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£47,500 Compensation For A Broken Cheekbone

In this case study, we are looking at a claimant who suffered a broken cheekbone as well as secondary injuries affecting their vision and some psychological injuries. The claimant suffered the injuries as a result of a road traffic accident, the circumstances of which are not currently released. Solicitors working on behalf of the claimant were able to secure them a total of £47,500 in damages for the physical and psychological injuries as well as their loss of income and inability to continue their previous hobbies. Whilst the defendant did admit their liability, the compensation value of the injuries suffered was a matter of dispute between the two parties. Eventually, the case progressed to the County Court where damages were awarded. Read below to find out more about this case and broken cheekbone injuries as well as how specialist personal injury solicitors helped the claimant to recover the compensation he was entitled to.

Cheekbone injury

Cheekbone injury

At Legal Expert, we work with a panel of specialist personal injury solicitors across the country. They have the experience and knowledge to help claimants in making a variety of different types of compensation claims. Legal Expert is one of the UK’s number one resources for legal advice, information, and guides on how to make different types of personal injury claims. We have a variety of guides to injury types as well as case studies, such as the one below, which help to illustrate how a great personal injury solicitor can help you.

Details Of The Case

Our case study dates back several years. The claimant was (at the time) a 21-year-old man who was involved in a road traffic accident, the details of which have not been made public. The claimant suffered several injuries to his face, the most serious of which is a broken cheekbone. The injuries which resulted from the road traffic accident ultimately led to the claimant having to give up both his leisure activities and his accountancy profession.

Whilst the cause and circumstances of the accident are not available, what is known is that the claimant’s injuries were directly caused by the accident. The accident caused the claimant to suffer a broken cheekbone as well as social anxiety which resulted from the scarring he was left with.

What Injuries Did The Claimant Sustain?

The claimant sustained several facial injuries, the most serious of these was a broken cheekbone. The broken and bruised cheekbone required bone grafts as well as skin grafts (taken from the claimant’s groin, to repair tissue which had been lost. To repair the broken cheekbone and other damage to the claimants face they had to undergo several operations and attempts at repairing the damaged area. However, the broken cheekbone surgery cost the claimant a lot of their confidence as it was not possible to fully repair the damage, leaving the claimant permanently disfigured in the affected area. The claimant was left with a noticeable difference when presented with broken cheekbone surgery before and after pictures of the left cheek.

Additionally to the broken cheekbone and bruised cheekbone, the claimant also experienced other facial injuries, including problems with his eyesight. The fractured cheekbone and eye socket injury were separate injuries. The claimant experienced issues with his sight including some double vision as well as excessive watering of the eyes. The medical assessment of these injuries showed that they would be permanent.

The broken cheekbone injury left the claimant with permanent scarring on the left cheek where there was a different texture and colour to the skin in that affected area. Due to the cheekbone injury swelling and scarring, the claimant experienced some social anxiety and had become withdrawn and depressed, shying away from contact with other people.

A fractured cheekbone can be a very serious injury. The cheekbone is also part of your eye socket and helps to protect your eyeball by providing support from underneath it. The cheekbone also joins onto the nose and the top part of your jaw. The symptoms of a broken or fractured cheekbone include a general flatness in the affected cheek, altered feeling around the bone directly beneath the eye, visual problems (such as the double vision experienced by the claimant in this case), and pain moving the jaw. Whilst there is a small risk of complications from broken cheekbone surgery, it is unlikely that this will happen in most cases, and it should be possible to recover from the injuries within a couple of years.

The Fractured Cheekbone Compensation Award

As a result of his injuries, the claimant found that he was unable to continue his work as an accountant. Prior to the accident, the claimant had practiced martial arts and was involved with a local club. After the accident, he was unable to do so.

The claimant hired a specialist solicitor with experience in helping clients with broken bone injuries, such as the broken cheekbone suffered in this case. Despite collecting evidence to support the claim, and presenting this to the defendant, the solicitors for both parties were unable to negotiate an appropriate settlement. The defendant did not dispute their liability for the accident and injuries caused. However, they could not agree on the amount of damages or ‘quantum’ appropriate to this case. As such the claimant had to seek legal action in the County Court.

The broken cheekbone case was heard at the County Court and the judge awarded the claimant a total of £47,500 in damages. The award included damages for the pain and suffering experienced by the claimant as well as their loss of amenity (the broken cheekbone) during the lengthy recovery process. The claimant was happy with the compensation settlement.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors

The simplest way to explain a no win no fee agreement is that as the claimant you won’t be expected to pay anything either at the start of your case or whilst your solicitor is pursuing your compensation claim. If the solicitor we match you with from our nationwide panel fails to recover any damage or compensation on your behalf, you will not have any legal bills to pay. This means that you will never be left out of pocket by making a no win no fee claim. If your claim is successful, the legal fees due can be deducted from any compensation you receive. Also known as a (CFA) Conditional Fee Agreement, the no win no fee contract will set out the framework within which your solicitor will provide their services. It should say what the solicitor will do, how and under what circumstances they will be paid, and how that fee is calculated.

Legal Expert are happy to provide our clients with a comprehensive CFA service, helping people to access the legal services and representation that they need, no matter their current financial circumstances and ability to pay. Claimants should not be restricted from being able to claim monies they are owed because they lack the financial resources to do so. With a CFA, you will not have to pay any legal costs until your compensation payout has been awarded. You can find out more by reading our no win no fee guide here.

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