, the sooner you begin, the easier it will be to remember how you have been affected. Additionally, starting your case early might mean that it is easier for solicitors to obtain evidence to back up your claim.

Once you have absorbed all of the details within this guide, please contact us by using the number at the top of the page if you would like to begin your claim or if there are any unanswered questions.

What Are Data Breaches By London Metropolitan University?

It is true that we live in a digital age and a lot of data processing is carried out by computer systems these days. However, that’s not to say that data breaches only happen because of cybersecurity issues like malware, ransomware, phishing emails, viruses, keyloggers or denial of service attacks.

The GDPR also covers personal information which is stored in hard copies of documentation. That means that if an office was broken into and an unlocked filing cabinet containing personal records was ransacked, then a data protection breach may have taken place.

The definition of a data protection breach found in GDPR documentation is when a security incident leads to the personally identifiable information relating to a data subject being accessed, destroyed, lost, disclosed or altered using methods that have not been authorised.

What causes the breach to happen is not too important as the ICO will investigate accidental, illegal and deliberate acts.

Upon the discovery of a data protection breach, the controller must begin an internal investigation and inform the ICO. If any data subjects could be at risk of the breach, then the data controller must let them know about the breach. They should be informed of what data was disclosed, how the breach occurred and when it took place.

If you’d like our help making a data privacy breach claim, why not contact a specialist on our team right away?

GDPR And Data Protection Of University Data

When a university is registered with the ICO, there are certain procedures and policies defined within GDPR documents which they must follow. For example, they need to be able to show that they are in full compliance with these principles regarding data processing:

  • Data subjects must be informed about the reason why their personal data is needed.
  • The act of processing data must be fair, legal and obvious.
  • Encryption and other security methods should be considered so that processing is confidential and secure.
  • Personal information may not be stored for any longer than is necessary.
  • Only the minimum data needed to meet the processing requirements should be collected.
  • There must be a means to keep any stored personal information up to date.

The type of information protected by the GDPR is the data which could help identify a data subject i.e., names, ID numbers, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses. Furthermore, data about protected characteristics which could indirectly identify somebody are also included, such as information relating to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities.

Has This University Been Affected By A Breach Of Data Protection?

While we are not aware of any data breaches involving London Metropolitan University at the time of writing, one event did affect a number of universities in England including some in London.

A software supplier named Blackbaud who supply a database system used by some universities was hacked in May 2020. They became aware of the breach and investigated the matter as required by the GDPR rules. They identified that their back up storage had been exploited and some data had been obtained from the servers illegally. Later on, the company were contacted by cybercriminals who demanded a ransom to stop the data being used.

The information related largely to alumni of the affected universities and, in some cases, staff and current students. At the time the incident was reported to the affected customers, it was thought that no financial or password information was taken.

Unusually, Blackbaud decided to pay the ransom to the hackers so that the stolen data would be destroyed. After the payment had been made, they were assured that this was the case.

News article:

If you have been harmed by this or any other university data protection breach, please let us know by calling the number at the top of the page.

Statistics On Breaches Of Data Protection By Universities

As shown already, university data breaches do occur, and they can cause many problems for those affected. To further demonstrate how common they are becoming, we are going to provide some statistics from a recent study based on responses from 86 universities.

The report revealed that:

  • Around a quarter of universities had never commissioned an external penetration of their IT infrastructure (27%).
  • Almost half said they don’t offer proactive training to students on data security techniques (49%).
  • Surprisingly, a large number of respondents had reported data breaches in the last 12 months (54%).
  • Around 46% of university employees had not been trained in IT data awareness methods in the past year.
  • Budgets for training in such techniques only averaged £7,529 per university for the year.


Legal Expert could help you make a university data breach claim whatever the cause. Therefore, if you have been harmed in any way, please call our team for advice today.

Criminal Cyber And Network Security Breaches

In this section, we are going to examine how the number of future data breaches at universities could be reduced. While we aren’t technical network gurus, we are able to list some standard security practices which could help. They include:

  • Providing adequate training to staff, contractors and students in how to protect the data they handle.
  • Regularly reviewing and updating data security policies.
  • Using external firms in an effort to spot security weaknesses before criminals spot them.
  • Encrypting drives on portable devices so that they are safe if they are stolen or lost.
  • Implementing procedures to keep all network devices patched to the highest security levels.

These steps may seem costly in the first instance, but they could stop a lot of harm to data subjects in the future. At the same time, they could prevent a subsequent ICO investigation or fine.

What Could The Victim Of A Data Breach Be Compensated For?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just say to a defendant that you’d like a set amount of compensation to settle your case? Well, that’s not quite how these things work. You will need to provide evidence to substantiate your allegations. In addition, you’re only entitled to claim once so before you settle, you will also need to have considered how you could be affected in the future.

Most data breach cases start with a material damages element where you claim for the money that has been lost following the breach. Then you’ll look at non-material damages that are designed to compensate for the suffering that has been caused including psychiatric injuries like depression and anxiety.

For material damages, the first calculation you’ll make is the money which has already been lost as a result of the breach. Then you could look at future losses which could occur as well. For example, if your personal information is used in identity theft crimes, it’s possible your credit record might be damaged. As a result, you might need to calculate the potential increased cost of taking out financial products in the future.

When claiming for non-material damages, you will usually look at diagnosed conditions first. Then you may be told by an independent medical advisor that your suffering could continue in the long-term and affect your relationships, ability to work and how you cope day to day. Therefore, these factors would need to be taken into account too.

If you would like your claim to be thoroughly assessed before it’s submitted by one of our team of experienced solicitors, why not get in touch today? We offer an assessment of any claim without any obligation as well as free legal advice about your options.

Compensation Calculator For Data Breaches By London Metropolitan University

In this section, we are going to show what compensation might be paid in data breach claims against London Metropolitan University. Obviously, we can’t tell you what might be paid in your case until it has been reviewed by our team, but you’ll find the information here helpful.

In an important case at the Court of Appeal (Vidal-Hall and others v Google Inc [2015]), it was decided that claimants can seek compensation for the psychological suffering caused by data breaches without the need to have suffered financially. Also, the court said payments for these types of injuries should be made in line with personal injury law.

The table below sets out some example compensation amounts awarded for various psychological injuries. We have supplied figures from the Judicial College Guidelines, that is often referred to by legal specialists when settling compensation cases.

Type Of Injury Severity Compensation Bracket Notes
General Psychiatric Injury Severe £51,460 – £108,620 A very poor prognosis will be offered for the claimant in this category because they will be vulnerable in the future. There will be very serious problems with work, coping with life and relationships.
General Psychiatric Injury Moderate £5,500 to £17,900 There will have been similar problems to the category above but there will already have been a lot of improvement leading to a good prognosis.
General Psychiatric Injury Less Severe Up to £5,500 Slight symptoms that resolve in a short space of time.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Moderately Severe £21,730 to £56,180 In the foreseeable future, the claimant will suffer significantly with the symptoms of PTSD. However, with the support of a medical professional, things should improve.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Moderate £7,680 to £21,730 Most serious symptoms will have been resolved and if any minor issues persist, they won’t be disabling.

The table shows that compensation is based largely on the severity of any injuries. That’s why, during your claim, you will be asked to visit a local independent medical specialist. During your appointment, they will take a look through your medical notes and ask a series of questions so that they can determine the true impact of your suffering. When they have completed the medical assessment, they will tell your solicitor about their findings.

As the report is so important for your case, we should point out that medical assessments are required for all data breach cases.

Finding A Solicitor To Handle Your Data Breach Case

Now, what’s the next thing to do if you’ve decided that you’d like to begin a claim for the harm caused by a personal data breach? You might want to select a solicitor who can assist you, but where do you start your search?

It’s possible that you might want to read some solicitor reviews online (ours can be found here), ask for recommendations or scour your local area for a firm of lawyers to help.

A method that might be easier is to call the Legal Expert advice line. A specialist advisor will answer all of your questions and provide free legal advice. If your case is accepted, a solicitor will be appointed who will outline the claims process. As well as trying to ensure you receive as much compensation as possible, your data breach solicitor will:

  • Be available to answer questions.
  • Update you regularly when your case progresses.
  • Explain complex legal terms when they crop up.

If you would like Legal Expert to represent you, please reach out to us today so that we can review your claim.

No Win No Fee Claims For Data Breach Claims Against London Metropolitan University

You have probably heard of the phrase ‘No Win No Fee’ when reading about compensation claims. We offer such a service to anybody whose claim we take on. The reason they are beneficial is that your financial risk is lowered which, in turn, means the rest of the claim should be less stressful.

When you get in touch, your claim will have to be assessed by a solicitor. If they are happy that the grounds for your case are strong enough, you will be supplied with a Conditional Fee Agreement (or CFA)—also known as a No Win No Fee agreement—to consider.

The CFA will set out that:

  • You are not required to pay solicitor’s fees or charges upfront.
  • There will not be any solicitor’s fees billed to you while your claim is processed.
  • If your claim doesn’t work out, you will not be liable to pay any of your solicitor’s fees.

If the outcome of your claim is positive, and you receive compensation for your suffering, your solicitor will deduct a success fee to cover the cost of their work. This is detailed in the CFA as a fixed percentage of your compensation. To provide some peace of mind, we should say that success fees are capped legally capped.

If you would like us to review whether you’re able to claim using our No Win No Fee service, please contact an advisor today.

Contact Our Claims Team

You have now completed our guide about making data breach claims against London Metropolitan University. Now it’s time to let you know how to contact Legal Expert. If you would like to begin your claim or ask any further questions, you can:

There really is no benefit in us wasting your time so we will provide honest and open advice about your prospects at all times. Our team will assess your case on a no-obligation basis and provide free advice. If your claim is strong enough to be taken on, you will be partnered with a solicitor on our team. Remember, claims that are taken on will be handled on a No Win No Fee basis.

Additional Information

We have now covered all the information we wanted to supply in this article about data breach claims against London Metropolitan University. To finish the article off, we have added a few resources which might prove helpful if you go on to begin a claim. Additionally, to show how else Legal Expert could help you in the future, we have provided links to some more of our guides as well. If you have any further requirements, please contact our team and let us know.

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ICO Latest Action – An up-to-date list of ICO enforcement action.

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Thank you for reading our guide to data breach claims against London Metropolitan University.


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