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Discount Store Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For Personal Injury Against A Discount Store?

Discount store accident claim

Discount store accident claim

There are lots of different discount stores in the UK, and they have become very popular, enabling people to pick up bargains. Accidents could potentially happen in all different places including discount stores. If you have been injured in a discount store due to a negligent accident you may be considering making a discount store accident claim. Here at Legal Expert, we have many years of experience in the personal injury claims industry, and we may be able to help to assist you for an accident in a discount store. You can call us at 0800 073 8804 for more information about this and to discuss the specifics of the shop accident you were involved in, whether as a customer, a supplier delivering in, or a worker in the store. However, before you do so, continue reading to discover information you may need to know if thinking about making a discount store accident claim.

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A Guide To Making A Discount Store Accident Claim

There are many different discount stores in the UK. The most famous might in some people’s opinion be Poundland. However, there are plenty of others. This includes Value House Shops, Trago Mills, Trade Counters, Tiger, This Is It Famous Value Shops, Thing – Me – Bobs, The Spotty Bag Shop, The Range, Savers Health & Beauty, QD Stores, Quality Save, Proper Job, Poundstretcher, The Original Factory Shop, Max 99p, In-Excess UK, Home Bargains, HEMA, Goodwins, The Factory Shops, Boyes, Shop Direct Group, and B&M.

If you have experienced a retail store accident causing an injury in a discount store that could have been prevented had the right safety measures been in place, you may be able to make a discount store accident claim if the incident was not your fault. In this guide, we will discuss the claiming process. This includes answering some of your most pressing questions, for example: What to do if you are injured in a store? What to do if you slip and fall in a store? How long after a slip and fall can you pursue a claim? What happens when you are injured in a store? What to do if a customer is injured?

We will also talk you through what to expect from the discount store accident claim process, as well as the steps you could take to strengthen your bargain store accident claim. We will also reveal the guideline payout for different injuries, as well as helping you to understand the different damages you could claim for if you have a successful case. Furthermore, we will take a look at some of the specific types of accidents that could potentially occur in these environments, for example, we will take a look at manual handling injuries, as well as slip and fall accidents. If you still have any queries by the time you finish reading this guide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for some more information.

What Is A Discount Store Accident Claim?

A discount store accident claim is essentially a claim for compensation if you have suffered an injury due to a negligent accident that was the fault of the store This could have been an accident you experienced while shopping or while working for the store. In order to make a claim, there is a personal injury claims time limit. This tends to be three years in many cases. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, so do not hesitate to give us a call for some more information.

What To Do If You Are Injured In A Discount Store

There is no denying the fact that suffering an injury regardless of where is happened is going to cause a certain amount of stress. This is why a Legal Expert personal injury solicitor could do all of the hard work for you, and ensure the process is as hassle-free as possible. Nevertheless, there are a few things your personal injury lawyer may need from you to ensure you have a good chance of succeeding in your case So, let’s take a look…

See A Medical Professional

The first thing you may need to do is to make an appointment see a medical professional. A lot of people might fail to do this when they have been injured in a shop accident. This may be because the symptoms could often be minor and so they may believe they can cope with them. Seeing a medical professional means that your injuries are documented. If you’ve not already seen a medically trained professional, then it may be the case that your chosen lawyer might be able to arrange this for you.

Report The Accident

In addition to seeing a doctor, reporting an accident in a shop may be important. In fact, if you have been injured while working at a discount store, it will be a legal requirement to report it. Either way, reporting the incident will help to ensure there is an official record of what has happened.

Get As Many Details As Possible

It is a good idea to make a note of the injury and how it occurred. This may be a good way to ensure you do not forget any details later down the line. Taking images of the incident and any visible injuries can also serve as evidence. Of course, it could be difficult to think rationally when you have just suffered from a bad injury. However, it could greatly help your case if you are able to do this.

Keep Track Of Any Expenses Incurred

Last but not least, you might also want to make a note of any expenses you have endured because of your personal injury in a shop. You may be able to be compensated for these. Therefore, it might be a wise idea to keep receipts and the like. This could be anything from loss of income, to travel costs, to childcare fees. So long as you can prove you have experienced these costs because of the injury, you might be able to include these in your claim and be compensated for them.

Examples Of Retail Accident Claims Our Team Could Handle

In the upcoming sections, we are going to look at examples in terms of scenarios in which accidents could potentially happen at a retail store.

Slips And Falls In A Discount Shop

This type of accident could affect anyone who is in a store, from staff to customers. Slip incidents could happen when there is a failure to keep the floor free from contamination, when spills are not cleaned up effectively and quickly, and when smooth, cleaned floors are left wet without warning signs. There are a number of ways that businesses could and should take steps to prevent slips and falls. This includes spot cleaning where possible, always clean up spillages as quickly as possible, ensure obstacles are not causing a hazard, keep floor clear of debris and products, ensure floor is even and any carpets or rugs are not upturned, as well as using warning signs where necessary.

Injuries Caused By Falling Objects

Staff or customers could be injured due to items falling from storage systems (such as racking) in a customer or staff area if items are not stored correctly on appropriate shelving. Items could fall onto people and cause a variety of different injuries, from lacerations to severe head injuries. If items are stored incorrectly, on damaged shelves, defected racking, overloaded storage spaces the potential for an accident could be present. Other incidents could potentially include when shop signs fall on to customers as they are not secured correctly or if  storage shelves are not fit for purpose and collapse causing an employee injury. If you are unsure whether you injury caused from a falling shelve qualifies for compensation call us today and take advantage of our free consultation.

Retail Worker Accident At Work Claims

Let’s take a look at some of the common queries people ask when it comes to accident at work claims to give you a better understanding…

  • How do I know if I have the basis for a case? In order to make a workplace accident claim, you need to be able to prove that your employer is at fault for your suffering. You need to show that they have made an error and/or acted negligently and this has resulted in the injury you have sustained. Aside from this, you should see a doctor and the injury must have occurred within the specified time limit for your sort of claim.
  • My injury has developed over time. How long have I got to claim? There are a lot of workplace accidents that could see symptoms or issues develop later down the line or slowly creep up on people. If this applies to your situation you could have three years from the date of your diagnosis, as it may be somewhat impossible to pinpoint an exact date of when the accident occurred.
  • Could I be fired if I make a claim against my employer? A lot of people may fail to make an accident claim because they might feel they will lose their job if they do so. It is against the law for you to be fired or mistreated if you are pursuing a valid accident at work claim.
  • Should I tell my employer I am making a claim against him or her? All workplace accidents must be recorded in an accident book. Your employer needs to be aware of what happened so that he or she can record it in their accident book, which they are required to have by law under RIDDOR.

Storage Area Accident Claims

With so many different items in storage areas, often tightly bunched together, it is so important to have a proper system in place in terms of storage and working in general. If this is not the case and risk assessments are not carried out regularly, accidents could easily happen.

Discount Store Worker Manual Handling Injury Claims

For any worker involved in manual handling, the correct training is a must. If you continually lift heavy items without the correct form, it may only be a matter of time until you end up suffering an injury. Moreover, you could also be injured if you are not provided with the correct personal protective equipment or if the equipment you have been provided with is defective.

Health And Safety For High Street Stores

According to the UK Government, there were 1.3 work-related ill health cases in 2016/17 across all sectors, as well as 0.5 million work-related anxiety, depression, or stress cases.

How Retail Store Accident Claims Are Calculated

When you make a discount store accident claim, you could be able to claim for a number of different damages. These damages could generally be split into the following two categories:

  • General damages – This relates to those damages that cannot be quantified, for example, your physical and psychological injuries. Of course, it is impossible to put a monetary value on your health. However, by looking at the medical report and taking into account how the injury has impacted your life and will impact your life, an amount could be determined.
  • Special damages – This relates to those damages that could be quantified. It includes all of the things you may have had to spend money on because of the accident and the injuries you have suffered. This could be anything from travel costs to claiming for a loss of income because you have not been able to work while you recover. If you have receipts or any other supporting documents, do hold onto these.

Personal Injury Calculator

Of course, you might want to know how much compensation you will get if you go ahead and make a discount store accident claim. It is important to note that store injury settlements differ from case to case. This is because all cases are different, and they are treated as such. They will be assessed on an individual basis. Therefore, while you may use a personal injury claims calculator or do some research online, you will only ever be able to receive a rough estimate of how much compensation you may get. Below, we have presented the guidance relating to payout amounts. These amounts have been sourced via the Judicial College. If you cannot see the injury you have sustained, you can always give us a call for some more details.

Type Of InjuryCompensation Amounts Notes
Moderate Neck Injuries £2,150 - £3,810Soft tissue injuries that will fully recover in 3 to 12 months.
Fracture of Clavicle £4,520 - £10,730The award will be concentrated on the level of the fracture, disability, symptoms and if there will be any permanent effects.
An Uncomplicated Colles' Fracture.In the region of £6,510Distal forearm fracture in which the radius is bent.
Severe Fractures to Fingers Up to £32,210Fractures to multiple fingers. The amount will be concerned with whether there will be future amputations of the fingers, deformity and impairment of grip.
Moderate Knee Injury £13,010 - £22,960Dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus which results in minor instability, wasting, weakness or other mild future disability.
Moderate Achilles Tendon Injury £11,040 - £18,480Rupture or significant injury to the tendon. The amount awarded will be based on recovery, pain, functionality and any disability.
Moderate Psychological Injuries £5,130 - £16,720A person's ability to be able to function and cope with work, family and other parts of life. Possible future vulnerability. However improvement is expected and future prognosis is good.
Facial Scarring £7,990 - £26,380Significant scarring to the face reduced by plastic surgery leaving cosmetic disability.
Food Poisoning £800 - £3,460 Pain, cramps and diarrhoea continuing for some days or weeks.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Against A Discount Store

One of the biggest stresses that people may associate with making an accident claim is the financial implications that could occur if you fail to win your retail store injury claim. However, this is only a worry if you go down the traditional route. If you opt for a no win no fee solicitor instead, we will not require an upfront charge, we will not require a fee while we process the claim and if we do not win your case you do not have to pay our fees.

How To Contact Us

If you think you have the basis for a discount store accident claim, the only thing you need to do is give us a call and we will take it from there. When you ring our free helpline, you will speak to one of our friendly and experienced advisors. If you have any questions, they will happily answer them for you and talk you through the personal injury claim process. They will also ask you a couple of questions so they can get to know the ins and outs of your case. By doing this, they will be able to provide you with a realistic picture regarding your chances of getting compensation. As all of our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, you can rest assured that we won’t waste your time – if we don’t think you have a valid case, we will tell you. If we do, the advisor will then put you in touch with one of our solicitors who will handle your case for you, ensuring everything is handled as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The contact number you need is 0800 073 8804. Alternatively, you can request a call back by leaving your details on our website, or you can use the live chat feature to speak to one of our agents.

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