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Stevenage Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims

How To Claim For Medical Negligence At A Walk In Centre In Stevenage

Medical negligence can turn a mundane trip to a Stevenage walk-in centre into a serious health problem. When you visit a walk-in centre you are placing your trust in the doctors and staff working there. Medical negligence is a betrayal of that trust and could cause you serious harm, resulting in pain, discomfort and an impact on your ability to carry on with your life as normal. When something like this happens, those affected can be entitled to compensation.

Stevenage walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

Stevenage walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

We here at Legal Expert are professionals in helping people win this compensation. We’ve provided this in-depth guide to give you more information on how we do that. It contains details on what medical negligence is, how it could occur, what impacts it has and what you can do to claim compensation for it with the help of our team of experts. 

If you have suffered an illness or have otherwise come to harm because of medical negligence at a walk-in centre in Stevenage, you should read this guide. 

If you have read this guide and want to make a claim, or if you still have more questions, please use the contact details below to reach our team of professional legal advisors. They can offer you a free one-to-one consultation on anything you need to know regarding making a claim for compensation over medical negligence.

You can reach them by:

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1. A Guide To Stevenage Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims
What Is Stevenage Walk-In Centre Clinical Negligence?
Nearest Walk-In Centres To Stevenage
What Services Do Walk-In Centres Provide?
Minor Injury Healthcare Negligence
Minor Infection Healthcare Negligence
Reproductive Health Negligence
Medication Error Negligence Cases
Stevenage Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator
Stevenage Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence No Win No Fee Claims
How To Start Your Case
Need More Help?

A Guide To Stevenage Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims

This guide will aim to equip you with the knowledge you need to begin a claim for Stevenage walk-in centre medical negligence. It will explain what kind of situations could be considered negligence at a walk-in centre and how you could have grounds to make a claim. 

We will also explain how compensation can be calculated with the help of our medical negligence claims calculator. This page also explains how you can take some of the financial risks out of making a compensation claim by making a No Win No Fee agreement with a lawyer. Please call us if there is anything else you have a question about.

What Is Stevenage Walk-In Centre Clinical Negligence?

Doctors are held to a high standard. They are expected to always act in the best interest of their patients and to carry out their duties not only to the best of their abilities but also to the standards expected of a qualified medical professional. This applies to both NHS doctors and those in the private medical sector. Medical negligence arises when these standards are not met.

Medical negligence can cause patients to come to severe harm at their most vulnerable times. We will detail some of the ways that this can happen and what effects it can have in this article. Because it is so dangerous, and because it is a betrayal of trust, medical negligence is not acceptable, and it can be grounds for making a compensation claim. As we will detail in this guide, medical negligence can occur in walk-in centres and be grounds for making a compensation claim.

Nearest Walk-In Centres To Stevenage

There is an urgent care centre operating out of New Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City. You can see the details of this facility on this page.

The Stevenage Sexual Health clinic operates on a walk-in basis. You can see the details of this service on this page.

What Services Do Walk-In Centres Provide?

Walk-in centres are designed to offer a third option between calling an ambulance and going to the hospital or trying to arrange a GP’s appointment when you are in need of medical attention. Sometimes neither option is appropriate. 

At a walk-in centre, you can receive on the spot medical attention for an illness or an injury that needs to be looked at as soon as possible, but is not urgent enough to require a hospital visit.

In addition to treating minor illnesses or injuries, walk-in centres can also offer reproductive health services, and in some cases can be responsible for providing prescriptions. Walk-in centres are commonly referred to as minor injury units or urgent treatment units. If you are thinking about whether you should attend a hospital or a walk-in centre, call 111 or go to this website.

Minor Injury Healthcare Negligence

Sometimes, when you sustain an injury, it isn’t severe enough to require calling 999 or to prevent you from getting about. But such injuries can require urgent attention nevertheless, or else they could get worse or cause unnecessary pain and discomfort without treatment. It is always important to get even minor injuries looked at by a doctor, as you never know when it could actually be something more serious with minor symptoms.

Medical negligence on the part of the doctor or nurse responsible for you at the centre could lead to these types of potential consequences, with possibly serious harm occurring as a result. Some of the different types of minor injuries that can be treated at most walk-in centres include:

  • Bites and insect stings
  • Sprains
  • Cuts and minor lacerations
  • Broken noses
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Minor burns or scalds.

Medical negligence, especially where it causes a patient harm, is never acceptable. If you have been let down by a doctor in this way while attending a walk-in centre for a minor injury, then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim with the help of our team of experts and lawyers.

Minor Infection Healthcare Negligence

Minor illnesses can be treated or at least diagnosed at most walk-in centres. Things like headaches, rashes, colds and flu, food poisoning and so on are minor issues. But a doctor still has a duty of care to provide treatment, whether it be a treatment for the issue itself or merely a form of relief until the matter resolves itself, as most minor complaints usually do.

They also have an obligation to make sure they have been thorough in the examination, testing and diagnosis of their patients’ problem. Seemingly minor illnesses could turn out to be the symptoms of something worse and more serious.

Failing to perform these duties properly could cause the patient harm, ranging from unnecessary pain and distress to severe and potentially long-lasting health issues. This could be grounds for making a medical negligence compensation claim. 

To find out more about how our team of lawyers could help you to make a claim like this, contact us today or read this page.

Reproductive Health Negligence

Some walk-in centres can offer reproductive healthcare services. If you are thinking of attending a walk-in centre for reasons concerning your sexual health then you should look up online to see what kind of services they offer in this department. If they do offer such healthcare, then you could attend a walk-in centre to receive an STD test, pregnancy-related medical attention and receive contraceptives.

The duty of care owed by practitioners of medicine to their patients requires the testing of sexually transmitted infections and diseases, also known as STIs or STDs, and pregnancy to be accurate in order to ensure that illnesses and potential problems are identified and treated early on. 

If they aren’t, because of medical negligence, then even commonplace and easily treatable infections could grow to become a severe and long-lasting health problem. 

In pregnancy, identifying and treating illnesses or other health problems are even more crucial. Untreated health concerns in either the mother or the unborn baby could lead to either or both suffering injuries during childbirth. For more information about claiming compensation for an injury sustained in childbirth, see this page here.

And to find out more about making a claim for Stevenage walk-in centre medical negligence, get in touch with our team.

Medication Error Negligence Cases

Not all walk-in centres employ staff authorised to dispense medications. Those that can have a duty of care to ensure that they do so in a way that is safe and effective and does not pose a danger to the patient’s health. This means that any of the following scenarios could potentially constitute medical negligence:

  • Prescribing a medication that is incorrect for treating the patient’s illness
  • Prescribing too large a dose, posing the threat of an overdose
  • Prescribing too small a dose
  • Prescribing without checking first that the patient does not have other prescriptions or levels of heavy alcohol or drug use which could cause the medication to react to substances already in the patient’s system.
  • Prescribing a drug the patient is known to be allergic to.

Medical negligence in any of these forms could potentially harm the patient’s health, either by not treating the illness effectively or by creating new problems and actively causing the patient to become sicker. If you believe that something like this could have happened to you, then call our team or read this page to find out if you could be entitled to compensation.

Stevenage Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator

You may be wondering how much compensation you could claim in your case. Getting an idea of how much compensation you could be entitled to might be a deciding factor in whether or not you choose to go ahead with making a claim. 

If it were possible we would try to provide you with an estimate for your claim on our website. However, because of how compensation must be calculated, we cannot do that. That is because medical negligence compensation has to be worked out to match the severity of the impact of what you have experienced. Doing this will mean going through the details of what has happened to you with a lawyer.

Instead, we can show you this clinical negligence claims calculator. It shows estimates of how much money could be awarded for different types of injuries and illnesses. The examples shown on this table reflect some of the different things that could happen to someone if they are the victim of medical negligence.

The figures you can see below have been taken from the Judicial College Guidelines.


What the above table does not include are special damages. This is a type of compensation that could be awarded for financial losses and costs resulting from medical negligence. These types of losses could include things like:

  • lost wages from being unable to work
  • Money spent on transport costs due to being unable to drive
  • Money spent on medical treatment

It’s important to retain any receipts relating to financial losses and expenses in order to successfully claim them back.

To find out what else can be factored into a Stevenage walk-in centre medical negligence claim, get in touch with our team.

Stevenage Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence No Win No Fee Claims

Making a compensation claim could mean taking a risk. People on low incomes or people whose financial situation has been made difficult by an injury or illness may struggle to afford legal fees for a lawyer. And paying for a lawyer and not winning a compensation payout in a claim could leave you with significant debt. 

One way of making a claim while avoiding this scenario is to make a No Win No Fee claim.

A No Win No Fee claim is one in which you sign a deal with a lawyer stating that you won’t be charged for starting the claim, and you won’t be charged legal fees by the lawyer if you make a compensation claim and fail. 

If a successful claim is made and compensation is awarded, then you will pay the lawyers fees by allowing them to take a small portion of the compensation. This is used to help cover their costs in representing you. This portion will be capped by law, so you will still get to keep the majority of the money. 

A lawyer agreeing to take on a case on a No Win No Fee basis can be a good sign that they are confident they will win the case for you. To learn more, read our No Win No Fee page.

How To Start Your Case

Thank you for reading our guide to Stevenage walk-in centre medical negligence. WE hope you’ve found it useful. If you want to take action now or to get some free legal advice from our team of friendly medical negligence advisers, simply get in touch with us using any of the methods below:

Need More Help?

In this final section of our guide, we’ve included some more guides you may find useful. 

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Thank you for reading our guide to Stevenage walk-in centre medical negligence claims.

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