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£8,000 Compensation For A Car Accident Back Injury

Compensation For A Car Accident Back Injury

At Legal Expert, we have successfully helped many people get the car accident back injury compensation they deserve by connecting them with our expert solicitors. In this case study, we are looking at a woman who suffered whiplash and back injuries as a result of her car being hit by another vehicle which changed lanes on the motorway. Our case study will also look at back injury compensation examples so you can start to see how much you may be able to claim. The claimant sustained multiple injuries to her back, neck and shoulders which presented as pain. After working on this case and negotiating a settlement, solicitors acting on behalf of the claimant were able to secure £8,000 in personal injury compensation.

How Common Are Car Accident Back Injury Claims?

Today, the UK has some of the safest roads in the world. Between 2006 and 2016 the number of reported road deaths in the UK fell by 44% from 3,172 to just 1,792. Whilst there have been years here and there where the number of accidents and fatalities has risen, the general trend has been for it to continue to fall. Between deaths, serious injuries and all casualties of different severity, the UK had a total number of road casualties of 181,384 in 2016. Again, this is the lowest number on record. You can find more information and statistics as produced by the government here. The government has also produced a great infographic on road accidents in the UK here. However, being injured or having a fatality in a car is statistically unlikely and being injured in a car crash is much less likely than other forms of road travel. You can see this here;

Road traffic fatality statistics

Road traffic fatality statistics

Car accident back injury claims are common, though there are not any statistics available for the number and frequency of these types of accidents in the UK. The average compensation for back injury car accident in the UK will depend on the nature and severity of the accident and injury.

Establishing Liability In a Car Accident Back Injury

In order to be able to make a successful compensation for a car accident back injury claim, you will need to be able to demonstrate that the other party was responsible for the accident. In this car accident back injury compensation claims case, the driver was driving down the middle lane of the motorway at approximately 40 miles per hour. Another car to the right tried to change lanes without paying due care and attention to vehicles around them or signalling that they were going to change lanes. This caused a collision, which resulted in the woman (claimant) losing control of her vehicle. The claimant pulled her car over to the side and following reporting the injury, she had the car towed away.

After the accident, the claimant followed all the correct steps to have her injuries checked over by doctors. As well as reporting the accident to the authorities and contacting a personal injury claims solicitor. Personal injury claims solicitors working on behalf of the claimant contacted the other drivers’ insurers within a few days of the accident and being recruited. Solicitors then submitted a formal back pain from car accident compensation settlement claim. Solicitors gathered information such as photographs, reports from the police and other sources to corroborate the claim that the other driver (defendant) was responsible for causing the accident.

What Injuries Were Sustained In This Car Accident Case?

The claimant was driving along the middle lane of a motorway at around 40 miles per hour. Whilst she was driving a car down the lane to her right suddenly changed lanes without checking that it was safe and without giving a signal to do so. There was a collision. The claimant sustained multiple injuries as a result. These included whiplash, back pain and neck pain as well as headaches.

Solicitors working on behalf of the claimant sought her the best possible private healthcare physiotherapy treatment, this was to aid in and speed up her recovery. Back, neck and shoulder injuries can be distressing for those who have them. As well as constantly being painful, they can very often prevent people from being able to carry out day-to-day activities and tasks. They can require long-term treatment and often will not fully heal. As well as whiplash-like injuries to the upper back, shoulders and neck, injuries to the mid and lower-back can also be very common.

What Did They Claim For?

In this case, the claimant claimed damages for the injuries they had sustained. Their claim noted their back pain from a car accident symptoms as well as the long-term effects these would have. It also noted other things, such as their loss of mobility and ability to do everyday activities for a period after the accident. Back injury compensation payouts will vary with the nature, severity and long-term prognosis of the injury sustained.

Common Car Accidents Leading To Back Pain

Any kind of car accident has the potential to cause a back injury or whiplash symptoms. This is due to the force of the impact moving your body in a violent and rapid way. Back pain can also be caused by damage to the soft tissues in the back. It can even cause injuries to the spine and spinal cord (resulting in permanent or long-lasting back pain), as well as whiplash injuries.

No Win No Fee Back Injury Compensation Payouts

If you have had a car accident back injury as a result of an accident which was not your fault, talk to the specialists at Legal Expert today. We can discuss your case, take you through various car accident injury compensation amounts and help you to claim the compensation you are entitled to. No win no fee services mean that you won’t have to pay upfront fees, or during the case. If we are successful, your claim will also include our fees. If unsuccessful, you still won’t have to pay anything.

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