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St Helens Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims

You may have grounds to make a St Helens walk-in centre medical negligence claim if you can prove that the treatment you received was negligent and caused your further ill health. Your case must pass the Bolam test in order to be valid. A set of peers with the same qualification would be asked if they would have acted in the same way. Medical professionals owe patients they treat a duty of care. Breaching this duty by providing substandard care that avoidably harms a patient may be seen as medical negligence.

St Helens walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

St Helens walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

Our guide explains what clinical negligence is, and how a minor health issue could be made much worse if the person treating you in a walk-in centre in St Helens is negligent. The error could be in the diagnosis, treatment, or the sort of medicine that is prescribed. It may involve the wrong course of antibiotics being prescribed for an infection or a sexually transmitted disease. Please remember not all walk-in centres are NHS run so this guide covers both private and public facilities.

Our guide provides information on your rights as a patient being treated in a walk-in centre, and we go into the sort of health conditions which medical professionals are able to treat in a walk-in centre. We also explain how all licensed medical practitioners have a duty of care towards patients in their care, and what may happen if this is breached.

We explain how you could benefit from being represented by a lawyer on a No Win No Fee basis. We also offer information on how a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) works, and how you would only pay the ‘success fee’ to a solicitor once you receive compensation for the harm caused through medical negligence.

To find out more on how to go about making a clinical negligence claim for compensation if a health concern was made worse by negligent medical treatment, please continue reading our guide. To speak to an adviser and to find out whether your case is valid, please call a member of our team on 0800 073 8804.

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A Guide To Medical Negligence Claims Against A St Helens Walk-In Centre

Walk-in centres have changed how people suffering from ill health can get the medical treatment that they need. They were introduced so as to take the pressure of A and E departments in hospitals. They are a way to receive treatment for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Our guide explains what clinical negligence entails, and how all licensed medical practitioners in the UK owe their patients a duty of care when treating them. It is fair to say that no medical professional ever aims to cause a patient unnecessary harm. There are times when external problems or issues allow space for mistakes to be made.

We explain the various medical errors which could occur and how when this happens, your health and wellbeing could be negatively impacted. We provide information on the type of ailments, injuries and infections which can be treated by medical professionals in walk-in centres, and when you would have to visit an A&E department of a hospital or visit an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC).

We offer an idea of how much suffering caused by clinical negligence could be awarded in a compensation claim using a general damages table. We explain how the damages awarded are worked out.

Our guide provides advice on how a medical negligence solicitor could agree to act on your behalf on a No Win No Fee basis. The guide includes an explanation of how this type of agreement works. We go into the benefits of signing a Conditional Fee Agreement and offer information on other legal routes you could opt to take when seeking medical negligence compensation.

To find out whether you have a valid clinical negligence claim if a minor condition was made worse when treated in a St Helens Walk-in Centre, please speak to a Legal Expert adviser today.

What Is Negligent Care At A St Helens Walk-In Medical Centre?

If a medical practitioner breaches their duty of care they have to keep you as safe as possible their actions could be deemed as negligent. If there are negligent practices in diagnosis or treatment this can mean a patient suffers more than they would have.

Licensed medical professionals whether they work for the NHS or in the private sector owe you, the patient they treat, a duty of care. In short, nurses, doctors, dentists, and other licensed medical professionals have a duty to provide you with a level of care that a competent medical professional would provide. Many treatments and medications have side effects. So it is possible to suffer an injury or illness due to medical treatment. It is when this illness or injury could have been avoided that medical negligence is considered.

If the standard of care you are being provided falls below the level of expectation the following could occur:

If a minor health concern was made much worse through the negligence of the person treating you in a walk-in centre, and you can show there was a breach of duty of care, please get in touch with Legal Expert today.

Walk-In Medical Centres In St Helens Merseyside

If you suffer a minor injury, or you develop a minor infection, or you sustain a minor injury that requires immediate medical attention, you can opt to visit a walk-in centre in St Helens. Here is a list of walk-in centres in or around St Helens.

  • St Helens NHS Walk-in Centre
  • Old Swan Walk-in Centre

When Can I Get Treatment From A Walk-In Centre?

If you suffer a minor health issue that requires immediate medical attention, you can opt to visit a walk-in centre in St Helens to receive the required treatment and care. Some walk-in centres are nurse-led while others will be populated with doctors. It is always advised to call ahead to check they can deal with your health complaint. If your condition is life-threatening you should visit an accident and emergency room or call an ambulance.

The injuries, infections, and ailments which medical practitioners can treat in a walk-in centre include the following:

  • Head injuries (minor)
  • Strains and sprains
  • Cuts and grazes (minor)
  • Stings and bites
  • Eye issues (minor)
  • Suspected broken bones and fractures
  • Burns and scalds (minor)
  • Rashes, skin infections
  • Ear and throat infections (minor)
  • Colds and coughs
  • Fever (adults and children)
  • Stomach issues
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Contraception (emergency)

To find out if you have a valid clinical negligence claim if a mistake was made when you visited a St Helens walk-in centre, please get in touch today.

Negligent Care For A Minor Injury

If you are not registered with a GP or you cannot get a GP appointment at your local surgery you may opt to go to a walk-in centre to have a minor injury looked at. When visiting a doctor it is really important you tell them about all your symptoms and any circumstances surrounding your ill health. This is so they can treat you correctly.

The sort of medical errors which could occur and which could be seen as a medical professional being in breach of their duty of care includes the following:

  • Not listening to a patients symptoms and therefore misdiagnosing them
  • Prescribing medication it says they are allergic to on their medical record
  • Not referring them for an X-ray when there are clear signs of a fracture.

To have a valid claim for medical negligence you must be able to show with evidence that the negligent treatment you received caused you to suffer more than you would have. It must also be shown that another practitioner of the same standard would have acted differently, not causing avoidable harm.

Negligent Care For A Minor Infection

For infections, a doctor may need to diagnose you. So before you visit a St Helens walk-in centre call ahead to ensure a doctor is there.

The sort of minor infections which a medical practitioner can treat in a walk-in centre includes the following:

  • Ear infections
  • Throat infections
  • Cuts/wounds that have become infected

Medical negligence is such a broad term, generally, it refers to treatment that was below the standard that is expected of medical practitioners. In turn, this causes preventable harm to a patient. Examples of this could include:

  • A failure to recognise that an infection is serious because the doctor did not listen to the patient.
  • Prescribing the wrong medication due to a negligent misdiagnosis.
  • Failing to see the clear signs of a serious condition and not referring to a specialist.

If you are wondering if your case is valid, and whether you could be entitled to clinical negligence compensation, please call a member of the Legal Expert team today.

Sexual Health Services Negligence

Some walk-in centres offer services for those who may have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). They may also offer emergency contraception.

It is vital that if you are showing any signs of infection you receive the right treatment. This is so you do not pass it on to anyone else. But also because some STI’s have the ability to cause infertility.

The sort of mistakes which could happen include the following:

  • Failing to test a patient who is showing signs of an STI therefore not providing the medication needed.
  • Failing to diagnose severe symptoms associated with sexually transmitted diseases
  • Negligently failing to diagnose conditions which include gonorrhoea, herpes, chlamydia, or genital warts
  • Failing to diagnose HIV

If your condition is misdiagnosed by a medical practitioner and you suffered as a consequence, please speak to a member of the Legal Expert team to find out if you have grounds for medical negligence compensation.

Prescription Error Medical Negligence

Very often unless a prescribing nurse is present to prescribe any medication a doctor is usually needed. It is vital that the doctor listens carefully to your symptoms so that they can diagnose you correctly. In addition, you must ensure you communicate all your symptoms to the doctor so that a misdiagnosis is not caused. If you are not provided with the right diagnosis then this will have a knock on effect on the medication you receive.

If the medication is incorrect, the wrong dosage or you are allergic to this type of medication then you may suffer further ill health.

Calculating Compensation For Medical Negligence At A St Helens Walk-In Centre

Our compensation table below provides an idea on the level of general damages which could be awarded for the harm and pain you were caused through medical negligence. The compensation amounts are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines. This is a publication that has bracket amounts that have been awarded in past cases. The figures do not include any special damages which are awarded to successful claimants for losses and expenses incurred because of an injury or illness.

Type of injury/harm caused through medical negligence Severity Settlement Range
Injury to bowel Deemed severe £41,850 to £65,440
Injury to bladder Almost complete recovery. £21,970 to £29,380
Injury to spleen Loss of spleen £19,510 to £24,680
Injury to kidneys Loss of natural kidney function Up to £60,050
Loss of sexual function in men Loss of sexual function and sterility in the case of a young man. In the region of £139,210
Infertility in women Infertility without any complication. £16,860 to £34,480

 You would be entitled to seek ‘special damages’ if your clinical negligence claim is successful. As previously mentioned, these are awarded to claimants as a way of compensating them for the losses and expenses incurred as a direct result of ill health. Because they are based on ‘actual’ losses and expenditure, proof for both must be provided.

The expenses and losses could include the following:

  • Your loss of earnings for when you were recovering and therefore off work
  • Any loss of future income should the harm you were caused through medical negligence prevent you from working the future
  • Any care costs should you need assistance around the home while you recover. This includes if a family member takes care of you
  • Medical expenses – the cost of private therapy, treatment, rehabilitation, and the cost of prescriptions
  • Travel expenses – parking fees at a medical facility where you are treated and the cost of getting there and back no matter how you choose to travel
  • Vehicle adaptations
  • Home adaptations
  • Other expenses and costs incurred that are linked to your injury

 To discuss how much your clinical negligence claim could be valued at, please contact a member of the Legal Expert team today.

Clinical Negligence Claims Against A St Helens Walk-in Centre With A No Win No Fee Solicitor

No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitors may offer a Conditional Fee Agreement which is more commonly known as a No Win No Fee agreement. Claims which are conducted under this pay scheme mean you are not liable to pay your solicitor any fees unless your medical negligence claim is won.

The benefits of agreeing to work with a No Win No Fee lawyer are detailed below:

  • Once you sign a CFA and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the contract, a solicitor can begin working on your medical negligence claim
  • You would not have to pay a retainer, otherwise referred to as an upfront fee
  • There would be no ongoing fees to pay even if your claim takes a long time to settle
  • You only pay the agreed ‘success fee’ when you receive clinical negligence compensation, and the amount which is a percentage of the amount awarded, is deducted from the money you are awarded. The balance is paid to you
  • If you lose your case, there would be nothing to pay for the legal services provided.

For more information on how Legal Expert could be of assistance when making a clinical negligence claim on a No Win No Fee basis, please get in contact with a member of our team today.

Talking To Our Experts

If you need more assistance, or you feel you are ready to make a St Helens walk-in centre negligence claim, please get in touch with a member of the Legal Expert team. You would be offered a no-obligation, initial consultation for which you would not be charged. We can be contacted in the following ways:

  • By phone on 0800 073 8804 – lines are open 7 days a week
  • By chatting with an online adviser
  • By emailing us at
  • By requesting a call back
  • By filling out our online contact form

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