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Glasgow Car Accident Claims Solicitors

By Danielle Jordan. Last Updated 27th June 2024. This online guide will attempt to show you how a team of Glasgow car accident claims solicitors could help you to make a personal injury claim. We will cover many of the most common kinds of accidents and the injuries they could cause in the sections below.

As long as you are within the personal injury claims time limit, you could be in a position to claim for any harm you have suffered. Please call our team on 0800 073 8804 to learn which time limit will apply based on your own unique circumstances.

Our team can also advise you on the best way to start your claim if they determine you have a strong case. As well as calling them, you can also contact our advisors online by using our claim form or our 24/7 live chat service.

Glasgow car accident claims solicitors

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Glasgow Car Accident Claims Solicitors

You will need to find a suitable legal team to help with car accident claims in Glasgow. Solicitors trained in Scottish personal injury law could be hired to support a road traffic accident claim. 

All solicitors have to be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), so check that any legal service you are offered is above board by looking them up on the SRA website. Alternatively, give our team a call and find out how we can organise a skilled and experienced solicitor to represent you.

Am I Limited To Claiming With A Local Solicitor?

There is no need or any legal requirement for you to use a personal injury lawyer that is local to you. You will probably find that your local law firms are generalists, and we have already explained in the previous section why it is important that you use an accident and injury claims specialist.

Do I Need To Work With Glasgow Personal Injury Solicitors?

No Win No Fee solicitors based anywhere in the country could support personal injury claims in Glasgow as long as they are trained in Scottish law. However, you will need to prove that you were owed a duty of care and it was a breach of that duty that resulted in your injuries. Although a solicitor is unnecessary to claim, they could help you gather the evidence required to establish liability, as well as help you navigate the jargon-filled legal process.

Additionally, solicitors that work on the basis of No Win No Fee for Glasgow-based accidents do not need to be met with in person. Correspondence between yourself and your solicitor will typically occur through post, telephone, and email. This means that personal injury solicitors for Glasgow can support car accident claims from anywhere as long as they have the correct training in Scottish law.

Helpfully for you, our solicitors are specialists in personal injury claims for Glasgow accidents, as well as any accidents that happen in Scotland as a whole. Get in touch today for a free case check and to learn how we can help you.

What Areas In Glasgow Do We Cover?

Our team is able to help you with a claim if you live in these areas, as well as all surrounding areas too:

  • Hillhead
  • Castlemilk
  • Pollok
  • Garrowhill
  • Pollokshaws
  • Merchant City
  • Drumchapel
  • Calton
  • Glasgow Central
  • Southside
  • Partick
  • East End
  • West End
  • Govan

Car Accident Claims Glasgow – Our Services

Our expert road traffic solicitors are experienced and can handle various types of car accident claims in Glasgow. If you can prove you were injured due to the negligence of another road user, you may be able to claim with the help of one of our solicitors.

Below we have listed what road accident claims we could potentially help you with:

Please get in touch if you have any other questions about making a car injury claim in Glasgow.

Vehicle Passenger Injuries

The passenger of a vehicle could be injured in a road traffic accident, and this also applies to pillion passengers on the back of a motorcycle. Depending on who was responsible for causing the accident, the passenger could either end up claiming against the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in, or another third party road user.

If you would like some free legal advice about claiming against the driver of a vehicle that you were travelling in, even if it was a friend or family member, please get in touch with our team.

Accidents Involving Taxi Drivers And Passengers

A road traffic accident, such as a fatal car accident in Glasgow, might involve a taxi or minicab. In this situation, the circumstances can be a little more complex. If the minicab driver is working independently, then they should have public liability insurance to protect their passengers. In this case, the injured passenger would claim against this policy.

If the taxi driver is working for a taxi firm, then in some cases it could be the company that is liable. For example, if the taxi company has provided a vehicle for the driver to use, and it was unroadworthy, causing an accident. In such cases, it would be the taxi company that you would try to claim against. 

When making Glasgow car accident claims, solicitors could assist you in gathering evidence. Call our advisors to find out more.

Accidents Involving Buses And Coaches

As a passenger on a bus or a coach, you can make a road traffic accident claim if you are injured. You will make your claim against the party responsible for the accident. If this was the bus driver, then as a representative of the transport company it would mean you would claim against the operator of the bus or coach service.

Every coach service and bus operator is required by law to hold a valid public liability insurance policy. And it is this policy that your claim would be made against. We can assist in this, just call our claims team to learn how.

Car Accidents In Glasgow Involving Pedestrians

It is not only vehicles, their drivers and passengers that can be injured in a road traffic accident. Pedestrians are also at risk on roads. They can be hit by vehicles while crossing the road or struck by vehicles that have mounted the pavement.

If you get in touch, our advisors can provide guidance on how to start pedestrian Glasgow car accident claims. Solicitors trained specifically in Scottish personal injury law might support your claim if it seems like it has a good chance of success.

Rear-End Shunts And Crashes

Rear-end shunts often happen at road junctions or traffic lights when a driver fails to notice that the vehicle in front has stopped in time to stop their own vehicle. Just because these are often low-speed crashes does not mean that serious injuries cannot result from them. We can help drivers and their passengers claim even if their injuries are minor in nature. Speak to one of our advisors to learn more.

Accidents At A Roundabout

Another common hazard for a car crash in Glasgow is when navigating a roundabout. If a driver loses their concentration or becomes distracted whilst driving around a roundabout, this could result in a road traffic accident involving several vehicles, depending on how busy the traffic is at the time the accident happened.

If you’ve been injured on a roundabout in Glasgow, car accident claims solicitors could potentially help you. Get in touch with our advisors today to find out more about how our solicitors could support your claim.

Injuries Commonly Caused By Car Accidents

Whether you are the victim of a car accident in Glasgow city centre, or on the roads on the outskirts of the city, there are a number of injuries that occur quite frequently, and these are covered in the sections below, including:

  • Whiplash and neck injuries.
  • Back injuries.
  • Serious or fatal injuries.

Back Pain And Back Injuries

It takes very little stress of force to damage the back. Because of this, back pain is a common cause of car accident claims in Scotland. Back injuries can range from trivial, such as a strain of the back muscles, through to dire, such as damage to the spinal column resulting in paralysis.

Even the most minor of back injuries can significantly disrupt the life of the victim, preventing them from working and lowering the quality of their private life. Glasgow car accidents claims solicitors trained in Scottish personal injury law may be helpful when claiming for your back injuries. Call our advisors to find out more. 

What Kind Of Serious Injuries Can Happen In A Car Accident?

Unfortunately, sometimes a car accident claim has to be made for a serious or even fatal injury. The forces applied during a high-speed road traffic accident can easily result in injuries such as a broken back, severed limbs or brain damage.

The victim of such injuries will need to claim for the loss of life-quality these injuries will cause, and also the permanent disability that they will result in. Our team can help you to claim for loss of earnings, future loss of work potential, and the like. Please call one of our advisors to learn how.

The Steps To Making A Glasgow Car Injury Claim

If you suffered injuries in a car crash in Glasgow, you might be eligible to make a personal injury claim. However, you must be able to prove that your injuries were caused by another driver breached the duty of care they owe you. A breach of duty of care that results in an injury is known as negligence.

All road users owe a duty of care, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. They must follow the rules and obligations set out in the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Highway Code. Additionally, per their duty of care, they must use the roads responsibly and safely to avoid causing harm to themselves and others.

If another road user were to breach their duty of care, causing you to become injured in a road traffic accident, you might be eligible to make a personal injury claim.

Evidence That Could Support A Glasgow Car Injury Claim

Providing sufficient evidence could also help support your chances of a successful claim. Evidence that could be useful in Glasgow car accident claims includes:

  • If anyone saw the accident, you could note their contact details so they can give a statement at a later date.
  • A copy of your medical records that states the injury you suffered and the treatment you required.
  • Footage of the accident, such as from a dashcam or CCTV.

Time Limits

Additionally, you must start your claim within the relevant limitation period. This is typically three years from the date you were injured, as set by the Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1984.

However, there are exceptions to this time limit. These include claims being made for:

  • Children under the age of 16.
  • Those who do not have the mental capacity to start their own claim.

To make a Glasgow accident claim, solicitors may offer to work on your claim under a No Win No Fee agreement. For more advice, call our advisors today. They could also provide you with more information about the time limitation exceptions.

Compensation For Car Accident Claims in Glasgow

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Glasgow due to negligence and you’re looking to make a Glasgow car injury claim, you may want more information about the amount of compensation you could receive. There are two heads of claim that could lead to you receiving compensation:

  • General damages – This relates to the pain and suffering caused by the injury. This also factors in aspects like how the injury has negatively impacted your life.
  • Special damages – This relates to the losses experienced on a financial level because of the injury.

The Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) are used by legal professionals to give clients a clearer picture of what compensation they could receive. The figures below have been taken from the latest guidelines. While they only relate to claims from England and Wales, they can still provide you with a general idea of potential compensation amounts from car accident claims in Glasgow.

For claimants wishing to make Glasgow car accident claims, solicitors trained in Scottish personal injury law may be beneficial. If you get in touch with our advisors and they feel your claim has the potential for success, they could potentially connect you with one of our specialised solicitors.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors Glasgow

Now that we’ve discussed making personal injury claims in Glasgow, you might want to know how a No Win No Fee solicitor could help you settle your claim. Car accident claim solicitors that work on a No Win No Fee basis will deduct a success fee from your settlement only if your claim succeeds. You won’t be responsible for paying their fees if your claim is not settled.

Usually, solicitors who work under this agreement won’t ask for an upfront payment for them to begin working on your claim. You will also not typically be expected to cover any ongoing fees during the process of your claim.

Get in touch with our advisors if you want to find out if you’re eligible to claim for a car accident in Glasgow. If your advisors feel you have a valid claim, they could pass you on to one of our No Win No Fee solicitors. To speak to us:

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If you have any queries about Glasgow car accident claims solicitors, please get in touch with our advisors.

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