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There are many reasons you could be looking into data breach solicitors in the Leeds area. However, you may be unaware that you can use the services of data breach solicitors from anywhere in the country. This means you don’t have to be restricted to the assistance of legal professionals that are local to you: you can choose from a wider range of expert solicitors and link in with the one you feel you’ll work best with. 

data breach solicitors Leeds

Data breach solicitors for Leeds guide

This guide will clarify how you could receive compensation for a data breach and outline which laws and legislation would apply in your case.  

Our advisors are available 24/7 and offer free legal advice, so if you have any questions about claiming data breach compensation, please get in touch with us at a time that suits you. They can connect you to our data breach claim solicitors, who could use their expertise to help you. Contact us using the details below. 

You may be confused about which UK GDPR solicitors you should choose that is why we recommend reading this guide as you may have many other options.

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  1. Our Guide To Data Breach Solicitors For Leeds
  2. What Is A Data Protection Breach?
  3. What Are The Most Common Causes Of Data Breaches?
  4. How Often Do Data Breaches Happen?
  5. Will I Need A Data Breach Solicitor To Handle My Case?
  6. Who Is Eligible To Claim Compensation For A Breach Of Data Protection?
  7. Work With A No Win No Fee Data Breach Solicitor For Leeds
  8. Getting Help From Specialist Data Breach Solicitors For Leeds
  9. More Information About Data Breach Claims

Our Guide To Data Breach Solicitors For Leeds

Due to the ever-changing ways, we can communicate there is no longer a need for you to choose solicitors just because they are local to you. We will show you in this guide why you are not just tied to data breach solicitors in Leeds. Through technology such as email and video calling as well as the phone and post, you are able to select a solicitor from anywhere in the country. Now you can use our services to get access to specialist data breach solicitors for Leeds claims. 

They can help build your case by collecting evidence and using their expertise in UK GDPR compliance to confirm what you could receive. Having personal information compromised can be an incredibly stressful time for anyone. Using our services can help. This is because our solicitors honestly and openly work on your behalf to see if you could receive compensation for a data breach. 

To learn more about data breach claims and your eligibility, please contact us using the details above. Our data breach solicitors for the Leeds area can create a No Win No Fee agreement for you, which can take some of the financial concerns away from the prospect of funding a solicitor. 

What Is A Data Protection Breach?

Before answering data breach questions like, “can I get compensation for a data breach?” it’s important to know what a data protection breach is. This breach is a security violation where personal information is lost, accessed, altered, disclosed or destroyed unlawfully or accidentally. This can be done deliberately. 

When making a claim, the crucial aspect is proving that the data protection breach was caused by the positive wrongful conduct of the party that was supposed to protect your personal data. In this instance, they would be a data processor or controller as they are the parties that store your data. 

A data controller decides how and why your personal information is processed. The data controller may use the services of a separate party (data processor) to process the personal data on their behalf.

This is significant because, through legislation like The Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendments etc) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 and the Data Protection Act 2018, parties holding, collecting or processing your personal data have a responsibility to secure it as safely as reasonably possible. 

The responsibilities of data controllers regarding processing personal data are defined under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The UK GDPR outlines how organisations are allowed to process your personal data. 

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) upholds these data security regulations, and, as explained below, you may be able to make a complaint through it. 

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Data Breaches?

There are many reasons you could be looking for data breach solicitors for Leeds claims. The legislation above covers both physical and digital personal data. There are particular ways that either type could be exposed through an error or oversight on behalf of data controllers. 

Examples of personal data breaches include: 

  • A staff member accidentally emailed your personal information to an unauthorised recipient. Therefore, this could involve misdirected confidential data.  
  • Posting your bank details or new credit card to your old address, despite having provided them with your new address. 
  • Not redacting personal information when uploading a database to the internet.
  • Not properly disposing of hardware or paperwork that contains personal data. Organisations need to dispose of personal data securely to avoid leaving it at risk. 

If you’ve suffered from any of these types of incidents, you may be looking into seeing if you could use the services of data breach lawyers. You may also be searching terms like “data breach solicitors near me.” However, it’s important to note that if you want to receive compensation for a data breach in Leeds, you don’t necessarily need to go to the solicitor closest to you. 

Our data breach solicitors for Leeds specialise in these types of claims and can work with you under a No Win No Fee agreement. They can help if you’ve suffered mentally or financially (or both) due to a data breach from any organisation, whether it be, for instance, a university data breach, a dentist data breach or a GP data breach. However, not everyone affected by a breach of personal information will be entitled to make a claim. The onus is on the induvial to prove that those who should have been protecting their data failed in this respect. 

How Often Do Data Breaches Happen? 

Data breach solicitors Leeds statistics graph

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 was carried out by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. This survey requests data breach information from charities and businesses to analyse the threat of cyber security breaches. As shown in the chart above, one of the questions asked was whether the charities and businesses had an older version of Windows installed. 

This is important because up-to-date systems have updated cyber security protection. Theoretically, having an older version of Windows could result in your personal data being more vulnerable. Additionally, having an older version could make processing personal data more difficult for the data controllers or processors.

According to this survey, 32% of large firms had an older version of Windows. 28% of businesses within the utilities and production industry did, and 20% of businesses overall and 17% of charities overall did too.  

You may be wondering, “how much compensation can you get for a breach of UK GDPR?” How much compensation you could claim for a data breach depends on the extent of it and how badly it has impacted your finances and mental health.

To learn more, please get in touch with our advisors, who can provide you with free legal advice at any time that suits you. Contact them using the details above. 

Will I Need A Data Breach Solicitor To Handle My Case?

You won’t necessarily need to use the services of data breach solicitors within the Leeds area to claim. Usually, if your personal data is compromised in a breach, the process can follow as below. 

  1. Either you discover that your personal data was involved in a breach, or the relevant party informs you of this. 
  2. You can contact the organisation to discover what personal data has been affected. 
  3. You then need to provide sufficient time for the organisation to look into this. However, if their final response to your complaint isn’t satisfactory, you have three months from the date of that response to approach the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about it. If you get in touch with the ICO after this, it could affect their decisions on it. 
  4. While this is happening, you can still look into claiming data breach compensation. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to complain through the ICO to seek compensation for a data breach under the UK GDPR. Theoretically, you also don’t need to use data breach solicitors to seek compensation. However, not using a specialist solicitor could potentially hurt your chances of receiving compensation. 

Who Is Eligible To Claim Compensation For A Breach Of Data Protection?

For a data breach solicitor for Leeds claims to consider working on a No Win No Fee basis on your claim they will want to check that you have a valid case. This will mean providing evidence that the data breach was caused because those who should have been securing your data failed to and that you suffered ill health and/or financial losses. 

In successful claims you can ask for;

  • Material damages: This relates to the financial loss caused by the data breach. For instance, the breach could result in money being stolen from your bank account that you can’t recover. You may have suffered a loss of earnings if you had to take time off work to recover from any distress the data breach caused.  
  • Non-material damages: This concerns the psychological injury you endured due to the breach such as anxiety or depression. 

For data breach claims to be successful, you must prove that the breach has caused either material or non-material damage or both. A publication from the Judicial College can give a sound idea of potential compensation figures for non-material damage. 

This is because the Judicial College guidelines list injuries, their severities and corresponding compensation brackets. We use these brackets to provide you with a compensation table below. They’re for illustrative purposes only. 

Type of InjurySeverityAmount of CompensationDescription
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(c) Moderate£7,680 to £21,730This bracket will mean that the claimant will have mostly recovered from any mental effects of the incident. Any effects that continue won't be of a severely disabling nature.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(d) Less SevereUp to £7,680In this instance, the claimant will have made a virtually full recovery within 1 or 2 years. From then, minor symptoms only will persist.
Psychiatric Damage Generally(c) Moderate£5,500 to £17,900Injuries in this bracket mean that the injured person suffers from issues with working and personal relationships. However, their prognosis is good and will have a marked improvement by trial.
Psychiatric Damage Generally(d) Less SevereUp to £5,500The compensation awarded in this bracket will depend on how much sleep and daily activities are affected and how long these issues have been experienced by the injured person.

Why not contact our advisors so they can value your claim for free?

Work With A No Win No Fee Data Breach Solicitor For Leeds

There are several factors you could consider should you want to use the services of data breach solicitors for the Leeds area. Our data breach solicitors offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis. 

If your solicitor offers their services under a No Win No Fee agreement (also known as a conditional fee agreement), you would only need to pay their fee in the event of a successful claim. This means that they would take a small, legally capped portion of your compensation as a success fee. 

Furthermore, there are other benefits to making a No Win No Fee claim. You will only need to pay your solicitor’s fee if your claim is successful. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to pay any solicitor fees upfront or during the claims process. 

There are, however, factors data breach solicitors would consider before taking on your case. They would only take it if they felt you had a reasonably good chance of success. This means that they would analyse if: 

  1. A data breach happened and your personal data was affected.
  2. It was due to the data controller or processor’s failings.
  3. You suffered mental and/or financial damage as a result. 

Only if all three of these happened would they take your claim. They will also check if you’re claiming within the correct time limit. To seek data breach compensation, would have six years if claiming against a non-public body. However, you have only one year if you’re claiming against a public body.

Getting Help From Specialist Data Breach Solicitors For Leeds

At Legal Expert, we can help you if you’re looking for data breach solicitors for Leeds claims. Our advisors give free legal advice, are available 24/7 and can inform you if you’ll potentially be able to claim.

What’s more, they can connect you with our data breach solicitors who could take your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Why not reach out? 

To learn more about us, please read the reviews on our website. 

More Information About Data Breach Claims

To discover more about data protection, please refer to the links below. 

The ICO has a guide on how to report a breach

You can learn how to respond to a personal data breach by reading this guide. 

If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, caused or worsened by this type of incident, the NHS provides guidance that could help. 

Read this webpage to learn more about claiming for a post office data breach

A hotel data breach could negatively impact you. Refer to this page to find out about claiming.

Do you want to know more about data breach solicitors for Leeds claims? If so, contact us using the details above.  

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Edited by Victorine

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