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A Guide To Nando’s Accident Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

Nando’s Accident Claims

Have you recently been injured in an accident that took place in a Nando’s restaurant? If you were a customer or member of staff, and you were involved in an accident that was not your fault then you may be eligible to make a Nando’s accident claim for compensation.

Nando's accident claims

Nando’s accident claims

Who are Nando’s? Nando’s are a major player in the UK fast food industry. According to Statista, the UK fast food industry was worth a total of £12 billion in 2016. The South African casual dining restaurant specialises in Peri Peri chicken and the chain operates over 1000 outlets, in 30 countries. 339 of these restaurants are in the UK.

All restaurants in the UK are required by law to provide a safe and clean environment for customers and members of staff. This includes taking precautions against hazards that could cause customers, members of staff or the public to have accidents. Unfortunately, there have been times when fast food restaurants have neglected their duty of care, which has resulted in illnesses or injuries. These injuries can include: falls caused by wet or dirty floors, slips on newly mopped floors that were not properly signposted, burns caused by overheated food, falls caused by loose railings, poor lights, faulty or damaged furniture or damaged floors, illnesses caused by food and beverages which are of substandard, badly cooked or ill-prepared.

If you have been exposed to any such risk at a Nando’s restaurant then you may be entitled to compensation. How much you can claim, depends on many factors. There have been several high profile cases, however, where a customer or member of staff has received a large sum for an accident that was not their fault. For example, there was recently a case in Australia where a customer received $300,000 for a back injury caused by a chair that collapsed underneath him, which required surgery and a loss of income.

This guide offers useful help and advice on how you can make a personal injury claim against Nandos if you have suffered an accident on one of their premises. You will also be advised on how much your Nando’s accident claim could be worth, based on the type of accident you were involved in and the extent to which the illness or injury affected you.

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A Guide To Nando’s Accident Claims

As we have already stated Nando’s are one of the world’s most popular fast food and casual dining chains. Almost two-thirds of their stores are in the UK. Like many chain restaurants, Nando’s are a franchise and individual branches are managed by smaller businesses. Under the Health and Safety Act of 1974, these businesses have a responsibility to create a safe and hygienic dining and working environment for their customers and employees. Being a restaurant business, Nando’s branches are also responsible for complying with certain food safety and hygiene practices and making sure that these are upheld. If an accident takes place on a Nando’s premise and a customer or member of staff suffers an injury or illness as a result, due to inadequate maintenance of facilities and improper implementation of health and safety regulations, the victim of the accident may have a right to claim compensation.

What are the main types of accidents at Nando’s?

Restaurants, especially fast food restaurants can be rushed places, with a high level of customer footfall during busy times. Customers expect their food to be served promptly and staff often have to rush, to make sure that orders are met on time. A restaurant being a busy or high pressured atmosphere, however, is never an excuse for a restaurant to cut corners, or ignore a hazard until the lunchtime rush is over. Hasty food preparation, or neglecting potential dangers, can cost a restaurant untold amounts of money in compensation claims and reputation damage. It is also unacceptable for restaurants and customers to knowingly put their customers or members of staff at risk, so if they do so, they need to be held accountable.

Here are some accidents which are common in fast food restaurants, which could also be accidents at Nando’s:

  • Slips, trips and fall injuries at Nando’s. These may include slips that were caused by wet floors, where the spill was not immediately mopped up, or if a recently mopped floor is not signposted.
  • Slips, trips, and falls can also be caused by faulty or damaged railings or furniture, which can come loose or fall apart when a reasonable amount of pressure is applied. A fall can potentially cause back injuries or cause the victim to hit their head on wall or another piece of furniture.
  • Injuries can occur from overheated food or drink. For example, if a customer is given a coffee cup where the liquid inside is too hot, and there isn’t a protective sleeve, they can instinctively drop the coffee and burn themselves or another patron. Likewise, food that is served at a temperature that is too hot for safe consumption can burn a patron or staff member if they eat it, or it is spilled on their skin.
  • Nando’s food poisoning. Poor quality food, food that has come into contact with contaminated surfaces and food that has been poorly prepared can cause food poisoning to customers or members of staff who may consume it.
  • Food that is improperly labeled or misrepresented by staff may cause harm to customers who suffer from food allergies or intolerances. Improperly represented food or drink can also cause emotional distress to customers. For example, a recent news story highlighted that a lifelong vegetarian was caused serious emotional distress when a Nando’s employee accidentally served her a chicken wrap, telling her it was a halloumi wrap.
  • Accidents can also be created by a poorly maintained premises. This could be the restaurant’s interior, entranceway, or exterior points like the car park. Recently, an incident made the news where Christian Phillips, the frontman of the Illegal Eagles, an Eagles tribute band suffered a concussion when a plank of wood came loose from the ceiling and fell 30ft onto his head. The singer and guitarist were left with a concussion and gash on his head and a scrapes from loose plank nails which hit his arm. As a result, he was left with a severe headache and had to cancel tour dates.

If you have suffered an injury or illness of this type, caused by an accident at Nando’s due to negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about how to make an accident at Nando’s claim. This guide will explain what you may be entitled to, in more detail.

Nando’s Accident Claims: Slips, Trips And Falls

Improper cleaning and maintenance of a Nando’s restaurant can cause slips, trips and fall injuries at Nando’s, which can affect customers and employees alike. Spills of food or drink must be mopped up immediately and the resulting wet floor should be signposted. It is also important that proper maintenance and cleaning of the floor is maintained – this is especially true in kitchen environments when oil from cooking equipment can contaminate the floor, making liquid spills particularly hazardous. Injuries can also be caused by improperly faulty or damaged furniture, such as chairs and tables, or railings, which come apart when someone puts their weight on them.

In kitchen environments, staff should also be made to wear proper footwear. These rules also apply to the “shop floor” to protect customers from slipping, extra vigilance is necessary during busy times. Slips can cause all kinds of injuries such as back injuries, head injuries, and broken bones. Worse still, slips can cause secondary injuries if the affected person instinctively grabs onto the nearest object to hand. In a kitchen environment, a staff member could grab a deep fat fryer or cooking pot handle and severely burn themselves (as happened in a fast food kitchen in Manchester). On the shop floor, a customer could grab onto another diner’s chair and pull it over, injuring them as they fall. If you have been injured by a slip at Nando’s caused by negligence on the establishment’s part then you could be liable for compensation. Read more of our guide for more advice on how to make an accident at Nando’s claim.

I Got A Burn Injury In a restaurant, can I make a Nando’s accident claim?

Restaurant managers are responsible for conducting regular risk assessments to identify possible hazards which could cause burns on their premises. It is their responsibility to apply control measures to prevent customers, members of staff and other members of the public from becoming burned. A common cause of restaurant customers becoming burned is overheated food. Restaurants are responsible for training their staff not to heat the food or drinks to a temperature that is unsuitable for human consumption and can burn customer’s skin if they eat it, or it is dropped on them. Overheated food or drinks can also cause customers to accidentally drop food or drink onto themselves or others. This can happen with hot tea or coffee in a paper takeaway cup if a protective sleeve is not supplied. There was recently a case reported in the press when a KFC customer was sold an order of gravy in a takeaway pot, which she described as “boiling”. She tried to put it back on her table, but the high temperature caused her to drop it. The gravy was spilled onto her leg and caused second-degree burns and severe blistering. As a result, she suffered extensive pain and had to undergo weeks of medical treatment. She also had to cancel a holiday because she was not allowed to expose her burns to the sun.

Restaurant managers are also required to control hazards which could burn their staff. Unfortunately, over one-third of burns that happen in the workplace, take place in restaurants. Measures that restaurants can take to help prevent burns taking place include: providing their staff with adequate training, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and taking care that floor surfaces are properly maintained to avoid slips. Employers should also provide the following equipment in kitchens to help prevent burns taking place: grease-containing units that dump automatically, fryers that automatically lower food into hot oil and splash guards on fryers.

If you are a Nando’s customer or employee who was burned, due to negligence on Nando’s part, then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Illnesses caused by food poisoning at Nando’s

One of the worst accidents that can happen in a restaurant is food poisoning. There are different mal-practices that cause different types of food poisoning, Precautions can be taken to prevent food poisoning. A branch of Nando’s, like any other restaurant, is responsible for complying with food safety and hygiene practices, to help prevent food poisoning at Nando’s. To be compliant with their duties of care, businesses must identify possible hazards that put people who use the business premises at risk and taking all necessary measures to eliminate that risk. What’s more, employees have a duty to report any potential hazards they see at work to their relevant employer, supervisor or health and safety representative, who will then be responsible for ensuring that all necessary control measures are enforced to prevent an accident resulting in injury or illness. If a customer who eats food purchased at Nando’s, or an employee eats food from Nando’s that they are given whilst on duty, which causes food poisoning, then they may be entitled to a make a Nando’s accident claim for compensation, if it is found that the restaurant did not uphold proper food and safety hygiene practises.

Unfortunately, there have been cases where Nando’s restaurants have been found to be violating proper practise. A recent branch of the restaurant chain made the news after health inspectors found it to be deeply unsatisfactory. They found dirty surfaces, raw meat being stored above ready to eat food in a fridge, which could risk contaminating the food and causing food poisoning. They also found an infestation of ants living within close proximity to a drinks machine. Nando’s ought to be careful. With cases of severe food poisoning which have left victims with life-changing illnesses and caused a serious loss of income, the responsible party has had to pay up to six figures in compensation. For example, a story made the news last year of a woman who was awarded over £260,000 in compensation, she contracted a severe case of food poisoning at the Malt Scotch Whiskey Society which left her with post-infection irritable bowel syndrome. The illness led to a loss of income as she had to reduce her working hours, and severely reduced her quality of life.

If you are a Nando’s customer or employee who contracted food poisoning in a Nando’s restaurant, you could be entitled to compensation.

What Can I Claim For After A Restaurant Accident?

Are you thinking about making an accident at Nando’s claim? If you have experienced an accident at a Nando’s restaurant, you may be able to claim compensation for one or more of the following from the restaurant owner, depending on your circumstances.

  • Medical expenses: These are the medical costs which incurred as a result of the injury or illness. This could include medicine, treatments, equipment, and visits to a specialist which are not covered by the NHS.
  • Transportation expenses: If you have had to make frequent hospital or doctor’s visits you can claim the cost of petrol or train fares you’ve used during these visits.
    Expenses for loss of income: You can claim expenses for loss of income if your injury or illness left you unable to work for a period of time, or permanently, or if you had to change career as a result.
  • Punitive damages for psychological trauma: This can include trauma that you underwent during the incident, recovering from the injuries, or trauma from the lasting medical consequences accident.
  • Post-treatment rehabilitation: This includes physical or psychological rehabilitative care.
    Long-term care expenses

This is not an exhaustive list of what you can include in your Nando’s accident claim for your injury or illness. If you do go ahead and sue, we will spend extensive time discussing every single consequence that resulted from the initial accident, to ensure your claim completely covers everything that you are entitled to.

No win no fee Nando’s accident claims

At we can match our clients to top solicitors that offer their clients a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), also known as “no win no fee”. Simply put, these cases mean that you will only pay us if you win your compensation for an accident at Nando’s. This method reduces the financial risk you will take when suing for compensation and also takes the stress out of the whole process.

How Much Can I Claim For A Nando’s Accident Claim?

If you are liable for compensation, you can gain a rough idea of what you may be able to claim by using the interactive table below. However please be aware that each accident claim is different, so actual compensation rates will vary on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, this table should only be consulted as a guideline.

Facial disfigurementSignificant scarring - Females£13,650 - £22,875The resulting plastic surgery may leave some cosmetic disability. Full restoration of the face can not be achieved. There is not a great psychological reaction to this.
Foot InjuryMildUp to £10,450Including mild or temporary damage to the foot.
Foot InjuryModerate£10,450 to £19,000Moderate injuries include the loss of normal function in one or both of the claimants feet.
Foot InjurySevere£31,900 to £53,200Severe injuries resutling in the complete amputation of a single or both feet.
Knee InjuryModerateUp to £19,900A moderate but, lasting damage or pain to one or both of a claimants knees.
Knee InjurySevere£19,900 to £73,125Including a complete loss of function in one, or both of the knees.
Leg InjuryModerate£21,100 to £29,800Complete loss of function in one or both legs.
Leg InjurySevere£73,150 to £103,250Complete amputation of one or both legs.
Hand InjuryMinor£700 to £3,300A temporary loss of function in both hands.
Hand InjuryModerate£4,100 to £10,100Reduction in the function of the hands.
Hand InjurySevere£22,050 to £47,050Amputation of one or both arms.

For a more accurate estimate of how much compensation you could claim, please call’s offices, to speak to a friendly advisor on 0800 073 8804 to see how much your compensation claim could be worth.

Why choose us for your restaurant accident compensation claim?

If you were injured or made ill by an accident that happened in a Nando’s restaurant that wasn’t your fault, trust us to help you win your claim. We are and we work with some of the top solicitors in this field. We have years of experience helping customers and employees of fast food chains, who have experienced accidents due to the owner’s negligence, claim what they are due. What’s more, if the first offer that you receive isn’t enough, we will fight aggressively to get you what you are actually due.

Do you think you might be able to make a claim? Call us today on 0800 073 8804 to speak to an understanding advisor. After we have reviewed your case, we will match you with an expert personal injury lawyer to take on your case.

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