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Doncaster Sheffield Airport Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation From A Personal Injury At Doncaster Sheffield

Doncaster Sheffield airport

Doncaster Sheffield airport

Have you been involved in an accident at Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport? If so, this guide will reveal everything you need to know about making a personal injury claim. Here at Legal Expert, we have helped many people to secure compensation for airport personal injuries. This does not only include people who are going on holiday or a business trip, but it also relates to those working at the airport, as well as those simply visiting the airport in order to pick up friends or family members. If you have been injured at another airport within the UK, we have plenty of other guides on our website for specific airports, so please do not hesitate to check these out or call 0800 073 8804. For Doncaster Sheffield Airport accident claims, please continue.

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A Guide To Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport Accident Claims

Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which was formerly called Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield, is an international airport that is found in South Yorkshire, specifically at what used to be the RAF Finningley station. This is one of the newer passenger airports in the UK, as it opened to passengers in 2005. If you have been injured while travelling through this airport or while working there, this guide contains all of the information you could possibly need to know. This includes details on the steps you should take if you are injured. We will also provide an insight into some of the most common accidents and injuries, for example, we will explain what happens if you get food poisoning before a flight, how to make a claim for a slip and fall at the airport, and so on. Furthermore, we will help you to determine how much compensation you may receive, as well as explaining how compensation is calculated and what sort of things you can claim for. So, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

What Is A Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport Accident?

Firstly, it is important to know what counts as an accident in Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport. Well, this relates to any accident or injury that has happened at the airport, whether in the terminal or outside – it simply needs to be on the airport grounds. In order to make a successful claim for such an incident, you need to show that you were not to blame for what has happened. It must have occurred because of someone else’s wrongdoing – this could be the airport company themselves, another person, or one of the businesses operating out of the airport, for example, WH Smith. Aside from this, you must have seen a doctor and the injury must have happened within the time limit.

Robin Hood Airport Accident And Incident Statistics

Unfortunately, there are no specific statistics released regarding accident numbers for this airport. However, the UK Government has provided statistics regarding workplace accidents at airports. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their statistics show that lifting and handling injuries are the most common amongst airport workers.

Ways You Can Commonly Be Injured At An Airport

There are so many different types of airport personal injuries that can result in a successful Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport compensation claim. In the upcoming sections, we are going to take a look at some of the most common cases in further detail to give you a better understanding.

I Slipped And Fell At The Airport, Can I Claim Compensation?

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common types of accidents sustained in general, not just at airports. These sorts of accidents could be caused by spills and wet floors, or whilst boarding an aircraft – though airlines might also be responsible here, depending on where it happened.

Airport Transport And Airport Shuttle Bus Accidents

There are so many different types of transport that are used at airports. Of course, you have the aeroplanes taking off, but you also have buses, trams, trains, and other vehicles, such as small electric vehicles in the terminals themselves. You also have the shuttles that take people to and from their hotels and the airport terminal. If you have been involved in any type of accident involving airport transport, for example, if you were involved in a crash or a vehicle crashed into you while you were walking, you could make a claim.

Baggage Carousel Accidents And Crush Injuries

You can also make a claim if you have been injured in baggage trolley and baggage carousel accidents and injuries. These injuries can be caused when baggage falls off and injures people. One thing to note here is that you certainly will not be able to claim if you were at fault for what happened, for example, if you were sitting on the carousel when it started.

General Luggage And Baggage Accidents

You may also have the basis for a personal injury claim if you have been injured because someone has left his or her baggage in a careless spot, which has caused you to fall and hurt yourself.

Lift, Stairs, Travelator, And Escalator Accidents

People can be injured on an escalator, in a lift, or whilst using a moving travelator floor in an airport. This can occur if there has been an electric fault, or it could happen if another traveller is acting in a manner they shouldn’t, for example, purposely walking on the travelator in the wrong direction. While these cases are rare, if you have been injured and it was not your fault, you can most certainly make a claim for this type of accident in Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport.

Restaurants And Shops At Doncaster Airport

There are a number of different restaurants and shops located at Doncaster Airport. This includes World Duty-Free and WH Smith. In terms of places to eat and drink, options include The Running Horse, Subway, and The Finningley Windmill.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport Workplace Accident Claims

Doncaster Sheffield Airport acts as a workplace for many different people, working in many different roles. The workplace is an environment where accidents can happen on a frequent basis. Of course, all employers are required to do all in their power to stop this from being the case. There are rules and regulations that need to be followed. However, unfortunately, these rules are not always adhered to, and people can get hurt as a result. If this has happened to you while you have been working at the airport, no matter whether you work in one of the stores or restaurants, at check-in, as part of the staff on the grounds outside, or in any other position, you can make a claim.

Baggage Handler Accidents Or Injuries

Out of all of the different types of workplace accidents that can occur, baggage handling accidents are the most common. There are many ways you could be the victim of such an accident. Here are some examples:

  • Your employer refused you a break,
  • You were not given the correct equipment,
  • The equipment you use was not maintained properly,
  • Regular risk assessments have not been carried out,
  • You were not provided with the right training,
  • You were not given the personal protective equipment you should have been,

Compensation Claims For Food Poisoning Or Exposure To Food Allergens At An Airport

The final type of accident we are going to take a look at is food poisoning while travelling. You can make a claim for airline food poisoning compensation if you have suffered an illness because of something you have eaten during your flight. You can also make a claim if you have gotten sick because of something you have eaten in the airport at one of the food outlets. It is also worth pointing out that you can make a claim if you have had an allergic reaction to the food you have eaten. By law in the UK, if any of the main 14 allergens are present within food being sold, consumers must be made aware of this information. For pre-packaged food, it must be on the label. For food served fresh, for example, in restaurants, there is greater flexibility, but you must be made aware. If not, you will be able to claim.

How To Begin Your Airport Accident And Injury Claim

No matter what has occurred at Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport, if the accident in question was not your fault, there is a very high chance that you will be entitled to compensation. However, you will need to handle everything in the correct manner to ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve. Keeping that in mind, continue ready to discover the steps you should take when claiming after an accident.

  • Get medical attention – First and foremost, you need to see a doctor. Of course, this may sound obvious. However, there are instances when people suffer mild injuries and so they try to cope with them themselves. If you do this, you won’t have any proof of your suffering, and thus you will struggle to claim.
  • Get contact information from the people that saw what happened – Did anyone witness the accident? If so, make sure to get their contact information.
  • Talk to your employer/file a complaint – If you have been involved in an airport workplace accident, it is vital to inform your employer of what has occurred. A lot of people make the mistake of simply waiting for their employer to receive the solicitor’s letter. However, this is only likely to result in bad blood. Moreover, you need to inform your employer so that they can record it in the accident book, which they need to have by law. If you were injured while travelling, you should make an official complaint to the company responsible, for example, this could be the airport itself or it could be one of the food outlets if you have suffered food poisoning.
  • Keep proof of all costs encountered – When it comes to making a Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport personal injury claim, you will not only be seeking compensation for your injuries, but also any financial losses you have incurred as well. Common examples include the likes of travel expenses, treatment costs, hospital parking expenses, loss of earnings, childcare costs, the cost of counselling, and such like. However, you won’t be able to claim for any of these costs if you do not have proof in the form of receipts and any other applicable documents.
  • Contact Legal Expert – Last but not least, give Legal Expert a call, and we will start working on your case to ensure you have a good chance of getting the full amount of compensation you deserve. We will provide you with a free consultation so that you can ask any queries you have and we can ask questions about what has happened to you, enabling us to give you the best advice.

What Can My Airport Accident Claim Include?

A lot of people merely rule out their chances of getting compensation before even exploring the possibility. There are then those who do not get the full amount they are entitled to, as they do not know what they can actually claim for. This section is here to make sure you get the full amount you deserve. So, continue reading to discover the two areas of compensation you will be able to claim for…

General Damages – First and foremost, we have general damages. This is the type of compensation most people are aware of. It relates to the money you receive to compensate for the suffering and pain you have experienced. The amount is also determined based on the impact the injury will have on your everyday life. Therefore, if you have suffered a minor whiplash injury that is likely to be a distant memory in a few months time, you will receive a lot less than someone who has experienced a severe head injury with lifelong effects.

Special Damages – You are not only able to claim for the pain and suffering you have experienced, but you can also receive compensation for any expenses you have encountered as a result of the injury you have sustained. A prime example of this would be the money you have had to spend on parking at the hospital or any loss of income you have encountered because of your inability to work. Other examples include travel expenses, childcare costs and prescription fees.

So, there you have it, both sides of the story when it comes to getting full compensation if you have suffered an airport injury. The best thing to do now is getting in touch with Legal Expert. We will match you to a high quality No Win, No Fee solicitor who will handle your case for you and make certain you get the full amount you are entitled to.

Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport Personal Injury Claims Calculator

You probably want to know how much compensation you are going to get, right? You may have used a personal injury claims calculator online, but we do not recommend these. They are marketing tools, rather than being accurate calculators. The best thing to do to get a better understanding of your likely payout is to take a look at claims that have been made in the past similar to yours. You can get an understanding of this by taking a look at the table we have put together below. If you cannot find the injury that you have experienced in the table below, please do not hesitate to give us a call for more information.

What injury have you suffered?The typical payout amount
Multiple Fractures of Facial Bones£13,080 to £21,000
Amputation of One Foot£73,620 to £96,150
Minor Injury, 7-day RecoveryA few hundred pounds to £600
Very Severe Facial Scarring£26,120 to £85,340
Moderate or Minor Elbow InjuryUp to £11,040
Severe Leg Injuries£84,400 to £119,210
Fracture of Index FingerUp to £10,730

How To Make A No Win No Fee Doncaster Sheffield Airport Accident Claim

A lot of people are missing out on the money they would have been entitled to when it comes to personal injury claims. We do not want this to happen to you, which is why we are putting some of the most common misconceptions to bed. So, read on to discover the reasons why people fail to make a claim…

  • They will face a lengthy and complex court case – One of the main reasons why so many people do not claim is because they think that it is going to be too much hassle and cause too much stress. They don’t want to experience a lengthy and complex court case. This is understandable. However, it is vital to recognise that there is very little chance that your case is going to go to trial.
  • They do not believe they have a case to begin with – To determine whether you have a strong chance of getting compensation, there are three key things that need to be considered. Firstly, someone else must have caused the accident. Secondly, the incident must have occurred in the personal injury claims time limit. Finally, you must have seen a doctor for your injuries.
  • They do not have enough money to claim – Finally, this is the main reason why a lot of people do not claim! You may have looked at solicitors’ costs, and you may have concluded that there is no way you can afford this service. However, if you choose a No Win, No Fee solicitor this issue can be eliminated.

If you need help with solicitor’s costs, a No Win, No Fee personal injury solicitor is a must. This is a person who agrees that you do not need to pay any legal fees if your case is not a success. As the full price you have to pay is based on the outcome of your case, this eliminates financial risk by a huge degree. You also do not need to make a sizeable upfront payment to start the claiming procedure. Here at Legal Expert, you can be 100 per cent sure you will always have a No Win, No Fee personal injury lawyer working on your case.

Why Make A Personal Injury Claim With Our Team

Have you been injured as the result of an incident that was not your fault? If so, you will rightly be looking for the accident lawyers to help you win your case. You have probably already done a search online only to discover that you have an abundance of options to choose from. This can make it confusing when it comes to selecting the best law firm for you, but you need not worry about this any longer, as Legal Expert is sure to suit your needs.

Over the past years, we have successfully helped thousands and thousands of personal injury victims to get the money they deserve. We have an impeccable reputation in the industry. All you need to do is take a look at the reviews on our website to see that this is the case.

One of the main reasons why so many people use our service is because all of our accident lawyers work on a No Win, No Fee basis. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, financial risk is minimised because you will not pay legal fees if your case is lost. If you were to go for a solicitor who charged by the hour you would be subject to hefty fees whilst there is always the risk that your case is not going to be a success. Aside from this, if you go for our service you will not need to pay any money upfront to start the claim process and you can be certain that we will only take on your case if we think there is a strong chance of it being successful. We won’t waste your time.

If you have any queries about our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can be confident that one of our solicitors will handle your claim in a professional manner. Our aim is to ensure a successful outcome and a quick and smooth process.

How To Contact Legal Expert

We hope that you have found this guide useful on your quest to discover more information about making a claim for an accident that has happened at Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport. However, if you need more information, we are available seven days a week to answer your questions. You can also give us a call if you are ready to get started with the claim’s process. You can reach us on 0800 073 8804. There are other ways to get in touch too. This includes sending us an email, using the live chat feature on our website, or sending an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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