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Leeds Bradford Airport Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation From A Personal Injury At Leeds Bradford Airport UK

Leeds Bradford Airport is the biggest in Yorkshire serving Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areas. It handles over 4 million passengers each year and for most their experience is pleasant and relaxing prior to their flight.

Leeds Bradford airport

Leeds Bradford airport

However, if you are involved in an accident in Leeds Bradford Airport then it can ruin your trip and you may want to seek compensation for your injuries and other associated costs.

If you have been injured whilst working, visiting or flying from Leeds Bradford airport and would like to make a personal injury claim then call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 and we’ll assess your claim straight away.

If you’d like to know more first then please carry on reading this guide which will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

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Our Guide To Leeds Bradford Accidents And Injuries

Leeds Bradford began life as an airport back in the 1930s and its size and passenger numbers have grown ever since. It is now a very popular alternative to London or Midlands airports and is now the 15th busiest airport in the UK.

While most people travel through the airport without encountering any issues, for some an airport accident can really spoil their trip. This guide will explain what you should do in the event of an accident, how to begin a compensation claim, the most common types of accidents that lead to claims and how Legal Expert can help by offering a no win no fee service.

What Is A Leeds Bradford Airport Accident?

A compensation claim for personal injuries at an airport can only be made in the following circumstances:

  • Somebody who owed you a duty of care, breached that duty with some form of negligence
  • You became injured because of their negligence.

Essentially, when you have a valid reason to be within the airport (you work there, you’re making a delivery there or you’re a passenger boarding or departing a plane) then you are automatically owed a duty of care.

Therefore, the most important part of the legal side of a claim is that your accident was caused by somebody else’s mistake. This could be down to a serious issue or simply because an individual member of staff made a mistake.

Claims in the UK are generally limited to 3 years after the accident occurred so please bear that in mind when deciding whether to claim or not.

Airport And Aviation Accident Statistics

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) there are 27,000 accidents at airports worldwide each year with over 240,000 people injured each year. IATA are implementing more and more safety systems to prevent and reduce accidents from occurring.

In the UK, the HSE report that there were 94 serious employee injuries in every 100,000 employees and it’s perhaps not surprising that over 30 percent of them were down to lifting and handling.

What Accidents Or Injuries Can Commonly Happen At An Airport?

Over the next few sections of this guide we are going to cover the most common types of accidents that lead to compensation claims. It’s worth remembering that we can help with any type of accident if it was caused by somebody else, so don’t worry too much if you don’t see your accident in the list.

Can I Claim Compensation For An Airport Fall, Slip/ Trip Accident?

Tripping or slipping can lead to a heavy fall and subsequent serious injuries such as soft tissue damage, fractures, spinal and head injuries which often require hospital treatment.

They could happen just about anywhere within an airport and, if the accident was caused by somebody else’s negligence, you could claim compensation for your injuries.

It can be tricky to determine when somebody else is responsible so give our trained advisers a call if you’re unsure but common reasons where somebody else could be deemed liable include:

  • When an area has broken or inadequate lighting which prevents you from seeing a trip hazard.
  • Where a floor is uneven or damaged such as a broken tile, kerb stone or even a pothole in the airport car park which caused you to trip over.
  • If a floor is slippery or excessively wet and there were no warning signs used to warn you.

In any of these cases you may be able to make a claim against the airport to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused.

Accidents Involving Airport Shuttle Buses And Other Vehicles

Within an airport there are numerous vehicles which are used to make moving people, luggage and stock easier. If you’re involved in a collision with one of these vehicles you may be able to claim for any injuries if the accident was caused by the driver of the vehicle. This could be whilst driving, as a passenger or even as a pedestrian inside or outside the airport.

Vehicles that could be involved in accidents at airports include:

  • Another passenger own car (in the car park of the airport)
  • A shuttle bus or taxi from the airport hotel to the terminal
  • Electric cleaning vehicles within the terminal building
  • Buses, trams or trains used to move you from the terminal to the plane.

Airport Luggage Trolley And Luggage Carousel Accident

When you’ve returned from your trip and you’re waiting for your luggage the carousel is sometimes the most boring part of the trip, but it can be made worse if you have an accident while waiting for your luggage.

This can happen when luggage is stacked too high or unevenly on the carousel and falls on you while your waiting for your own luggage. You could also be hurt if the carousel stops suddenly which can also cause luggage to fall from it.

You can also be injured in a collision with a luggage trolley being operated by airport staff or another passenger.

Other Forms Of Baggage Accidents

Another type of trip and fall type accident can be caused when luggage has been left in an inappropriate place within the airport. If it has been left where you would be expected to be walking, such as a main pathway, then you may be eligible to claim compensation if you are injured.

Accidents On Escalators, Stairs, Lift And Travelators

Getting around airports can be quite daunting but is made easier by the use of stairs, escalators, lifts and travelators. While most airports run regular maintenance on these travel aids accidents can still happen which may mean you’re entitled to compensation.

The types of accidents that could be claimed against include:

  • When you fall because a lift stopped suddenly (perhaps due to a power cut)
  • When you’re trapped in a lift for any period of time
  • When you fall over on an escalator or travelator because somebody was going the wrong way on them
  • When you trip down some stairs because the handrail was damaged
  • If you trip when leaving a lift because it hasn’t stopped flush with ground level
  • If somebody presses the emergency stop button when it wasn’t required, and you fall on a travelator or escalator

These instances may seem quite unusual but they can happen and you may be entitled to compensation if you’re injured because of them so please make contact with one of our team to discuss the circumstances of your accident.

Leeds Bradford Airport Food, Shops, And Hotels

Here is a list of some of the restaurants and shops housed within Leeds Bradford Airport for your information.

Restaurants and Bars:

  • The Beer House
  • Starbucks
  • The Saltaire Bar
  • Cabin Bar
  • Camden Food Co
  • Burger King
  • Café Ritazza


  • Leeds United Club Shop
  • Cargo Travel Essentials
  • Boots
  • WH Smith
  • World Duty Free

All of these outlets will have a duty of care to ensure your safety while you’re on their premises so, if you’ve been injured and believe it could’ve been avoided had the staff done something differently, then you may be able to claim compensation against them.

Leeds Bradford Airport Accidents At Work

The Health and Safety at Work Act is used to ensure that all employees have a safe working environment and that measures are put in place to mitigate any risks or dangers in the workplace.

If you work at Leeds Bradford Airport and have been injured, then you could make a claim against your employer if the accident was their fault in some way. They can not discipline for making a claim (providing it’s accurate) and will have insurance in place to cover personal injury claims so don’t be put off claiming what you may be entitled to.

Reasons why your employer may be to blame for your accident include:

  • They haven’t repaired faulty equipment (that they’ve been informed about) which caused your injury.
  • You weren’t provided with the correct safety equipment.
  • A colleague failed to follow procedures which caused your accident to happen.
  • You were not trained on how to complete a task prior to the accident happening.

These are just a few examples and, of course, if you had been fully trained but chose not to follow the guidance provided, you wouldn’t be eligible to make a claim.

Airport Baggage Handler Workplace Injuries

One of the most common injuries reported nationally by airport staff are manual lifting and carrying injuries. Luggage handlers spend a lot of time moving and lifting heavy luggage and so could be susceptible to such injuries.

You may think it’s a risk of the job, but you could still seek compensation if:

  • Your employer hasn’t provided you with training on how to lift heavy items properly.
  • You’ve not been provided with the correct safety equipment or if it’s inadequate.
  • You were not trained in using lifting aids or machinery designed to help lift heavier items.
  • If a colleague causes you to become injured.

If you believe any of the above are true in your case then please speak with one of our advisers so that we can advise you if you’re likely to be compensated or not.

Food Poisoning While Traveling Through Leeds Bradford Airport

There are 2 types of claims surrounding food that are fairly common in the UK and both can happen at airport restaurants, cafes and shops:

  • Food poisoning: This occurs when food is reheated or cooked incorrectly and also when the food is prepared or stored in unhygienic kitchens or preparation areas. It can lead to serious but usually not life-threatening conditions and can either prevent you from being able to fly (if symptoms are immediate) or ruin a trip (if the symptoms begin later in the day or the next day).
  • Allergic reactions: These can become fatal accidents if the claimant suffers an anaphylactic shock (which only happens in the most severe cases). Even a mild allergic reaction could cause the claimant to miss their flight.

If you suffer from either of these, you should seek immediate medical advice to ensure swift treatment. The emergency services may be required for some allergic reactions, if you’re in any doubt – call 999.

Food hygiene standards are regularly checked by companies who sell food but a mistake by an individual, because they’re very busy or forget to follow procedure, could cause contamination of food. If you believe you’ve been made ill or suffered a reaction where the allergen wasn’t highlighted to you by staff, packaging or on a menu then you could make a claim.

How To Begin Your Leeds Bradford Airport Accident Claim

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident in Leeds Bradford airport then there are some things that you should attempt to do at the time, if possible, to help you should you decide to make a compensation claim:

  • Photograph the scene of the accident as soon as possible and before anything is moved away. This can be very important evidence and, you may find, if you go back later to take a photograph, the cause of the accident may have been removed or repaired.
  • Visit a doctor or hospital to get your injuries assessed and treated. By doing so you’ll ensure you begin to recover sooner and at the same time medical records will be created by the doctor which are vital documents for any claim which will form the basis of it.
  • Ask witnesses for either their contact details or for them to write a statement of what they saw if they have the time do so. Independent witnesses offer more credibility than people you’re travelling with so if they’re available you should try to get their details.
  • Report the incident to a member of airport staff or retail staff. They’ll log your accident in a report which you should ask for a copy of. If they are unable to provide a copy, then take a note of their name and the time you reported the accident to them.

Taking these steps can have a dramatic affect on the chances of making a successful claim and without some evidence it may not be able to claim at all. Speak to our team for details if you’re unsure.

The last step you need to take is to contact a personal injury solicitor, such as Legal Expert, which can you can probably leave until you return to the UK.

What Can I Claim For A Personal Injury At An Airport?

When you make a claim for compensation, it’s not actually made up of just one part, there are multiple elements to a claim. Using a specialist personal injury solicitor who understands what can be claimed for is important because if anything is forgotten, you can’t go back and ask for more once a claim has been finalised.

The elements that can be included in any claim for personal injuries are:

  • General Damages – this element covers the pain and suffering caused by the injuries.
  • Medical Expenses
  • Care Costs
  • Cost of replacing or repairing any personal property that was damaged in your accident
  • Travel costs
  • Loss of earnings (and in more serious cases, future loss of earnings)

The general damages part of a claim is worked out from a set of injury types with a range of compensation allocated to minor through to severe injuries. For instance, a bruised finger would gain less compensation than a broken finger.

Leeds Bradford Airport Personal Injury Claims

If you’d like to know how much compensation you may be paid for your injuries, then take a look at the table below. It shows the amounts of compensation paid out for different types of injury under the General Damages element of a claim.

Injury TypeSeverityMaximum CompensationFurther Information
Foot injuryMinor to very severeUp to £96,139The injuries in this category can range from bruising, scrapes and cuts to sprains, nerve damage and muscle damage through to paralysis or amputation either or both feet.
Leg injuryMinor to severeUp to £119,239The injuries in this category can range from soft tissue to breaks to the bones, ligament and muscle damage and in the severe end of the spectrum: amputation or paralysis above or below the knee.
Hand injuryMinor to seriousUp to £54,299The injuries in this category can range from soft tissue damage such as bruising and scrapes on to muscle and nerve damage or sprains and severe injuries like paralysis or amputation of either or both hands.
Wrist injuryMinor to severeUp to £47,720The injuries in this category can range from burn, cuts or lacerations on to nerve damage, fractures(compound or simple) and on to complete loss of function of the entire wrist.
Arm injuryModerate to severeUp to £114,829The injuries in this category can range from soft tissue injuries on to muscles and ligament damage, fractures and then to amputation above or below the elbow.
Finger injuryMinor to severeUp to £21,939The injuries in this category can range from cuts and bruising, through to dislocation, nerve damage and fractures and severe injuries could mean the loss of one or multiple fingers.
Back injuryMinor to severeUp to £141,169The injuries in this category can range from minor cuts and scrapes, burns and bruising then on to muscle damage, as well as fractures of the vertebrae. Then, at the severe end of the scale: some form of paralysis of the back.
Neck injuryMinor to severeUp to £130,079The injuries in this category can range from minor soft tissue damage then on to muscle and nerve damage, fractures of the vertebrae and then on to paralysis of the neck.

Once we’ve spoken to you and understood your claim fully, we’ll be able to offer a more accurate estimate. As you can see from the table, each injury is compensated with a range of different payments from minor to severe.

We need to provide evidence of how serious your injury was to ensure you get the correct level of compensation and we have a panel of medical specialists that we can call upon to verify the seriousness and confirm by providing medical records and other evidence.

The defendants own solicitors may argue for a lesser severity to reduce the compensation payment which is why it’s vital you deal with a specialist personal injury lawyer when making your claim.

Make A No Win No Fee Leeds Bradford Airport Accident Claim

How does no win no fee work, and what are the benefits of using this type of claim. How to make a no win no fee claim.

How Legal Expert Can Help You

Legal Expert have a friendly and professional team of personal injury solicitors who are committed to gaining as much compensation as you deserve for your injuries.

We have made many successful claims over many years and we’re available throughout your case to answer any queries you may have.

When we agree to take on a case, we always work exclusively on a no win no fee basis to make your claim stress and risk free.

Contact Our Experts Today

Hopefully now that you’ve read this guide about claiming compensation for an accident at Leeds Bradford Airport, we hope you’ve decided to use Legal Expert to make your own claim.

If that’s the case, then please contact us via one of these routes:

  • Telephone: Call us today on 0800 073 8804, our team can answer any queries you may have
  • Email: Send a message to office@legalexpert.co.uk so that we can call you back at a suitable time
  • Live Chat: Our agents are available online 7 days a week to help you decide how to proceed
  • Online: We’ve got an online form that you can use to begin the claim process.

Get in touch today and we’ll begin by offering you a free consultation where we’ll assess your claim and advise you if we believe you’ve got a good chance of being paid compensation or not.

Where To Find Out more

Here are some more resources which you may find helpful.

Food Standards Agency – The governments department that covers food hygiene controls and food labelling regulations.

The Health and Safety at Work Act – the rules and regulations set out to protect employees and ensures they are safe at work.

Airport Accident Claims – a more generic guide about claiming for accidents at airports, not just Leeds Bradford Airport.

Slip and Trip Compensation – More details about the amounts of compensation available for accidents involving a fall.

Allergy Compensation – Our guide that covers, in much more detail, what causes allergic reactions and how much compensation can be paid.

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