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Middlesbrough Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims

In the sections below, you will find a free online guide that will try to show you some of the reasons you might have a valid clinical negligence claim if you are harmed by sub-standard care at a Middlesbrough walk-in centre. A walk-in centre may be NHS run or it could be privately owned. If the level of care drops, it could lead to you being harmed in some way. This guide looks at what happens if it does.

Middlesbrough walk-in-centre medical negligence claims guide

Middlesbrough walk-in-centre medical negligence claims guide

We will aim at answering all your questions within this guide. Therefore, if we do not we would like to invite you to give our claims team a call on 0800 073 8804, to have any questions that you have answered. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These claim specialist can provide you with all the answers and claims advice you might need.

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A Guide To Claims For Middlesbrough Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence

This free online guide to claiming compensation for A Middlesbrough walk-in centre medical negligence claim should give you a firm grounding in the concept of liability. It looks at why you may have a valid medical negligence claim. Whether you suffered due to a nurse, doctor or GP at a walk-in centre in Middlesbrough, this guide has you covered. We start this guide off with a general overview of what a clinical negligence claim is. Then move on to how a breach of duty of care could lead to you being in a position to pursue compensation. As background information, we take a look at who can use a walk-in centre. And additionally why? Then we move on to several sections that cover specific forms of clinical negligence, and these include:

  • Cases of medical negligence that happen due to a mistake made when treating a minor wound.
  • Clinical negligence associated with the diagnosis and treatment of a minor ailment or infection.
  • Negligent advice in relation to sexual health, contraception and family planning.
  • Pharmaceutical errors that lead to you taking the wrong medication entirely, or the wrong dose of the correct medication.

Claims Process

In the final sections of this guide, we switch over to focusing more on certain aspects of the claims process. You will find that firstly, we have provided you with an example compensation table. This shows you how the level of harm you have suffered will generally drive the calculation for working out how much compensation you may receive if you win your claim. Secondly, we have listed some of the more common kinds of damages you may need to claim for. This guide closes with an overview of our core service offering. Namely, providing you with a No Win No Fee clinical negligence solicitor, who will handle your claim for you.

This guide only provides the basics of the process of making a claim for compensation. It not only looks at NHS lead walk-in centres but all types of walk-in centres in Middlesborough. If you find that you have questions, or need more information that this guide has not provided, you can call our claims team. They can be contacted at any time of the day or night. You can use the contact number at the bottom of this page to get in touch with them.

What Is A Middlesbrough Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claim?

We need to start this guide to a Middlesbrough walk-in centre clinical negligence claim, with an overview of why you may be in a position to seek compensation. We aim to explain the concept of a breach of duty of care, and how such a breach could leave you with a valid claim.

As a medical facility, a walk-in centre must provide a specific minimum level of quality of service. If mistakes are made, this service level slips. In cases such as these, this could be seen as clinical negligence and thus become the basis of a claim. One of the major indications that your claim might be valid, is that suffering was avoidable. Every medical professional is required to treat you without harming you unnecessarily.

Defining Unnecessarily

The word unnecessarily is very important here. Sometimes your treatment might cause you short term harm, but this is a part of the overall treatment to make you well again. Chemotherapy for cancer patients is a good example of short-term harm that can lead to long-term health benefits. A true breach of duty of care would portray the following aspects:

  1. You were treated by a medical professional, and this meant that they had a duty of care to not harm you unnecessarily.
  2. The medical professional made some kind of mistake, forgot to do something, or overlooked something about your medical condition that caused you harm.
  3. Had the medical professional take some other action, you would not have been harmed.
  4. You can show causation in the fact that had you not been treated, the harm you suffered would not have manifested.

If your own set of circumstances tick all of these boxes, you may well have a valid cause to make a compensation claim. If you contact our team of claims experts, they can let you know for sure, and also tell you how we can help you move your claim forward.

Walk-in Health Centre Services In Middlesbrough

If you need to find a Middlesbrough walk-in centre or an urgent treatment centre, then there is an excellent NHS resource that can help you to find a walk-in health centre in Middlesbrough. There is a website that you can use to find one. But to help you further, we have listed a few below.

Kings Medical Centre

Cleveland Health Centre

North Ormesby Health Village

Resolution Health Centre – South Tees Hospitals

Virgin Care Sexual Health

Could Anyone Use A Walk-in Centre?

Anyone can use a walk-in centre. However, whether you are treated by a Middlesbrough walk-in centre nurse or doctors will depend on which one you visit. Although most walk-in centres do have a doctor on duty, some only have nurses. The services on offer will be different in this case. Typically, a walk-in centre will offer a selection of services such as:

  • The treatment of minor wounds and injuries such as cuts, grazes, burns, sprains, strains, etc.
  • The diagnosis and treatment of minor ailments and infections such as the common cold, a sore throat, eye infection, minor allergy, etc.
  • Providing medical advice about contraception, sexual health and family planning and also dispensing emergency contraception.
  • Dispensing some medications (not all walk-in centres will do this).

If you visit a walk-in centre to use these kinds of services, and a mistake is made that causes you harm, you may be in a position to claim compensation. We will cover each of these services in more detail in the sections below. If you need any extra advice or information about negligent treatment at a walk-in or urgent care centre, please talk to one of our advisors.

Walk-in Centre Injury Care Negligence

One of the primary services offered by urgent care and walk-in centres is the treatment of minor injuries and wounds. By treating these minor issues, the centre is making sure that people with less serious injuries, don’t take up the resources of an Accident & Emergency Department. The following scenarios may be considered medical negligence:

  • While having a condition such as an eye injury treated, the nurse or doctor has a medical accident, damaging your eye further.
  • What the doctor or nurse treating you believes to be a minor injury such as a sprain, turns out to be something more serious such as a fracture at a later stage.
  • After having an injury such as a cut treated, the wound develops an infection due to lax hygiene and safety protocols at the walk-in centre.

In each example above, you can see how a medical professional has made a mistake that could lead you to suffer some form of harm. In each case, it may be possible to pursue a claim for compensation if the mistake can be proven to have occurred.

Walk-in Centre Infection Care Negligence

When you visit a walk-in centre with a minor illness or infection, it is the job of the doctor or nurse on duty to firstly diagnose your illness. Then either treat you or refer you on to a different healthcare unit for treatment. If a walk-in centre error takes place during this process, you can lead to you suffering some form of health issue. Mistakes such as:

  • There is a misdiagnosis of your illness, mistaking it for something less serious. For example, a case of COVID-19 is mistaken for a common cold.
  • Due to clinical negligence, you are prescribed medication for your illness, that you have a known allergy to. The nurse or doctor treating you failed to take note of this in your medical records.
  • You were prescribed the wrong medication so your underlying illness got worse.

Here, in each example above, we can see how a mistake that could be construed as negligence, could lead to your health suffering in some way. To be eligible to claim for medical negligence compensation you must prove that the medical practitioner who treated you acted in a  negligent manner breaching their duty of care. It must also be proven that your suffering was caused by this breach and not a long-standing medical condition. Speak to our team for more info.

Walk-in Centre Sexual Health Negligence

You might visit a walk-in medical centre in Middlesbrough for some sexual health or family planning advice, or to ask for an emergency contraceptive. In doing so, you are trusting the doctor or nurse that handles your issue to take care of you safely. However, if mistakes  happen they may cause you harm in some way, such as:

  • You are provided with unsuitable contraception that leads to a preventable health condition.
  • You are provided with an emergency contraceptive that was not really suitable for you, and this causes your health to suffer in some way.
  • Poor sexual health advice leads to your condition not being treated causing further unnecessary suffering

If you are unsure if your case means you could have a valid claim for medical negligence compensation call out team today. Through a free consultation, they can answer any outstanding questions you have. You can call us to find out how we can help you.

Walk-in Centre Wrong Medication Errors

If a Middlesbrough NHS or private walk-in centre is only staffed by a nurse, then it is unlikely that they would issue any form of prescription, even a repeat prescription. However, a prescribing nurse may on the premises who could do this. A medication error can come in different forms. Medication mistakes can either happen when prescribing or when dispensing it. Therefore if you receive the wrong medication it may not always be apparent who may be at fault. Below are some scenarios of medication errors :

  • You are given a type of medication that has a known interaction with another type of medication you are already taking. The fact you are taking this medication was missed in your medical record.
  • Because of a mistake made on a prescription. This could be a spelling mistake or printing error for example. You are given entirely the wrong type of drugs to take, that causes you to become ill, or your illness to become worse as it has not been treated.
  • You are given the wrong instructions on how to take your medication, and this causes your health to suffer in some way.

Pharmaceutical errors can have dire consequences in the most extreme cases. If you can show that a mistake was made when you were provided with drugs or given a prescription, then we could be able to assist you in claiming. Speak to our team to find out how we can help you proceed with a claim today.

Calculating Compensation Claims For Middlesbrough Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence

If you do make a successful claim, the level of general damages you get will generally be driven by how much suffering you were put through. The table below is based on guidelines that are published in England by the Judicial College. It very clearly demonstrates that the more pain and suffering you encounter, and the length of time you have to deal with it, will affect the total amount of compensation you receive.

Problem with Health Level of Severity Possible Compensation Additional Info
Illness Severe £36,060 to £49,270 In this bracket would only be included severe, possibly life-threatening medical conditions. The symptoms would be dilapidating and very painful. Hospitalization may be a requirement as well. Within a four-week period the main symptoms would dissipate, but there would generally be some kind of ongoing health issue that would have an impact on the life of the victim in the future, either permanently or for the long-term.
Illness Serious £8,950 to £18,020 In this bracket would only be included serious medical conditions with painful symptoms. Some hospital treatment may be required, and within a four-week period the main symptoms should dissipate. However, there could be minor health issues that will affect the life of the victim into the future.
Illness Minor £860 to £3,710 In this bracket would only be included minor health problems. All symptoms would dissipate within a few days to a four-week period, and recovery would be complete.
Illness Moderate £3,710 to £8,950 In this bracket would only be included moderate health problems. Some medical treatment may be required initially, and the main symptoms will dissipate within a four-week period. However. There could be trivial health matters in effect for up to two years, but these would not affect the quality of life of the victim.

You might be able to get a more accurate estimate of how much your claim might be worth if you call our advisors. They could arrange for a medical negligence lawyer to evaluate your claim for you.

Damages You Could Claim For

If your claim is a success, the overall settlement package you are either offered out of court or awarded through the court system, will be made up of different types of damages. General damages all relate to some kind of physical or mental suffering, either already encountered or predicted to be encountered. As examples:

  • The general pain and suffering of having your medical condition, its symptoms, etc.
  • The suffering caused by traumatic or invasive treatments.
  • Mental problems such as depression or anxiety.
  • Long-term impairments, or even permanent disabilities.

Special Damages

Alongside general damages, are all the financial and other losses that fall under the umbrella of special damages. Please note though, that if you are intending to try and claim back costs already incurred, you will need to submitted documentary evidence of this spending. Special damages could cover things such as:

  • Travel expenses and other out of pocket spending.
  • The cost of paying a nurse to care for you in your own home.
  • Private medical fees for treatment.
  • Lost income for taking time away from work while you were recovering.
  • Lowered lifetime earnings because you will have limited workability in the future.

You may like to learn what kinds of damages apply to your own circumstances. You can find this out if you give us a call and speak to an advisor.

No Win No Fee For A Middlesbrough Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claim

If you use a No Win No Fee solicitor to process your claim for you, then you really do not pay your solicitor any fees until your claim has been won. It works like this:

  • There is no claims fee to your solicitor to start working on your claim.
  • There won’t be any intermediate fees to your solicitor, even if the claim takes many months to resolve.
  • The solicitor will not expect to collect a fee if the claim fails.

If the claim is a success though, you will normally be asked to pay a success fee. This is legally limited. Collected out of the compensation payment received for you.

Our Team Is Here To Listen

Have you come to harm because of in instance of potential clinical negligence that took place at a Middlesbrough walk-in centre? Then we can help by providing you with an expert medical negligence solicitor to handle your claim for you. Please contact our claims team on 0800 073 8804 to proceed with this.

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