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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Cycle Bike Courier Accident?

Welcome to our bike courier accident claims guide. Have you ever wondered how much compensation you could claim from a bike courier injury? Our specialist personal injury solicitors can help you make cycle accident claims.

Many people consider cycling to be a safer mode of travelling than driving, but bike injuries can result in serious complications, and some cases, death. Bike couriers are very popular in big cities, particularly London, due to traffic congestion. This inevitably means that the number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists is likely to increase alongside the rise in cyclists. Cyclists are extremely vulnerable to road accidents, especially if they lack appropriate protective gear. Reports have shown that about 1000 cyclists are involved in an incident or accident in the UK every week. The odds of getting injured are very high should a cyclist get involved in a collision with a vehicle or encounter other potential hazards such as potholes.

Further details

Bike courier accident

Bike courier accident

Bike couriers depend on their health and a fully functioning bike to earn an income. A motorcycle accident on the road can greatly impact their ability to earn money and support themselves.

Now, bike messenger accidents may be due to faulty equipment, manual lifting and handling of heavy items, cycling road traffic accidents or dangerous and uneven road surfaces. Bike messengers may slip and trip when getting off their bikes. Injuries sustained in cycling accidents can be catastrophic and life-changing.

If you’re in a bike courier accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to an accident compensation claim. Legal Expert are experienced solicitors who deal with and win many cases for compensation. Request a call today to see how we can help you with your bike courier accident claims.

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A guide to bike courier accident claims

Official statistics suggest that over 3.2 billion miles are cycled on roads in the UK each year. The number of individuals choosing to cycle for fun, travel, fitness or work has significantly increased over the last decade. On average, bike couriers operating in central London cover 60-80 miles a day, 5 days a week. Unfortunately, numerous cycling accidents are happening throughout the UK every year. In 2013 109 people were killed while cycling, 3,314 were seriously injured, while 16,286 sustained slight injuries. In 2015 3,337 cyclists were reported to have been killed or seriously injured. These statistics only show those incidents reported to the police, and they do not include figures of bike accidents that were not road related. These could be accidents that occurred on off-road tracks, public paths and other routes.

Research shows that a cyclist in the UK might expect a frightening incident once every week, harassment by another road user once every month, and a cycling injury every 20 years. Roughly 75% of bike messenger accidents occur in urban areas, and 80% of these incidents happen in daylight.

Further details

Bike couriers are in danger of other road users and pedestrians. An accident can occur when a motorist emerges in front of a cyclist or when a vehicle door opens into the cyclist’s path, causing them to swerve and possibly fall of their bike. Bike messenger accidents may also occur when a pedestrian steps out negligently in front of a cyclist.

A bike courier has not been provided with appropriate protective gear or equipment, so they are particularly vulnerable to accidents. It is the responsibility of the company or agency that employ them to ensure they are well protected and that their bike and other necessary equipment meets acceptable safety standards.

When a bike courier is injured due to the negligence or carelessness of a company, road user or pedestrian, they are within their legal rights to pursue bike courier accident claims.

The main causes of bike courier accidents

We have handled several bike courier compensation claims, and we would be happy to assist you with the same. The main types of bike courier accidents include:

Cycling road traffic accidents

As you might expect, cyclists may be seriously injured from collisions with motor vehicles especially because they have little protection. Fatal injuries may be sustained if the driver involved in the accident had been drinking, driving too fast or failed to take precautions in difficult driving conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rain.

Dangerous and uneven road surfaces

Uneven road surfaces are hazards to road users, particularly cyclists. These include potholes, raised drain covers, fuel spillages, and excess gravel. Local authorities who have failed to maintain the roads safely may be held responsible where a courier accident occurs. If the bike accident was caused by fuel spillage, you might be liable to a compensation claim from the responsible organisation.

Slips and trips when off your bike

A courier may trip or slip during a delivery at a customer’s property, in public places or at their depot. The main causes of outdoor accidents include damaged paving stones, raised drain covers, and potholes. Spillages, trailing wires, cluttered walkways and poor floor covering represent indoor hazards.

Faulty equipment

Accidents can be caused by faulty equipment, such as bikes, provided by the employer or delivery company. Employers should be responsible for the maintenance and repair of equipment to avoid providing defective equipment to employees.

Lifting and handling

A bike courier’s work involves lifting, handling, and carrying heavy loads on their bikes. This can be dangerous as they may sustain injuries when lifting and carrying, and transporting a large and heavy item on their bike. An employer has a duty of care towards their employees, and you may be liable for a bike courier claim if you are sent to deliver a dangerous load or not provided with proper equipment.

Bike courier accidents can cause serious injuries

Let’s look more specifically at the damage that can form the basis for bike courier accident claims. When it comes to bike courier accidents, there are several injuries that a victim may suffer. Injuries from bike accidents can be severe. The most serious are often those you cannot initially see, such as soft tissue injuries, which will require a lot of rehabilitation. Soft tissue injuries may also develop into far more serious complications later in life, which will be considered when you make your compensation claim.

Another serious type of injury is a back injury which can seriously affect the victim’s performance in work and life. Back injuries resulting from bike messenger accidents may leave a victim unable to work or perform certain tasks. Many back injuries can become degenerative throughout the life of the victim.

Bike Courier accidents may also result in facial injuries, leaving life-long scars, and Some situations may even require plastic surgery. Permanent scars can have a lifelong negative effect on an individuals self-esteem and self-image. A court will consider permanent scarring when they are assessing personal injury claims.

Further details

Common injuries from bike courier accidents include arm and leg injuries, such as fractures and broken bones, caused by the cyclist falling off their bike or colliding with a vehicle.
NHS data suggests that 40% of adult cyclists and 45% of child cyclists involved in an accident in the UK suffer head injuries, ranging from serious skull fractures to minor cuts and concussions. London statistics alone suggest that 70% of cyclist’s fatalities in the city involved a serious head injury.

Other bike accident injuries range from psychiatric injury, paralysis, spinal injuries, fractures, abdominal injuries and amputations. The court recognises such injuries, and the compensation and settlements for serious and potentially long-term impacts can be very high.

You can read official NHS statistics here, as these may help you to prepare your bike courier accident claims. And click here for details of how to claim.

Who is responsible for a bike courier’s safety?

If a bike courier was injured while en route to making a pickup or engaged in delivery, there is a chance that the courier may be covered by their employer’s worker’s compensation policy, regardless of who was at fault.

If a bike courier sustains injuries in an accident that was not his fault, he may be able to claim compensation. This is possible once it is proven that the third party was responsible for the accident and owed the bike messenger a duty of care. Many bicycle messengers who have been injured will suffer a loss of income. An injured courier might claim compensation for loss of earnings if he could not attend work for an extended period due to his injuries. In addition to lost wages, special damages such as a replacement bicycle, treatment costs, and physiotherapy are possible.

Further details

A cyclist may be in the wrong in an accident, and they may cause significant damage to pedestrians, vehicles, passengers and drivers. Both the bicycle messenger and the employer may be held responsible if a bike courier injures an individual. The injured individual is likely to seek legal relief against the bike courier agency in addition to the individual cyclist.
If a cyclist is hit by a vehicle, he may have a personal injury cause of action against the driver. Now, if workers compensation coverage is available to the driver at fault, any personal injury recovery may be subject to subrogation from workers compensation.

If a bike messenger is injured due to dangerous road surfaces, the county authority may be held responsible for failing to maintain the roads in a safe condition.

How much compensation can I claim for bike courier accident claims?

Making a compensation claim is often a result of negligence. If someone has been negligent towards you, then you could make a compensation claim against them. After a bike messenger accident, you are entitled to different types of compensation for different injuries sustained. Please take a look at the table below to get an idea of bike courier accident claims amounts:

Type Of Injury Severity Potential Claim Amount Injury Description
Back Injury Minor £2,300 – £11,730 Short-term injury where the victim will be expected to make a full recovery, without the need for surgery.
Back Injury Moderate £11,730 – £36,390 Includes soft tissue injuries, prolapsed intervertibral discs and nerve damage. There could be continuous pain and the need for surgery.
Back Injury Severe £36,390 – £151,070 Includes impaired mobility, spinal damage and injuries leading to chronic conditions.
Leg Injury Moderate £26,050 – £36,790 There will be limited function of the leg and probable need for future surgery.
Leg Injury Severe £90,320 – £127,530 Includes injuries where complicated surgical procedures, such as bone grafting, are necessary.
Neck Injury Minor £2,300 – £7,410 Short term damage such as minor soft tissue injuries. Full recovery is expected.
Neck Injury Moderate £7,410 – £36,120 Includes fractures, dislocations and moderate soft tissue injuries.
Neck Injury Severe £42,680 – £139,210 Includes serious soft tissue damage and other permanent damage. Victim may suffer severe headaches and have very limited neck movement.
Knee Injury Moderate £12,900 – £24,580 Includes dislocation and torn cartilage. Victim will suffer from pain.
Knee Injury Severe £24,580 – £90,290 There will be considerable long-term knee damage and pain, along with loss of function.
Head Injury Minor £2,070 – £11,980 Mild, short-term head trauma with no brain damage.
Head Injury Moderate £40,410 – £205,580 Victim will have suffered brain damage and have impaired senses, speech or memory.

As the severity and length of each injury will vary greatly from case to case, it is difficult to provide a definitive and specific claim amount without discussing your injury details with you first. Please give us a call today for your free initial consultation, where we can provide you with a clearer guide as to how much compensation you may be able to claim.

What should I do after a bike courier accident?

You should do certain things after a bike messenger accident to increase your chances of filling a successful compensation claim. Immediately after the accident, you should evaluate. If you suffer a serious injury, call an ambulance or ask someone to call an ambulance for you. As you wait for the ambulance to arrive, ask those in the area if they would be willing to come forward as witnesses. Write down their contact details. If your injuries are not severe enough to require immediate medical attention, you will still need to obtain a prognosis from a medical professional as soon as you can.

Get the contact details of anyone else involved in the accident and write down their address, number plate, and insurance details if a vehicle was involved. If you have your phone with you, get pictures and a video of the scene and the damaged bike and vehicle. Document your expenses, including loss of earnings and treatments costs. Keep a copy of the ambulance report, and if the police attended the scene of the accident, keep a copy of their report.

Further details

The documented reports will act as evidence to your solicitor in support of these losses when you file a compensation claim. Important evidence includes earning details of 3 months earnings before the date of the accident and evidence of any work you might have undertaken if you had not been injured. The next step is to seek advice from a solicitor who specialises in bicycle accident claims. You might consider requesting an interim payment once you have instructed your solicitor. The interim payment should help you get back on the road by covering your treatment and rehabilitation costs, such as physiotherapy. Your specialist solicitor will help and advise you on this, along with liability and tactics for processing bike courier accident claims.

It is important to obtain a quote in writing from a specialist bicycle shop. That way, your solicitor may be able to request an interim payment at an early date. For self-employed bike messengers, you should liaise with your employment agency and keep open communication. This maximises the support and pays you to receive whilst off work. And this will make things easier for you when you get back to work.

You can read HSE’s guide to reporting work-related accidents and injuries here.

No win no fee bike courier claims

A No Win No Fee agreement is a legal contract between a claimant and a solicitor. The agreement guarantees the claimant that they will not have to pay any legal fees until they win their compensation. Legal aid is not available for personal injury cases. Therefore, this agreement provides a significant advantage to those who wish to claim a personal injury but may not have the means to pay the fees upfront.

Now, No Win No Fee bike messenger accidents claims ensure that everyone suffering an injury or illness can claim the compensation they receive. You will need to discuss your case with our solicitors, giving details and evidence of your bike courier accident, injury or illness and how it has affected your ability to earn income and perform everyday tasks. There are no extra costs and no fees to pay if your claim is unsuccessful, so there is really no risk in starting a No Win No Fee personal injury claim with us. Get in touch with us about your bike courier accident claims today.

How Legal Expert can help with your bike courier accident claims

Bike courier compensation claims can be complex. Therefore, it is always better to hire a specialist in personal injuries than to file a claim yourself. Our experts will review your situation for free and let you know the best approach to take.

We will give the best advice on claiming medical treatment, loss of earnings, and repairs to your bike. Our highly experienced solicitors seek early interim compensation payment to ease your financial hardships.

We have worked for and against some of the UK’s best-known insurance companies and know their strategies well. Our solicitors are the best and can provide the legal advice you need to pursue your claim. Our expertise extends to knowing the most suitable claim tactics for any situation. And we will fight for your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, keeping you up-to-date throughout.

If you’re in a cycling or bike courier accident and want legal advice, please call our specialist solicitors. By contacting us, you take the first step towards knowing if you have grounds for a successful compensation claim.

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Bike Courier Accident Claims FAQs

Can you claim for a bicycle accident?

Yes, you can claim if you suffer injuries and the accident isn’t your fault.

Who is liable for a bike accident?

Whoever holds responsibility for negligence, whether the cyclist, a driver or those operating the roads, is liable.

How long afterwards can you make bike courier accident claims?

You can claim for up to 3 full years after the accident.

What can you claim after an accident?

You can look to claim compensation covering pain, suffering and a present and future lack of income.

What should I do after a bike accident?

You should gather witness statements, check for injuries, exchange details and let the police know.

Should I take the first offer of compensation for my bike courier accident claims?

No, because you’re heavily likely to get another larger offer later on.

Can I claim anxiety after a car accident?

This is possible, but you need clear medical evidence to support you having anxiety.

What are the stages of a compensation claim?

These are issuing a letter of claim, gathering evidence, receiving a medical assessment, negotiations and accepting a settlement.

Thank you for reading our bike courier accident claims guide.

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