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How Much Compensation For A Death By Dangerous Driving?

By Michael Patrick. Last Updated 25th June 2024. Welcome to our guide where we shall discuss how to pursue a claim after a negligent third party caused death by dangerous driving.

There is no doubt that the death of a loved one after a car crash is a devastating event. It is one of the most painful periods of a family member’s life. It is challenging to deal with the loss of a loved one in a road accident, but it is even more challenging to deal with the loss when another person’s action causes it.

When a negligent third party is at fault, a compensation claim could be a suitable course of action. However, the truth is, no amount of compensation can bring back a life, but it could hold the liable party accountable and help bring some closure to the situation.

It is essential to make death by dangerous driving claim and allow it to be professionally dealt with. This fatal accident car crash claims guide is written to help people in this situation understand their rights under the law and get the compensation they deserve.

The guide will answer most of the questions that generally are asked when talking about dangerous driving accidents and compensation claims. It is very comprehensive, and we want it to be beneficial for you. You are free to contact us if you need further questions answered. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of the guide.

A badly damaged car with a severely dented front due to a driver causing death by dangerous driving.

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What Is Death By Dangerous Driving?

Before considering how to claim for a death by dangerous driving, it is worth knowing what it means. Death caused by dangerous driving is an offence defined in the 1991 amendment to the Road Traffic Act 1988 as a person dying due to another person’s driving. The driving is considered dangerous if:

  • The way they drive falls far short of the standard expected of a competent and careful driver.
  • Their manner of driving is obviously dangerous to any competent driver.

According to Ministry of Justice statistics, 142 people in the UK were convicted and sentenced for causing death by dangerous driving across 2022.

This guide outlines the different specific factors that could cause a death through dangerous driving. Additionally, you can learn more about how to make a compensation claim. For guidance specific to your potential death by dangerous driving claim, you can call our free helpline today.

Who Can Claim For A Death Caused By Dangerous Driving?

When it has to do with another person’s death like a loved one, not everyone is entitled to make a compensation claim. The following list is the people that can claim.

  • The Dependents: There is a possibility that the deceased may have some dependents. By this, we mean people like the spouse, children, partner and any other person that depends on the deceased financially.
  • Immediate Family: The immediate family members are those people related to the deceased but not really dependent on the deceased financially. They are the ones who also share in the pain and emotional suffering from the loss.
  • Estate of Deceased: By this, we mean those businesses that may have suffered some losses due to the deceased’s demise who is the owner.

Depending on the circumstances, any of the above people who fall within this bracket can make a compensation claim for a person’s death due to dangerous driving. Your solicitor will look at the situation and advise on the way forward.

Common Causes Of Death Due To Dangerous Driving

In an ideal world, death due to dangerous driving should never ever happen, but, unfortunately, it does from time to time, and there are other common causes apart from the ones listed above. These include:

  • Dangerous Overtaking: Some drivers do not know when to overtake and when not to. Illegal overtaking is a form of dangerous driving which could lead to death.
  • Driving Vehicles Not Fit for the Road: Some vehicles are not roadworthy or have serious issues. Such as brake problems, steering problems, headlight issues etc.
  • Ignoring Traffic Warnings and Lights: Vehicles not stopping when required to stop could cause a head-on collision.
  • Aggressive Driving: This is a dangerous driving that is a threat to other road users. It could easily lead to death.
  • Intoxication: Effects of illegal drug consumption on the driver.

There are just too many causes of death due to dangerous driving to mention in this guide. However, it is within your right to make a compensation claim for the death of a loved one as a result of dangerous driving. Your solicitor will help you build a strong case. You can contact us for assistance with this at any time.

A young person wearing a white dress and holding an umbrella while standing in a graveyard.

What To Do If A Loved One Has Been Killed Due To Dangerous Driving

If your loved one has been killed due to dangerous driving, it is essential to immediately take some steps. Please note that the amount of compensation for a loved one’s death will largely depend on how well your case is established. Building up a good case will also depend on the steps you have taken when the incident happened. The following are the steps you should take:

  • Report the Accident: Ensure that the local police are aware of the incident.
  • Collect Evidence: Do this by getting the vehicle’s registration number, you can take some photographs of the accident scene and get some eyewitness accounts if possible.
  • Get a Medical Report: A medical report gives an opinion on the final cause of death and determines the kind of compensation to be claimed.
  • Document Losses: It is essential to document all losses as a result of the incident. Loses include funeral costs, medical expenses, and other costs incurred that would help your case.

Taking the right steps after the unfortunate incident will go a long way to help your case. If in doubt of any issue pertaining to these steps, you can contact us through our contact details for some free advice.

What Can Be Claimed For After A Death Caused By Dangerous Driving

Compensation paid for death by dangerous driving will comprise of one or more of these types of damages:

  • General Damages: When we talk about general damages, we mean compensation for the pains, anguish and sufferings you have endured as a result of the death of your loved one.
  • Medical Expenses: This refers to the medical expenses that were incurred prior to
    the death of the victim
  • Funeral Expenses: Whatever cost incurred for the funeral can also be claimed
  • Special Damages: These include the estate of the person that has died, for things like business and companies run by the deceased, that have suffered. They can also cover things like pre-booked holidays that can no longer be taken or weddings that have had to be cancelled.

You can contact your solicitor for advice on what you can claim. We are available to give you some free advice if you call us now.

How Much Can Be Claimed For A Death Caused By Dangerous Driving?

To be clear, each compensation car crash claim case is treated differently and as such, quoting the exact figure may be difficult at this time.

However, it is important to understand that the compensation for death by careless driving will depend on several factors that include the situation or circumstances in the build-up to the eventual death.

We have drawn up a table based on guide figures from a document called the Judicial College Guidelines that can be used to help compensation to be calculated. It will give you a fair indication of what to expect.

Reason for CompensationTypical Compensation Amount
Death with add on claimsUp to £550,000+
Very Severe Brain Damage£344,150 to £493,000
Tetraplegia£396,140 to £493,000
Paraplegia£267,340 to £346,890
Death (full awareness)£15,300 to £29,060

If you want to have a more accurate figure, you can contact us through our details at the bottom of this guide.

No Win No Fee Death By Dangerous Driving Claims

When we talk about No Win No Fee death by dangerous driving claims, we mean
an arrangement where we offer you legal representation at no charge. It is a Conditional Fee Agreement deal, which will see you pay us our fees only when
your case becomes successful. In this case, we will take out legal fees directly from your compensation amount while you take the balance.

If your case is unsuccessful; you do not pay us anything. Therefore, we take all the risk on your behalf while you are going through this harrowing time.

This arrangement is beneficial, especially for those who have a valid case but may not have the funds to pay the needed legal fees for solicitors to pursue their car crash claims. However, if you are in this category of people, you can always take advantage of the No Win No Fee arrangement and get your desired compensation.

How To Start A Claim For A Death Caused By Dangerous Driving

A turned over motorcycle on the road.

Starting a claim for compensation for family member death may look complicated if you do not have the required information. However, with the right information and solicitor, starting a car crash claim becomes easy. To start a claim, you can call us for a free legal consultation where we will check the viability of your car crash claim.

On finding the facts and getting the full details, we can offer you free advice on
what to do next, how to proceed and probably how much compensation you will likely receive. If a medical opinion is needed, we can also arrange a local medical
examination for you.

With us, everything is easy. You need to contact us through our contact details at the bottom of this guide, and we take up your case immediately.

Why Choose Us As Your Claims Service For A Claim?

It is important to note that apart from having a viable case, you also need the best solicitors to pursue your case. A good solicitor will work to get the best possible compensation amount on your behalf.

Our claim service remains one of the best in the country because we know and experience getting compensation claims for our clients. We have handled a lot of successful cases for our clients over the years, and we believe your case will also be successful when we work for you.

We have one of the best customer services because we believe that you are the reason why we are in business. This is why we put your interest first before any other thing and also why we embrace a No Win No fee arrangement to ensure you do not lose in any way.

We will work to get the best possible compensation for you, and this means we will not leave any stone unturned in our quest to deliver the best outcome for you.

Having read this guide from the beginning and having understood the issue surrounding compensation for death in a car accident, it is now time to make a move. First of all, you can call right away for free advice on your situation and start a car crash claim.

You can contact us in three ways. Call by telephone on 0800 073 8804, use our web chat function or use our contact form. Be rest assured that we will get back to you immediately.

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