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Inverness Airport Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation From A Personal Injury At Inverness Airport

Inverness airport

Inverness airport

Taking a flight can often be an exciting thing. You might be going on holiday or travelling abroad to visit friends and family. Many of these journeys will begin with a trip to an airport, such as Inverness airport. As any airport (such as Inverness Airport) can be a very busy space for both passengers and employees, there can be a chance of people suffering an accident in Inverness airport when flying from here if proper safety procedures are not fully observed. With a higher probability than in other locations of something going wrong, either your holiday or day at work could be ruined, ending in injury, having to take time off work, or having to cancel your holiday.

You could have an Inverness Airport injury whilst you are in the terminal, whilst working at the airport in any capacity, whilst you are boarding or disembarking your flight, or whilst on an airport shuttle bus. If this has happened to you, read this guide to find out how our airport accident lawyers can help you.

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A Guide To Inverness Accident Accident Claims

In this guide, we will look at the different ways people can be injured or become sick whilst at an airport. We will also answer questions such as ‘can you sue an airport for injuries’ and address what personal injury claims can include (such as types of damages), how much you could claim for different forms of injury, and ultimately, how a personal injury lawyer from Legal Expert can help you.

What Are Airport Personal Injuries?

Before we look in detail at the different types of accident which can happen at an airport, and the ways in which we can help you, we should first establish what an accident at an airport is.

When we think different types of airport accidents or airport personal injuries, we are probably imagining dramatic circumstances, such as a plane crashing or one having to make an emergency landing. However, the reality can often be much more mundane.

Airports can be full of busy people either departing or arriving from destinations, as well as members of staff. People will be using spaces such as lounges, shops, restaurants, corridors and other areas. If these areas are not maintained correctly, people can be injured. Common incidents could include;

  • Suffering an airport slip/ trip and fall accident caused by a damaged or a wet floor.
  • Being injured whilst on an airport shuttle bus, or other airport ground vehicle.
  • Suffering from food poisoning or illness caused by a food allergen whilst at the airport, or from food bought at the airport.
  • Suffering an injury by something falling on you, whether heavy items in a shop or from stacked luggage.

We will look at these circumstances later in this guide. Firstly, we will look at statistics around accidents, incidents and injuries in the UK aviation industry.

Inverness Airport Accident And Incident Statistics

Looking at the airline industry and airports in the UK, we can see that they have a very successful record of safety. You can find out more detailed information about UK aviation industry safety statistics in this publication from the UK Government.

Specifically looking at the safety record of Inverness airport, we can see that there are very few reported or recorded incidents. The most noteworthy incident took place in 2015 where a Flybe aircraft went into an uncontrollable slide on the runway. There were no injuries and no damage to the aircraft. Part of the cause was attributed to the taxiway being wet with a fluid, and that there were icy patches on the tarmac.

Common Accidents Can Happen At Airports

As we will look at, there are many common ways in which someone could suffer either an Inverness airport accident, or indeed be injured at any airport in the UK or abroad. We have already show that the causes of accidents do not have to be as dramatic as most of us might picture when asked to think about an airport accident, but that does not mean that those airport personal injuries are not, and should not be taken seriously. A situation such as suffering from food poisoning while travelling can have a very bad effect on your health and ruin your whole trip.

In the next sections, we look in detail at how people can be injured, and how a personal injury solicitor can help you to claim compensation.

Falls And Slips At An Airport

Wherever you are, slips, trips, and falls are one of the most common ways in which people can be injured, and the airport is no exception to that. Having a slip and fall at the airport is an easy way to be injured and can happen equally easily to staff or passengers. As with anywhere else, you could fall over at an airport because (another) member of staff carelessly placed items – such as luggage – or because floors or even stairs have not been properly maintained and left damaged. The point of stepping onto or off from an aircraft is another area where people can trip up if walkways are not properly matched up. People can also slip over in terminals or airside due to spillages.

If you fell at the airport and were injured as a result, please contact our team today to speak to the experts about making a personal injury claim.

Inverness Airport Vehicle Crashes

“I had an Inverness Airport vehicle crash, can I claim compensation?” Airports are often spread out across a large footprint, with sprawling terminals and other support buildings. As such, both passengers and members of staff often have to use various forms of transport to get about, such as airport shuttle buses, or pushback tugs. If these vehicles are not correctly maintained, or operated, passengers can be put at risk. What is more, the areas these vehicles are driving around must also be well maintained and suitable for driving on. Common examples of airport ground vehicles which people may use or operate and which could be subject to an accident include;

  • Airport shuttle buses,
  • Pushback tugs and tractors,
  • Belt loaders,
  • Catering vehicles,
  • Air Start Units (ASU),
  • Tankers,
  • Luggage Dollies

If you have had any form or airport vehicle accident, such as an Inverness Airport vehicle crash, please contact us to speak to our team.

Baggage Carousel Accidents And Crush Injuries

Waiting at the baggage carousel is a pretty mundane affair and one which for most of us is just a few minutes of extra journey time. For some, this is another place they can be harmed. There have been several reported incidents of people being injured at baggage carousels in airports around the world. Children can become caught in them and be pulled along the carousel and people can suffer other forms of injury.

If you acted in an unsafe way around the carousel and the injury happened as a result of this, you will not be able to make a personal injury claim. Contact us to find out if the circumstances of your injury are eligible for compensation.

Who Is Responsible For Luggage Injuries?

Airports can be very busy places with both passengers, those dropping off or collecting passengers and those working at the airport all moving about the spaces. With so many people moving about the public and staff spaces (both in the terminal and airside) one of the most common hazards leading to an injury at an airport is luggage.

Whilst luggage trolleys can very often be a cause of injuries, luggage – such as a suitcase – can at times be the cause of an accident. People can suffer airport slip/ trip and fall accidents if suitcases or other luggage are left in a careless or hazardous way. Wheeled suitcases can be very convenient to use, but can cause trips and falls when dragged along behind someone.

Stairs, Lift, And Escalator Accidents

Airport terminals include spaces for shopping, dining, and waiting for your aircraft, as well as departure gates and staff areas. Public and staff facilities are often situated across different levels with people using stairs, lifts, or escalators to travel between them. On longer corridors between lounges and departure gates, you might even find travelators which you can use. Any of these can become a potential hazard and if they are not properly maintained, you might suffer an Inverness Airport injury.

There are numerous ways in which people can suffer an Inverness Airport injury whilst navigating them. Ways you can be injured on stair, lifts, escalators and travelators include:

  • Becoming trapped in moving parts.
  • Failure to stop in an emergency.
  • Your clothes being pulled into or caught in gaps at the edge of an escalator/ travelator.
  • Slips and falls at an airport on stair where there was poor lighting or where the stairs were in a poor state of repair.
  • Becoming trapped in the doors of the lift.
  • Trips and falls if the lift does not stop level with your floor.

Where To Shop And Eat At Inverness Airport

Whilst there are lots of parts of an airport which are open to passengers there are other areas which are staff only as well as their being mixed airside spaces for passengers, baggage handlers, ground crew and other members of staff. Along with places such as shops, eateries and hotels, these all form places where people can suffer an accident in Inverness Airport.

Below is a current list of shops, local hotels and restaurants where you may suffer an injury, or have food poisoning while travelling through the airport.

  • Best Western Inverness Palace Spa & Hotel,
  • WH Smith Retail,
  • Cafe Rapide,
  • Essence of Harris,
  • The Whisky Cellar,
  • Jail At The Airport,
  • The Meeting Place,
  • D’Lish Restaurant and Bar,
  • Stag & Thistle, Bar & Kitchen,
  • The Exchange,
  • Aspire Lounge.

Whether you slipped and fell at the airport, experienced food poisoning, or were injured in any other way whilst shopping, dining, or working at these establishments, please contact our team to make a personal injury claim.

Inverness Airport Work Accident Claims

From being harmed in a shop, to suffering a burn in a restaurant kitchen, a manual handling injury, or even food poisoning, there is a very wide range of different ways in which people can be harmed whilst they are carrying out their job at an airport.

Accidents and incidents can happen because of insufficient training, safety instructruction, or safety equipment in place. Or they can happen due to errors.

Some of the different types of airport staff accidents and injuries can include;

  • Incidents involving airport vehicles.
  • Manual handling accidents or injuries.
  • Back injuries.
  • Scalds and burns.
  • Crush injuries.
  • Slips, falls, and trips.
  • Accidents involving equipment such as forklift trucks and similar equipment.
  • Faulty baggage handling accidents.
  • And many others.

If you have been injured whilst working at an airport, please contact our airport accident lawyers to see if you can make a claim.

Baggage Handler Work Accident Claims

Baggage handlers spend their day loading and unloading aircraft. With a very short turn around time for each aircraft, it is easy to see how they could suffer injuries such as manual handling injuries, falls, and other forms of injury. They can be injured in an Inverness airport runway accident, or be harmed in other ways.

Staff working as baggage handlers can often have manual handling injuries simply from the volume of lifting they have to do. If they are required to lift items which are too heavy or if they have not been instructed properly in how to lift and carry items, baggage handlers can suffer muscle strains and back injuries. Find out more about how to claim compensation for back injuries at work in this guide.

Airport Food Allergy Or Food Poisoning Compensation Claims

If you are travelling via an airport and suffer food poisoning, you might wonder “what happens if you get food poisoning before a flight?”. If you do suffer food poisoning whilst at the airport you could miss your flight and even your entire holiday. This is why you can claim compensation, such as making an Inverness airport food poisoning, claim for the illness you suffered.

You could get food poisoning either from a cafe or from a restaurant. You may have been someone waiting for a flight, or even work at the airport in some capacity. As long as you can show that the eatery at the airport was at fault for your food allergy exposure or your food poisoning, you should be able to claim compensation for the resulting injuries.

How Do I Start An Airport Accident Personal Injury Claim?

If you have suffered an accident at Inverness Airport, or any other airport in the UK which was caused by the airport or its staff, you may be able to make an airport compensation claim. The easiest way to do so is to talk to the expert airport accident lawyers at Legal Expert. Our team are on hand to discuss what happened to you at an airport seven days per week.

In the sections below you can find out how much your Inverness Airport compensation claim might be worth in our personal injury claims calculator as well as what claim can include.

What Can My Claim For An Accident At An Airport Include?

Claims for airport personal injuries will often be split into damages for the injury itself (looked at in the calculator below) and damages for other types losses. You can sue an airport for a variety of different types of financial cost or loss. These might include the cost of any medical treatment or medication not covered by the NHS, income which you lost due to having to take time of from work, the cost of loss of enjoyment on your holiday, or even the cost of your holiday if you were unable to take the trip.

Before you get in touch with a solicitor (and after) make sure that you record all of your outgoings related to your injury. You might just be able to claim compensation for them. Talk to a solicitor today to find out more about what you and can’t include in a compensation claim.

Calculating Personal Injury Claims For Accidents At Inverness Airport

One of the most common questions we are asked is how much your claim could be worth in terms of compensation. In the personal injury claims calculator below, we look at examples of common injuries and how much they could be awarded. Please remember, how much you will be able to claim depends on your injuries and their effect upon you.

Severe neck injuryFractures, dislocations and serious soft tissue damage.£36,240 - 44,630
Moderate neck injuryFracture or dislocation which may require a fusion. Similar level of soft tissue injury.£19,920 - £30,690
Minor neck injuriesA level of injury which you can quickly recover from - less than 12 months.£1,950 - £3,470
Severe back injuries (iii)Fractures and lesions of the disc and other circumstances which can cause chronic conditions.£30,910 - £55,590
Moderate back injuries (i)Wide range of symptoms and effects to the musculature, other soft tissue, or bones.£22,130 - £30,910
Minor back injuriesSuch as sprains and strains.£6,290 - £9,970
Food poisoningCausing serious but short lived symptoms lasting around 2 - 4 weeks.£7,600 - £15,300
Food poisoningSignificant illness with symptoms such as stomach cramps. May require hospitalisation.£3,150 - £7,600
Serious foot injuriesWill have serious and continuing symptoms.£19,920 - £31,250
Moderate foot injuriesThere may be continuing symptoms and may require future treatment.£10,960 - £19,920

Make A No Win No Fee Claim For An Accident At Inverness Airport

No win no fee claims are a risk-free way to take legal action if involved in an accident caused by someone else. If you use a no win no fee agreement, you will not have to pay the solicitor representing you their fee at the end of the claims process, and only in the event that you do with compensation. If not, there will be nothing to pay. To find out more about how no win no fee works. Please contact our experts.

Why Make Your Claim With Our Team?

We can help you to make your claim for an accident in Inverness Airport. Over the years Legal Expert and our team have helped many people to claim the compensation they deserve in a variety of different circumstances. We can offer almost every client a no win no fee agreement, meaning there is no risk in leveraging the support of our expert team. Talk to us today about how we can take the strain off making a claim.

Contacting The Team At Legal Expert

Getting in contact with our team to start your no win no fee claim is easy. You can reach out to us via our website, by phone, or by email. Whichever way you do so, we will be here to help you.

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Where To Find Out More About Air Accident Claims

We understand that having been victim of an injury at an airport there may be more you feel you need to know before you can make a claim with an airport accident lawyer. In these additional guides you can find out more about how you can claim compensation.

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This is our more general guide to this type of claim answering questions such as ‘can you sue an airport’ for injuries sustained on their property.

Flight Delay Compensation Claims
Delays to your flight could have been caused by the airline, the airport, or other conditions. However, you are very often eligible to claim compensation for these delays. Find out more in this guide.

In-Flight Accident Claims
In this guide you can find out a personal injury solicitor can help you to claim compensation if you are injured or suffer food poisoning whilst on a plane.

British Airways Flight Accident Claims
British Airways are one of the main airlines flying from Inverness Airport. Find out what to do if you are injured or suffer food poisoning whilst on one of their flights.

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