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Nuneaton Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence | No Win No Fee

By Lewis Cobain. Last Updated 17th April 2023. This guide about Nuneaton walk-in centre medical negligence aims to give information to help you. It’ll look at what could happen if you have been harmed by the negligence of a healthcare worker such as a doctor or nurse. It will teach you about the ways that clinical negligence can happen. We do this through example scenarios.

Nuneaton walk-in centre medical negligence

Nuneaton walk-in centre medical negligence

All claims have unique aspects, whether in how they came about or the loss it caused the victim. Therefore, this guide might not cover all of the questions you have. However, if you have evidence of a valid claim, you could get in touch with our advisors.

They are available on 0800 073 8804. They’re ready to take your message via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call any time and speak to one of our expert advisors.

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Select A Section:

  1. What Is Walk-In Centre Clinical Negligence In Nuneaton?
  2. Injury And Illness Care
  3. Infection And Illness Care
  4. Sexual And Reproductive Health Care Negligence
  5. Prescription And Medication Errors
  6. Evidence For Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims
  7. Payments For Nuneaton Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence
  8. No Win No Fee Nuneaton Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims

What Is Walk-In Centre Clinical Negligence In Nuneaton?

Every healthcare facility has to comply with a host of rules and regulations related to the quality of service provided and duty of care. The aim is that compliance will result in quality healthcare, minimising the risk of medical negligence.

Medical professionals have a duty of care to prevent reasonably foreseeable harm that their actions or omissions might cause patients.

This applies to healthcare workers in a walk-in centre. You should receive the standard of service from a doctor or nurse at a walk-in centre as is expected by any medical professional.

Medical negligence occurs when a medical professional provides substandard care that causes the patient’s injury or illness or makes a pre-existing condition worsen.

Negligence that could entitle you to make a medical negligence claim involves that where other medical professionals would have made a different decision that wouldn’t have resulted in causing or worsening your condition or injury.

If you have evidence of a valid claim for Nuneaton walk-in centre medical negligence, get in touch today.

The Concept Of Duty Of Care

Each doctor, nurse, or other medical professional involved in your treatment has a duty of care towards you. That is, they should not cause you reasonably foreseeable harm through omission or action.

  1. Even if you didn’t have any direct contact with a medical professional, if they are involved in your treatment, they have a duty of care towards you.
  2. Sometimes, a certain amount of suffering is warranted, providing you’re made aware of it. For example, chemotherapy can have a detrimental effect on a patient’s health, but will hopefully lead to recovery. If a medical professional doesn’t provide you with information on the side effects and you suffer as a result, it could be seen as medical negligence. However, if you would’ve still received the treatment had you known the side effects, you wouldn’t be able to claim.

Each successful medical negligence claim would share the following factors:

  1. A medical professional had a duty of care towards you.
  2. They breached this duty of care.
  3. This caused your injury or illness or worsened it.
  4. Other medical professionals would have taken different action and you would not have been harmed in this way.

If your situation fits this scenario, you may have been the victim of clinical negligence. And in such cases, we may be able to help you if you have evidence of a valid claim. Call and talk to our advisors to learn how.

Injury And Illness Care

We entrust professionals to make appropriate decisions to improve our health when we visit walk-in centres. Most of the time, we are in good hands. However, a mistake could occur and may even result in medical negligence. Examples of how this could happen are:

  • A healthcare worker prescribes medication that triggers an allergic reaction, even though they had the appropriate information about your allergies.
  • A healthcare worker misdiagnoses your condition because they’ve disregarded symptoms you’ve told them about, and it causes your condition to worsen.
  • You aren’t referred even though it is appropriate. For example, you are treated for a bruised arm but it was actually fractured. Other doctors would have seen the signs and referred you for an X-ray to check if it was fractured. If the delayed treatment caused your injury to worsen, you could claim.

These examples show how medical negligence can lead to you suffering harm. In such cases, if negligence can be proven, a claim for Nuneaton walk-in centre medical negligence might be possible. You can call and talk to our medical negligence claims team for more information.

Infection And Illness Care

You may visit a walk-in centre for treatment of minor illnesses like the flu, a cold, an upset stomach or similar. You might need medication or just some good advice on how to ensure you make a quick recovery at home. During this process, you might be harmed by negligence such as:

  • The seriousness of the infection is unreasonably underestimated.
  • You are given negligent medical advice about how to care for your health during your recovery. Because of this, your health actually suffers instead.
  • A doctor doesn’t refer to your medical history. If they had, they would have realised that your symptoms indicated that a pre-existing medical condition had become worse.
  • You’re given an incorrect dosage of medication to treat your illness causing you further suffering.

Mistakes made in the diagnosis and treatment of an infection can have serious consequences. And if you can prove that medical negligence occurred and caused your infection to worsen or caused a different illness, you could be able to claim compensation. Our team can help you with this. Call them to find out how.

Sexual And Reproductive Health Care Negligence

You can visit a walk-in centre in relation to matters of sexual health, family planning, etc. This could be for specific testing such as a sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening or to get emergency contraception, for example. If you do visit a walk-in centre for sexual and reproductive healthcare, clinical negligence still has the potential to cause you harm. As examples:

  • Because of some incorrect pregnancy advice you were given, you or your baby suffer a birth injury.
  • You weren’t correctly referred when you were showing clear symptoms of illness such as HIV.
  • Though your illness was correctly diagnosed, you were given the wrong medication.

As you can see, even poor advice can have a severe impact on your health. These examples show this. We could be able to help you make a compensation claim if you have evidence of a valid claim.

Prescription And Medication Errors

You might visit a walk-in centre to have a minor ailment treated, and be given a prescription to take to a pharmacy. A medication error can have serious consequences. Examples of such errors include the below.

  • Your medical history was not referred to and, as a consequence, you were prescribed a drug that includes an allergen known to trigger allergic reactions in you. As a result, you had an allergic reaction.
  • You were given an incorrect dosage even though the doctor had appropriate information to give you a correct dosage. As a result, your condition worsened because the dosage wasn’t effective or you suffered harm because of an overdose.
  • You were correctly diagnosed, but the drug you were prescribed isn’t effective for your condition. Consequently, your condition exacerbates.

Mistakes made with medication or a prescription can have potentially lethal consequences. If you were harmed by a pharmaceutical error, a claim might be possible. Call and talk to our claims team for more advice.

Evidence For Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims

When making a claim for clinical negligence in a Nuneaton walk-in centre, you’ll need to prove that you suffered unnecessary harm due to a medical professional breaching their duty of care. Collecting the correct and sufficient amount of evidence could help prove negligence occurred and support your claim.

Examples of evidence you could collect when making a claim against a walk in centre in Nuneaton include:

  • A copy of your medical records stating the harm you have suffered and the treatment you are receiving for it. 
  • Any correspondence you have had with the walk-in centre, including emails or letters, regarding the treatment you experienced. 
  • A report from an independent medical assessment.
  • A diary of your symptoms and photographs of any visible injuries.

Additionally, one of our experienced medical negligence solicitors could help you with gathering evidence for your claim.

Contact one of our advisors today to discuss your potential medical negligence claim. They could offer you free advice and connect you with one of our solicitors.

Payments For Nuneaton Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence

How much compensation you could receive for an injury or illness can depend on how much you suffered and for how long. The compensation table below attempts to demonstrate this. We created this table based on the guidelines that are produced by the Judicial College. The Judicial College Guidelines is a publication that solicitors may use to value injuries or conditions.

Health Problem Severity Possible Compensation More Info
Eye Injury Total blindness and deafness In the region of £379,100 Such cases must be considered as ranking with the most devastating injuries.
Foot Injury Very severe £78,800 to £102,890 This category would include all severe foot injuries. Ongoing symptoms would likely cause pain for the long-term and there may be a need to remove the foot at some time in the future.
Back Injury Minor Up to £11,730 This category would include lesser injuries to the back. Recovery would be full or there may be some permanent symptoms.
Toe Injury Serious £9,010 to £12,900 This category would include serious injures to the toe. The injuries would take a long time to heal, and there would very likely be ongoing symptoms for the long-term. There would be some form of disability.
Facial scarring Trivial £1,600 to £3,310 This category would include facial scars that have very little cosmetic effect. They would only be visible to somebody standing close.

You might want an estimate of the level of damages you might be able to claim based on your own unique set of circumstances. We could connect you with our solicitors to evaluate your claim for you. Speak to our advisors to get started.

An Overview Of Damages

When a claim is successful, you receive a compensation settlement. It can be awarded in court or, most often, offered out of court. There are two different heads of claim that can make up this settlement. We cover each of these below.

General Damages

This is compensation for any physical or psychological harm that medical negligence causes. How much compensation you receive would depend on factors such as how much pain and suffering you went through and also, for how long. The long-term effects of your medical condition are also factored in. General damages cover many different forms of harm caused by medical negligence, including:

  • The general pain and suffering you experienced while you were ill until you recovered.
  • Psychological harm, such as depression.
  • Trauma.
  • Long-term symptoms.
  • Permanent disability.

Special Damages

This is compensation for financial loss caused by medical negligence. For example, if you lost a deposit for pre-booked holiday because medical negligence meant you couldn’t fly, you could recover the costs.

Special damages can include:

  • Care costs. For example, if you had to hire a private nurse to care for you at home, you could claim back the costs, providing it was due to medical negligence.
  • Lowered earning potential. If medical negligence means you won’t be able to work as much in the future or will have to switch to a less well-paid career, you could recover the financial loss.
  • Loss of earnings. If you were not paid (in full or partially) for the time you took off work to recover, you could claim this back.

To claim special damages, you will need to provide evidence. This could come in the form of bank statements, receipts or bills, for example.

These are just a handful of examples of special and general damages. There are many more. You can call and talk to one of our advisors. They can indicate which types of damages apply to your own claim.

No Win No Fee Nuneaton Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims

Most people have heard the term No Win No Fee. Essentially, if you don’t win your claim, you don’t pay your solicitor a fee. But do you know how the arrangement actually works?

Under a No Win No Fee agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), you don’t pay any upfront solicitor fees. As the claim progresses, you are not asked to pay ongoing solicitor fees. You also don’t pay your solicitor their fees if the claim fails.

If the claim is won, you would pay your solicitor a success fee. This is a small fee that is limited by law. It can be taken directly from the compensation payment and would be shown to you before you agree to use the services of the solicitor.

If you have more questions about how this fee arrangement works, please contact our team. You can reach out to our advisors for help by using one of the following contact methods:

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