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Thorpe Park Personal Injury Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For An Accident Claim Against Thorpe Park?

On this web page, you will read a guide to the process of making a claim if you have suffered an accident which has lead to an injury while being at Thorpe Park which was not your fault. Within it, you will find examples of accidents that could potentially happen in a theme park. You will also learn a) why you could be eligible to make a claim, and b) why theme park may be liable to pay you compensation.

All claims are different, and although we have tried to cover as many different kinds of areas as possible, we cannot cover every specific set of circumstances. Therefore, if you have questions that are unanswered by this guide, one of our claims team will be happy to answer them for you. Just give us a call on 0800 073 8804, and a team member will get you the answers that you need.

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A Guide To Making A Personal Injury Claim For An Accident At Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park injury claims guideThorpe Park is a theme park, that is located within the county of Surrey, in the UK. The park comprises of a number of rides, as well as a hotel, and it also hosts various events throughout the year. The park is owned by a company named Merlin Entertainments, and was originally constructed in the 1970s, but was not officially opened until 1979. The park includes rides such as Derran Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon, Colossus, Stealth, Nemesis Inferno, The Walking Dead: The Ride, and Saw: The Ride. The park also includes areas covering themes such as Angry Birds.

Within this guide to making a personal injury claim if you have suffered a negligent accident that caused an avoidable injury at a theme park, you will find information that relates to the process of making a compensation claim, to be able to approach your own claim with some understanding of the legal process involved. The first part of this guide acts as a primer, covering the basics of what makes a visitor to Thorpe Park who has suffered an injury the right to claim. It looks at the concept of eligibility to claim, and it also looks at how the park itself could potentially be liable to pay damages.

The middle part of this guide relates to different scenarios of potential accidents. We give examples of the ways that accidents could possibly come about. Each of these examples is covered in its own section, listing the kinds of hazards and risks that could result in an accident.

The next part of this guide moves on to go over some of the legal aspects of making a claim. This includes how negligence on the part of the theme park operator needs to be proven in order to claim, and also the kinds of evidence that the claimant can provide to assist in this.

The final part of this guide relates solely to the financial considerations of making a claim. We have provided a table, based on UK Judicial guidelines, which covers compensation ranges that apply to a number of different types of injuries. You will also find a list of some of the kinds of damages that a settlement following a successful claim could be made up of. Finally, we introduce our national No Win No Fee claims service. You can use this service to have your claim processed. If you would like to know more about this service, or you have questions about the claims process, you can speak to one of our claim advisors on the contact number at the end of the page. They will answer any questions you have, and can also inform you of the personal injury claims time limit that would apply in your own case.

What Is A Thorpe Park Accident Or Injury?

An accident at a theme park could potentially be an accident on a ride, roller coaster, whithin the park grounds, within a restaurant in the theme park, when taking a bathroom break, that causes an injury and/or damage. For this guide we are looking particularly at accidents that could have been prevented had the right procedures been followed. Consider the following two examples:

  1. A person riding on one of the attractions at a theme park, is thrown from the ride due to a faulty safety belt, and suffers an injury.
  2. A person riding on one of the attractions at a theme park, allows their cell phone to fall out of their pocket due to not securing their belongings as advised by the park operator, and this falling cell phone injures another park visitor.

In the first example, the park owner may be liable, as they may have failed to maintain the safety belt to proper standards. However, in the second example, the situation is far less clearer, but in such situations where there is no clear third party liability call our experts and they can advise you who may be liable in such situations. 

Potential Accident Risks And Causes

A theme park if not maintained to the highest safety standards, if all rides are not completely risk assessed and any hazards identified and corrected, if all employees are not trained to correctly operate the rides and know exactly what procedures to follow in an emergency the potential for accidents to occur because of risks and hazards may be present. Causes of accidents could arise if health and safety procedures are not implemented correctly and are not followed by all.

What Accidents Could Be Caused By A Damaged Ride?

If a ride is damaged in anyway or defected and it is still allowed to be in use then the potential for an accident to occur is present. It is vital that all rides are constantly monitored so that any defects can be identified as soon as possible to reduce the risk of any injuries occurring due to an accident. If a safety bar on a ride is damaged in any way a riders safety may be at risk, if the tracks of a roller coaster need repairing the potential hazard of it being derailed is possible, if a ride is not serviced when appropriate an a malfunction occurs causing riders to be injured then a case for personal injury compensation may exist.

The Health & Safety Executive manages the regulations that apply to theme and amusement parks in the UK. The park operator must comply with these regulations at all times. A failure in compliance leading to an accident harming a person using the ride, could be a valid reason to be able to claim for any damages. You can find more information at this link:

H&S for amusement parks

I Suffered An Injury On A Roller Coaster, Can I Claim Compensation?

A roller coaster is one of the most common of all types of theme park rides. Everyone is familiar with these kinds of attractions. A roller coaster could be the cause of an amusement park accident due to hazards such as:

  • Safety barriers that are faulty or poorly maintained.
  • Damaged parts of the track, causing the cars to derail.
  • Too many people are riding in one car.
  • Inadequate staff training related to safety.
  • Employees not keeping clear of the ride while it is in motion.

These complex rides, are designed to be very safe. However, if human error is allowed creep in, it may result in an accident of some kind. If you have suffered an injury while on a roller coaster in Thorpe Park but are unsure if you have a valid reason to claim call Legal Expert today and through our free consultation we will be able to advise if you are eligible to claim.

What Accidents Could Potentially Occur If Ineffective Safety Bars And Barriers?

A safety barrier is designed to stop people from getting too close to a ride while it is in motion. It stops people from being hit by moving parts of the ride. An ineffective or broken safety barrier could possibly result in a collision between the cars of the ride, and a patron waiting to use the ride. The safety bars, are an integral part of the safety features of the ride. They prevent people riding on the attraction from being thrown off, or from moving around in the car too much.

If either of these safety features are poorly maintained or damaged in some way, it could be the park operator that is responsible for ensuring that such safety facilities are maintained or replaced or repaired.

I Suffered A Slip And Fall Injury At A Theme Park What Am I Entitled To?

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common injuries that a personal injury lawyer will process claims for. These accidents could be caused by seemingly trivial hazards, such as:

  • Food that has been dropped on the floor of a restaurant within the park.
  • Spilt water in a theme park bathroom.
  • Maintenance equipment, tools and materials left causing a hazard.
  • Uneven or damaged pedestrian pathways.
  • Broken curbstones of potholes in the theme parks car park.

If it can be proven that the theme park operative or a third party within the theme park who owed you a duty of care caused the accident due to negligence causing you a direct injury you may be eligible to claim for damages.

Fatal Accidents And Injuries.

It could be possible to make personal injury claims for fatal accidents if it can be proven that the theme park operator or one of its representatives, or manufacturers had through omission, oversight, error or negligence, been the cause of the accident in some way.

Establishing Theme Parks Negligence

As we have stated already in this guide, it must be proven that the theme park is responsible for causing harm to a patron in some way, for a valid claim to exist, to be able to claim against the theme park. Negligence could be described as:

Negligence in relation to safety, is a term used to describe a failure in exercising due diligence, over the safety of any of the theme park facilities, amenities and attractions. This includes failing to act on identified safety issues, and approaching safety carelessly.

All applicable Health & Safety regulations must be complied with at all times, as well as general legislation such as the Occupiers Liability Act 1984. This is a legal obligation that must be met. Any negligent act, including failing to meet all of these regulatory obligations, could result in an injured party having a valid claim against a theme park.

Evidence You Can Collect To Support Your Claim

If you are injured in an accident at a theme park, there are some steps you could take, that will help you build your case, and provide evidence of how the theme park accident happened, and the effect it had on your life. For example:

  • Take photographs of the cause of the accident.
  • Gather contact details for any witnesses to the accident.
  • Visit the hospital to have your injuries treated and documented.
  • Make sure you have followed the proper procedure for reporting an accident at the theme park, including filling in an accident report for the accident book.

Steps like these, will help you to deal with the problem as it happens, and also provide documented evidence about the accident and the injuries that it caused.

Case Study – Thorpe Park Loggers Leap Accident

To answer the question, why did Loggers Leap close? Thorpe Park Loggers Leap closed following an accident in 2014 involving a 14-year-old girl. In April, the girl visited the park, and queued up to ride on Loggers Leap. The ride was busy, and the attendants were putting too many people into a single car, and this was later found to be the root cause of the accident.

The girl’s legs were forced into the safety barrier, and this resulted in nerve damage to the leg, and soft tissue damage that led to a long-term health problem. A claim was successfully made for £20,000.

Personal Injury Claims Calculator

The table below gives possible compensation ranges for a number of different types of injuries. You may also try using an online personal injury claims calculator to get a rough estimate of the level of compensation you might be able to claim.

Type Of InjuryCompensation Amounts Notes
Moderate Neck Injuries £2,150 - £3,810Soft tissue injuries that will fully recover in 3 to 12 months.
Fracture of Clavicle £4,520 - £10,730The award will be concentrated on the level of the fracture, disability, symptoms and if there will be any permanent effects.
An Uncomplicated Colles' Fracture.In the region of £6,510Distal forearm fracture in which the radius is bent.
Severe Fractures to Fingers Up to £32,210Fractures to multiple fingers. The amount will be concerned with whether there will be future amputations of the fingers, deformity and impairment of grip.
Moderate Knee Injury £13,010 - £22,960Dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus which results in minor instability, wasting, weakness or other mild future disability.
Moderate Achilles Tendon Injury £11,040 - £18,480Rupture or significant injury to the tendon. The amount awarded will be based on recovery, pain, functionality and any disability.
Moderate Psychological Injuries £5,130 - £16,720A person's ability to be able to function and cope with work, family and other parts of life. Possible future vulnerability. However improvement is expected and future prognosis is good.
Facial Scarring £7,990 - £26,380Significant scarring to the face reduced by plastic surgery leaving cosmetic disability.
Food Poisoning £800 - £3,460 Pain, cramps and diarrhoea continuing for some days or weeks.

For a more accurate estimate of how much your personal injury claim could be worth in compensation, speak to a member of our claims team.

I Was Injured In An Accident At Thorpe Park, What Could I Claim Compensation For?

If a personal injury solicitor is successful in processing your claim, the settlement you receive could consist of different types of damages, such as:

  • General damages (these compensate for injuries and other forms of harm):
    • General pain and suffering.
    • Mental trauma, shock and stress.
    • Psychological damage.
    • Painful treatment and recovery.
    • Long-term or permanent disability.
  • Special damages (these compensate for ad-hoc and financial losses):
    • The cost of home care or home help.
    • Private medical fees.
    • Travel tickets and related expenses.
    • Loss of wages or salary.
    • Loss of future work prospects.

Speak to a member of our claims team, to learn which damages could apply in your own specific case.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims Against Thorpe Park

We don’t charge to start a compensation claim using our No Win No Fee claims service. We also don’t charge any ongoing fees as we process your claim. Furthermore, there is no charge at all to us if we don’t get you any compensation. When you do win your claim, we automatically take our fee out of the money received for you, and then send you what is left.

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Have you been injured in an accident at an amusement park? Do you believe you have a valid reason to claim theme park compensation? If so, speak to a claim advisor on 0800 073 8804 today. They will be able to help get your claim started, and answer any questions that you may have about the claims process.

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