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Data breach solicitors for Dover could help you claim data breach compensation. Our skilled legal team operates a nationwide service and can handle Dover claims. A data breach can mean personal information has been exposed or used unlawfully. So if your data was breached, you might have experienced undue stress. Moreover, a data breach may have resulted in you suffering financial losses as well. To hold a valid data breach claim the onus is on the claimant to show how those who should have been protecting such information failed to keep it safe.

Data breach solicitors Dover

Data breach solicitors for Dover

Legal Expert has knowledgeable data breach protection solicitors to handle your claim. Our skilled legal team will value your claim accurately and negotiate with the defendant to ensure you receive the right compensation payout. To begin your claim, please call us to speak to an advisor. And we can start working on your claim right away.

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A Guide To Data Breach Solicitors For Dover

Suppose your data was breached. Are you confused about what to do next? This guide will explain how to claim compensation. We have created this guide with claimants in mind looking for data breach solicitors for Dover compensation claims. Please get in touch with us to begin your claim right away.

This guide will explain what a data breach is and the effect a breach can have on a victim. Moreover, we will explain your rights under the UK General Data Protection Regulation UK GDPR and other data protection legislation. Finally, we will look at the process of making a data breach compensation claim. We will look at examples of data breaches that may have affected Dover residents, such as the South East Coast Ambulance data breach. And we will explain how a data breach claims solicitor can help.

Is There A Data Breach Claims Time Limit?

Under the Limitation Act 1980, there is a six-year time limit to start a data breach claim. This time limit can be reduced to one year when claiming against a public body. We understand that data breaches can be very complicated. So, please call our helpline for advice if you are unsure whether or not the incident breached your data protection rights.

Explaining Data Breaches

Personal data is information that identifies an individual, such as a name or email address. Organisations often collect personal data for operational purposes or commercial use. For example, the local council may collect data belonging to its employees and residents.

A data breach is a security incident where personal data is lost, stolen, accessed without permission, destroyed or altered unlawfully or accidentally. Many data breaches are caused by human error. For example, an employee at a bank could send a file to the wrong email address. Therefore, the employee would have shared personal information with a party who does not have the authority to see it. But persons with malicious intent can cause data breaches deliberately. For example, a business could be the target of a hacking attack.

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) requires organisations to protect personal information or information that can be used injunction with other data to identify a data subject. The Data Protection Act 2018 runs alongside the UK GDPR.

If your data was breached, please get in touch with Legal Expert today. They will assess your case for free and inform you if your claim is valid.

What Are The Main Factors Leading To Data Breaches?

Many factors can lead to a data breach. Let’s look at some examples of the sorts of cases a data breach solicitor for Dover may handle.

  • A receptionist at a university may leave a file containing personal data on a public-facing desk. Therefore, unauthorised persons could access the data.
  • A school in Kent may commit a data breach if they send a letter to a student’s parents but use the wrong address. Therefore a third party could access information about the child.
  • Councils may publish information about community safety. However, the council may fail to redact information about individual residents, breaching their privacy.
  • A charity may send a mass email to residents but fail to use the Bcc bar. Therefore the charity would share the resident’s email addresses with the other recipients.

Case Study: The South East Cost Ambulance Data Breach

In May 2020, South East Coast Ambulance Service was involved in a data breach. The South East Coast Ambulance made available to members of staff who were not senior managers private and medical information about staff. The information was about employees who had taken sick leave, including sensitive data about operations, mental health and physical health problems. It was accessible to unauthorised persons for more than ten days.

How Many People Are Impacted By Data Security Breaches?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who is responsible for governing data protection should be contacted if an organisation experiences a data breach that affects data subjects rights.

The ICO releases the data security incident trends reported to them every quarter. These statistics are the best indicator of how many data incidents occur each year.

Here are the data security incident trends for the second financial quarter 2021/22:

  • Organisations reported 2,431 security incidents.
  • 1,717 incidents did not involve a cyber security breach.
  • 714 incidents involved a cyber security breach.
  • The top sectors that reported data security incidents included healthcare, education, childcare, and finance.

What Help Do I Need To Make My Claim?

If you believe you have discovered a data breach, where should you report it? We recommend that you report the incident to the party you believe has breached your data. The organisation can investigate the incident and may be able to resolve the matter internally.

Please feel free to escalate the complaint if you are not satisfied with the response. However, please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office if nothing comes of your complaint and you still have legitimate concerns. However, you must contact the ICO within three months of your last meaningful communication with the data controller. If you leave it too long the ICO may not investigate. But please note that although the ICO can fine an organisation for breach of data protection laws they cannot award you compensation.

If the organisation that breached your data discovers the breach, they will contact you if your rights and freedoms are affected. The ICO say a notification to them should be done within 72 hours of the data breach. The notification can be used as evidence to support any data breach claims you may make. The organisation may offer you further advice about how to protect yourself following a data breach, So, please feel free to reach out to the organisation’s customer support department.

How Much Could I Claim In Damages?

When data breach solicitors for Dover value a compensation claim, they consider many factors. Data breach victims often suffer emotional distress after the incident. Furthermore, a person may develop psychological injuries after a data breach, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Especially if the data breach involved sensitive data.

Secondly, solicitors will consider any financial losses experienced as a result of the data breach. Unfortunately, criminals will often use breached data to target the owner for fraud, such as phishing scams or identity theft. Subsequently, the data breach victim may lose money or other assets after the event.

Therefore, claimants can receive up to two heads of claim:

  • Material damages reimburse the claimant for any financial losses incurred.
  • Non-material damages reimburse the claimant for any emotional damages or psychiatric injuries they suffered.

You can use the table below to estimate how much your compensation claim would be worth. Please note, the table only includes non-material damages. The compensation amounts are based on guidelines from the Judicial College.

Psychological InjuryCompensation PayoutAbout
Severe PTSD£56,180 to £94,470Symptoms experienced will be extremely serious and they will have a negative impact on the persons life, such as their ability to maintain relationships or to work.
Moderately Severe PTSD£21,730 to £56,180Symptoms experienced may be moderate to severe. If the claimant has treatment and therapy they could expect to make a degree of recovery.
Moderate PTSD£7,680 to £21,730Symptoms experienced are more moderate in nature. The person is expected to make a degree of recovery in the future
Severe Psychiatric Damage£51,460 to £108,620Severe psychiatric injuries which have affected all parts of the claimants life.
Moderately Severe Psychiatric Damage£17,900 to £51,460Symptoms may be persistent or permanent. The claimant may find that their life is affected in the future.
Moderate Psychiatric Damage£5,500 to £17,900Symptoms experienced may be moderate and could have a negative impact on this person. However, they could have a good prognosis.

Of course, the outcome of every claim is different, so the exact amount of compensation you receive may vary. You can call our claims helpline, and an advisor can estimate how much you can claim.

What Are The Benefits Of No Win No Fee Agreements?

We believe that appointing a specialist data breach solicitor for Dover claims to manage your case increases your chances of receiving the right amount of compensation. You can use a No Win No Fee agreement to fund your data breach solicitor’s service. You don’t need to pay an upfront solicitors fee before you begin a claim so it is often more affordable to many.

Our No Win No Fee data breach solicitors will only take on a claim if there is evidence to prove the following:

  • A data breach took place
  • The defendant did not do enough to protect the data
  • And that the claimant has experienced financial losses and/or mental harm as a result of the data breach.

So, you can feel confident that if we take on your claim, we believe it will be successful. What’s more, if your solicitor does not win your claim, we will not charge you a success fee. So, there is less financial risk involved.

If you choose to make a No Win No Fee claim, you will sign a Conditional Fee Agreement to formalise the process. You can learn more about making a No Win No Fee claim here.

Start Your Claim Today With Data Breach Solicitors For Dover

If you have experienced a data breach that violated your privacy, call our advisors today. To begin your claim, please get in touch with Legal Expert today. Our data breach solicitors for Dover claims could offer to handle your compensation claim. And your solicitor can handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, so there is less financial risk involved.

Please use the details below to get in contact with us.

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Learn About Other Ways Our Team Could Help You

We appreciate you taking the time to read our guide about data protection breach solicitors covering the Dover area. Please feel free to read these resources to learn more about data breaches and cyber security.

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Thank you for reading our guide about data breach solicitors for Dover. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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