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Newcastle International Airport Accident Claims Guide

Newcastle International airport serves a wide area covering the North East, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Southern Scotland and sees nearly 5.5 million passengers travel through it each year.

This guide will cover how you could claim compensation for an accident at Newcastle International airport and the types of accidents that can happen. This can include accidents for people who work at the airport as well as passengers.

Newcastle International airport

Newcastle International airport

Legal Expert are dedicated personal injury solicitors who offer no win no fee services for all claims that we take on. If you’d like to begin your claim straight away, then please call us today on 0800 073 8804.

If you’d like to know more before making a claim, then please carry on reading this informative guide.

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A Guide To Newcastle International Airport Personal Injury Claims

Newcastle International airport is the largest in the North East flying to around 80 destinations around the world and servicing around 5.4 million passengers. It is home to around 3500 employees and this guide is just as relevant to them as it is for passengers.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident at Newcastle International airport while working there or while waiting to make a flight then this guide will explain what you can do to begin a personal injury claim, the most common types of accident that result in airport claims, how to make an accident at work claim and why you should let Legal Expert represent you.

We have a panel of dedicated personal injury solicitors who strive to get the compensation that our clients deserve and have years of successful experience behind them. We only operate on a no win no fee service which makes claiming with us risk and stress free.

You should find all of the information you require within this guide to help you decide if you’d like to make a claim or not but, if after reading it you’re still unsure, you can contact one of advisers for further guidance.

What Is An Airport Accident Claim?

This guide will cover each of the most common types of airport accidents that often result in a compensation claim but for any of them to be successful there are a number of points that need to be proven legally:

  1. The defendant (the airport, shop or your employer at the airport) owed you a duty of care,
  2. That they breached their duty of care (by failing to do something or by doing something incorrectly)
  3. That you became injured because of their breach of duty.

When we assess any claim, we always check these facts as they are the most pertinent questions in deciding if you are likely to succeed in winning compensation.

In most cases, personal injury claims need to made up to 3 years of the accident happening this can very (although there are a few exceptions) so we’d recommend you get in touch with us as soon as you return to the UK to allow us plenty of time to gather evidence to support your claim.

Statistics For Accidents In Airports

While UK flights are generally very safe there are many injuries caused to ground staff at airports reported every year. The Health and Safety executive release statistics every year and in the last available results the most common types of injuries were manual lifting and handling, trips and slips, being struck by an object, falling from height and being hit by a moving vehicle.

Any member of staff who’s injured while working at an airport can claim compensation if the accident was caused by negligence and we’ll cover this in more detail later in this guide.

Accidents And Injuries Which Can Commonly Happen At An Airport

The number of possible accidents and injuries within an airport would be too long to list here but, in general, there are some which are more common than others. We’ll cover the more common accidents in the next few sections.

Falls, Slips, And Trips At An Airport

A slip, trip or fall can happen just about anywhere within an airport and, so long as it was caused by somebody else’s mistake, could lead to compensation for your injuries.

Slips and falls can lead to serious injuries like head injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones so it’s only right that you should ask for compensation if somebody else caused you to fall.

You may be wondering how somebody else could be responsible for somebody else falling but it doesn’t have to be a deliberate action. Somebody else could be liable for your injuries because they failed to do something like:

  • Failing to fix damage flooring which caused you to trip (this could include potholes or damaged paving in the car park of the airport).
  • Failing to provide adequate lighting which meant a trip hazard wasn’t visible
  • Or failing to place warning signs near a wet or slippery floor following cleaning or a spillage.

The airport will have health and safety procedures and staff should’ve been trained in them but if an individual fails to follow the procedures then you could seek compensation against the airport for the staff negligence (you’d never normally sue the individual).

Airport Shuttle Bus And Other Vehicle Crash Claims

Airports are extremely busy places with lots of people, stock and luggage being moved around regularly. Vehicles used at airports make things a lot easier to get items and people from place to place but do pose a risk to pedestrians within the airport and surrounding area.

The types of accident that could involve a vehicle within an airport include:

  • A collision in the car park upon arrival or departure
  • A collision while being transferred from the car park by bus
  • An accident involving an electric vehicle within the terminal such as a cleaning vehicle or mobility transfer
  • An accident while riding a tram, train or bus taking you to the plane or back to the terminal
  • Finally, you could be injured in a collision while being transferred to or from the airport by bus or taxi

The type of airport accident claim you’ll make will depend on which of the scenarios occurs and our team have the expertise to determine which would the right path to take when beginning your claim.

Accidents Involving Luggage Trolleys And Baggage Carousels

Moving luggage around an airport can be made easier by the use of trolleys and the luggage carousel used at many arrivals lounges but they can also lead to injury when used negligently.

Examples include when luggage has been stacked incorrectly and falls on you or when a trolley collides with you and causes you to become injured.

Suitcase Slips And Falls

If you’re injured when luggage has been left in the wrong place you could make a claim to compensate you for your injuries. If you are unsure if somebody else is to blame for your trip then please discuss the scenario with one of our specially trained advisers.

Accidents On Travelators, Escalators And Stairs

Getting around an airport can be made easier by the use of travelators, lifts, stairs and escalators but they can also lead to accidents. For instance, if there is a power cut while on an escalator or in a lift, somebody presses the emergency stop button when it wasn’t needed or if a handrail is damaged and causes you to fall.

The operator of the airport has a duty to maintain such equipment fully and should you become injured while using them then it may be possible to seek a compensation payment.

What Eateries And Shops Are There At Newcastle International Airport?

For your information we’ve listed some of the restaurants and shops that you can use when visiting Newcastle International airport:

  • WH Smith
  • Boots
  • Namco
  • Cuba Lily
  • Dixons Travel
  • World Duty Free
  • JD Sports
  • Aerospa
  • Accessorize
  • Traveller
  • M&S Food to go
  • Greggs
  • Cabin
  • Burger King
  • The Beer House
  • Café Ritazza
  • Bar 11
  • Flying Hippo
  • The Naked Deli

If you are involved in an accident at Newcastle International airport in one of these outlets, then the claim may be made against the operator rather than the airport. Contact one of our team who’ll be able to advise on the type of claim we could make on your behalf.

Newcastle Airport Workplace Accident Claims

Working at an airport is no different from any other organisation. The security checks may be higher than normal, but the employer has exactly the same duty of care towards its staff to ensure their safety while on work premises.

If you’ve been injured while at work, then you could make a claim against your employer using our no win no fee service. You can not be disciplined for making a claim against them (providing it’s an accurate claim) and they will have insurance in place to deal with any such compensation requests.

You need to be able to prove that the employer was responsible in some way for the accident. Reasons that they could be to blame for your accident include:

  • A lack of proper training for you or any other member of staff that was involved in your accident
  • Inadequate or damaged protective or safety equipment
  • Poor maintenance of equipment

Employers should constantly risk assess work processes and provide training and provide the right equipment required to complete the task safely. If you believe your employer has failed in their duty of care towards you then you could be eligible to seek compensation against them.

Claims For Manual Handling Injuries To Baggage Handlers

A baggage handler has the same protection as other employees within the airport and could claim against their employer should they become injured because:

  • They weren’t provided with safety equipment (or it was inadequate).
  • They weren’t trained properly about manual handling and lifting.
  • They weren’t given training on how to use machinery.
  • They were stuck on the same job for long periods of time.
  • They weren’t allowed regular rest breaks.

As mentioned previously in this guide, manual handling injuries are the most common type reported to the HSE. If you’ve been provided training but failed to make use of the advice, then you wouldn’t be eligible to claim but if you’re sure you were never trained properly then we may be able to assist you to make a claim for compensation.

Food Allergy And Food Safety Personal Injury Claims

When eating at airport restaurants you’ll be pleased to know that they all have strict health and safety procedures in place to prevent customers from becoming ill but, as with other areas of the airport, it only takes one member of staff to either ignore procedure or be so busy that they forget to follow the company guidelines which can lead to illnesses or injuries occurring.

Food poisoning is caused when food is stored, handled, prepared, cooked or reheated in an unhygienic area or to the wrong temperatures and can lead to serious illness.

Allergic reactions can be caused when a sufferer isn’t made aware that food contains an allergen. Labelling rules specify that certain allergens are highlighted to customers either by the packaging or on the menu (and possibly verbally).

Allergic reactions can be fatal accidents in extreme cases when they cause anaphylactic shock and we may be able to help you to claim on behalf of somebody who is unable to do so themselves.

How Do I Begin My Airport Accident Claim?

One of the most important steps when considering making a compensation claim for any accident is to visit a doctor or hospital for treatment. This is firstly to ensure you get any required treatment quickly but secondly means that your injuries are recorded in medical records created by the doctor.

Medical records will be used to prove that you were injured and the severity of your injury (making a claim without them is very difficult) and will determine the level of compensation you will receive.

Other things you can do to help make a claim are to ask any witnesses for their contact details so that they can be asked for statements of what they saw, to photograph the scene of the accident and to report the accident to staff at the airport so that it is recorded in their accident reporting system.

Taking these steps at the time of an accident can increase the chances of a successful claim so its worth taking the time to gather any evidence if you’re able to.

Different Damages You Can Claim For An Airport Accident

A compensation claim is made up of a number of different parts and it’s important that your solicitor understands your case fully as once a case is settled you won’t be able to go back and ask for more compensation, even if it is justified.

Claims can consist of these elements:

  • General damages (the pain and suffering caused by your injury)
  • Care costs (this could include somebody else’s cost if they have to take time of from work while caring for you)
  • Travel costs – including travelling to medical appointments or any additional flight costs caused by your injury (such as being delayed or having to reschedule)
  • Medical expenses – such as prescription costs
  • Personal property repair or replacement costs
  • Loss of earnings (this can include future loss of earnings if you require a lot of time off from work or you have to change your role because of your injuries).

With any part of the claim associated with financial losses it is advisable to keep hold of any receipts or bank statements that show the extent of your spending. These will be used as evidence and provided by your solicitor to back up your claims.

Newcastle International Airport Personal Injury Claims

Following an accident at Newcastle International Airport you may be wondering how much compensation you’ll be entitled to. The true answer is that it’s difficult to specify and exact amount without having spoken with you first. When you contact us we can give you an estimate after assessing your claim fully but for now, the table below contains the different amounts offered under the general damages element of a claim:

Type of Injury and Severity Comments Range of Settlement amounts
Severe neck injury An injury such as a fracture, dislocation or serious soft tissue damage. £36,240 – 44,630
Moderate neck injury A more moderate fracture or dislocation which may require fusion. £19,920 – £30,690
Severe back injuries (iii) An injury leading to chronic conditions such as fractures and lesions of the discs £30,910 – £55,590
Moderate back injuries (i) Varying symptoms and effects to the back, other soft tissue or bones. £22,130 – £30,910
Food poisoning A serious but short lived case of food poisoning with symptoms lasting around 2 – 4 weeks. £7,600 – £15,300
Food poisoning Food poisoning which may result in hospitalisation with significant illness and symptoms such as stomach cramps. £3,150 – £7,600
Serious foot injuries Will have serious and continuing symptoms. £19,920 – £31,250
Moderate foot injuries There may be continuing symptoms which may well require ongoing treatment. £10,960 – £19,920

If you don’t see your accident or injury listed, then don’t worry. This is just a sample of compensation payments, but we can help with any type of accident that was caused by somebody else so please contact one of our team for further advice.

No Win No Fee Airport Accident Claims Calculator

Many clients would be put off from making a compensation claim if we didn’t offer a no win no fee service. More traditional agreements require you to pay your solicitor by the hour, even if they lose your case which can lead to a large legal bill but with no compensation payment.

Our no win no fee agreement means that you never send us any payment regardless of the outcome of the case. When we take on a case, we agree a fixed percentage of any compensation that we win for you to cover our services.

If we go on to win the case and gain compensation, then we retain the agreed percentage and then send the rest directly to you. If we lose the case, then you don’t have to pay for our services at all.

We think this is the fairest way to make claim and it removes any risk or stress involved with making a claim.

How To Make A Successful Airport Accident Claim

Legal Expert have been making successful personal injury claims over many years and always try to get as much compensation for our clients as their injuries deserve.

We are friendly and professional and contactable throughout your case to answer any queries that may crop up.

We’ll honestly assess your claim with you and be open with you about the chances of successfully claiming compensation so that you know exactly where you stand right from the start.

Contact Legal Expert Solicitors Today

Hopefully you’re now ready to start a compensation claim for your accident at Newcastle International airport and you’d like Legal Expert to represent you. If that’s the case, then there are a number of different ways for you to get in touch:

  • Telephone: Call us today on 0800 073 8804 for free
  • Live Chat: Our specialist advisers are available to answer any queries 7 days a week
  • Email: Send a message to and we’ll get back to you at a convenient time
  • Online: Fill in this easy form to begin your claim, it’ll take around 10 minutes to complete

We offer a free initial consultation for all enquiries which we’ll use to assess your claim and to let you know if we believe that you have a chance of winning compensation or not. You can raise any queries you may have during this consultation.

Additional Links

We hope that you’ve found this guide useful and now have all of the information you need to begin your own claim. For further reference we’ve listed a few useful documents that you may be interested in:

Allergies Guide – a useful guide written by the NHS regarding the symptoms and treatments of allergies and allergic reactions.

Health and Safety at Work Act – This is the legislation that all employers have to abide to with regards employee safety in the workplace.

Airport Accident Claims – a more generic guide about airport accident claims, not just in Newcastle International airport.

Trip, Slip and Fall Claims – a guide regarding the injuries and compensation amounts involved in slip and trip claims.

Plane Accident Claims – A similar guide to this one but more specifically about how to claim for accidents on a plane rather than in the airport.

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