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Sexual Abuse Compensation Calculator

By Lewis Cobain. Last Updated 24th February 2023. Welcome to our sexual abuse compensation calculator page. If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, you must get the compensation you are entitled to.

Of course, it is unlikely that compensation is the first thing on your mind at the moment. However, a successful claim can make life a little bit easier, as it will reduce the financial burden, ensuring all costs associated with your recovery are covered. This includes everything from loss of earnings to medical expenses. With that in mind, read on to discover more about using our sexual abuse calculator to find out how much compensation you will receive.

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A guide to sexual abuse payout amounts

If you have been sexually abused, no matter whether the abuse occurred as a child or an adult, you will be entitled to compensation. After all, why should you have to cover all of the costs associated with your recovery? Why should you have to suffer because of missed work or counselling expenses? You shouldn’t! While we cannot take back what has happened to you, although we wish we could, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We will work on your case efficiently and effectively while you focus on your recovery and getting better.

In this guide, we focus on compensation payouts for sexual abuse claims specifically. While you will find plenty of information on launching a sexual abuse claim, you will also find in-depth details about how much compensation you will get. This includes a table with average payout amounts, as well as a compensation calculator that will give you an estimate regarding how much you will receive. If you have any questions about the information below or launching a claim, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To find out more about our sexual abuse compensation calculator, please continue reading.

What is sex abuse?

Sex abuse is a generic term, which is used to describe any unwanted sexual activity. Perpetrators of sexual abuse usually take advantage of victims, make threats, or use force. Sex abuse does not have to be physical contact; it can happen online, becoming more and more common with child sex abuse cases today. In many cases, the child will not understand what is happening to them – they may not realise it is abuse, and they may not even realise that what is happening is wrong.

It’s important to recognise two types of child abuse – known as contact abuse and non-contact abuse. As part of this sexual abuse compensation calculator guide, let’s take a look at both to provide a better understanding:

Contact abuse

Contact abuse refers to cases whereby an abuser makes physical contact with a child. Examples include:

  • Making a child take their clothes off
  • Forcing a child to masturbate
  • Making a child touch someone else’s genitals
  • Encouraging or forcing a child to take part in sexual activity
  • Penetration or rape
  • Sexual touching of any body part, no matter whether the child is wearing clothes or not

Non-contact abuse

A lot of people do not realise that non-touching activities are classified as abuse. However, non-contact abuse is just as serious as contact abuse. Examples include:

  • Child exploitation – sexually exploiting a child for status, power, or money.
  • Showing pornography to a child
  • Allowing someone else to distribute, view, or make child abuse images
  • Online abuse
  • Grooming a child online and meeting them with the intent of abusing them
  • Not taking the correct measures to stop a child from being exposed to sexual activities by others
  • Encouraging a child to hear or watch sexual acts

If you, your child, or a child you know has been subject to contact or non-contact abuse, including during the Coronavirus lockdowns, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can also view how much could be awarded in sour sexual abuse compensation calculator.

Compensation For Abuse – What Is A Historical Claim?

A historical sexual abuse claim is any sexual crime, including sexual assault, rape or abuse which occurred when the claimant, now an adult, was under the age of 18. Claimants who pursue compensation for abuse that happened when they were a child may be concerned about the time limit to claim.

When making a CICA claim for compensation, abuse victims should typically start their claim within two years of reporting the crime to the police. However, claiming outside of the two-year time limit may be permitted if exceptional circumstances are involved.

Get in touch at any time if you wish to make a claim for sexual abuse compensation. Our expert solicitors are trained in advising on historic sexual abuse claims and can help you during the claims process if you wish for them to do so.

Time limits for sexual abuse claims

When making any personal injury claim, you must claim within the allotted time frame. In most cases, you will have three years from the date of the accident, i.e. when the abuse occurred. However, sexual abuse cases are not always this straightforward and, therefore, there are many exceptions to this rule. For child abuse cases, if you have not received compensation as a child, you will be able to launch a claim as an adult. In which case, you will typically have three years from the date of your 18th birthday. Nevertheless, we know that many people keep such incidents bottled up for many years because they do not feel ready to talk about them. The best thing to do is give us a call, and we will provide further advice.

How to make a claim for sexual abuse

If you are ready to make a claim for sexual abuse, the best thing to do is get in touch with us today. All you need to do is give our friendly and professional team a call, and we will guide you through the entire process. We will explain how we will secure compensation for you, and we will happily answer any questions you have. We will also ask you a few questions. This is nothing to worry about. Everything discussed will be 100 per cent confidential, and the only reason we are enquiring is so that we can advise you in the best possible manner. We can also arrange a local medical for you, free of charge if needed.

Sexual abuse compensation calculator

Sexual abuse compensation calculator

There are several ways you can go about getting compensation for sexual abuse ahead of using our sexual abuse compensation calculator. For example, you can claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. You can also get a criminal compensation order if the abuser is successfully prosecuted. Or, you could sue the organisation or the abuser that failed in their duty of care to you. We will advise you on the best route to go down based on your case. If you are going to sue the abuser, less proof is required to successfully secure compensation instead of what would be required in a criminal case.

In most cases, we will advise you to take civil legal action. There are several reasons why this is the case. This includes the fact that the abuser will not be able to pay the compensation ordered by the court if they do not have any money at the time. However, civil action will ensure that they need to pay any money they get in the future. It is also worth noting that you will not get any legal aid to sue your abuser. Nonetheless, you do not need to worry about this when working with us, as we handle all cases on a No Win No Fee basis. You can find out more about this below.

What can I claim for when making a sexual abuse claim?

In addition to the amounts specified in our sexual abuse compensation calculator, you could be owed other damages. When claiming sexual abuse, you will be able to secure compensation to cover any costs you have encountered as a direct consequence of your injuries, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced. This includes the following:

  • General damages – ‘General damages’ is a term used to describe the compensation you will receive for the pain and suffering you have encountered.
  • Loss of earnings – If you cannot work because of the psychological impact of the abuse you have suffered, you will receive a payout to cover the income you have lost. You can also claim to lose anticipated earnings if you expect to be off work for a while.
  • Counselling costs – Your payout will cover the cost of private therapy or counselling.
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel costs
  • Care claim – If you have required help around a care home during your recovery, the person that has assisted you will be able to file a care claim.

Sexual Abuse Compensation Calculator

Sexual abuse claims can be made against the perpetrator directly (if they can be identified/found and they have the funds to pay you), or they can be made through the CICA. When claiming directly against the perpetrator, legal professionals use a publication called the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to help them arrive at a suitable figure for your pain and suffering. The figures in the table below are taken from the JCG, though they should not be taken as guaranteed for your claim, as every case is different.

Injury Typical Compensation Amount Comments
Sexual and/or physical abuse £45,000 to £120,000 Severe – Claimant will have suffered serious abuse and prolonged psychological injury. The psychiatric injury will affect their ability to cope with work, education and sexual relationships.
Sexual and/or physical abuse £20,570 to £45,000 Moderate – Less serious and prolonged than the above with less effect on work, education and relationships. This bracket could also cover instances where the abuse is serious, but the psychological response not as negative.
Sexual and/or physical abuse £9,730 to £20,570 Less severe – The abuse does not last long and the psychological effects are minor or resolved within a shorter period. Prognosis for recovery with treatment is positive.
Less severe psychological damage £,1,540 to £5,860 In these cases, the payout amount is determined based on the length of the period of psychological issues, as well as the extent to which sleep has been impacted.
Severe psychological damage £54,830 to £115,730 This payout is for cases where the prognosis is very poor. There will be marked problems with regards to: the claimant’s ability to cope with work and life, the injured person’s relationships, whether medical help has been sought, future vulnerability, the extent to which treatment would work, and much more.
Moderately severe psychological damage £19,070 to £54,830 These cases are very similar to the above. However, the prognosis will be a lot better.
Moderate psychological damage £5,860 to £19,070 For such cases, there will be marked problems like those mentioned in the ‘severe’ bracket. However, there will be improvement by the time the trial comes around, and the prognosis will be much more optimistic.
Mental anguish £4,670 Fear of death and expectation of end of life.

The CICA has a set tariff. Unlike the JCG, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012 assigns each injury a set figure in compensation. If you are claiming for more than one injury, it is generally only the most valuable one that is awarded in full. The 2nd and 3rd most valuable after that are reduced to 30% and 15% of their respective amounts. However, some payouts (such as contracting an STI as a result of the abuse) are not subject to these discounts.

In the table below, we’ve included some examples of CICA payouts as listed in the scheme.

Injury Typical Compensation Amount Comments
Non-consensual vaginal and/or anal intercourse £11,000 – £44,000
Non-penile penetrative and/or oral genital acts £3,300 – £27,000
Sexual assault £1,000 – £27,000 Sexual abuse of victims of any age, if you have not already been compensated as a child.
Sexual assault £1,000 – £22,000 Resulting in a sexually transmitted disease (STD/STI)
Indecent assault £1,000 – £3,300
Sexual assault £5,500 Resulting in a pregnancy

What a sexual abuse compensation calculator may not take into account are additional payments that relate to the financial impact caused by your injuries. For instance, you may experience a loss of earnings if your injuries mean you are unable to work for a period of time. This could potentially be covered by special damages in a personal injury claim or special expenses in a CICA claim.

For more information on these additional figures, get in touch with our advisors today.

No Win No Fee sexual abuse claims

We handle all sexual abuse claims on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you only need to pay legal fees if your case is a success. If your case is unsuccessful, you won’t need to pay a penny. This means that anyone can make a compensation claim, irrespective of their financial situation. You don’t need to worry about making a large payment upfront, nor do you need to worry about having a large legal bill to fund and no compensation to fund it with.

There are many other knock-on benefits associated with making a No Win No Fee claim as well. The other option would be to go for a solicitor that charges per hour. If you were to do this, how would you know that the lawyer would work hard to win your case? After all, the outcome does not impact them. No matter whether the case is a success or not, they get paid the same amount. Instead, when you choose our service, you can have complete peace of mind that we will put in all of our efforts to secure compensation for you and that we will only take on your claim if we believe it has a genuine chance of being successful.

Why choose us as your claims service for your sexual abuse claim?

There are many reasons why you should choose us as your claims service for your sexual abuse claim. We have many years of experience, but we have an exceptional track record to back it up. We have secured compensation for abuse victims on many occasions, and it is always our aim to achieve the highest possible payout.

One of the main reasons so many people choose our service is that we genuinely care about our clients, and your recovery is always our main priority. We know that you are going through an exceptionally difficult period, and the last thing we want to do is put further strain and stress on your shoulders. This is why we will work on your compensation case efficiently and professionally, securing compensation as quickly and effectively as possible. This enables you to focus on your recovery while we concentrate on getting compensation for you. Despite this, if you ever need us or have any queries, we are only ever a phone call away.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

We’re now at the final section of our sexual abuse compensation calculator page.

If you are ready to make a sexual abuse compensation claim, all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 073 8804. You will be connected with a member of our team who will happily answer all of your queries regarding victims compensation payments and talk you through the claims process. You can rest assured that everything discussed is 100% confidential, and we will do all in our power to secure the maximum amount of compensation for you.

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This link takes you to the website for Childline, which is a service provided by NSPCC. Children who have been the victim of sexual abuse will find help and support on this website.

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This takes you to the NSPCC page on preventing abuse. You will find information on what sexual abuse is, how you define child sex abuse, and much more.

Government’s Criminal injuries compensation guide

This link takes you to the government’s “Criminal injuries compensation: a guide.” This is a digital guide, which provides advice for anyone thinking of applying for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012.

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Sexual Abuse Compensation Calculator FAQs

Am I eligible to claim through the CICA?

To claim the CICA, there are just two conditions to meet. Firstly, that you, as the victim, are blameless. And secondly that your injuries are the result of a criminal act against you. This could include suffering the likes of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When might you not be eligible to claim?

There may be some instances in which people are not able to make a compensation claim. If you failed to report the incident as soon as possible to the police, if you have applied for compensation under a different scheme or failed to cooperate with the police, you may not be able to make a claim.

What evidence do I need?

Whilst you don’t need to know who the assailant was, you must prove the incident itself. This could include medical reports containing details of physical injuries.

Why use a solicitor?

Whilst you don’t need a solicitor when claiming via the CICA, a solicitor could still help. And that’s the case even if the assailant remains free of any charges. The assailant may even include a member of social services that grossly neglects their duty of care towards the child.

What are violent crimes that I could receive compensation for?

You can claim compensation for various physical and violent crimes. These include GBH and ABH, non-consensual sexual contact and other forms of common and criminal assaults.

What are the time limits to claim as an adult?

There are some historic exceptions to this rule. But in general, claims should be no longer than 2 years after the incident.

Also, what are the time limits to claim if under 18?

If under 18 at the time of the incident, an adult could claim on your behalf. Once you turn 18, you then have 2 years to claim compensation.

Could I claim for the cost of prescriptions?

You could reclaim the costs of medical treatments, such as prescription medication, as part of your compensation claim.

Can I claim for historical sexual abuse?

You may be able to receive historical abuse compensation. Read this guide on our website or contact us to learn more.

Thank you for reading our sexual abuse compensation calculator page.

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