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How To Claim Compensation Against Romania Lorry / HGV Driver? – View Our Guide

Can I Make A Claim If I Was Hit by A Romanian HGV, Lorry or Truck?

Romanian hgv accident claim

Romanian hgv accident claim

Romanians not used to driving on British roads is not without risk, but we do all that we can in order to stay safe on the road. However British driving rules and regulations are different to those on the continent and Romania, and it is no wonder that it is estimated that almost 18,000 accidents per year are caused by drivers that are not from this country. Many of the foreign vehicles that use our roads are large goods vehicles or heavy goods vehicles. These are used to transport cargo from the continent to our shores and then onto their final place of delivery. These vehicles are often heavily laden down with cargo, so if you were hit by a Romanian HGV, then this could cause untold damage to both your own vehicle and your body and mind. If you were hit by a Romanian lorry, and it was their fault you were hit, you should be able to claim compensation. Just like if you were hit by a UK driver, there are provisions in place to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

In order to help put your claim forward or answer any queries you might have about the process; Legal Expert are on hand to help. We can do everything from taking the initial enquiry to providing you with an experienced and highly professional solicitor to handle your personal injury claim. We are also able to offer free legal advice to you. Calling 0800 073 8804 will swiftly connect you to a member of the Legal Expert team. Or, before you call us, why not check the guide below to see if your query is covered.

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A Guide to Accident Claims Involving a Romanian HGV, Truck, Or Lorry

Few people have made personal injury claims more than once. So, it can be assumed that this will be one of the first experiences you have with making a claim for compensation. The law can be highly complex, especially when it comes to dealing with people/entities that are not from this country. There can be language barriers, reciprocal agreements, and more paperwork than is usually necessary with a UK only claim. However, having the right personal injury solicitor for your hit by a Romanian HGV claim, cannot only make things a lot easier for you, but delivered to you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. In this guide we aim to explore the most asked questions regarding foreign vehicle road accidents and the green card system. We will also take a look at one of the most common injuries in a road traffic accident involving a foreign driver – whiplash – as well as how much compensation would be available to you for injuries sustained in a car accident with foreign driver.

How to Claim Compensation from A Romanian HGV Or Lorry Driver

It is actually a common occurrence that people claim compensation from being hit by a Rumanian HGV. The reason for this is that there is a reciprocal agreement between a number of foreign countries and the UK as to making sure all vehicles crossing the border have the required insurance. This agreement is called the green card system. We will explain more about this in detail, but all you need to know at this point is that if you are hit by Romanian Lorry and if the vehicle is registered in a country that is a member of the Green card system, then you will be able to make a claim against the insurance of that vehicle.

What Is a Romanian Truck, HGV Or Lorry?

On British roads, you are likely to see a range of different types of HGV at any given time of the day or night. Logistics is big business, and many companies prefer to import products from overseas, as it is cheaper to manufacture them abroad and have them brought into the UK. You can move almost any type of cargo in and out of the country on the back of an HGV. An HGV commonly consists of a cab unit where the driver is, and a trailer behind. These can be seen as flatbed vehicles, curtain sided trailers, hard sided or drop sided vehicles. Luton vans are also classed as HGVs, as long as they have a combined weight of over 3.5 tonne.

It would be pertinent to note at this juncture, that’s not all cabs and trailers have the same registration. Often the trailer will be registered in a different country than the cab that is towing it. It is therefore very important to write down both registration plates should you have been hit by a Romanian HGV.

What It the International Green Card System for Vehicles?

Interestingly, not many people will have heard of the green card system. This is probably because not many people have had the first-hand experience of having been hit by a Romanian truck, or a truck registered in another country. This system consists of a number of countries that have agreed that a minimal level of insurance should be levied against any vehicle crossing borders between the member countries. This ensures that any accidents that happen on foreign soil are still covered by insurance, which should pay out if the foreign vehicle’s operator is seen to be at fault for the incident. If you have been hit by a Rumanian truck, then this is the way in which your compensation claim will be settled. Responsibility of administrating the green card system in the UK falls to the MIB.

What Should I Do If I Was Involved in An Accident with A Romanian Truck, HGV Or Lorry?

A road accident is a road accident, no matter what the nationality of vehicle, driver, or the type of road it happens on. This is why many of the steps that we are about to explain to you below are the same as they would be if the driver or vehicle were registered in the UK.

After you have had a crash, whether you were hit by a Romanian truck or whether you were in a different type of accident involving a fine driver, the police will probably arrive at the site. Depending on the extent of the crash and your injuries, there will probably be other emergency services that attend as well. Once you have been seen and assessed by medical professionals, you will likely either be taken to hospital or will be released from the ambulance should your injuries not be seen to be severe enough to transport you to hospital. If you are released, you should also get checked out by your own GP as some injuries may not present until later on.

If you remain at the site it is a good idea to try and gather pictorial evidence and details of witnesses as well as the driver. All this will serve as evidence should your hit by a Rumanian truck claim be something that you want to pursue.

What Happens If the MIB Can Not Confirm the Romanian Vehicles Insurance?

Sometimes it is not possible for the MIB to ascertain the validity of the insurance levied against the Romanian vehicle that hit you. When this is the case, it is a little more complex to make a claim, but it can still be done. Our dedicated panel of personal injury solicitors know the law only too well and know that there is an uninsured drivers’ agreement and a Guarantee Fund that your compensation can be paid out from – even if the driver or vehicle insurance were completely untraceable.

Whiplash Caused by A Crash with A Romanian Lorry Or HGV

Offering and intensely painful condition, whiplash is also a very common occurrence in accidents where a car is hit from behind. The forces at play during a car accident tend to move the head very swiftly forwards then sharply backwards. This strains the neck tissues and muscles and can cause extreme pain. Whiplash is commonly associated with accidents in which people were hit by a Romanian truck and the solicitors we provide have much experience in gaining compensation for those who’ve been affected by it.

I Was Hurt in An Accident with A Lorry in Romania, Can I Claim Compensation?

The other side of the coin is if you were put in a situation where you were injured on Romanian roads by a Romanian truckdriver. Depending on how your holiday or trip was organised, you might be able to make a claim in one or more different ways. For example, if your injuries were caused by being hit by Rumanian truck while you were on a package holiday, you would likely be covered under the 1992 package holiday regulations.

If you did not book your trip as a package, you should still be able to claim compensation. Our provided panel of experienced personal injury lawyers can Will happily explain how this works and how your claim will be settled. There is no need you to seek out a Romanian personal injury lawyer -as are provided solicitors are well able to deal with international claims.

How Much Compensation Can You Claim After an Accident with A Romanian Lorry Or HGV?

This is quite an open question, and the answer comes in a variety of different ways. You may well have seen online calculators the compensation on other websites, but this is not something we offer. The reason for this is that there are many factors to be taken into account when calculating the level of compensation that you will receive. What we can offer you is the below illustration. This details some common injuries from being hit by a Romanian HGV as well as ballpark amounts for compensation.

How SevereAreaTypical Award Levels
Moderately severe to SevereInjury/ies to the toeAmounts to £42,600
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the footUp to £153,200
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the ankleUp to £53,000
Moderately severe to SevereInjury/ies to the KneeUp to £73,125
Moderately severe to SevereInjury/ies to the leg£21,100 - £214,350
Moderately severe to SevereInjury/ies to the finger£6,925 - £41,675
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the wrist£2,675 - £45,500
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the hand£700 - £153,200
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the elbowUp to £41,675
Moderately severe to SevereInjury/ies to the arm£14,600 - £228,000
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the shoulderUp to £36,500
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the neckUp to £112,750
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the backUp to £122,350
Mild to SevereInjury/ies to the head/brain£1,675 - £307,000

There are many other factors that are taken into consideration when working out compensation payment. These include the severity of your injury, your prognosis for recovery, as well as any financial losses you have also incurred. If you’re injury does not exist in the above table, please do call us and we will find you a ballpark amount.

No Win No Fee Romanian HGV And Lorry Accident Claims

Getting to grips with the idea of making a claim can make many people nervous. They often do not wish to risk any of their own funds on legal fees, in case the case is not a success. This is not something you will have to worry about when choosing our solicitors to handle your hit by Romanian truck injury claim. They all work as part of an no win no fee set up, which means if your case is not won, you don’t pay legal fees, but if your case is successful, a predetermined percentage of it will be used to pay your lawyer. This percentage is capped, and we work hard to make sure we offer good value for all of our clients, so you may find that the legal fees – as a percentage – are cheaper than you would have thought.

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