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£200,000 Compensation For Hip Replacement Surgery Negligence Injury

Have you suffered from medical negligence during a hip replacement operation? If you were left with lasting injuries from a faulty hip replacement operation you could be owed a large sum as a hip replacement settlements amount. Trust Legal Expert to help you claim the compensation you are entitled to. Call us today and speak to our team, and if you have a legitimate claim, we can match you to the right solicitor who can help you claim for hip replacement surgery medical negligence, or any other type of clinical negligence.

hip replacementIn this case study, we are going to look at the case of Mrs T (whose name we have abbreviated here for reasons of confidentiality). Mrs T suffered a degenerative hip as a result of avascular necrosis and had to undergo complete hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately, the first hip replacement operation was not done to adequate standards. Her new hip joint was not correctly fitted during the initial operation. This would have been clearly obvious to the surgical team immediately after her operation by reviewing her postoperative X-rays. As a result, Mrs T’s hip replacement recovery time was not successful as it should have been and she was left with a dislocated hip injury. Therefore, she had to undergo further surgery to correct these faults four months later.

How Common is Surgical Negligence?

At the time of writing, surgical negligence is worryingly on the rise. A recent report published by NHS England has cited that in a period from 2013/4 – 2015/6 serious surgical mistakes more than doubled, rising from 285 – 740. This is in line with cases of general medical negligence doubling over the same period. NHS England put the worrying surgical negligence statistics down to unprecedented strain in the NHS, being underfunded, understaffed and under pressure to save money by the government. Given the severity of these statistics and the resources it takes to correct surgical errors and pay medical negligence compensation to mistreated patients, we hope some of these negative effects of straining the NHS may be taken into account by the current and future governments.

Details of the Injury Caused by the Hip Replacement Surgery

Unfortunately for Mrs T, the surgery to correct her first round of faulty hip replacement surgery was also substandard. The surgeon who operated on her caused serious harm and damage to Mrs T’s gluteal nerves. These are the nerves which control the abductor leg muscles. As result, she experienced a permanent weakness in her leg which caused her serious back, hip, and neck pain and also to walk with a limp. As you can imagine, these hip injuries had a significantly negative effect on her quality of life. As a result of Mrs T’s injuries she also experienced psychological distress, which was worsened by the surgeon trying to in her words “ignore and silence me with his power”, rather than take her complaints seriously.

The Hip Replacement Settlement Amount

Mrs T (the Claimant) hired a personal injury solicitor to handle her medical negligence compensation claim case. The Defendant eventually agreed to pay Mrs T compensation before the case for her hip replacement complications went to trial. Mrs T was awarded £200,000 as a hip replacement settlement amount, and after a traumatic ordeal she was very grateful to her lawyers for handling her case so well and forcing the surgeon in question to be accountable for his negligence.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors

Have you suffered from medical negligence related to a hip replacement or any other type of injury related to medical negligence or clinical negligence? Then you may wish to claim compensation. If you have suffered traumatic injuries from an operation that was meant to improve your quality of life, not diminish it, then you may have already undergone costly treatment and lost income so may not have the funds to make an upfront payment. You may have also experienced untold amounts of financial stress and not wish to undergo the additional stress of paying your fee upfront. A no win no fee solicitor is a great way to avoid this additional stress. No win no fee means you will only pay your legal fees, if and when your case is successful. Call Legal Expert today to ask about no win no fee.

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Do you think you have a legitimate case to claim compensation for medical negligence around your hip replacement treatment? Call Legal Expert today for your free legal consultation. One of our understanding advisors will assess your case to see if you could make a claim for compensation, tell you how much your claim could be worth and will match you to the right solicitor to handle your case, at no additional cost to you. Call us today on 0800 073 8804 to begin your medical negligence claim and get the compensation you are entitled to.

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