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Accident Claims Advice – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Lewis Cobain. Last Updated 14th March 2023. If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you may be looking for accident claims advice. The process of claiming for a personal injury can seem intimidating and complex, and you may not know where to turn.

Accident Claims Help & Advice

Accident Claims Help & Advice

In this guide, we will explain who can make a personal injury claim, and offer more accident claims advice. For example, we will discuss compensation, and how the process for claiming whiplash injuries has changed.

We will also talk about how our team of solicitors could help you make your claim. Our solicitors offer their expert services on a No Win No Fee basis, which means you generally do not need to pay any ongoing or upfront fees for their work.

Our advisors are on hand to help if you have further questions or require more accident claims advice. When you contact us, a member of our team can offer you a free consultation, in which they can evaluate your claim and provide free legal advice. To learn more:

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  1. Accident Claims Advice – Who Can Make A Personal Injury Claim?
  2. What Types Of Claims Do Our Solicitors Handle?
  3. Road Traffic Accident Claims Advice
  4. Whiplash Accident Claims Advice
  5. Compensation In Accident Claims – How Much Could I Receive?
  6. Get Accident Claims Advice From A No Win No Fee Solicitor
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Accident Claims Advice – Who Can Make a Personal Injury Claim?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you might be wondering what makes an eligible claim. In short, to claim for a personal injury, you have to be able to prove that:

  • Someone owed you a duty of care
  • They failed to fulfill this duty
  • As a result, you suffered harm

These three factors together are known as negligence. If you have been injured as a result of another party’s negligence, then you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim.

What Is The Personal Injury Claim Time Limit?

Generally, you will have three years to claim, according to the Limitation Act 1980. This begins on the date of your injury. However, exceptions to these rules can be made. Our advisors can tell you more about these exceptions and offer more accidents claims advice when you get in touch today.

What Types Of Claims Do Our Solicitors Handle?

We handle any type of accident claims where a person has been injured, became ill, maybe through industrial disease that was no fault of their own and could have been prevent.

Starting any type of personal injury claim could not be anymore straight forward, a quick phone call on our free phone number, an email, a text message or leave details on one of our contact forms where we will be able to provide you with free, impartial, confidential advice as to how best to proceed.

Our Call Centres are all UK based and we can provide assistant to any parts of the UK, and in most cases offer you our fast track service meaning we will endeavour to meet any of your requirements in as quick as possible ensuring you receive the maximum amount  compensation.

We can offer medical services all over the UK, so when it comes to you seeing a medical expert we can arrange it at the closets possible location for you at a time that is most convenient. We understand that anyone who has suffered a person injury through no fault of their own is going through an anxious and stressful time we are here to take all that away we deal with all parts of the claim allowing you to recuperate as quickly as possible.

The Types of Personal Accident Compensation Claims we deal with are;

  • Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Whiplash Claims
  • Car Accident MIB Claims
  • Accidents at Work
  • Work Place Accidents for Contractors
  • Slip, Trip or Falls
  • Council Falls
  • Child Accident Claim

We cover all forms and cases of personal injury accident claims. We have solicitors with years of decades in all areas of personal injury who are here on hand to assist you in any way possible with any accident claim you may have

Road Traffic Accident Claims Advice

Accident Claims What to do next?

Accident Claims What to do next?

Unfortunately there are accidents that take place on the roads, some are just accidents that no blame can be placed but there are also accidents that happen due to the negligence of other road users, even though it still may be unintentionally. Road traffic accidents can occur in many different forms, one of more vehicles can be involved (vehicles including cars, buses, lorries, van etc), one particular vehicle can collide and crash with another vehicle present, vehicles and pedestrian, vehicles and cyclists, motorcyclists there are many different combinations but all can be of a serious nature. Road traffic accidents can vary in nature and seriousness depending on the collision itself and how those involved are affected.

If a road traffic accident occurs and it’s not your fault then you have the right to make a claim for compensation. The compensation will not only cover your injuries but also any loss of earnings, expenditure and damage to your property contained within the vehicle or person.

All drivers on the UK roads must be insured through an insurance company to cover themselves for unexpected events such as a road traffic accident. Even if it is the drivers fault he/she will need insurance to be able to recuperate funds needed to fix their car, replace their car and cover damages of other vehicles or people involved in the accident who are injured. Even if an accident happened but the fault driver is not insured and passengers are injured you can still make a claim for road traffic accident.

Whiplash Accident Claims Advice

On May 31st 2021, the way some whiplash claims are made changed due to the introduction of the Whiplash Reform Programme. Now, if you are a driver or passenger over the age of eighteen with injuries worth £5,000 or less, you must make your claim through the government’s Official Injury Claim Portal. Then, the compensation you receive will be in line with the tariffs set out by the Whiplash Injury Reforms 2021.

However, it can still be beneficial to have a solicitor look over your claim to ensure that all areas are fully considered. Contact our team today to learn more.

Compensation In Accident Claims – How Much Could I Receive?

A personal injury claim may be divided into two heads of claim. General damages account for the pain, suffering or loss of amenity inflicted by your injuries, whilst special damages compensate for any financial harm you have incurred as a result of your accident.

When calculating general damages, solicitors use the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). Updated in April 2022, the JCG contains compensation amounts relating to physical and psychological injuries. Therefore, we have taken these figures to create the table below.

Part of Body Severity Of Injury Compensation Bracket Description
Head Injury Very Severe £282,010 to £403,990 This bracket applies to victims who have suffered very severe brain damage and may not be able to interact with their environment in any meaningful way.
Hand Injury Total or Effective Loss of Both Hands £140,660 to £201,490 This bracket applies when there is extensive damage to both hands, rendering little more than useless.
Arm Injury Loss Of One Arm (ii) £109,650 to £130,930 This compensation bracket covers the amputation of one arm, above the elbow. The restrictions this will have in the future are taken into consideration.
Leg Injury Very Serious £54,830 to £87,890 This bracket applies to leg injuries that are severe enough to create the need for crutches or mobility aids for the rest of the victim’s life. May include multiple fractures and severe deformity to the legs.
Back Injury Severe (iii) £38,780 to £69,730 Severe back injuries that may involve fractures of discs, disc lesions or soft tissue damage leading to chronic conditions that require surgery.
Wrist Injury (b) £24,500 to £39,170 Injuries that result in significant and permanent disability. Some useful movements do remain.
Neck Injury Moderate (i) £24,990 to £38,490 Fractures to the neck, painful when moving, stiffness and inability to use full movement of the neck will warrant this type of compensation.
Elbow Injury Less Severe Injuries £15,650 to £32,010 Impairment of function is caused but does not require any major surgery or cause significant disability.
Knee Injury Moderate (i) £14,840 to £26,190 This bracket can apply to injuries involving torn cartilage, dislocation or meniscus, leading to future mild disabilities.
Eye Injury Minor Injuries £3,950 to £8,730 Problems with vision, pain in the eye or temporary vision loss in an eye.

Although the figures above give you insight into settlements relating to personal injuries, the table cannot be used to work out special damages. This is because financial harm you might suffer, such as a loss of earnings, is unique to you. Therefore, it is better to speak to a solicitor so that they can assess your claim and give you a more accurate estimate of the final award you may receive.

If you would like to connect with one of our specialist personal injury solicitors, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our advisors are available around the clock and can give you free accident claims advice.

Get Accident Claims Advice From A No Win No Fee Solicitor

Our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that if your claim is valid, they may offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Under this type of agreement, you can access the services of a solicitor without paying any upfront or ongoing fees.

In fact, the only fee you will generally pay under this kind of agreement is a success fee, and this is only paid if your claim succeeds. In this case, your solicitor will take a small percentage of your compensation award. Legislation is in place to cap this percentage, which means you keep the most of what you receive. If your claim does not succeed, you will not pay a fee.

To find out if one of our solicitors could represent you on a No Win No Fee basis, get in touch today:

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