I Slipped On Water At Work Can I Claim Compensation?

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I Slipped On Water At Work Can I Claim Compensation

Slip, Trip, And Fall Workplace Claims

The number of people who have slipped on water at work and have been injured as a result is quite large. Across the UK the Health and Safety Executive or HSE has found that as many as 29% of all workplace accidents are caused by slips, trips, and falls. Having slipped on a wet floor at work fully slipped on water at workaccounted for 90% of workplace slip accidents. People who have had a slip, trip, or fall are often able to make accident claims for their injuries. In this guide, we will answer some of the common questions people who have slipped on water at work have, as well as looking at example slip and fall injury settlement amounts.

I Slipped On Water At Work, Can I Claim Compensation

What happens when you slip on a wet floor? The wet floor may not necessarily have been caused by negligence on the part of your employer. You will need to show that you slipped on water at work as a result of negligence and that your employer could have taken reasonable steps to prevent the accident.

Under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, employers have a duty of care to provide employees with a safe working environment. As such, they must put in place procedures to ensure wet floors and spillages are cleaned and dried up as quickly as possible. They must also work to prevent slips and falls from happening due to a lack of wet floor signs. If you are injured in an accident at work as a result of a wet floor, you may be able to make an accident claim against your employer. Even when other colleagues negligence led to the accident, your employer may still be liable for your injuries.

Injuries Caused By Wet Floor Accidents

If you have slipped on water at work your injuries can range from the mild to the severe. Slipped on wet floor injury claims may include (but are not limited to) any of the following injury types.

    • Soft tissue damage, such as bruising
    • Cuts, lacerations and damage to the skin
    • Fractured and broken bones
    • Damage to ligaments and tendons
    • A wide variety of head injuries

Wet floor injuries can range from the mild to the severe. Some will get better on their own in a brief period of time. However, others will take a lot of medical treatment and time to heal from, even requiring long-term physiotherapy. Even more minor injuries can lead to considerable pain and inconvenience over the short-term. If you have had to have physiotherapy as a result of your accident, you may be able to claim for these costs as part of your accident claim.

Slip And Fall Compensation Calculator

Typical personal injury and accident claims will include a combination of general damages (covering the actual injury) and special damages which take account of other factors. These factors include any financial losses you have suffered as a result of having slipped on water at work. These could be a loss of income or medical bills. In more severe cases, these damages may pay for adaptations to a person’s home and/ or vehicle. Below is our slip and fall compensation calculator with examples of slip and fall injury settlement amounts.

Leg InjurySevere£6,930 - £21,200Severe leg injuries include fractures and brakes.
Ankle InjurySerious£10,455 - £21,375These injuries may be severe and include permanent damage.
Foot InjurySerious-ModerateUp to £10,550Including a variety of different foot injuries.
Wrist InjurySeriousAround £5,550Severe wrist injuries such as fractures
Arm InjurySerious£30,100 - £99,750Serious arm injuries with lasting damage.
Hand InjurySerious£22,500 - £47,750Reduced ability to use the hand and fingers.
Neck InjurySevere£35,500 - £112, 450Severe injuries including alsting pain and reduced movement.
Back InjuryMinor£350 -£9,850More mild or temporary injuries.
Back InjuryModerate£30,750 - £8,750Long-term injuries and some possible disabilities.

If you have slipped on water at work and need to make a compensation claim, talk to the personal injury specialists at Legal Expert today.

No Win No Fee Slipped On A Wet Floor In A Shop Claims

No win no fee agreements are also known as CFA’s or Conditional Fee Agreement’s. They are entered into by a solicitor and a claimant and typically cover the services the solicitor will provide. Essentially, they are the terms and conditions under which the solicitor will work. It will lay out what the lawyer will do, and how they will be paid if the client wins their case. At Legal Expert the panel of solicitors we work with across the country can help with your slipped on water at work claim. We don’t make upfront charges or ask for ongoing payments, meaning your won’t feel any extra financial pressures.

How Legal Expert Can Help You

At Legal Expert out nationwide panel of specialist legal solicitors are ready to help with your slip, trip and fall accident at work compensation claim. To find out more about how the claims process works, or to learn more about whether or not you have a claim talk to us today. You can contact Legal Expert today by calling 0800 073 8804. You can also arrange a call back by using our online contact form or by emailing us with the outline of your compensation claim case.

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