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Guys And St Thomas Hospital Negligence Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation Against Guys And St Thomas Hospital? – Calculate Amounts Payouts For Medical Negligence

Have you been injured due to medical negligence at Guys and St Thomas hospital? Are you wondering whether anyone else has successfully claimed against Guys & St Thomas hospital for negligence? If so, you’re on the right page. Here, we explain all about reasons you might be looking to make a claim against the hospital for negligence and provide guidance and support on doing so. We also show what you might want to look for when finding a medical negligence lawyer for your claim, as well as answering the pressing questions you might have about the evidence you might want to collect to help your claim, and providing more reading material for you to take a look at. If you require further clarification on any point or would like more detailed advice tailored to your specific circumstances, then don’t hesitate to call us. We can be reached on 0800 073 8804.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For Negligence At Guys And St Thomas Hospital

Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence compensation claims information

Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence compensation claims information

Claiming for Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence requires four things to be true. One would be that the hospital had a duty of care to you, another would be that you suffered negligence from the hospital or someone that worked there, the third would be that the negligence caused you harm in some way, and the fourth would be that you were within the medical negligence time limit for doing so (usually 3 years from the negligence or the discovery of negligence – but call us to clarify).

If you think all these statements apply to your case, then you may be seeking more advice on Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence claims, and we could help provide such advice. Below, we illustrate previous claims for Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence, giving an insight into payout amounts, what has led to a claim and what you could claim for. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Medical Negligence Explained

There are many reasons you might be considering making a claim for cases of hospital negligence at Guys and St Thomas hospital. Doctors, healthcare staff, and even the trust itself owes patients, workers and visitors a certain duty of care, and if they are negligent, and you are harmed in some way, you could consider making a claim for compensation.

Whether you are a patient that has seen their cancer prognosis worsens because the cancer was not diagnosed when it should have been, or you are a mother who has seen her child suffer birth injuries because of Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence, or you’ve had a misdiagnosed fracture at Guys and St Thomas hospital emergency department, you could consider making a claim for compensation not just to cover the costs you’ve suffered financially, such as wage losses and medical expenses, but also for the suffering and the pain you’ve had to bear.

How Negligence At A Hospital Could Cause You Harm

Negligence in a hospital could cause you harm in a number of different ways. Here, we offer some examples:

Superbug infection at Guy’s hospital – One hospital negligence case study for this has hit the headlines, although it was a number of years ago. In 2005, a pseudomonas outbreak in Guys and St Thomas hospital led to one fatality and 18 other patients receiving treatment. This actually led to a successful claim for at least one of the victims, paying out at a reported half a million pounds.

Obstetric negligence – If you or your baby have been subjected to negligence, then it could be that your baby could suffer irreversible harm, or you could be injured. This could happen because of poor monitoring practices, untimely interventions or signs of distress not being noted.

Surgical negligence – If your surgeon has not performed your surgery with due care and attention and has injured you further, or left instruments inside you, or even if your anaesthesia is not monitored correctly leading to harm, you could consider making a Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence claim.

A&E Negligence – You could claim against Guys and St Thomas accident and emergency if a fracture has been misdiagnosed by a Guys and St Thomas hospital doctor because they did not order the right X rays, or because they failed to follow protocol for treating you and your condition becomes worse.

These are just a few instances that could lead to a claim. Whatever type of negligence at Guys and St Thomas hospital you’ve encountered, if it has worsened your mental or physical health, you might wish to look into making a hospital negligence claim.

Asbestos Related Negligence At Guys And St Thomas Hospital

There could be many different types of claims that could be made for cases of hospital negligence at Guys and St Thomas hospital. However, here, we look at one payout concerning asbestos negligence at Guys and St Thomas hospital.

According to reports, since 2001, Guys and St Thomas hospital Trust received 20 claims regarding asbestos-related illnesses. The trust paid out over £1.3 million to claimants who developed illnesses relating to asbestos exposure.

It was reported that there are many hospitals and health centres around the London area that contain the minerals found in older building materials that could contain asbestos. £3.9m is thought to have been spent in an effort to remove the asbestos from its hospitals and health centres since 2001.

Mesothelioma is thought to have affected not only doctors and healthcare staff but other hospital workers too, according to a spokesperson for Mesothelioma UK.

If you have been affected by asbestos-related illness,due to the negligence of guys and St Thomas hospital in removing it, then you may wish to consider making a claim for hospital negligence.

Compensation Paid By Guys And St Thomas Hospital For Harm Caused By Unsafe Facilities

According to reports, NHS trusts paid compensation amounting to £35m in 2017, as a consequence of hospital facilities being deemed unsafe for members of the public and staff. The average settlement was said to have been £158,219 over the year 2017/18, but some trusts paid out more than others.

According to research, breaches of the NHS’s duty of care to its workers and visitors could be overlooked, simply due to the focus of the media in some cases being on medical negligence, rather than unsafe facilities.

Some trusts paid out more than a million pounds; one being the North West Ambulance Service Trust, and another being Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust.

If you think you might have complaints against Guys and St Thomas hospital because of injuries sustained due to poor facilities, then we could help connect you with a personal injury lawyer to help you.

Data Highlighting The Value Of Payments Made By Guy’s And St Thomas Hospital NHS Trust

If you take a look at the table we’ve included below, you’ll be able to see the payments made and the claims received by Guys and St Thomas hospital London. These figures were taken from the NHS’ own statistics.

Accounting yearValue of compensation paidNHS Trust or hospitalHow many claims were made?
2017/18£8,075,598.83 Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital NHS Trust49
2016/17£4,229,287.76 Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital NHS Trust68

How To Make Claims Against The NHS

Choosing the most appropriate personal injury solicitor for your claim for hospital negligence is something that should be done with some care and attention. Some Guys & St Thomas hospital negligence cases could be complex, so it could be wise for you to consider choosing a medical negligence solicitor with specific experience in making clinical negligence claims to help you. Choosing someone with a good track record of securing compensation for medical negligence could give you peace of mind that they would have the experience and the knowledge to build a solid case.

Another way you might wish to gain information on where to find a good medical negligence lawyer for your Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence claim would be to talk to colleagues, friends and family members who might have had a claim in the past. However, you might want to carefully think about how closely their claim matched yours. If, for example, your friend had a good experience with a lawyer for their work injury claim, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the lawyer in question would have experience with cases of hospital negligence and how to sue your hospital.

Or, you could consider looking for a Guys & St Thomas hospital negligence solicitor on review pages. However, we would strongly advise using independent review sites if you are going to take this method.

Once you have some idea of the lawyer you might wish to use – or a shortlist perhaps – then you might wish to begin looking into their fee structure. We would advise you to consider no win no fee lawyer, as this offers many benefits, which we detail further down this page.

Of course, if you want to make the process of choosing your medical negligence lawyer stress-free and simple, you could always simply call our team. We could connect you with a personal injury lawyer with the appropriate experience to handle your claim, quickly and easily, and without you have to do all the searching yourself.

Once you have a lawyer

Once you have found a lawyer to assist with Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence claims, you might wish to start collecting evidence to help build a strong case.

Initially, you might be best to write down what has happened in a clear and detailed manner. This could be used to refer back to if you are asked any questions later down the line. You could also include with this any photographs you might have taken of your injuries, etc, or even details of who treated you, who was in the room at the time and what family members or friends were with you also.

Next, you might want to collate together all the receipts of any financial costs you’ve incurred directly because of the negligence at Guys and St Thomas hospital. This could be a letter from work outlining your sick pay, parking receipts for hospital visits, bills for prescriptions and more.

Claim No Win No Fee Compensation For Negligence At Guys And St Thomas Hospital

One of the things we mentioned to you earlier on this page was no win no fee claims. We do advise people to think about claiming in this manner as there are more benefits than simply reducing your financial risk. But first, let us explain what a no win no fee claim is. Simply speaking, it consists of an agreement signed between you and your medical negligence lawyer, agreeing that a percentage of the settlement amount would be used for legal fees. Once your claim is settled, the lawyer would take their fees out and the rest would be for your benefit. Some advantages of this method would be:

  • No money required to begin
  • A cap on the percentage set by the government of 25 percent of the settlement amount means you’d benefit from the majority of the payment awarded to you
  • Your lawyer would benefit from gaining you the maximum compensation possible
  • They would not likely take your case on if they felt it wouldn’t lead to compensation.

We’d be delighted to talk you through anything more you might like to know about no win no fee claims. Do give us a call if you have any questions about this at all.

Doctors We Work With In Central And South East London

If you’re wondering whether you’d have to see a medical expert because of your negligence at Guys and St Thomas hospital claim, then the answer would be that yes, you would. As part of any personal injury claim, you would have to see an independent doctor. This doctor would use your previous medical notes, along with an examination and sometimes even further tests that could be required, such as X-rays and scans, to put together a medical report that could be used to give a valuation of your Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence claim. Luckily, these medical experts could be located near to you, and examples of these types of doctors in your locality could include:

Zofia Ludwig

Astec House

East Sussex


Kunal Rathod

71-79 Southwark Street,

London Bridge


Talk To Our Hospital Negligence Solicitors

It could not be easier for you to get in touch with us for answers to any questions you may still have about your Guys and St Thomas hospital negligence claim. Or, if you’d like us to provide you with a solicitor to take your personal injury claim forward. We can even help decipher a rough estimate of what your claim could be worth – acting as your own personal injury claims calculator so to speak – so you could have some rough guidance on how much compensation you could get. Simply dial 0800 073 8804 and you’ll soon be speaking to one of our trained advisors about your claim.

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